New Releases For The Week of October 1st, 2017–Part 1


Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of October 1st, 2017.  I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very very many of them.  Today is the first day of my list.  Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading.  Enjoy and happy reading.


Grave Paths (A Maddie Graves Mystery Book 11) by [Hart, Lily Harper]Jennifer Cook was a young mother with a new infant when she disappeared from her home. She started haunting Maddie Graves’ dreams before her body was even found.
Despite that, Maddie is determined to find the woman’s child and return him to the life he was ripped from before she allows herself to rest. The only problem is that she has no idea who took him.
Nick Winters is worried about his fiancée. Maddie is manic when it comes to searching for the missing infant and he has his hands full with too many theories and not enough evidence. If a stranger took the baby, it’s most likely a desperate woman who wants to be a mother. If it’s someone else, the couple could already be too late.
Nick and Maddie are going to have to work together to piece together a story filled with twists, turns and more betrayal than should be possible. From a grieving father who may be a terrible husband to a despondent mother who might’ve lost her own child, the possibilities are endless.
When the truth is finally revealed, Maddie finds herself in another mess. She’s desperate for the truth, but she’s not sure she can live with it when everything comes to light.
Death is coming to Blackstone Bay. It’s anyone’s guess who will be left standing when the smoke clears.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback




Witch Is Why The Search Began (A Witch P.I. Mystery Book 22) by [Abbott, Adele]



A watched pot…
The cases are stacking up; Jill has never been busier. But someone isn’t telling the truth and the consequences could be dire.
…is a distraction from the custard creams. (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle






Lost Luggage (Cyd Redondo Mysteries Book 1) by [Thomas, Wendall]Cyd Redondo, a young, third-generation Brooklyn travel agent who specializes in senior citizens, has never ventured farther than New Jersey. Yet even Jersey proves risky when her Travel Agents’ Convention fling, Roger Claymore, leaves her weak in the knees-and everywhere else-then sneaks out of her Atlantic City hotel room at three a.m.


Back in Brooklyn, when she reads about smugglers stopped at JFK with skinks in their socks or monkeys down their pants, she never imagines she will join their ranks. But days after the pet store owner next door to Redondo Travel is poisoned, Cyd wins a free safari. Her boss, Uncle Ray, wants to cash it in for computers, but Cyd is determined to go. When Roger turns up at the Redondo clan’s door, Cyd invites him along as her “plus one.” And just like that she is thrown heels-first into the bizarre and sinister world of international animal smuggling.

She and Roger arrive in Africa, luggage lost, to find two of Cyd’s elderly clients in a local jail. She manages to barter them out, only to discover smugglers have hidden five hundred thousand dollars’ worth of endangered parrots, snakes, frogs, and a lone Madagascan chameleon in the clients’ outbound luggage. When Roger steals the bags – is the U.S. Embassy in on the contraband ring? – Cyd and the chameleon helicopter into the jungle to go after Roger on their own.

Wondering if “plus one” Roger is actually a minus, Cyd dodges Interpol, faces off with a cobra, steals a diplomatic bag, hijacks a FedEx truck, crashes an eco-safari, winds up in a leopard trap, and is forced to smuggle snakes in her bra. It’s a scramble to find the smugglers, save her clients, and solve Mrs. Barsky’s murder before finding herself at the top of the endangered species list.

For fans of Elaine Viets, Lisa Lutz, Janet Evanovich, and Blaize Clement.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback




33602125When Sloan Krause walks in on her husband, Mac, screwing the barmaid, she gives him the boot. Sloan has spent her life in Leavenworth, Washington becoming an expert in brewing craft beer, and she doesn’t have time to be held back by her soon-to-be ex-husband. She decides to strike out on her own, breaking away from the Krause family brewery, and goes to work for Nitro, the hip new nano-brewery in the Bavarian-themed town. Nitro’s owner, brewmaster Garrett Strong, has the brew-world abuzz with his newest recipe, “Pucker-Up IPA.” This place is the new cool place in town, and Mac can’t help but be green with envy at their success.

But just as Sloan is settling in to her new gig, she finds one of Nitro’s competitors dead in the fermenting tub, clutching the secret recipe for the IPA. When Mac, is arrested, Sloan knows that her ex might be a cheater, but a murderer? No way. Danger is brewing in Beervaria and suddenly Sloan is on the case. (Goodreads)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover






35485536“A beautifully complex, fast-paced mystery—a well-crafted blend of modern magic and ancient secrets, full of compelling characters and set in one of Japan’s most beautiful—and mysterious—locations.” – Susan Spann, Author of the Hiro Hattori Mysteries

A fabled illusion performed by a stage magician who claims to possess real supernatural powers. A treasure from the colonial era in India when international supremacies vied for power. A phantom trading ship lost over 200 years ago. And a ninja whose murderous intentions in present-day Japan connect the deeds of a long-dead trader who was much more than he seemed…

When Jaya travels from San Francisco to Japan with her stage magician best friend Sanjay—a.k.a. The Hindi Houdini—for his Japanese debut, she jumps at the chance to pursue her own research that could solve a tantalizing centuries-old mystery.

With the colorful autumn leaves of historic Kyoto falling around her, Jaya soon loses sight of what’s real and what’s a deception. A mysterious ninja attempts sabotage on Sanjay’s trick, along with Japan’s most controversial magician, Akira. Ancient folklore blurs the lines between illusion and reality when a magician’s assistant appears to be a kitsune, a mythical fox spirit. As tricks escalate to murder, Jaya and her friends must unravel secrets hidden in the ancient capital of Japan, before one of their own becomes the next victim. (Goodreads)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback






Secrets in the Woods: An Emilia Long Mystery by [Smythe, J.E.]Emilia Long is an investigative reporter from New York City. After reading documents left for her by her adopted mother, Emilia learned that she was left abandoned as an infant at a Brooklyn hospital. The discovery led Emilia on a journey to find her birth mother.

The search took her from New York to a small town in North Caroline. Upon her arrival, she learned that her birth mother disappeared months before her birth and that the disappearance was linked to a murder. With the key suspect in her mother’s disappearance locked away in jail on unrelated charges and the townspeople, including the Sheriff, unwilling to help her, Emilia found herself at a dead end.

With the help of her adopted sister, her newly found uncle, and her boyfriend, Emilia embarked on a suspenseful journey to find out what happened to her birth mother.

In an unimaginable twist of fate, Emilia discovered more than she bargained for.

Some Secrets are better left untold.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback




Scrapbook of Murder (An Anastasia Pollack Crafting Mystery 6) by [Winston, Lois]Crafts and murder don’t normally go hand-in-hand, but “normal” deserted craft editor Anastasia Pollack’s world nearly a year ago. Now, tripping over dead bodies seems to be the “new normal” for this reluctant amateur sleuth.

