New Releases For The Week Of July 9th, 2017–Part 1


Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of July 9th, 2017.  I am going to divide the list into three day.  Here is the first day of my list.  Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading.  Enjoy and happy reading.



34885169Landon Michaels is one busy FBI agent.
In addition to a special law enforcement gathering where he has an authoritarian presence, he’s in the midst of moving in with his girlfriend, Bay Winchester. It just so happens that the gathering – a conference where local police officers and agents can learn about new technology – is being hosted in his soon-to-be hometown of Hemlock Cove. In fact, multiple law enforcement representatives will be staying at the inn Bay’s mother and aunts run.
It’s a weekend that promises a little bit of everything, including work and fun.
Landon is looking forward to the event but nerves are eating at him and things only get worse when Aunt Tillie realizes that ‘The Man’ (in the form of multiple bossy figures) is going to be watching her every move for the duration of the weekend … and she’s not happy.
Landon is happy to spend time with Bay – even introducing her to a bevy of colleagues – but things shift a bit when a local woman goes missing and Bay becomes obsessed with finding her. Since she’s a witch and magic – and occasionally mayhem – follows Bay wherever she goes, Landon has his hands full putting on a good show for his co-workers and helping Bay stay out of trouble.
Landon is determined to prove that he can have it all, a magical girlfriend and her wacky family included. To get what he wants, though, he has to make it through a tough weekend … oh, and solve a crime on the side.

Note: This is a 28,000-word short set in the Wicked Witches of the Midwest world. It falls after Make a Witch in the timeline.  (Goodreads)







In a big old building on the south coast of Kent, David Booker runs a book-themed coffee shop and Jo Cash operates a private investigation business. They live there, too. But not like that.

Jo needs help with tracing a mystery client’s living relatives. David needs help with his staffing problems. Will they both get what they are looking for?

Sometimes two heads are better than one. Sometimes a poor hand is better than none. But not always…  (Goodreads)





34885811Aunt Bessie needs to start working on her Manx language skills again.

Elizabeth Cubbon, known as Aunt Bessie to nearly everyone, is taking the beginning Manx language class for the fourth time. This time, however, many of her friends are taking it with her, which means she’ll have lots of people to practice with, whether she wants to or not.

Aunt Bessie needs to try to help her friend, Laura Meyers.

Laura is nearly in tears when she arrives at the first class, but she’s reluctant to talk about what’s wrong. When she does confide in Bessie, Bessie wants to get the police involved, but Laura refuses.

Aunt Bessie needs to work out who is telling the truth, which isn’t easy in a murder investigation.

Can Bessie help the police solve another murder? And will she ever learn to speak more than a few words in Manx?  (Goodreads)


She’s done it again.  Lacey’s life is finally starting to return to normal. The Jackson Peak busybodies are starting to get back to their own lives instead of gossiping non-stop about Lacey. A Sweet Spot is thriving and Lacey is getting ready to expand her business. The men in her life are back in town as well, and they’re both willing to fight for her.  But everything changes when Lacey comes across another murder scene.

As Lacey begins navigating a complicated new relationship, she attempts to narrow down an ever changing field of suspects. When the murderer starts threatening Lacey, everything changes. Lacey teams up with her best friend and new boyfriend – and some quirky townsfolk – to track down the murderer before the threats become reality.   (Goodreads)





35427688Roller Derby is always a dangerous sport . . . but in Austin, it’s become deadly.

Jae and Colin are still on the road—this time profiling the creative, independent-minded residents of Austin, Texas. And the Capital City Wreckers, a women’s roller derby team, will be the perfect subject for Jae’s story.

But when a rival team’s sponsor is found dead during Wrecker’s practice, police suspicions quickly zero in on the captain of the Wreckers and her boyfriend. The last thing Jae wants is to get tangled up in another murder investigation. But she senses injustice here, and Jae knows she has to step in.

Meanwhile, the vague nature of her relationship with Colin is tested. And Jae continues to look for the courage to tell her mother how she really feels.

