Newest Release for Tina Marie Kaht

Farm Day is the newest release for children’s author author Tina Marie Kaht.  I have read this books to my two grandchildren and they have enjoyed them a lot.  Check them out for the young readers in your life.



This lively read aloud encourages young learners to explore every colorfully illustrated page! It’s a fun introduction to farm animals!  (Goodreads)





Other books in the series:


Come with us as we dress up. Be a princess, pilot, or chef. Maybe you think a policeman is best. Farm the land, sing in a band, or fight fires like a fireman. See a teacher, a doctor, an artist, too, and learn about the jobs they do.  (Goodreads)
24616649In this heartwarming story, a loving grandchild cares for her elderly grandparents as she fondly recalls how they did the same for her when she was younger. Simple drawings and elegant use of color combine with gentle rhyme to touch the hearts of parents and children alike. Learn to cherish the memories we make with our family members, young and old.  (Goodreads)
This lovely and educational picture book introduces children to animals found in the zoo. Wild animals burst from every page with a chance to learn something new about each one!  (Goodreads)

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