When the daughter of a murdered neighbor asks Anastasia to create a family scrapbook from old photographs and memorabilia discovered in a battered suitcase, she agrees—not only out of friendship but also from a sense of guilt over the older woman’s death. However, as Anastasia begins sorting through the contents of the suitcase, she discovers a letter revealing a fifty-year-old secret, one that unearths a long-buried scandal and unleashes a killer. Suddenly Anastasia is back in sleuthing mode as she races to prevent a suitcase full of trouble from leading to more deaths.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback





The Mamur Zapt and the Night of the Dog by [Pearce, Michael]A classic murder mystery from the award-winning Michael Pearce, in which The Mamur Zapt races to prevent an explosion of religious violence in the Cairo of the 1900s.

Cairo in the 1900s. When the body of a dog is discovered in a Coptic tomb – a Muslim insult that could spark an explosion among the Christian community – the Mamur Zapt, British head of Cairo’s secret police, is called in to investigate.

Equally volatile is a command from an English Member of Parliament that the Mamur Zapt, Gareth Owen, show the MP’s niece the sights of the city. When a dancing dervish is stabbed before the lady’s very eyes, Owen begins to uncover a plot to set Cairo’s ethnic communities at each other’s throats… (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback






The Mamur Zapt and the Camel of Destruction by [Pearce, Michael]In this classic mystery from the award-winning Michael Pearce, a powerful politician is murdered in Cairo in the 1900s and the Mamur Zapt is called in to investigate

Cairo, 1910. The end of the boom and everyone seems to have money troubles. Then one day a civil servant dies at his desk. Was it pressure of work or something nastier? The whiff of corruption is in the air, with even Gareth Owen, the Mamur Zapt, under suspicion…

Owen’s investigation takes him to the heart of a sinister organization. But will he be up to taking them on? And will he be in time to stop the Camel of Destruction running through the city?  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback






Mamur Zapt and the Return of the Carpet by [Pearce, Michael]In this classic mystery from the award-winning Michael Pearce, a powerful politician is murdered in Cairo in the 1900s and the Mamur Zapt is called in to investigate.

Cairo in the 1900s. As the long period of indirect British rule draws to an end, tensions mount. The attempted assassination of a politician raises the possibility of a terrorist outrage at the city’s religious festival, the Return of the Holy Carpet from Mecca.

When the Mamur Zapt, British head of Cairo’s secret police, begins to investigate, he finds himself in a race against a deadly group of terrorists to protect the city from a catastrophic attack.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle Hardcover, Paperback






34738220The Witches’ Tree continues the tradition in the beloved Agatha Raisin mystery series—now a hit T.V. show.

Cotswolds inhabitants are used to inclement weather, but the night sky is especially foggy as Rory and Molly Devere, the new vicar and his wife, drive slowly home from a dinner party in their village of Sumpton Harcourt. They strain to see the road ahead—and then suddenly brake, screeching to a halt. Right in front of them, aglow in the headlights, a body hangs from a gnarled tree at the edge of town. Margaret Darby, an elderly spinster, has been murdered—and the villagers are bewildered as to who would commit such a crime.

Agatha Raisin rises to the occasion (a little glad for the excitement, to tell the truth, after a long run of lost cats and divorces on the books). But Sumpton Harcourt is a small and private village, she finds—a place that poses more questions than answers. And when two more murders follow the first, Agatha begins to fear for her reputation—and even her life. That the village has its own coven of witches certainly doesn’t make her feel any better…  (Goodreads)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback






Murder at The Grenadier (A Flora Maguire Mystery) by [Davison, Anita]1903 London is bustling and glamorous. With troubling secrets simmering and worrying signs of war Flora Maguire must solve a deadly mystery which leads right to the heart of the corridors of power.

Flora Maguire has escaped the country to enjoy some time in fashionable Knightsbridge, London. Extravagant shops, exuberant theatres and decadent restaurants mean 1903’s London is a thrilling adventure, but there are dark secrets threatening from the continent.

When the body of a London socialite, and leading light of the burgeoning women’s movement, is found outside The Grenadier public house, Flora can’t resist investigating. Mysterious letters are discovered in the victim’s belongings, strange links to the foreign office and why do the clues keep coming back to the assassination of a Baltic king?

As Flora closes in on the killer, it soon becomes clear she is no longer safe in London, but will her husband Bunny be able to get to her before it’s too late?

What readers are saying about Murder at The Grenadier:

‘Very enjoyable read and perfect for curling up with on a dull winter day’

‘Talk about a story to get lost in – this is it’

‘Careful though, it’s hard to put it down once you start!!’  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback






33837781The New York Times bestselling author of the Cat in the Stacks Mysteries and Digging Up the Dirt returns with the latest Southern Ladies Mystery…

It’s autumn down south, and An’gel and Dickce Ducote are in Natchez, Mississippi, at the request of Mary Turner Catlin, the granddaughter of an old friend. Mary and her husband, Henry Howard, live in Cliffwood, one of the beautiful antebellum homes for which Natchez is famous.

Odd things have been happening in the house for years, and the French Room in particular has become the focal point for spooky sensations. The Ducotes suspect the ghostly goings-on are caused by the living, but when a relative of the Catlins is found dead in the room, An’gel and Dickce must sift through a haunted family history to catch a killer. (Goodreads)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback



Review of The Persian Always Meow Twice and Purring Around The Christmas Tree


The Persian Always Meows Twice

A Cat Groomer Mystery, Book #1

Eileen Watkins

5 Stars


Cat lovers are thrilled to welcome an expert groomer to the picturesque town of Chadwick. But scratch below the surface, and unmasking a killer becomes a game of cat and mouse . . .

Professional cat grooming isn’t all fluff–when the fur starts flying, Cassie McGlone, owner of Cassie’s Comfy Cats, handles her feistiest four-legged clients with a caring touch and nerves of steel. While these qualities certainly help keep her business purring, they also come in handy when she makes a house call to her best client, millionaire George DeLeuw, and discovers his murdered body next to his newly orphaned Persian, Harpo.

To help the local police find the actual killer, Cassie begins her own investigation. But no one, from George’s housekeeper to his vindictive ex-wife, is giving up clues. Not until Cassie is given permission to temporarily board Harpo does anyone show interest in the Persian’s wellbeing. Someone is desperate to get their paws on Harpo before the feline helps untangle a felony. Are there deadly truths that a cat whisperer like Cassie can coax out? She needs to tread lightly and remember she gets one life, not nine. . . .

“A delightful debut mystery. It’s smart, well-plotted, and features a cast of characters–both human and feline–that I want to see more of. This book will be catnip for cat lovers.” –Laurien Berenson, author of Wagging through the Snow

“The purr-fect mystery to curl up with for a lovely cozy read, preferably with a cup of tea, cuddly cat optional but recommended.” –Leslie Meier, author of Turkey Trot Murder  (Goodreads)


Cassie is a hard worker who wants to make her cat grooming/boarding house a success. So far things are working out well for her, but when one of her best customers is found dead, she is worried the death will change that.  Not only will she not have his business to count on, since she is the one that found the body, she is afraid that will negatively affect her.  Being somewhat nosy by nature, she decides to help in the investigation any way she can.

The characters are well rounded and well developed.  I liked Cassie, I thought she was a no-nonsense type of woman.  The secondary characters, including her friend Dawn and her employee Sarah, were also well developed and people I would like to get to know better. There is also a possible love interest for her, the local vet, Mark.  And all of the cats had their own personalities and added so much to the story.

