Review of Mocha and Murder


Mocha and Murder

A Killer Coffee Mystery Series, Book #2

Tonya Kappes

5 Stars


Roxy becomes entangled in another murder as she puts her sleuthing skills to work in order to prove that Louise Carlton didn’t kill Fred Hill over a pet adoption gone wrong. After all, if Louise goes to jail, who is going to find all the animals at Pet Palace a home.  (Goodreads)



The characters are well rounded and three dimensional.  Roxy is quirky, funny and full of energy.  I really enjoyed getting to spend more time with her, and her boyfriend Patrick. I am glad that Roxy wants to date him for a while and their relationship is moving a little slower, it made it more realistic.  I also enjoyed spending time with Aunt Maxi and getting to know Roxy’s mom a little better.  And the other characters, such as her employees, added a lot to the story.

The author is very talented in developing a small town setting that is warm and inviting.  The neighbors care about each other but they are also willing to gossip whenever they can.  She is also very talented in her descriptive writing and through much of the book I felt like I was right there, watching all the action take place.

One of my favorite parts about this series is the Pet Palace, a shelter for animals.  I really enjoyed reading about the animals and adoptions, even a hen.  Adoption is such a big need and I like the way this series shines a light on that need.

The mystery was carried on well throughout the book and it was difficult to solve.  There were enough suspects and clues to sift through that even the most experienced armchair detective would have trouble solving the mystery.  I was surprised with who the culprit turned out to be, and that is a great thing.

I would recommend this book (and series) to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy (actually I would recommend all of her series).  I will be looking forward to reading the next one.