New Releases For The Week Of May 21st, 2017–Part 3



Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of May 21st 2017.  Since there were so many books this week, I am going to divide them between the next three days. Here is the third and final day of my list.  Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading.  Enjoy and happy reading.



34881243From USA Today bestselling authors Nicole Leiren and Elizabeth Ashby comes a decades old mystery…

When Lilly Waters moved to her ancestral small-town home of Danger Cove, Washington, she hoped for a walk down memory lane and a chance to connect with the family she never knew. What she got instead was a bartending job at the Smugglers’ Tavern, a mysterious man promising information about her grandfather—who had been listed as MIA since the Vietnam War—and a dead body she practically tripped over!
When the police point to Lilly as their number one suspect, she decides to take fate into her own hands. She enlists the help of a trivia loving waitress and a hot local security guard who sincerely hopes Lilly is doing more than just passing through. As Lilly searches for clues to clear her name, she uncovers puzzles that reveal secrets about her family and hidden treasure. Each clue brings her closer to the fortune…and to the real killer who will stop at nothing to get the gold.

The Danger Cove books:
Secret of the Painted Lady (a Danger Cove Renovation Mystery)
Murder and Mai Tais (a Danger Cove Cocktail Mystery)
Death by Scones (a Danger Cove Bakery Mystery)
Four-Patch of Trouble (a Danger Cove Quilting Mystery)
Deadly Dye and a Soy Chai (a Danger Cove Hair Salon Mystery)
Killer Closet Case (a Danger Cove B Mystery)
Tree of Life and Death (a Danger Cove Quilting Mystery)
A Killing in the Market (a Danger Cove Farmers’ Market short story in the “Killer Beach Reads” collection)
Killer Colada (a Danger Cove Cocktail Mystery)
Passion, Poison Puppy Dogs (a Danger Cove Pet Sitter Mystery)
A Novel Death (a Danger Cove Bookshop Mystery)
Robbing Peter to Kill Paul (a Danger Cove Quilting Mystery)
Sinister Snickerdoodles (a Danger Cove Bakery Mystery)
Hurricanes and Heroes (a Danger Cove Cocktail Mystery)
A Death in the Flower Garden (a Danger Cove Farmers’ Market Mystery)   (Goodreads)





Suspicious Threads (A Virginia Davies Mystery Book 10) by [Ciambrone, David]It’s hard to imagine anything really bad ever happening in picturesque Georgetown, Texas—until a famous face rolls into town and unthreads some very dark secrets…
Virginia Davies Clark and members of the Bee Hive Quilt Bee and Chisholm Trail Quilt Guild, are all too familiar with the Greenwald estate. The Victorian mansion, known as “Borealis,” was owned by nationally famous quilter Ann North Greenwald, and sits now vacant just west of the city limits after the murder of Ann.
Georgetown is abuzz with excitement when Hollywood actress, Natalie North arrives and announces she inherited “Borealis” and selling off its old furnishings and renovate the mansion. A local developer and a local radical church group are shocked and will do anything to prevent Natalie from renovating it instead of selling it. And Virginia is intrigued when Natalie asks her to appraise the estate’s sizable collection of quilts and Ann’s notebooks. But the more she examines the quilts, the more they seem to point toward Ann’s murder—and the murderer—and it’s up to Virginia and her friends to stitch the clues together.  (Amazon)






Dark Clouds Over Nuala (The Inspector de Silva Mysteries Book 2) by [Steel, Harriet]Set in Ceylon in the 1930s, this second book in the Inspector de Silva Mysteries offers another colourful, relaxing read as the arrival in the hill town of Nuala of the heir to an English earldom signals more trouble for the hapless Inspector de Silva and a new mystery to solve. Throw in a mega-rich Romanian count, his glamorous countess and an enigmatic British army officer and the scene is set for an entertaining mystery.

Praise for Trouble in Nuala: The Inspector de Silva Mysteries #1

“This is an unexpected treasure. Set in 1930s Ceylon. It is an interesting look at colonialism from the colonial side. I was engaged from the first page and kept in thrall until the end. Inspector DeSilva and Jane are well drawn characters and I plan on following them through further adventures.”

“The sweltering heat and dazzling light of Ceylon in the 1930s pour out from the pages of “Trouble in Nuala”. Shanti de Silva, Nuala’s police inspector, navigates the complexities of colonial society under British Imperial rule even as he unpicks the threads of a classic murder mystery. First-class entertainment, with a memorable mix of characters.”