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read.  I thought the mystery was well thought out and had enough suspects and twists and turns to keep the reader guessing.  I liked the fact that Cassie did not put herself in danger while investigating the murder like so many protagonists do.  

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy.  If you love cats, all the better.  I am looking forward to reading the next one when it is published.  

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.  I would like to thank NetGalley and Kensington Books for the opportunity to read and review this book.





Purring Around The Christmas Tree.

A Pawsitively Organic Mystery

Liz Mugavero

5 Stars


In the New England town of Frog’s Ledge, the Holiday Light Festival is a Christmas tradition. Killing Santa is not. To bring joy back to the season, organic pet patisserie owner Kristan “Stan” Connor will have to find another Santa before it’s too late . . .

To the townspeople’s delight, the annual lighting of the tree is a spectacular success. Unfortunately, Santa pulled up in his sleigh, DOA. At first Stan is sure it’s Seamus, her boyfriend’s uncle, inside the red suit. But the victim turns out to be an employee from the town’s Christmas tree farm. Rumor has it the deceased was a mean drunk with a soft spot for feral cats. Stan has no idea why he was dressed as St. Nick–or why he’s dead.

Meanwhile, Seamus, a jolly Irishman who comes to America every December to visit his pub-owner nephew, is nowhere to be found. Could he just be off on a Boston bar crawl? Or is something more sinister under the tree? Seamus was supposed to be dressing up and posing for pet pictures with Santa at the shop, but the dogs and cats might have to find another lap to curl up in if Stan doesn’t solve two mysteries soon. Or murder might be the only thing under the mistletoe this holiday . . .

Includes Gourmet Pet Food Recipes!  (Goodreads)


The characters are well rounded and well developed.  Stan is a hard worker who loves owning her own business.  She has good friends and employees who have helped her make her dreams come true.  Two people that really surprised Stan with their helpfulness is Stan’s mother and sister.  That was not always the way things worked with them and it was nice to see that their relationships have grown and matured.

The author is very talented in her descriptive writing and through much of the book I felt like I was right there, watching all the action taking place.  I felt like I could see and smell all of the great pet treats that Stan creates.  She is also very talented in creating a small town setting that you would want to visit.

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read.  The murder was well plotted and carried on well throughout the book. There were enough suspects to consider and clues to sift through that I did not figure out the culprit until the reveal at the end.  I liked the fact that there was more than one mystery to solve in this book, that made things even more interesting.

I would recommend this book (and series) to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy mystery.  And if you like animals in your cozies and great characters, then this book is for you.

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.  I would like to thank NetGalley and Kensington Books for the opportunity to read and review this book.


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Interview and Giveaway

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New releases For The Week Of September 24th, 2017–Part 4

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of September 24th, 2017.  I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very very many of them.  Today is the fourth and final day of my list for this week.  Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading.  Enjoy and happy reading.


35559017#1 New York Times bestseller Charlaine Harris returns to her Aurora Teagarden mystery series with a fabulous new book featuring the small-town Southern librarian.

In the latest installment of the #1 New York Times Bestselling Charlaine Harris’s Aurora Teagarden series, Robin and Aurora have finally begun their adventure in parenting. With newborn Sophie proving to be quite a handful, Roe’s mother pays for a partially trained nurse, Virginia Mitchell, to come help the new parents for a few weeks. Virginia proves to be especially helpful when Robin has to leave town for work and Roe is struck with a bad case of the flu.

One particularly stormy night, Roe wakes to hear her daughter crying and Virginia nowhere to be found. Roe’s brother Philip helps her search the house and they happen upon a body outside… but it isn’t Virginia’s. Now, not only does she have a newborn to care for and a vulnerable new marriage to nurture, Roe also has to contend with a new puzzle — who is this mystery woman dead in their backyard, and what happened to Virginia? This heart-pounding and exciting next installment of the Aurora Teagarden series will leave fans happy and hungry for more. Goodreads)

Available Editions: Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback




33837780Cat lovers are thrilled to welcome an expert groomer to the picturesque town of Chadwick. But scratch below the surface, and unmasking a killer becomes a game of cat and mouse . . .

Professional cat grooming isn’t all fluff–when the fur starts flying, Cassie McGlone, owner of Cassie’s Comfy Cats, handles her feistiest four-legged clients with a caring touch and nerves of steel. While these qualities certainly help keep her business purring, they also come in handy when she makes a house call to her best client, millionaire George DeLeuw, and discovers his murdered body next to his newly orphaned Persian, Harpo.

To help the local police find the actual killer, Cassie begins her own investigation. But no one, from George’s housekeeper to his vindictive ex-wife, is giving up clues. Not until Cassie is given permission to temporarily board Harpo does anyone show interest in the Persian’s wellbeing. Someone is desperate to get their paws on Harpo before the feline helps untangle a felony. Are there deadly truths that a cat whisperer like Cassie can coax out? She needs to tread lightly and remember she gets one life, not nine. . . .
“A delightful debut mystery. It’s smart, well-plotted, and features a cast of characters–both human and feline–that I want to see more of. This book will be catnip for cat lovers.” –Laurien Berenson, author of Wagging through the Snow

“The purr-fect mystery to curl up with for a lovely cozy read, preferably with a cup of tea, cuddly cat optional but recommended.” –Leslie Meier, author of Turkey Trot Murder  (Goodreads)

 Editions Available:   Kindle, Paperback
Murderous Intent and Deadly Desires, A Red Pine Falls Cozy Mystery (Red Pine Falls Cozy Mysteries Book 5) by [Blackmoore, Angela C]

Don Buckshire, leader of the Association, lies dead at the feet of the entire town and everyone is a suspect. Now, Abby must help solve the crime before the town tears itself apart but where will she turn? The sheriff is a suspect, the mayor is bitter and angry at almost being unseated, and Senator Clark is continuing to push his diabolical agenda against Abby’s Grandmother.

But her nickname is Hurricane Abby for a reason. Book 5 in the exciting Red Pine Falls Cozy Mystery series.

Editions Available:  Kindle

The Deadly Art of Love and Murder (Caribou King Mysteries Book 2) by [Crowder, Linda]Alaskan fine arts dealer, Caribou King, has closed up shop for the season and is looking forward to a peaceful winter, capped off by the birth of her sister’s first child. When she discovers the body of an Mrs. Nash, an elderly woman, in the old Tilamu house, Cara can’t help poking her nose into the investigation.

Doc Tilamu served the people of Coho Bay all his life, building the house for his bride and their three children, but as soon as they became adults, each one of them left town and never looked back. When Alex Tilamu shows up at Mrs. Nash’s funeral, drunk and ranting about murder, Cara is convinced there is more at stake than a dilapidated house on the edge of the bay.

Unraveling the mystery of the old woman’s death takes Cara and the town’s one-man police force, Dan Simmons, on a perilous journey through decades-old hatreds, bitterness and greed. With the Alaskan winter closing in, Cara finds herself caught between two men who say they love her and one who wants her dead.

