New Releases For The Week Of August, 20th, 2017–Part 1



Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of August 20th, 2017.  Today is the first day of that list.  Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading.  Enjoy and happy reading.






Once again, famous associates of the Great Detective – clients, colleagues and, of course, villains – tell their own stories in this collection of brand-new adventures. Meet Lucy Hebron years after Holmes’s only ever failed deduction; follow your nose down the streets of London with Toby the Dog; join Mrs Hudson on her first ever case; greet an ambassador from Mars alongside Lord Holdhurst; and confess your sins to your cellmate, Professor James Moriarty… (Goodreads)










35993381Success has always come easy to socialite MaryBeth Gilland. Following her father’s death, however, she needs some cash, quick.

As head of an in-house detective agency owned by her father, Gray Wheeler has had it cushy as well. Suddenly, he’s got to turn a profit to stay in business. But when MaryBeth sashays in looking for a job with adventure, he hires her on the spot. Now he really needs to produce.

Enter a client who claims her sister is being murdered, even as they speak. The victim is in a coma, but it’s only a matter of time. The client insists her brother-in-law Leland “Jack” Sprat is to blame, and she’ll pay big money to see him behind bars. Time for MaryBeth to show she’s more than just a pretty face and Wheeler to prove he can actually investigate. If they don’t kill each other first.   (Goodreads)









35678055Kay Carrera sees ghosts. And when the dead turn to her for help, she just can’t say no.

Mr. Peter has lived across the street long before Kay moved into her house, and over the decades the collection of old washing machines, lawn mowers, and refrigerators in his front and back yard has reached the point where it’s nearly impossible to find the front door. The man is an eccentric recluse, but how can anyone dislike a kindly person who loves old pottery and dinnerware, and slips Taco, the cat, chicken sandwiches every chance he gets?

Evidently someone disliked him—disliked him enough to kill him.

Was the killer one of the frustrated neighbors? Mr. Peter’s nephew? The delivery man? Or someone else? Mr. Peter’s ghost won’t rest until his murderer is brought to justice, and neither will Kay.   (Goodreads)










Thea Slocombe, nee Osborne, is trying to settle into normal, domestic life with Drew and his two children in Broad Campden. But in the course of an attempt to make friends locally, she finds the body of a close neighbour and suddenly feels much less settled and secure. No longer a house-sitter, she has no choice but to stay in the village and deal with whatever happens next. And doing this risks damage to her marriage.  (Goodreads)












Mischief in St. Tropez (Dory Sparks Mysteries Book 2) by [Oster, C.G.]In the bright sunshine and glorious landscapes of the Cote D’Azur, the enclave of British high society worry about the impending war. So much so that when the body of a Hungarian noble is found at Lady Tonbridge’s soiree, a haphazard investigation finds no culprit. Miss Dory Sparks, the companion to Lady Pettifer, finds herself drawn into investigating when no one else seems pay this murder its due attention.
The handsome Baron Domenik Drecsay had never been a saint and his interest in the heiresses along the coast was known by all. Miss Livinia Fellingworth had certainly been falling for his charms. Even so, Dory struggles to find a motive for his murder, and she is running out of time as the worsening situation in France threatens the decorum lives of the foreign societies along the sparkling coast.  (Amazon)










Simply to Die For: A Black Horse Canyon Cozy Mystery Novel (A Black Horse Canyon Novel Book 1) by [Douglas, Maxine]


Leaving one life behind to begin anew, Kandi returns to her home town to open up a candy store. Unfortunately, circumstances pulls her back to the old ways, forcing her to track the trail of a serial porn star killer…

Jimmy, a reporter, discovers the woman he’s fantasized about is on the “porn star” killer’s hit list. Can he find the killer before the killer finds Kandi?  (Amazon)












35817302Cookie James thought she was going to make things right with the island’s hottest handyman when she approached Dylan Creed at his favorite fishing hole. But her attempt at a peace offering doesn’t go so well when it leads to the discovery of a dead body. Even worse, it requires a phone call to the reason Dylan is so aloof with Cookie–FBI agent Hunter O’Neil.

When Hunter arrives, he’s quick to enlist Cookie’s help as he takes the helm of another murder mystery on Secret Seal Isle. And soon enough, sparks fly, making it clear the case isn’t the only thing Hunter’s interested in. But when Cookie’s meddling mother and her concerned best friend interrupt Hunter’s plans for an evening tryst, Cookie turns to the one thing she does best–solving the crime. (Goodreads)












Cait and Tara are holding a book club meeting at Coffee Cat Books the week before Halloween. There are twelve participants reading Frankenstein as a storm rolls in. The storm intensifies and the lights go out thrusting the store into darkness. By the time the electricity is restored one of the book club members will be found dead.  (Goodreads)