Another New Release For Week Of March 12th 2017

Here is another book that was released last week on March 17th.  Check it out and happy reading!!


34613882The only thing worse than a noisy bookstore is patrons literally dying to get out.

Elise Pepper has landed her dream job at the Capture The Magic book store. Peace and quiet and thousands of books to herself – including a $2m first edition of Alice in Wonderland. What more could she ask for?

It can’t last of course. Her blissful solitude is rudely interrupted when someone turns the second floor of the building into a Down the Rabbit Hole-themed escape room.

But the noise is the least of her worries – what’s worse is the dead bank executive upstairs and the missing first edition. Now Elise is suspected of both theft and murder, even as the killer taunts her with Alice in Wonderland clues. Can she find out who did it before she takes the fall for the crime?  (Goodreads)


New Releases For The Week of March 19th, 2017–Part 2


Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of March 19th, 2017.  Since there were so many this week, I am going to divide them between three days.  This is day two of the three.  Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading.  Enjoy and happy reading.


33963273“Will no doubt delight fans and new readers alike.”—RT Book Reviews
Gladie is back with the fifth installment of the hilarious Matchmaker Mysteries series.
It’s still up in the air whether Gladie really has her psychic grandmother’s “gift,” but she’s determined to finally give matchmaking her best shot. She’s also determined to give her new relationship with hottie Police Chief Spencer Bolton a shot…that is, if she can find him.
Despite her good intentions, Gladie is being sued by a matchmaking client, but even with bankruptcy around the corner, that’s not her biggest problem. There seems to be a rash of dead senior citizens popping up at the tea shop owner’s family home. Gladie is recruited to find the murderer, but this time she may have met her match—and if she’s not careful, it could be her last.
Perfect for fans of Janet Evanovich, Jennifer Crusie, and Katie MacAlister, Elise Sax’s wickedly funny Matchmaker Mysteries series proves that the road to love comes with a few dead ends.   (Goodreads)

34613753From USA Today bestselling author Jennifer L. Hart comes the next nail-biting adventure of the hilarious mother-daughter Mackenzie & Mackenzie PI team!

Another day, another secret.

Novice PI Mackenzie Taylor is going stir crazy. Deep in the throes of a classic New England winter, the endless hours of following cheating spouses have left her feeling jaded and restless. Not to mention the emotional tug of war when the father of her teenage child suddenly starts hanging around and putting a major crimp in Mackenzie’s fledgling relationship with the hot Detective Hunter Black. So when she’s asked to help find a missing bride, Mackenzie jumps at the chance to do some good.

Juggling the missing persons case, two headstrong men, being a new landlord of a rundown building, and a sixteen-year-old daughter/ BFF actually acting her age for once and crushing on a much older man has Mackenzie’s contemplating the upside of running away from home. Instead she throws herself into work. But the more dirt she digs up on the missing bride, the murkier the investigation becomes. Was it a simple case of post wedding jitters or did the missing woman make a fatal mistake? And is Mackenzie about to follow her footsteps right into the clutches of a killer?  (Goodreads)


Someone’s cursed Deanna Oscar. Bad things keep happening: a spider bite, a stripper, a doc who looks like Death…and more.

An awesome Super Bowl party is ruined when someone takes a shot at her in her own club. Her powers go on the fritz. A creepy demon—or maybe a zombie?—seems to be stalking her. Three young girls go missing and De can’t find them.

She needs to find the source of the curse and ditch the zombie—or maybe a demon? But first—those three girls…   (Goodreads)

34521660A delightful historical mystery, backed-up with first-rate research.
“It was the sight of that knife which was my undoing, sir. Even now, I scarcely know what came over me”Eighteenth-century Norwich bookseller and dandy, Ashmole Foxe, is asked by the local bellringers to look into the death of their Tower Captain, who has been found in the ringing chamber with his throat cut. Since the victim had a foul temper, as well as being a notorious miser, killjoy and recluse, there’s no shortage of suspects. Yet with everyone lying about themselves and their relationships with the dead man, Foxe knows it will take even more cunning than usual to dig out the truth. When, on top of all that, he discovers nothing about the victim is what it seems, he realises he must dig into the man’s past as well as his present. Can he ever separate truth from pretence and the genuine from the fake?

On the track of the killer, Foxe encounters many of his city’s 18th-century inhabitants along the way, including a sharp young whore, several frightened tradesmen, a reclusive miser, an unlucky attorney, a desperate Ship’s Mate and a woman who gets the better of him nearly every time they meet. Bit by bit, Mr Foxe reveals a tale of greed, bitter family strife and unexpected love. A tale that ended in the church tower in an explosion of anger and death. (Goodreads)




Can a girls’ weekend at The Painted Lady Inn with backstabbing sorority sisters ever end well? Add in a murder mystery game complete with costumes, a demanding diva, and a mysterious midnight visitor.

Strained relationships, lurkers in the dark, open windows in the dead of winter and séance gone wrong is only the beginning. Too bad, the help has gone south leaving Donna dependent on her overzealous mother and a questionable fan.

It’s enough to kill a person.   (Goodreads)

34334654Jeremy Hallett leaves a flourishing law career in Boston to return to his hometown of Anchor Point on Cape Cod. He secretly purchases the local lighthouse and surrounding property to open The Shipwreck Café.
Rich in history, the lighthouse is rumored to be haunted by multiple ghosts and hiding a buried treasure worth millions.
Robbie, Jay’s younger brother, surfs by day and bar tends at the café by night. He doesn’t like ghosts, but it’s okay, because they don’t like him either.
Stormy, an abandoned golden retriever, who has been living at the lighthouse is adopted by Jay. Together, they move in to the keeper’s cottage.
Two murders in as many weeks, transpire in Anchor Point. The town is thrown into a state of distrust. Who is killing the locals and why?
Jay, Robbie, and Roland Knowles, the ghost keeper of the lighthouse must work together to bring answers and peace back to Anchor Point. Will the murders be connected to the treasure that may or may not have been found in the last one hundred years? Only Roland knows.  (Goodreads)
29739107Members of The Southern Ladies’ Curiosity Club mostly reminisced and caught up on the latest gossip at their monthly meetings. That was until Jeb Trahauser started receiving mail, although he’d been dead for years.
The search is on for Jeb’s sister Mildred to find answers. However, they discover that there is more than one Mildred ~ all in a heap o’ trouble. Add to the mix Yankees in town, Picasso paintings casting a spell on expectant mothers, a new baby born into the Campbell family, and last but not least, Margene’s dilemma as to whether she should go against her mother’s wishes and marry a man thirty years her senior. Join Bessie, Cora, Margene, and Mabel, in their search for Mildred that leads them from Nashville to Birmingham.   (Goodreads)