This is the second book in the Caribou King Mystery series, combining murder, light suspense, comedy and romance.  (Amazon)

 Editions Available:  Kindle

A Haunting Homicide: Halloween Cozy Mystery Boxed Set by [Bacus, Kathy , Smith, Sally J., Steffens, Jean, Fischetto, Jennifer, Morse, Margaret C. ]When the ghouls come out to play… the amateur sleuths are on the case! Curl up by the fire and sip a cup of cider with this collection of 4 full-length, spooky cozy mystery novels from USA Today bestselling and award winning authors! This limited time collection includes:

Calamity Jayne and the Haunted Homecoming
Calamity Jayne Mysteries
It’s autumn in the heartland, but this year, Tressa Jayne Turner isn’t just enjoying the candy corn, popcorn balls and caramel apples. This reporter is on a mission to sniff out a serious story. Enter a blackmailing, six-foot-two-inch homecoming queen candidate with all the charm of Frankenstein in taffeta, a rival reporter out to scoop the competition, and a séance-hosting grandmother!

Mystic Mayhem
Mystic Isle Mysteries book #1
Melanie Hamilton brings home the bacon by inking tattoos at New Orleans’s Mansion at Mystic Isle, a resort in the middle of the bayou that caters to fans of the peculiar and paranormal. But when a guest of the resort, a millionaire’s widow, is poisoned, and Melanie’s close friend is arrested for the murder, things go from hectic to downright dangerous.

Lipstick, Lies & Dead Guys
Gianna Mancini Mysteries book #1
Gianna Mancini has chatted with ghosts most of her life. It’s never affected her much. Until now. The latest ghost in Gianna’s world is a woman she despises and to get her of her apartment, Gianna chooses to help her move on. But she doesn’t expect to come across poisonous jam, a vengeful cop, or a group of friendly clowns…and a whole lot of trouble.

Murder Casts Its Spell
Petra Paranormal Mysteries book #1
Attorney Petra Rakowtiz lives in a world much like ours…except that her latest client is a wizard. Petra might agree that magic can be unpredictable…especially when she suddenly possesses those powers herself. With the Wizard Council threatening to lock her up for inability to control her new power, and her client’s life on the line if she doesn’t prove him innocent, Petra could be in trouble.

“The ghosts are booing in the eerie bayou in this fantastic southern tale, MYSTIC MAYHEM. Charming, cunning and clever.”
~ Romance Junkies

“Fans of Janet Evanovich will be glad to see that you don’t always have to go to the burgh for mirthful murder and mayhem.” (Calamity Jayne Mysteries)
~ Booklist

“If you like your cozy mysteries on the humorous side, then look no further.” (Gianna Mancini Mysteries)
~ Fresh Fiction   (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle


The Silver Salver Mystery (Woodford Antiques Mystery Book 4) by [Morgan, Kathy]



The fourth book in the Woodford Antiques Mystery series, ‘The Silver Salver Mystery’ brings back many of the characters from the first three books, and introduces some new ones.
In ‘Death By Etui’, the third book, the silversmith Hugh Jones is being hunted by one of the big silver dealers in the antiques trade, and here in book four we discover what happens next.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle









THE Knicker-Sewing SLEUTH: Mustang Case File #1 (THE Knicker-Sewing SLEUTH - cozy whoduunit mysteries) by [Greene, Isla]Our SLEUTH has a secret hobby, sewing women’s daringly cheeky knickers! But he only sews for one client…his friend who wants to be famous on the catwalk. He realizes his hobby is at odds with his career as a Sleuth. He also appreciates that being a bit of a wimp and having a gut wrenching reaction to anything dead are not worthy characteristics of his new private investigators license!
While he’s pondering the merits of sleuthing or sewing, he’s inadvertently forced into the midst of solving a gruesome death. Can he toughen up before the murderer strikes again?
His life takes a crazy turn when two friends arrive to help him—one is his kick-ass mate Jack and Jack’s cousin Poppy with whom he falls desperately in love with. With hormones racing, a murderer on the loose, a frantic knicker sewing deadline, he then gets drawn into a bizarre crime with a couple of eccentric locals. He just may end up on the wrong side of the law himself!  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle








Gentlemen Prefer Murder: Marilyn Monroe Mysteries by [Taylor, Hudson]Marilyn Monroe Is Alive! And Solving Supernatural Mysteries.

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but the strange ghost haunting Gold & Silver Lodge is out for blood. Lots of it.
Someone is trying to scare Winston Williams to death. Could it be one of his ex-wives? Or one of his creepy servants? Maybe a member of Caviler Gentlemen would like to retire him, early. Winston thinks his son is trying to kill him, but his son died years ago.
Two people believe Winston. Marilyn Monroe and her sidekick, former FBI agent Owen Leads. Both are undercover and familiar with solving unusual mysteries. The world’s most famous sex symbol has her work cut out for her as the clock is ticking, and the bodies piling up.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback








A Casualty of War: A Bess Crawford Mystery (Bess Crawford Mysteries) by [Todd, Charles]From New York Times bestselling author Charles Todd comes a haunting tale that explores the impact of World War I on all who witnessed it—officers, soldiers, doctors, and battlefield nurses like Bess Crawford.

Though the Great War is nearing its end, the fighting rages on. While waiting for transport back to her post, Bess Crawford meets Captain Alan Travis from the island of Barbados. Later, when he’s brought into her forward aid station disoriented from a head wound, Bess is alarmed that he believes his distant English cousin, Lieutenant James Travis, shot him. Then the Captain is brought back to the aid station with a more severe wound, once more angrily denouncing the Lieutenant as a killer. But when it appears that James Travis couldn’t have shot him, the Captain’s sanity is questioned. Still, Bess wonders how such an experienced officer could be so wrong.

On leave in England, Bess finds the Captain strapped to his bed in a clinic for brain injuries. Horrified by his condition, Bess and Sergeant Major Simon Brandon travel to James Travis’s home in Suffolk, to learn more about the baffling relationship between these two cousins.

Her search will lead this smart, capable, and compassionate young woman into unexpected danger, and bring her face to face with the visible and invisible wounds of war that not even the much-longed for peace can heal.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback



33911114A honey of a crime. . .
When Abigail Mackenzie left the police force to become a farmer and beekeeper in beautiful Las Flores, California, she thought her days of criminal investigation were behind her . . .
Her present life is mostly filled with hard work and happy occasions, including the upcoming event with her friend Paola, a truffle maker, who’s renewing her vows with her husband Jake, owner of the Country Schoolhouse Winery. Abby is delighted to provide her trademark lavender honey for the occasion.
But after the ceremony, the guests of honor are nowhere to be found. When Abby goes looking for them, she hears a gunshot and discovers Jake dead in his car and Paola injured beside him.
Who was the intended target? Jake had a reputation as a busy bee with the ladies. Is it possible that one of his flings, stung by rejection, took revenge? Or could it be sour grapes with one of his colleagues at the winery? If Paola was meant to be the victim, Abby needs to protect her as she searches for the shooter.
When a second murder occurs, it’s up to Abby to crush the clues before the killer gets her over a barrel . . .
Includes farming tips and delicious recipes!”


