Kathi Daley Books Halloween Spooktacular


Sunday, October 23 at 12:00am in PDT
You were invited by Kathi Daley

I am excited to be hosting today for the Halloween Spooktacular.  Be sure to stop by and meet some awesome and spend some time with them.  Today’s lineup is :

9-10    Susan O’Brien

10-11    Meg Muldoon

11-12    Jenny Kales

12- 1     Maria Schneider

1- 2      Tracy Weber

2- 3      Julie Moffett

3- 4      Diane Vallere

4- 5      J. R. Pearson

5- 6      Katherine Bruns

6- 7      Annette Dashoffy

7- 8     Me

(All times are EST)


Here’s one of the prizes you may be able to win during Maria’s party hour.













Be sure to follow the link to the party, come and have a great time.  See you there.




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