“A captivating, relaxed read which was thoroughly enjoyable to the last page, set in a charming era, with an endearing lead character and in an interesting location.”

“Clever plotting, sharply defined characters and luscious description make this a hugely enjoyable read. I look forward to volume 2”.  (Amazon)






35153780A murder and a latte… The perfect way to start the day.

Olivia is determined to have a successful, drama-free, book signing at family-owned Granny’s Bookshelves and Teas. With her fellow Writers of the World, Oliva starts the day with a murder and a latte.

Determined to prove the killer isn’t one of her friends or worse – herself – Olivia tracks the clues and dodges the searching questions of her best-friend’s brother while trying to sign books and smile for the camera.

The suspects move amongst the readers and the accusations fly like plot twists.

With rumors of affairs and threats darkening the event, Olivia doesn’t have long – just to closing! – to prove writing romance isn’t a prerequisite to killing in cold blood.

Plunge into this engaging mystery wrought with secrets and clues that reveal more than the killer!

***Books by Kodi Heart***

The Murderous Chapters Series

Once Upon a Murder

Twists Like a Knife

Under Deadline

Death and Edits

Death Scenes

Kill the Competition








31850583A taut, stylish thriller set over the course of twenty-four hours in Paris—perfect for fans of Chris Pavone’s The Expats and Olen Steinhauer’s The Tourist

The storied Hotel Chevalier on Paris’ ritzy Right Bank hosts celebrities, dignitaries, and—for one night—Lana Gibson, an American woman who’s escaped the monotony of her staid married life for a cultural jaunt to the City of Light. As long as she takes her meds, she promises herself, her heightened curiosity and manic elation will stay under control.

But when that curiosity leads her to the hotel’s private elevator which serves only the ultra-elite penthouse Suite Imperial, she spies much more than plush carpets and gilt chandeliers: a young woman caught in the clutches of a threatening-looking older man. Unable to erase the image of the girl in danger from her mind, Lana alerts the police, plunging herself into a firestorm of intrigue and becoming a target.

As she engages in a cat-and-mouse game that plays out across the streets of Paris, it emerges that the older man is a prominent public figure, and the murky situation only offers more questions: Is he being set up? Who stands to gain the most from his downfall? Not knowing who has her best interests at heart, Lana will need to use every ounce of strength and guile as she races to discover the relationship between the truth and what she saw.

Set against the glittering city of Paris, What She Saw is a hypnotic, thoroughly compelling thriller that will leave readers guessing until the final pages.  (Goodreads)





34386393Ellison Russell wanted a decorator, not a corpse. Too bad she finds Mrs. White in the study killed with a revolver. Things go from bad to worse when she finds Mr. White in the dining room killed with a candlestick. With so many bodies, is it any wonder Detective Anarchy Jones’ new partner considers Ellison a suspect?

With the country club gossips talking a mile a minute, an unexpected cocktail party, a visit from Aunt Sis, and a romantic decision, Ellison hardly has time to think about murder. Unfortunately, the killer has plenty of time to think about her. (Goodreads)









35198592When Hannah Holiday gets kissed by the sweetest Moodle she’s ever seen, she finds herself exactly where she does not want to be…in the middle of a messy custody battle for the Maltese-Poodle mix. Hannah is pulled right into the thick of helping her sister’s friend as the custody conflict boils over into a deadly disaster.

While Hannah’s cook, Meg, goes on a baking spree mixing up one new tasty treat after another at The Fishy Dish, a photoshoot with swimsuit models stirs the quiet town of Hooks Harbor. The suspects are able to drown their troubles with coffee, strawberry tarts, and lemon squares at the snack bar, bringing them right into Hannah’s business and life.

With each suspect pointing a finger at another, Hannah needs answers, especially after one suspect’s alibi sticks like caramel. The heat gets turned to high when her sister’s friend looks like the guilty suspect and her life is put on the line. Along with Hannah’s.

It will take more than the adorable Moodle and Petunia, the potbelly pig, to save Hannah from becoming fish bait.

**Catch of the Dead is volume 6 in the Hooked & Cooked Cozy Mystery Series. Lyndsey’s books can be read and enjoyed in any order.  (Goodreads)


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