 Whiskey Kills (A Top Shelf Mystery) by [Powell, Lolli]

Big cities are known to be dangerous, but former New Yorker and bar owner Ricki Fontaine is finding the small town of Waterton, Ohio, is proving to be the murder capital of the world—well, at least her world.

The new Top Shelf is open for business, but business as usual for Ricki and the Shelf translates to another dead guy. Ricki’s friend, Ruby Fogarty, is charged with murdering her boyfriend by clubbing him to death with a bottle of whiskey. The police consider the case closed, but Ricki is convinced Ruby is innocent and sets out to find the real murderer. Although Waterton police detective Gabriel Russell is crazy about Ricki, he isn’t too crazy about her trying to do his job.

The killer’s not too happy about it either.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle




Interview With Lolli Powell and Giveaway.

Today I am very happy to be interviewing Lolli Powell, the author of A Top Shelf Mystery series.  I have read the first book in the series, The Body On The Barstool and I really enjoyed it.  The second book, Whiskey Kills, is being released on September 29th, 2017 and I am looking forward to reading it.  And of course, I will write a review when I have finished it.  Enjoy reading about Lolli and learning a little bit more about her series.


When did you know that you wanted to be an author? What things, if any,
influenced that decision?

I’ve wanted to be an author for as long as I can remember. I was an only child,
we lived in the country so no other kids to play with closer than a mile or so,
and we didn’t get a TV until I was thirteen. As a result, books became my
friends at a young age. It’s hard to say whether those conditions were perfect for
“growing” an author, or I was just born with the genes for it. I just know I
always wanted to do it.


With so many cozy mysteries being published, what do you think makes your book
stand out from the rest?

I think the books of my series are a nice mix of mystery and humor. The humor
comes naturally, and I work on making the mystery a solid one. I don’t know if
that makes them stand out from others, but I hope it makes them worth the read.




Are the experiences in the books based on someone you know, or events in your
own life?

It’s fiction, so nothing is based exactly on someone or on events—and I’ll swear
to that in court!
Seriously, though, it’s impossible not to use things from one’s own life when
writing. For example, I’ve had a lot of jobs in my life, including bartender,
police officer, and nurse. What I know about those professions help in creating a
believable background or character involved in one of those professions or
points me in the right direction for research.



Why did you pick the setting that you did for your book?

There aren’t many (any?) cozies with a small town bar as the setting, so I
thought it would be fun, and it has been. I’m from Ohio and now live in
Kentucky, so it seemed natural to plunk that bar down in a fictional small town
on the northern bank of the Ohio River.



What advice would you give to your younger self?

Eat more vegetables, get regular exercise, and never start smoking so you don’t
have the difficult job of quitting. Oh, wait, you mean about writing? My advice
to my younger self would be to just do it. Fight the idea that you need to settle
down and find a job you “can depend on.”




What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Pretty much the same advice I’d give to my younger self—just do it. Don’t let
anyone tell you that you’re wasting your time. When you’re not writing, read.
Take writing classes, go to conferences, and make friends with other writers.
And, please, find good beta-readers who will point out everything you’ve done
wrong so you can fix it and a good editor who’s even more ruthless than the



Do you read the reviews written for your books? Do you do anything special to
obtain those reviews?

I do read the reviews. As far as doing anything special to obtain them, does
sacrificing a chicken at a crossroads during a full moon count?





What is the one thing you would like your readers to know about you?

I love writing in different genres, including romance and grittier mystery, but I
enjoy writing cozies most of all. Still, I plan to continue writing in other genres,
because I think that’s good exercise for the writing “muscle.”




Do you have anything specific you would like to say to your readers?

Thanks to all of you who give my books a try. I sincerely hope they provide you
with a few hours of pleasant escapism from a world that too often isn’t pleasant.
P.S. Don’t forget to leave a review, and save a chicken!



How can readers discover more about you and your work?

Amazon Author Page:



Lolli Powell


About The Author:

I write contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and will soon be releasing my second cozy mystery as Lolli Powell. I also write grittier mysteries and thrillers as Laurel Heidtman (…).

From Ohio originally, I now live with my husband, three dogs, and two cats on private land inside Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky.







My Review of The Body On the Barstool


The Body On The Barstool

A Top Shelf Mystery

Lolli Powell

5 Stars



New Yorker Erica “Ricki” Fontaine’s n’er-do-well uncle has dropped dead and left her a dive bar in a small Ohio River town. With a lousy apartment, less-than-promising job prospects, and even worse romantic ones, the inheritance comes at just the right time. Ricki packs up her cat and heads for the Buckeye State.

Now she’s trying to change the Top Shelf from a bar known for its Friday night fights into the kind of drinking establishment where you can bring your granny. But finding her ex-husband dead on a barstool at opening time one morning just might put a kink in those plans. (Goodreads)



Ricki is a smart hardworking woman who is really trying to improve the bar that was left to her by her uncle.  Not an easy thing to do when the bar is a dive bar.  But she is working hard at improving the image and the clientele.  And she seems to be doing a good job of it until she finds the dead body of her ex-husband on one of her bar stools.  In order to save the bar, and keep herself out of jail, she needs to figure out who killed her ex and why.  

The characters are well developed and well rounded.  I really liked Ricki and her sarcastic sense of humor.  I was laughing throughout much of the book.  She became very human to me, with her reluctance to cry in public and many of the thoughts that she had.  Ricki is someone that I would like to be friends with.  The secondary characters added a lot to the story and I thought they were realistic too.

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is a quick easy read.  The author is very talented in her descriptive writing and through most of the book, I felt like I was right there, watching all of the action taking place.  I really liked the small town setting in Ohio (which is where I live), it felt very realistic to me.

The mystery was carried on well throughout the entire book.  There were enough twists and turns and red herrings thrown in to make this an almost impossible mystery to solve.  The action was fast paced and I found myself staying up at night to keep reading when I should have already been asleep.  There was tension and suspense until the very end, which I loved.  

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy mystery.  With great characters and setting and a top notch mystery, what is not to like?  I cannot wait to read the next book in the series.  




Lolli has been nice enough to offer a free ebook copy of this book.  Please leave a comment to be entered into the book giveaway.  Lolli will pick a winner randomly on September 28th, so be sure to check back to see if you are a winner.


I would like to thank Lolli for agreeing to do the interview and sponsoring the book giveaway.  I greatly appreciate it.


New Releases For The Week Of September 24th, 2017–Part 3

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of September 24th, 2017.  I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very very many of them.  Today is the third day of my list.  Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading.  Enjoy and happy reading.


Antique Secrets (Locust Point Mystery Book 3) by [Howard, Libby]


Kay acquired a beautiful antique sideboard at an estate auction, but a ghost has unfortunately conveyed with the furniture. Her stately Victorian isn’t big enough for this additional spirit, but Kay isn’t sure who is haunting the sideboard or why. And finding out the identity and motivations of the ghost might not be enough to convince the spirit to move on.

A murder, a cover-up, and a bushel full of secrets come to light, along with a guilt that carries on beyond the grave. This ghost needs a sordid past to come to light to ease her troubled soul, and Kay is determined to help.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle





A Meeting Of Minds: A Water Witch Cozy Mystery - Book Four (Water Witch Cozy Paranormal Mystery Series 4) by [Short, Sam]There’s a wedding to arrange, and Gladys Weaver won’t allow a pesky murder to put a spanner in the works!