Can she bring finally bring order to her personal life, and also crack the case of the Roller Derby Rivals? Pick up the book and find out today!  (Goodreads)







35487712A British silver fox has moved into the Belle Court Retirement Center, and octogenarian amateur sleuth Viv Kennedy is crushing on him hard. Unfortunately, he appears singularly unimpressed with Viv’s overnight adoption of every British phrase she knows (and a few she’s, admittedly, unclear on.) Maybe if she and Salem Grimes can solve the murder of the hotshot TV reporter Peter Browning, she can catch his eye. The fact that Peter’s death has not been ruled a murder is a minor consideration.
Salem is certainly willing to help Viv land Nigel the Brit. After all, it will make her best friend happy. It will also make her husband happy — Tony is under the impression that if Viv finds a man and settles down, Salem will stop chasing bad guys down dark alleys with her. But Salem doesn’t know if that will make her happy. She knows she isn’t really a private detective. Shoot, she isn’t even any good at the chasing bad guys down dark alleys part. But after a lifetime of floundering, she’s finally found something that makes her feel like she’s contributing to the world.
As Salem and Viv do their durndest to tighten a noose around a killer who may or may not exist, along with working “crikey” into every conceivable conversation, Salem finds herself wondering where her gifts are and what God’s plan for her life could possibly be. (Goodreads)







31450743The next taut, witty mystery featuring Branson, MO’s new sheriff Hank Worth from acclaimed author Claire Booth.

Called out to investigate the theft of elm tree bark (who knew it made a valuable herbal supplement?), Branson, MO Sheriff Hank Worth meets the talkative and combustible property owner, Vern Miles, who is trying to make enough money off the land he just inherited to pay the taxes on it.

The thieves have stripped so much of the bark that the trees are now dying, so Miles decides to go ahead and cut the whole grove down. The only thing is, he uses undocumented workers to do it, and when Hank and Sam stop by the clearing in the woods to check on things, the whole crew takes off like a flock of birds. One unfortunate runaway laborer tumbles into a deep crevice and lands on not one, but two bodies—a month-old rotten corpse and a decades-old child skeleton.

Hank suddenly finds himself in the midst of two separate murder investigations, not to mention tree bark theft, all while running for re-election as county sheriff.  (Goodreads)






32783321Greece, 545 BC: It is illegal to die on the sacred isle of Delos. It s also illegal to give birth there. Yet when murder is committed, the only available detective to solve the crime is the priestess Diotima, and she is heavily pregnant.
Delos is the holy birthplace of the divine twins Apollo and Artemis, and it is an island in crisis. Not only has murder tainted the holy sanctuary, but there are about a thousand Athenian troops on the island. The army is led by the statesman Pericles and has come to take away the treasury of the Delian League, the defense fund of the Greeks against the Persian Empire. The holy people are in uproar. The Athenians are exasperated. The High Priest of the Delian Apollo is not amused. To cap it off, Diotima s husband and fellow detective, Nicolaos, is implicated in dodgy dealings that link him to the murder.
Somehow Diotima must find the killer, calm the island, and . . . oh, yes . . . have a baby.”







34881428Zara Riddle is a thirty-something woman trying to balance her career and motherhood. Scratch that. Career, motherhood, and being a novice witch.

When someone from her past shows up in the most dramatic fashion (i.e. bleeding and nearly dead), this sassy single mother gains a whole new set of relationship problems to juggle.

And now there’s a new ghost haunting Zara, making her do the strangest things, like gardening.

Zara’s back yard is starting to resemble the lush lawns of a stately manor, yet not all is calm and serene in Wisteria. There’s been an unexplained death, and someone close to the Riddle family is the prime suspect. It’s time for Zara to put down her garden spade and trade it for a sharper weapon. Or, at the very least, a bigger shovel.

WATCHFUL WISTERIA is a complete, full-length novel in the hit series with millions of Kindle Unlimited pagereads!

WATCHFUL WISTERIA is the fourth book in the Wisteria Witches series, which can be read in any order but will be more fun this way:
#1 – Wisteria Witches
#2 – Wicked Wisteria
#3 – Wisteria Wonders
#4 – Watchful Wisteria
#5 – coming soon!

If you love author Angela Pepper’s wildly funny characters, be sure to check out her other cozy murder mystery series: STORMY DAY MYSTERIES, RESTLESS SPIRITS OF THE SOUTHWEST, and more!   (Goodreads)





35521227Welcome to Creede, a lovely little western town in the Colorado Rockies. This year’s renowned theater production stars an Australian Shepherd with stage fright, two backstage love triangles, a shifty stagehand…and a real-life murder. 

Dog therapist Allie Babcock has grasped the brass ring of work assignments—stunning scenery, the love of her life at her side, and stage-training a brilliant Australian Shepherd and an adorable Pug. The dogs are starring in a romantic comedy, “Good Dog, Blue!” written and directed by a friend of Allie’s boyfriend. Within an hour of Allie’s arrival, however, a heavy light fixture crashes onto the stage, nearly hitting the Shepherd. Before night has fallen on this not-so-sleepy town, a cast member is poisoned, and an anonymous note warns that Allie might be next. To leave puts a dog in jeopardy. To stay puts everything Allie holds dear at risk. Can she thwart a determined killer before the final curtain?   (Goodreads)