New Releases For The Week Of May 21st, 2017–Part 2


Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of May 21st, 2017.  Since there were so many books this week, I am going to divide them between the next three days.  Here is the day two of my list.  Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading.  Enjoy and happy reading.


35003868The 5th book in the BESTSELLING Peridale Cafe Cozy Mystery series is coming MAY 23rd 2017!


When Julia’s gran, Dot, wins an all-inclusive spa trip to Scotland, Julia finds it difficult to refuse the offer of a relaxing week away from her café. Along with her sister, Sue, they pack up her tiny vintage car and drive all the way from Peridale to Seirbigh Castle, ready to be pampered. The last thing Julia expected was to be caught up in another murder investigation, but when the cruel owner of the family-run spa, Henry McLaughlin, is shot dead, she can’t resist ditching the facemasks and massages in favour of cracking the case.

Julia quickly befriends the young cook and talented-baker, Blair, and acquires a job in the kitchen so she can observe the strange family in the wake of the murder. Henry’s wife and children are acting suspicious, and with an incompetent young Detective Inspector on the case, Julia makes it her mission to discover the secrets held within the ancient walls before Seirbigh Castle claims another victim.  (Goodreads)




34910158A mysterious death brings Deputy DeeDee Clawson to the scene of a movie being filmed at an old mansion in Silver Hollow. Tucker Rockwood, the star of the movie, is found dead, a stake through his heart. Lots of people might have wanted to kill Tucker, but when DeeDee’s investiga-tion points in the direction of the movie’s producer, Caine Hunter, she thinks she has her man.

As if investigating this murder isn’t enough, DeeDee has something else hanging over her head. As the daughter of a werewolf pack leader, she has agreed to an arranged marriage. She hasn’t even met her intended yet, but she’s already starting to regret her agreement to enter into a love-less marriage…especially when her feelings toward Caine turn from suspicion to romance.

Caine Hunter has been smitten with feisty deputy Clawson since day one, but since DeeDee seems determined to arrest him for murder, he’s pretty sure the feeling isn’t mutual. Yet, he can’t help but sense that DeeDee is fighting an inner attraction to him that she won’t admit even to herself. Too bad that once she discovers his secret, she’ll want to have nothing further to do with him.

As the investigation heats up and DeeDee’s wedding day approaches, she turns to her four close witch friends, the Quinns, and their quirky familiars. There’s only one way to get out of the loom-ing marriage without risking being ostracized by her pack, and Gray Quinn is the only person that can help.

But when things take a dangerous turn with a surprise twist, will DeeDee risk it all and discover that love can be even more powerful than magic?  (Goodreads)





35002893Originally published under the pen name “India Ink.”

There’s only one #1… There’s a new makeover maven in town, and she spells big trouble for everyone at Venus Envy. Bebe Wilcox has just unveiled her own boutique, and she won’t stop until her shop has put everyone else out of business. Nothing is out of bounds, from stealing fragrance recipes to computer hacking and sabotaging supplies. But when one of Bebe’s pushy saleswomen ends up dead, the stakes become much more dangerous. Staging a public falling out with her Auntie, Persia gets hired at Bebe’s Boutique and begins snooping for evidence of wrongdoing. But can she find the goods before the killer decides to find her?   (Goodreads)








35068258Originally written under the pen name of India Ink.

Murder is never pretty…

When Venus Envy’s new makeup artist vanishes on the night of the Thanksgiving Gala, Persia knows that something is terribly wrong. The police think Lisa drowned–her car was found parked near Lookout Pier, and a storm had raged through town the night of the dance. But Persia refuses to believe it. Lisa Tremont was terrified of water and would never have gone out on a pier by herself, and Lisa had just confided to Persia that she’d discovered what happened to a missing inheritance belonging to her and her sister. Could Lisa have stumbled too close to the thief? Working against the clock, Persia must find her friend while fending off escalating threats from her ex-boyfriend Elliot as the holidays close in with their glittering beauty.  (Goodreads)






Kiss & Makeup: Beauty Secrets Book 2 by [Damore, Stephanie]BOOK 2 in the BEAUTY SECRETS SERIES

Ziva Diaz has been really looking forward to this week. Her best friend is getting married and her beauty line is launching. Life is good and she’s on top of the world – what could go wrong?

Sabotage, a feud, and a murder, it turns out.

Stumbling over a dead body on the beach trips Ziva up in more ways than one, particularly when one of her beauty clients is charged with the murder. She doesn’t believe for a minute that Mrs. J. would murder anyone; too bad she’s the only one. As Ziva sets out to solve the mystery, someone else sets out to ruin both her reputation and her friend’s wedding.

Can Ziva solve the case and serve up some just desserts? Or will her investigation fall flatter than a wedding soufflé?  (Amazon)






34913464A cold case heats up . . .

A dead man in Big Bay Creek, spring break, and a rogue FBI agent would be enough to drive Chief Callie Jean Morgan to drink . . . if she hadn’t already quietly crawled inside a bottle of gin to drown her sorrows over a life ripped apart by too many losses.

When her investigation into the stranger’s death heats up an unsolved abduction case, Callie finds herself pitted against the town council, her son, the agent, and even the raucous college kids enjoying idyllic Edisto Beach.

Amidst it all, Callie must find a way to reconcile her grief and her precious taste for gin before anyone else is killed.  (Goodreads)







34496033Luana Akina, a good friend of Lani’s, calls and informs her that her sister Mailie has been killed in an auto accident. The accident was determined to be just that, an accident, but Luana isn’t so sure that is the case. it seems that prior to her accident Mailie was involved in a local contest with a grand prize of $25,000. She suspected the results were being tampered with so had been quietly snooping around. The night before her accident Mailie had called Luana and told her she was close to something and the next day she was dead. Luana knows that Lani likes to investigate homicides so she asks for her help in uncovering what really happened to Mailie. The contest, which involves unlocking clues which lead to locations around the island where the next clue can be found, has a clause which allows for a substitute to be named should one of the contestants be unable to finish. Lani decides that the best way to help Luana find out what happened to her sister is to enter the contest as Mailie’s replacement in order to find out what is going on from the inside. She takes two weeks off work from her job as a water safety officer and then travels to Maui with her boyfriend Luke Austin.

Once Lani gets a feel for the game she quickly realizes that someone has hacked into the computer system and is tampering with the results. Luke is good on the computer but not nearly as good as their new friend Zak Zimmerman, so Lani calls new friend Zoe Donovan-Zimmerman and asks if she and Zak would be willing to come to Maui and help them uncover the conspiracy behind the mystery.

Join Luke and Lani, Zak and Zoe, as they race to uncover the clues faster than anyone else while outwitting a hacker and identifying a killer.  (Goodreads)




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