Gladys Weaver never thought she’d tie the knot again, especially to an acupuncturist of Chinese descent who’d once been magically trapped in the body of a goat – but now it’s about to happen, nothing is going to stop her – not even a murder.

When her wedding venue of choice becomes a bothersome homicide investigation scene, Gladys is not about to let the police drag their flat feet. She needs the murder solved quickly, and if she’s required to use magic to make that happen, then so be it. After all, she is the most powerful witch in her family, and it’s about time she showed people why.

She’s booked the band and picked an organist – although the grizzly murder made that choice a little simpler – and her fabulous son is raring to give her away. Nobody is going to stop her from getting to the chapel on time!

With an incredibly tall police sergeant on her side, and her magical family reluctant eager to help, Gladys is going to make sure that Wickford’s wedding of the millennia goes ahead just as she’s planned.

A Meeting Of Minds is the fourth book in the light-hearted and humorous Water Witch Cozy Mystery Series.
Although the reader may enjoy reading the book with no prior knowledge of the series, the author suggests reading the series in the following order:

Book one – Under Lock and Key
Book Two – Four and Twenty Blackbirds
Book Three – An Eye For An Eye
Book Four – A Meeting Of Minds   (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle




 Barking Up the Wrong Tree (Bluff Point Romance, A) by [McKinlay, Jenn]New York Times bestselling author Jenn McKinlay returns to Bluff Point, Maine, where one woman finds love with the help of an adorable golden retriever.


Carly DeCusati returned home to Bluff Point, Maine, with her tail between her legs. But she’s determined to get her life back on track—and that means finding new homes for the elderly golden retriever and overly talkative parrot she inherited before her old life fell apart.

Enter physical therapist and hot one-night stand James Sinclair. James doesn’t care that Carly doesn’t do relationships. He is determined to win her heart, promising to help her with the pets if she’ll just give him the time of day.

Carly agrees to date the irresistible James, and, for the first time in years, she’s dreaming of a happily ever after. But James has secrets, and if he can’t open up to Carly, their future could go to the dogs…

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback

33792396On a trip to the culinary paradise of France’s Brittany region, Hayden Mundy Moore is all set to reunite with her chocolate-making mentor. The lovable old man is the head of a long-established business that’s about to merge with one of its cacao competitors–united by a marriage between the two rival families. That is, until he’s murdered during a nighttime festival in the picturesque locale . . .

Was it a case of literal corporate backstabbing? Is there some connection to the Paris film crew that’s invaded the victim’s chateau to shoot a music video? It could take forever to find out, considering the relaxed pace of the rural police. But with the unexpected arrival of her financial advisor, Travis, Hayden is determined to investigate, with only occasional breaks for salted butter caramels and Breton buckwheat galettes. It’s time to unwrap a killer–and get to the deep, dark center of a bitter crime . . .

“Chocoholics and food cozy fans rejoice! With prose as smooth and delicious as its theme, this quality debut cozy introduces a smart protagonist with an unusual and tasty profession.” —Library Journal (starred) on Criminal Confections (Goodreads)


Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback
33801772In this powerful K-9 crime thriller, FBI Special Agent Meg Jennings and her trusted
search-and-rescue Labrador, Hawk, must race against the clock before a diabolical killer strikes again…Somewhere in the Washington, D.C., area, a woman lies helpless in a box. Beneath the earth. Barely breathing. Buried alive. In Quantico, the FBI receives a coded message from the woman’s abductor. He wants to play a game with them: decipher the clues, find the grave, save the girl. The FBI’s top cryptanalysts crack the code, and Special Agent Meg Jennings and her K-9 partner, Hawk, scramble to follow a trail of false leads to the scene of the crime. By the time they solve the puzzle, it’s too late. But the killer’s game is far from over . . .Soon another message arrives. Another victim is taken, and the deadly pattern is repeated—again and again. Each kidnapping triggers another desperate race against time, each with the possibility of another senseless death. That’s when Meg decides to try something drastic. Break the Bureau’s protocol. Bring in her brilliant sister, Cara, a genius at word games, to decipher the kidnapper’s twisted clues. Meg knows she’s risking her career to do it, but she’s determined not to let one more person die under her and Hawk’s watch. If the plan fails, it could bite them in the end. And if it leads to the killer, it could bury them forever . . .(Goodreads)
Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover


12 Days of Christmas in Stickleback Hollow (The Mysteries of Stickleback Hollow Book 26) by [Woolley, C.S.]

The 12 days of Christmas in Stickleback Hollow are 12 short stories that take place over the 12 days of Christmas in the small village which is the home of so many mysteries. Each of the stories follows different characters from the series and do not play a part in the overall story arc.

This particular book has been put together to raise money for two charities – The Broad Appeal and the Trent Bridge Community Sports Trust. As so many of the characters are named after cricketers, it seemed only fitting to use this charity book to raise money for two charities connected with the sport.(Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle




The Death Downstairs (Cassie Pengear Mysteries Book 7) by [Nisula, L. A.]When Cassie Pengear’s landlady asks her to check the references of the new tenant downstairs, she expects it to be a simple matter of confirming what was provided. She did not expect it to lead to a dead body in the flat below, a series of thefts in the building, and mysterious events at a bank she’s done typing for. If Cassie wants to feel safe in her flat again, she’ll have to solve the death downstairs. approx. 71,000 words

In a Victorian England that almost existed, a steampunk London where tinkerers and clockwork devices exist alongside handsome cabs and corsets, murder is still solved by traditional observation and intuition. This is the London where American typist Cassandra Pengear finds herself stumbling over corpses and helping Scotland Yard detectives solve murders (although they inexplicably prefer to call it interfering). Follow her adventures in the Cassie Pengear Mystery series, beginning with The Killing at the Carnival  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle




33792400It’s Christmas in Edindale, Illinois, and family law attorney Keli Milanni is preparing to celebrate the Wiccan holiday Yuletide, a celebration of rebirth. But this Yuletide someone else is focused on dying . . .

After years of practicing in secret, Keli has come out as a Wiccan to her boyfriend, and she feels like this Yuletide she’s the one who’s being reborn. But the Solstice is the longest night of the year, and Keli is about to stumble on a mystery so dangerous, she’ll be lucky to make it to morning.

Paired with her unbearably stuffy colleague Crenshaw Davenport III, Keli goes undercover at a real estate company owned by mayoral candidate Edgar Harrison. An old friend of Keli’s boss, Harrison, is being blackmailed, and it’s up to her to find the culprit. But the morning after the company holiday party, Harrison is found dead underneath the hotel Christmas tree. The police rule the death an accident, but Keli knows better–and she’ll risk her own rebirth to nab a missing killer.

