July New Release Extravaganza


3235992 Today I am happy to be sharing  Maria E. Schneider’s July New Release Extravaganza.  She is also offering a chance to win a book bag.  So check out the link below to find all the treasures and how to enter the giveaway.




Well, it’s finally time.  Some of these are on sale, some are not, but
we’ve brought together some great new releases all in one place!
There’s cozy mysteries, fantasy, young adult, geezer lit, historical
mysteries, thrillers, romance–hopefully we have managed to find
something for everyone.  So let the treasure hunt begin–sort through
and find the gems!




Anyone who wants to discuss the books or enter to win a book bag,
just go to this link:

www.BearMountainBooks.com (on or after July 14 —the book discussion
post will be stickied to the top).  To enter, you just need to leave a
comment about a book (any book).


Thanks, Maria, for letting me a part of your Extravaganza.



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