New releases For The Week Of March 26th, 2017–Part 2


Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of March 26th, 2017.  Since there were so many this week, I am going to divide them between the next three days.  Here is Part Two.  Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading.  Enjoy and happy reading.



34569033I could stay awake just to feel you creeping…

FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

Life is sweet for FBI Special Assistant Amanda Meyer. Her live-in boyfriend just happens to be her sexy boss, Rick Rowling, head of the Paranormal Cases Division, and cozy evenings at home are becoming a thing – but that just means a wicked new case is right around the corner.

When a little girl is kidnapped, the evidence points to world renowned psychic Aurora Westwood but something just doesn’t add up. In exchange for her help finding the missing child, Aurora has a proposition for Mandy that could change everything.

Juggling life-changing proposals, grim reminders of her haunted past and a parade of restless spirits is just another day at the office for the girl they once called the Reaper in this madcap fifth book in the Manhattan Mystery Series.   (Goodreads)

34338710The picture postcard landscape of Cathedral Isle is ruined. How could it not be when the fried remains of celebrity eco-warrior, Millicent Pond, lies sprawled on its sandy shores?

Hattie and the cats are on the case, but there are far more layers to this investigation than meets the eye. Throw in Gideon Shields, the gorgeous Warlock Governor of Cathedral, and the mystery only deepens. No surprise that Hattie’s head is in a spin.
But, will our herbalist witch keep her wits about her while she unravels the clues? Moreover, will her potent magical gifts finally bring the reluctant witch onto center stage?

Find out what happens when chaos hits the Coven Isles once more, in this supernatural cozy comedy!

Book 4 of an eight-part series: Hattie Jenkins & The Infiniti chronicles.  (Goodreads)

Murder House (DCI Cook Thriller Series Book 3) by [Strang, Phillip]A corpse has been discovered hidden in the fireplace of an old house. It has been there for thirty years, but who is it?

DCI Isaac Cook and his team at Challis Street Police Station are assigned the case.

It’s clearly murder, but who is the murdered person and what connection does the body have to the previous owners of the house.

And then why a fireplace? It was bound to be discovered eventually but was that what the murderer wanted.

The main suspects are all old and dying, or already dead. Yet again, there’s a motive, but what is it?

Isaac Cook has his work cut out trying to put the pieces together. Those who know are not talking out of an old-fashioned belief in that a family’s dirty laundry is not to be aired in public, and certainly not to a policeman.

Even if that means the murderer is never brought to justice.  (Amazon)

34374281The eighth Trouble in Paradise island mystery featuring senior sleuth McKenna and his PI-wannabe sidekick Chance Logan.

Whatever happened to easy? McKenna had the perfect cover for his plan to propose marriage. He and his girlfriend Benni would help his elderly tenant, Mrs. Nakamura, fly to Maui for a visit with her pregnant granddaughter. Then, he’d take Benni for a walk on the beach. He had a ring, but did he have the courage to pop the question?

The minute they land, McKenna’s perfect plan hits a snag. Mrs. Nakamura’s grandson-in-law is being accused of murder—and she wants her amateur sleuth landlord to investigate. Reluctantly, McKenna agrees to take the case with his friend Chance. They dive into an investigation that starts in a seedy hospitality club and goes straight downhill. Before they know it, the battle for Maui’s water is raging around the amateur sleuths and they have too many questions to answer.
Why was the murder victim living under a fake identity? Why is their client claiming he committed the crime? And, who is the mystery man stalking them?

On a dusty cane road, McKenna must answer the toughest decision of his life—live rich or die poor? There’s no way it’s the question he wanted to face, but if McKenna doesn’t think fast, he may never ask another.  (Goodreads)

Educated in Murder (Toni Donovan Mystery Book 1) by [Gray, Helen]Toni Donovan teaches science in a small high school in the Missouri heartland. As a devoted wife and mother of two young sons, she leads a quiet and orderly existence—until she discovers the district’s missing superintendent, a woman she hated, in the body farm kept by her forensics class. The victim was a tyrant and manipulator, and Toni senses there are secrets in the halls of academia that no one suspects.

When, with the instincts of a scientist, Toni delves deeper into the murder investigation, she finds herself facing more problems than just preparing for classes and dealing with unruly students. When her younger son, whose dream prompted her to the location of the body, is threatened, Toni learns that danger and terror do happen in a small town, and that she must not allow hate to overtake her life. Determined to stop a killer, her quest leads her into a series of discoveries that could cost Toni her own life.  (Amazon)

A Murder in Nether Bumble by [Newton, Adam G]Dan Paige was looking forward to a two-week holiday on a tropical beach until his car broke down on the way to the airport. He finds himself lost in the village of Nether Bumble, right in the middle of nowhere. When he’s discovered behind the pub in the middle of the night, holding a crowbar with blood all over his hands, the villagers quite rightly treat the new arrival with suspicion. And then they discover the local vicar has been murdered.

As Dan tries to prove his innocence, the police insist he can’t leave the village and confiscate his car. He’s further hindered by the vicar’s wife, her gardener, and a woman who won’t take no for an answer. Dan’s hopes of relaxing in the sun quickly fade away, but there might be a silver lining in the form of the pub landlord’s daughter. Unless, of course, she’s actually the murderer.

Set in a typical English village and the surrounding countryside, this good-natured mystery will delight with its entertaining cast of humorous characters.  (Amazon)

Murder By Degrees: An Inept Witches Mystery by [Allen, Amanda A.]

Ingrid and Gabe have returned to Sage Island to settle into their life together. They didn’t expect the local coven leader to ask for help. Not when Ingrid is the island’s worst witch and Gabe is non-magical.

Just what will a joint investigation cost their relationship? Ingrid probably shouldn’t have so much fun torturing her love while he investigates–but she does!  (Amazon)

Sherlock Holmes' Final Chapter: Classic Scripts (The Holmes and Watson Series Book 4) by [Shimwell, Ian]An unprecedented crime wave is remorselessly sweeping across the city of London…

How have the criminals achieved so much recent remarkable success?
Inspector Lestrade does not know which way to turn. Holmes and Watson follow a series of tantalising clues leading them closer to the darkness…
Holmes begins to sense a creeping pattern behind their investigation…

Could this really be the great detective’s final chapter..?


Sherlock Holmes - A Betrayal in Blood by [Latham, Mark A.]It is 1894, and the news of a Transylvanian nobleman’s death at the hands of a certain Professor Van Helsing is the talk of London.

Unsatisfied at the acquittal of the professor, Mycroft Holmes asks Sherlock to investigate what truly led to the deaths of Lucy Westenra and the mysterious aristocrat. The newspapers are full of inconsistencies and wild supernatural theories, and as Holmes digs deeper, he suspects that those hailed as heroes are not what they seem. The clues point to an innocent man framed and murdered for crimes he did not commit, and Holmes and Watson find themselves targeted at every turn, as what began as a quest to clear one man’s name reveals a conspiracy that draws them to the mountains of Transylvania and the infamous Castle Dracula.  (Amazon)

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