“Enjoyable . . . A wintry, woodsy setting.” —Kirkus Reviews on Bell, Book and Candlemas
Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback



If You See Kay Hide: A Badge Bunny Booze Mystery (The Badge Bunny Booze Mystery Collection) by [Quinn Glasneck, Fiona Quinn, Tina Glasneck]Bobbi Jax, AKA BJ is a magnet for trouble. But this time it looks like things are turning themselves around. BJ hits the lottery when her dog, Twinkles, suddenly starts pooping glitter and jewels. It’s almost like BJ has her very own golden goose. Yup, life is turning from bar rags to riches.


If only BJ could ignore the odd set of characters that pranced into her life. A psychedelic-clothes wearing veteran named Marley, a too-many clothes wearing homeless woman named Duckie, a black-suited funeral director named Lurch (not really, but it seems to fit), and an old high school pal-in-need named Felicia, who wears rainboots to the bar.

And if that weren’t enough? Throw in some unicorns and Death Eaters. Why not?

Did I mention that Marley likes to light up?

No good deed goes unpunished in this romp through the St. Clemmons’ Cemetery. Word to the wise, if you see Kay, hide!

Quinn and Glasneck, still high on the beer fumes from a signing party at a local brewery, decided to take a second step away from their usual writing styles to put together a new mystery (for anyone who wants a laugh) in the style of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum novels – that is if Stephanie had a younger southern cousin, who ran a bar, and had a thing for police uniforms.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback





Apple Turnovers 'n Murder (A Prairie Cove Mystery Book 3) by [Greene, Emily]


When Harper Madison’s college rival opens a coffee shop across the street from The Savvy Baker, Harper is devastated to learn that loyal customers are flocking to the new business causing her profits to plummet. The first annual Prairie Cove Dessert Bake-Off could not have come at a better time because Harper is confident that it will revive interest in her bakery, and remind her customers how delicious her baked goods are. When Harper’s college rival turns up dead minutes before the competition, Harper finds herself the prime suspect in her murder. Threatened with losing everything, Harper must clear her name and regain the trust of the community. Can she solve the case before it’s too late? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle





The Ménage à Trois: A Lora Weaver Mystery (Lora Weaver Mysteries Book 3) by [Leen, Katy]For Lora Weaver, PI training is a snap. Literally. Her task is to snap a picture proving some sap is defrauding an insurance company on a disability claim. Easy peasy.

Until that snap sets a whirlwind in motion that lands Lora at the picturesque Vieux Port dodging a kingpin crook dubbed Penguin and hoping she doesn’t end up swimming with the fishes.

On her way to becoming a full-fledged PI, Lora takes on the case of suspected insurance scammer Johnny—a warehouse worker currently collecting pretty cash and about to wed a pretty wife. That is until his life hits a few snags and Lora gets caught in the knot.

A knot with possible ties to the mob and a snarl of sketchy characters with more secrets than sense.

Toss in live-in-beau Adam, preggers part-time roomie Tina, bff femme fatale Camille, and steamy French boss Laurent, and Lora’s gonna need more than water wings to keep afloat.

As she juggles home, heart, and career, it’s sink or swim for Lora Weaver in The Ménage à Trois.

The Lora Weaver Series:

“More gauze than grit…more Stephanie Plum than Philip Marlowe.”
– The Thrilling Detective Website  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle





33792393Even an experienced pet sitter like Daphne Templeton can be fooled by animal behavior: how can an adorably tiny fuzz ball named Tinkleston be capable of sudden flying leaps with cat claws bared? But human behavior remains even more mysterious, especially when Tinkleston’s owner is murdered on the night of a gala fundraiser for Fur-ever Friends Pet Rescue.

Accompanied by her unflappable basset hound, Socrates, Daphne plans to take charge of Tinks the Terror and leave the crime-solving to handsome detective Jonathan Black. But while luring the prickly Persian out of hiding, she uncovers clues that might take suspicion off her own mother. Maeve Templeton already has a reputation as a killer–in real estate. How far would she go to bag Sylvan Creek’s most coveted property, the Flynt Mansion?

To expose the truth, Daphne finds herself donning a deranged clown costume on an autumnal adventure that might just be crazy enough to work–if it doesn’t get her killed.

Includes recipes for homemade pet treats! 

“Doggone charming from start to finish!” –Cleo Coyle, New York Times bestselling author on Death by Chocolate Lab (Goodreads)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback











Five Amigos Fall-O-Ween Fun


fall2 (1)


                                                     Welcome to the Five Amigos Fall-O-Ween Reading Club.



Welcome to Week 4 of the Fall-O-Ween Reading Club, where some of my fellow bloggers and I are going to spotlight books about fall.  You will get suggestions from Karen Owen & Karen Kenyon (the Karens are sharing Karen Owen’s blog), Sheryl Hagan – Booth, Lisa Kelley and myself.


My pick for this week is Pumpkins In Paradise by Kathi Daley.  This is the first book in her Tj Jenson Mystery series.  I really enjoyed this book and the whole series.  Kathi Daley is very talented in her character development, they just spring off the pages while you are reading.


31130648“Daley’s characters come to life on the page. Her novels are filled with a little mystery and a little romance which makes for a murderous adventure.” – Tonya Kappes, USA Today Bestselling Author of Fixin’ To Die

“Daley’s mysteries offer as much sizzle and pop as fireworks on a hot summer’s day.” – Mary Kennedy, Author of The Dream Club Mysteries

“Intriguing, likeable characters, keep-you-guessing mysteries, and settings that literally transport you to Paradise…Daley’s stories draw you in and keep you glued until the very last page.” – Tracy Weber, Agatha-Nominated Author of the Downward Dog Mysteries

“I’m a huge fan of Kathi’s books. I think I’ve read every one. Without a doubt, she’s a gifted cozy mystery author and I eagerly await each new release!” – Dianne Harman, Author of the High Desert Cozy Mysteries

“Daley really knows how to write a top-notch cozy.” – MJB Reviewers

“Kathi Daley writes a story with a puzzling cold-case mystery while highlighting…the love of home, family, and good friends.” – Chatting About Cozies

Between volunteering for the annual pumpkin festival and coaching her girls to the state soccer finals, high school teacher Tj Jensen finds her good friend Zachary Collins dead in his favorite chair. When the handsome new deputy closes the case without so much as a “why” or “how,” Tj turns her attention from chili cook-offs and pumpkin carving to complex puzzles, prophetic riddles, and a decades-old secret she seems destined to unravel.

Related subjects include: cozy mysteries, women sleuths, murder mystery series, whodunit mysteries (whodunnit), book club recommendations, amateur sleuth books, small town.

Books in the Tj Jensen Mystery Series:

• TREASURE IN PARADISE (#7) April 2017

Part of the Henery Press Mystery Series Collection, if you like one, you’ll probably like them all… (Goodreads)


My Review

Pumpkins In Paradise

A Tj Jensen Mystery, Book 1

Kathi Daley

5 Stars

When Tj finds her reclusive friend dead, she is stunned.  When she finds out that the authorities think it was self inflicted, she is shocked.  She knows that Zachary would never kill himself.  When she notices certain things that do not make any sense to her, she is sure foul play is at work here.  So she knows she will have to do her own investigating to figure out who killed him.

