Review of Twice Layered Murder


Twice Layered Murder

Rita Reincarnated, Book #2

Daphne DeWitt

5 Stars


Til death do they part…

When Rita lands a job catering the desserts for a Southern socialite’s wedding two towns over in Harbor Heights, she thinks she’s found a way to knock the Pie Ladies’ Paradise to a whole new level. But when the snooty bride goes missing just hours before the vows are set to be exchanged, it’s obvious that foul play is afoot.

With Harbor Heights’ police force chasing dead leads and dodging the media, it’s up to Rita to get to the bottom of wedding day whodunit.

Is this the ‘work’ she needs to do in order to finally move on?

Does this case have a connection to whoever pushed her down the steps that fateful night two years ago?

And will all this wedding talk spark a different sort of unfinished business with Aiden or will having Darrin around to help send things in a completely unexpected direction?

Might come sooner than they think (Goodreads)



The author is very talented in her descriptive writing.  Through much of the book, I felt like I was right there, watching all the wedding activities taking place.  The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read.   

The characters are well rounded and three dimensional.  Rita is very inquisitive and she never met a mystery she did not want to solve.  And she has her hands full trying to find out what happened to the missing bride.  She is definitely her father’s (the former sheriff) daughter and he taught her well.   She is able to be a big help to Darrin (the current sheriff) as they investigate who kidnapped the bride and why.   

I really love the premise of the story, of Rita coming back from the dead in a different body as a different person.  The idea intrigues me and I enjoy reading about all of the problems she encounters.  I would recommend this well crafted cozy to anyone who enjoys paranormal cozies.