New Releases For The Week Of August 27th, 2017–Part 2


Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of August 27th, 2017.  I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very many new releases this week.  Today is the second day of my list.  Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading.  Enjoy and happy reading.




CHERRY-FILLED CHARGES, the thirty-third donut mystery from New York Times Bestselling Author Jessica Beck

It’s finally time for Barton Gleason’s pop-up bistro, but the grand opening is marred when a fellow chef and rival from culinary school is murdered nearby in one of the staging areas. Suzanne stumbles across the body, and while Jake is away dealing with his own family issues, she and Grace tackle the job of tracking down the real killer before someone else’s goose gets cooked!


The Case of the Klutzy King Charles (The Thousand Islands Doggy Inn Mysteries Book 11) by [Snow, B.R.]Suzy, along with Josie and Chef Claire, is back in the Cayman Islands for the winter. With a new restaurant and an animal shelter about to open, their goal is to make sure both of the new enterprises get off to a good start while still being able to relax and enjoy the sun and sand. But when they head down the beach toward Suzy’s mother house on Christmas morning with the dogs, things take a major turn for the worse when Captain spots a woman and her dog clinging to an upended kayak and about to drown. And when the Newfie embarks on a rescue mission to save them, Christmas Day is dramatically altered. Fortunately, Captain performs a miraculous rescue, but soon after being discharged from the hospital, the woman disappears, and the task of caring for her dog falls to Suzy’s mom.

And when Rocco, their bar manager from C’s in Clay Bay, who’s in town helping them get ready for the opening of the restaurant, falls hard for Sylvia, the manager of the new animal shelter, he decides that perhaps a permanent move to the islands might be in order. But when Sylvia’s ex-husband, who’s recently been stalking her, is found dead in his car in the back of the restaurant, Rocco is suspect number one.

As Suzy embarks on her efforts to find the mysterious woman and return her dog, as well as do everything she can to find out who put two bullets in the back of the ex-husband’s head, she finds herself in the middle of a complex land scheme that has her, and everyone else, baffled. And as she works her way through a maze of questions and contradictions, she also learns a few things about family and making amends, as well as the importance of keeping one’s pants on.

The Thousand Islands Doggy Inn Mysteries features two of the smartest and funniest lead female protagonists to hit the cozy mystery scene in a very long time, and Suzy and Josie’s affection for food and their boundless love and devotion to their dogs puts this new series in the don’t miss category. The Case of the Klutzy King Charles is another fast-paced and funny installment in this series that affectionately focuses on dogs, food, and the natural beauty of the Thousand Islands region.  (Amazon)

Radio talk show host Dr. Maggie Walsh finds herself in the middle of a murder—again! An invitation to a glitzy fundraiser at a south Florida mansion sounds like the perfect evening. Maggie and her pals are digging up clues for a scavenger hunt when a real mystery lands in their laps. Suddenly the party’s over, and the killer is playing for keeps. Will Maggie and her team be able to crack the case and solve the crime?  (Goodreads)


The Wake (The Jessica Trilogy Book 3) by [Hambley, Connie Johnson]World-class equestrian, Jessica Wyeth, is thrust into the middle of a game of geopolitical warfare. Reeling from revelations of her connection to the violent struggles to expunge Britain from Northern Ireland, she’s blocked by unseen forces from returning to the United States.

The facts of Jessica’s birth become her deepest secret. Her late mother was considered by Northern Ireland to be a terrorist and her father is a key negotiator between violent Irish Republican Army (IRA) factions in Belfast and the British Government.

Jessica vows to keep her father’s identity hidden at all costs.

Only one man knows Jessica’s truth. Michael Connaught, heir to an international crime family who profits from political uprisings, struggles with his own legacy. He is torn between protecting the woman he loves or using her secrets as a catalyst for inciting global unrest.

When a terrorist bomb rips through the crowd at the Atlanta-based Summer Olympic Games, Jessica is forced to fight for her life in ways she never dreamed.  (Amazon)






Of Murder, Muses and Me by [Chibici-Revneanu, Claudia]A sharp, witty and at times hilarious mystery for fans of Christopher Brookmyre and Colin Bateman, set in the world of book publishing

Of Murder, Muses and Me is delightful. Chibici- Revneanu treats London as another rich character in this intriguing story of fan trying to uncover the truth behind her favorite author’s death.” Lois Lavrisa, author of Homicide by Hamlet, an award-winning bestselling cozy mystery novel.

When bestselling author Mark Drubenheimer is found dead in his studio, Rosalind Waterloo’s world collapses. The of cial story is that the author committed suicide, but for his devoted fan Rosalind, there is only one explanation: Drubenheimer was murdered, and Rosalind is the only person who can expose the killer.

