Three Amigos Summer Reading Club–Summer Foods


                       Welcome to the Three Amigos Summer Reading Club.


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This week’s theme for our Summer Reading Club is Summer Food. My pick for this week is Mayhem In Christmas River by Meg Muldoon.  It is the second book in her Christmas River Cozy series.  It is a series with great characters, a wonderful small town setting and mysteries that are top notch.  I absolutely love this series and adore this author.





It’s July in Christmas River, and the temperature isn’t the only thing flaring out of control.

After a fire destroys her best friend’s ornament shop, pie baker extraordinaire Cinnamon Peters soon discovers that the blaze was no accident.

Just days before the annual Christmas River in July Parade and Play, it becomes clear that a maniac is roaming the tourist-packed streets of Christmas River.

And he’s got a flair for the dramatic.

Will Cinnamon and her sheriff’s deputy boyfriend find out who’s behind the blaze before the rest of the town goes up in flames?  (Goodreads)



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So be sure to grab a copy of this book and enjoy reading it while chowing down on your barbecue.  And be sure you save a little for The Three Amigos!!!!!!






Okay, enough about me.  Let’s check out what books my two amigos have picked for this week’s theme.


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To find out what book Karen chose, head over to her blog by following this link:

And to see what book Lisa chose, head over to her blog by following this link:



While you’re at their blogs, leave a comment and let us know what you think of our Summer Reading Club.  And of course, please leave a comment at my blog.  We would all love to hear from you.







8 thoughts on “Three Amigos Summer Reading Club–Summer Foods

    • I really enjoy all of the books in this series (actually everything she writes is great). The Christmas River series is one of my favorite series. The books don’t all take place at Christmas time, that’s the name of the town.

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