Review of Death And Her Devotion


Death And Her Devotion

Rogue Vows, Book #1

Kendra Elliot

5 Stars


In the first Rogue Vows novella, Zane and Stevie are about to get an unexpected wedding present…and it’s a deadly one.

It should be the happiest weekend of Officer Stevie Taylor’s life. She’s finally going to marry Police Chief Zane Duncan and live happily ever after in Solitude, Oregon. But all wedding plans grind to a halt when a dead body is found at a nearby campground. A vacationing A-list TV actor has been murdered…and all hell is about to break loose.

When it comes to a celebrity murder, everyone has a motive—and everyone wants a piece of the action. As news media and paparazzi swarm their sleepy town, Stevie and Zane must dig deep to untangle a web of lies, dirty little secrets, and betrayals—and uncover the killer. But the closer they get to the truth, the deadlier their investigation becomes. And if they don’t act quickly, ’Til death do us part may come sooner than they thought. (Goodreads)


This is the first book in the Rogue Vows Novella series and I really enjoyed it.  I have read all of the other novellas in the Rogue River series and they are all great.  

The characters are well developed, well rounded and three dimensional.  Stevie is a strong, intelligent woman who cares about people a lot.  I really enjoy reading about the relationship between her and Zane, they make such a great couple.  I also always enjoy reading more about the relationship between her and her family.  They are a close knit group and they always have each others backs.  I have read all of the novellas in this series and I feel like I know the characters and am happy to spend time with them.  

The writing style flows smoothly and this novella is a quick easy read.  The author is very talented in her descriptive writing and I always feel like I am right there in the middle of the story, watching all of the action taking place.  She is also very talented in creating mystery and suspense with just the written word.  There are enough suspects and clues to consider that I did not figure out the killer before it was revealed.   

I would recommend this novella to anyone who enjoys a well written mystery series.  I would also recommend that you read all the books in the Rogue River series in order so that you can get a real feel for the characters and the family dynamics.  

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.  I would like to thank NetGalley and Montlake Romance for the opportunity to read and review this book.



7 thoughts on “Review of Death And Her Devotion

  1. My mom really enjoys this author. She has been talking about her various series. I think I need to add her to my TBR list of authors and give on of the series at try. Thanks for the review.

    • I really like her too and I love her books. And Melinda Leigh (who writes the other books in this series) is really good too. I’m posting my review on that one today.

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