Rosalind takes her investigation to London and to the heart of the publishing industry where she encounters an intriguing cast of characters; an eccentric editor, a modest muse, a wounded widow and a mesmerising mystery man.

With her sanity now in question, Rosalind is even more determined to uncover the truth behind Drubenheimer’s death regardless of the dramatic consequences.

“Preposterous and compelling…read this with sceptical pleasure!” Suzette A. Hill, author of the Revd Francis Oughterard novels and Rosy Gilchrist series.  (Amazon)




35403389Life wasn’t all that great when you were dead.

Piper was the head baker of Secret Confections in the scorching hot small Texas town of Babylon. Or…at least she was until she died. Struck by one of her own out of control cupcake trucks, Piper’s soul left her body and managed to somehow find its way into Purgatory. Turned out, the waiting room for Heaven and Hell was a small, invisible town in Texas.

Just her luck. She’d always wanted to leave Texas and ended up being stuck there for the rest of her afterlife.

But things weren’t all bad. She has a new bakery and new semi-kind of life. Until a guy rushes into her shop and dies right on top of her brand new ceramic floor.

Which might not have been that bad until he uttered the one word that was instant death to the livelihood of a baker with a brand new business.

Poison.   (Goodreads)




The Taw Ridge Haunting (Jack Raven Ghost Mystery Book 5) by [Austin , Robin G.]Jack Raven is a psychic medium who has been talking to spirits since she was a child. Now, she owns Raven Eradications and her job is to assist the dead in moving onward– up or down as the case may be with her partner Mojo, a Tamaskan wolfdog.

She travels to Taw Ridge, Tennessee where a new hotel owner is being driven out of business by the ghosts of three murder victims whose cases were never solved. The victims were killed in separate rooms on the thirteenth floor on the same night over fifteen years ago.

Ellen Boshears inherited the hotel from an uncle she never knew existed. Having just buried her husband of one year, she’s eager to leave California and return to her home town. The building has sat empty for years, but its upkeep was maintained until her uncle’s death. Now guests report hearing screams, running in halls, and slamming doors.

Boshears doesn’t believe in ghosts. She’s spent many nights on the thirteenth floor without hearing a thing. She wants to put an end to what he sees as nothing but rumors. She plans a grand reopening party in two weeks and wants to use Jack’s services to boast publicity and money’s no object. She wants a certification that the Hotel Boshears is a ghost free.   (Amazon)





35839066Minnie and Ben are back for more murder and mayhem!

Minnie Crockwell, recreational vehicle enthusiast and traveler, and her ghost companion, Ben, left Florida and headed north…northwest, anyway.

Yellowstone National Park beckons!

Bison, bears, wolves, elk, moose, antelope and deer roam the valleys, bighorn sheep and mountain goats climb the hills, geysers spew fountains of steam and water, hot springs and mud pots abound!

What’s not to like?

One tourist would be happy to tell you…if he were still alive.

Minnie and Ben discover what’s left of that tourist and now must solve the Trouble at Yellowstone!

Each story in the series can stand alone, but to avoid extensive repetition of the backstory, the books would be best read in order. Look for Book 13 soon!

Book 1 – Trouble at Happy Trails
Book 2 – Trouble at Sunny Lake
Book 3 – Trouble at Glacier
Book 4 – Trouble at Hungry Lake
Book 5 – Trouble at Snake and Clearwater
Book 6 – Trouble in Florence
Book 7 – Trouble in Tombstone Town
Book 8 – Trouble in Cochise Stronghold
Book 9 – Trouble in Orange Beach
Book 10 – Trouble at Pelican Penthouse
Book 11 – Trouble at Island Castle
Book 12 – Trouble at Yellowstone    (Goodreads)






33305822Life is always sweet in Allie McMurphy s delectable fudge shop. But murder can make things unpleasantly sticky . . .
A DEADLY CONFECTIONAfter Allie inherited her family s McMurphy Hotel and Fudge Shop, cousin Tori moved off to California in a bitter huff, and the two haven t spoken since. So to have her cousin reappear on Mackinac Island without warning is a big surprise but not as surprising as finding her standing over a dead woman impaled with a garden spade in the Mackinac Butterfly House. Butterflies may be free, but Tori won t be for much longer unless the cousins can bury the hatchet and work together to catch a killer who s taken flight. Because when it comes to family, blood is thicker than fudge . . .
Praise for Nancy Coco and the Candy-Coated Mysteries
Memorable characters, a charming locale, and a satisfying mystery. Barbara Allan
Beautiful Mackinac Island provides the setting for a puzzling series of crimes . . . plenty of plausible suspects and mouthwatering fudge recipes. Kirkus Reviews
I know I will be counting down the days until the next mystery with Allie McMurphy. Cozy Mystery Book Reviews“(Goodreads)