New Releases For The Week Of May 21st, 2017–Part 1

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of May 21st 2017.  Since there were so many books this week, I am going to divide them between the next three days. Here is the first day of my list.  Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading.  Enjoy and happy reading.


Foam by [Baker, Robert Neil]It is 2009; the auto industry is imploding. Charlotte Kirby and car manufacturer customer Bill Arnold’s romance gets hopelessly caught up in the intrigue and in-fighting over her new urethane foam. Can it save her company and his career? Who is bent on ruining the project, violently if necessary? Charlotte loses an important player to a suspicious accident, and another defects to a rock band. Bill’s bosses and co-workers at his struggling employer launch selfish agendas. A friend dumps one key co-worker for another. The lovers are challenged by thefts, assaults, kidnapping, and a laboratory disaster. Time is running out, can they unmask the villain and learn the true secret of the foam?  (Amazon)







35071100Tawas is abuzz in activity with a book signing right here in town. Actress Sara Knoxville isn’t just an author of a newly released Hollywood Tell All book; she’s the owner of the Butler Mansion. Readers soon feel a little cheated when a key page is missing from the book, which spurs Agnes and Eleanor into detective action.

Soon they have a cameraman and his assistant following the girls around town recording their every move at the suggestion of movie director Roman Douglas. Hey they might even get their own reality show. If only Agnes didn’t have to investigate from a wheelchair thanks to a sprained ankle.

Of course when Sara and some of her Hollywood friends disappear, a missing page from a book become very frivolous.
Will Agnes and Eleanor be able to find Sara and her friends before it’s too late?  (Goodreads)





35159891When a former schoolmate invites flamboyant senior sleuth Sadie Kramer to a theatre production, she jumps at the excuse to visit the Monterey Bay area for a weekend. With quaint Carmel shops a short drive away and luxurious linens in her hotel accommodations, the excursion promises to be both entertaining and relaxing.

Plenty of action is expected on stage, but when the show’s leading lady turns up dead, Sadie finds herself faced with more than one drama to follow. With both cast members and production crew as potential suspects, will Sadie and her sidekick Yorkie, Coco, be able to solve the case?  (Goodreads)







34940884These gals are like Dirty Harry…only over 50, female, and from the South.

And now they’re known as the G Team.

With a family wedding on the horizon, these feisty over-fifty gals offer to make it the shindig of the century in three short weeks. But when the G Team discovers wedding guests all over Georgia are being swindled, they vow to nab the low-down lawbreaker.

They’re determined to uncover the truth layer by layer, but posing undercover as wedding guests isn’t as simple as it seems. A dodgy DJ and life-changing chicken dance are just a couple of the snags they encounter. It would all be good fun, except now they’re forced to investigate in their own back yard.

Just when they turn up the heat on the case, a secret Abby Ruth has kept to herself for thirty years comes out, and everything starts to crumble. Now, they’ll have to tempt the bad guy out into the open, but if they do, it could permanently topple Jenny and Teague’s happily ever after.  (Goodreads)




The Crystal Ballroom: Revenge (The Crystal Ballroom Ghost and Angels Mystery Series Book 1) by [Kuhl, Lucia]MUSIC TORE THEM APART. CAN MUSIC RESTORE PEACE?

Amber Jasper owns The Crystal Ballroom on the tiny island of Allegro. Amber has one wish. Revenge against a man who ended her future and broke her leg. She and her partner-in-revenge are so close to victory they can smell it. And wow, the aroma is tantalizing.

But! One night a scream from the beach below, a body, and the return of her former childhood sweetheart demand Amber’s attention, stir painful memories, and force her to examine her soul.

Oh yeah, and her father shows up too. Always at the wrong time. Add a whole village ready to ignite over a forever grudge. If the town does, bye-bye Allegro. Byebye Crystal Ballroom. There goes her future. Why now? When she was so close. Her win is slipping quickly into the cold Lake Michigan waters.

This Supernatural Cozy Mystery is packed with body-dropping intrigue and soul-searching drama. And musical ghosts. Download The Crystal Ballroom, search for a murderer, and enjoy the glitz and grit where music and dance mingle.  (Amazon)





The Dying Detective: A Mystery by [Persson, Leif GW]LARS MARTIN JOHANSSON is a living legend. Cunning and perceptive, always one step ahead, he was known in the National Criminal Police as “the man who could see around corners.” But now Johansson is retired, living in the country, his police days behind him.

Or so he thinks.

After suffering a stroke, Johansson finds himself in the hospital. Tests show heart problems as well. And the only thing that can save him from despair is his doctor’s mention of an unsolved murder case from years before. The victim: an innocent nine-year-old girl.

Johansson is determined to solve the case, no matter his condition. With the help of his assistant, Matilda, an amateur detective, and Max, an orphan with a personal stake in the case, he launches an informal investigation from his hospital bed. Racing against time, he uncovers a web of connections that links sex tourism to a dead opera singer and a self-made millionaire. And as Johansson draws closer to solving the crime, he finds that he will have to confront not just a mystery but his own mortality as well.  (Amazon)




35104521When Maisie Swenson stumbles onto the site of an ancient church steeped in pirate folklore, she’s thrilled to explore it. She never expects to find a young woman lying in the churches yard clutching flowers like a real live Snow White. And just like the cartoon Snow White, this woman cannot be awakened.

As Maisie tries to puzzle through that situation, one of her guests is found in a coma, too. Only this one is mysteriously clutching a necklace.

Can she ever sort through all the crazy clues to find where the pirate and ghost stories end and a real life killer begins? Or are the folklore tales true after all?  (Goodreads)






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