The characters are well rounded, well developed and three dimensional.  I enjoyed reading about the interactions between Tj, her best friend, her step sisters, her dad and grandfather.  They are a close knit family and they are more than happy to help each other out whenever it is needed.  I think one of this author’s strongest talents is in her character development.

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy, quick read.  The author is also very talented in her descriptive writing and I felt like I was right there, watching all the action take place around me.  The small town setting, with all of it’s quirky and nosey townspeople was the perfect backdrop for this book.  

The mystery was carried on well throughout the entire book.  With plenty of suspects and  and puzzles to solve, it was not easy to figure out the killer.  And with all the twists and turns,  I kept changing my mind about the culprit.  I really enjoy when that happens.  

I would recommend this book and this series to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy with great characters and that small town feeling.  You can never go wrong reading a book by this author, they are all great.

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.  I would like to thank NetGalley and Henery Press for the opportunity to read and review Pumpkins In Paradise.







Okay, enough about me.  Let’s check out what books my four amigos have picked for their fall choices this week.


To find out what books the two Karen’s chose, head over to her blog by following this link:







To see what book Sheryl chose, head over to her blog by following this link:








And to see what Lisa’s choice is, follow this link:






While you’re at their blogs, leave a comment and let us know what you think of our Five Amigos Fall-O-Ween Reading Club.  And of course, please leave a comment at my blog. We would all love to hear from you.





New Releases For The Week Of September 24th, 2017–Part 2

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of September 24th, 2017.  I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very very many of them.  Today is the second day of my list.  Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading.  Enjoy and happy reading.


33904885It’s late autumn in Tinker’s Cove, Maine, and the last surviving flowers on Lucy Stone’s porch have fallen victim to the first frost of the season. But as the part-time reporter learns, this cold November morning will claim more than potted plants . . .
Besides the annual Turkey Trot 5K on Thanksgiving Day, Lucy expects the approaching holiday to be a relatively uneventful one—until she finds beautiful Alison Franklin dead and frozen in Blueberry Pond. No one knows much about Alison, except that she was the daughter of wealthy investor Ed Franklin and struggled quietly with drug addiction. Police blame her death on an accidental overdose, but Lucy can’t understand what terrible forces could lead a privileged woman to watery ruin . . .

Alison’s funeral service is just as puzzling. Many believe Ed’s young—and very pregnant—new wife, Mireille, divided the family, leaving Alison to wither on the vine. Did Mireille truly adore her stepchild as Ed claims, or did she pit father against daughter for personal gain?
As a state of unrest descends on Tinker’s Cove, Lucy is thrown into a full-scale investigation. Now, in a race against time, Lucy must beat the killer to the finish line—or she can forget about stuffing and cranberry sauce . . . (Goodreads)

Available Editions: Kindle, Hardcover




33792394For Lucy Stone, Christmas in Tinker’s Cove, Maine, isn’t just about the gift of giving. Sometimes it’s also about solving a crime or two . . . 

Mistletoe Murder
The First Lucy Stone Mystery!
As if Lucy Stone’s Christmas schedule wasn’t busy enough, she’s also working nights at the famous mail-order company Country Cousins. But when she discovers its very wealthy founder, Sam Miller, dead in his car from an apparent suicide, Lucy’s gift for suspecting murder shines bright. Now she must track down an elusive killer–one who won’t be satisfied until everyone on his shopping list is dead, including Lucy herself . . .

Christmas Cookie Murder
One of the best things about Christmas in Tinker’s Cove has always been the annual Cookie Exchange. But when long-simmering petty rivalries and feuds finally come to a boil, accusations of recipe theft lead to an act of murder. Despite all of the ingredients for danger, Lucy sets out on the trail of a killer and soon uncovers a shocking Christmas secret best left unopened . . .

“Reading a new Leslie Meier mystery is like catching up with a dear old friend.” –Kate Carlisle, New York Times bestselling author (Goodreads)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback

One angry bad guy? Check.

An overprotective boyfriend? Check.

Still the same bad luck as always? Check.

Ali may have fixed the problem at the warehouse but the fight is far from over. Tyson is not the forgiving type so he will stop at nothing to bring her down. But she isn’t alone, she has the men who have become her family. Trey, her FBI agent boyfriend; Matt, the guy it didn’t work out with; and Jordan, the one who brought them all together.

None of them want her involved but with her luck, she is the only one who can find Tyson before he does any more damage. Trey is doing all he can to keep her out while she continues to push deeper into the mess. After what they’ve already been through will they be able to hold on or will they lose each other in order to save the day?  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Paperback

36256702One wedding, two murders, three of the most adorable Labrador puppies Suzy and Josie have ever seen, and a wide variety of suspects provide the foundation for The Case of the Lovable Labs, book #12 in the increasingly popular, Thousand Islands Doggy Inn Mysteries.

It’s wedding time for Sammy and Jill, two of the Inn’s most important staff members, and it should be a joyous time for them as well as their friends and families. But when the boyfriend of Jill’s mother drops dead while giving his toast during the rehearsal dinner, things take a turn for the worse in a hurry. And when a second body is found after the reception, it becomes clear that the two murders are definitely connected, and a whole host of suspects are soon lined up directly in Suzy’s sights.

At the top of the list are Jill’s sister, her maid of honor who’s taking her responsibilities way too seriously, and her mother, a woman with a few serious issues of her own. Also on Suzy’s list are two of Jill’s aunts who have a fondness for Kamikazes, and like the maid of honor and her mother, were previously romantically involved with the first victim. And just when Suzy and Chief Abrams begin to narrow their search for the killer, the second victim is discovered, and it’s back to square one.
Further complicating things is the tension between the maid of honor and Josie, as well as between Suzy and her mother who is convinced that her daughter has finally gone off the deep end. And when Suzy puts herself in an extremely dangerous situation, she provides her mom, along with everyone else, with more than enough ammunition to prove the point.

The Thousand Islands Doggy Inn Mysteries features two of the smartest and funniest lead female protagonists to hit the cozy mystery scene in a very long time, and Suzy and Josie’s affection for food and their boundless love and devotion to their dogs puts this new series in the don’t miss category. The Case of the Lovable Labs is the latest installment in this fast-paced and funny series that affectionately focuses on dogs, food, and the natural beauty of the Thousand Islands region.   (Goodreads)

Editions Available:  Kindle


Heat Lightning: A Florida Panhandle Mystery by [Thompson, Michaela]THIRTY YEARS OF MARRIAGE AND NOT ONE WORD ABOUT A CERTAIN LITTLE MURDER…

In all the years of their marriage, Clara Trent’s husband failed to mention his involvement in a murder—and now he’s not only dead himself, but accused of committing it. When St. Elmo sheriff’s investigator Aaron Malone re-opens the 40-year-old cold case, Ronan Trent’s named—posthumously—as the killer of his previous lover, a vivacious blonde with a jealous husband. Clara’s discovery of sensuous drawings of the woman, unlike any of her husband’s other work, reveals a carefully concealed obsession.

As she tries to reconcile her recently deceased husband with the facts of the brutal bludgeoning, she’s led back to the scene of the crime, a shabby 50s-style motor court where, as befits a dedicated detective, she takes a room to investigate.

Aaron tries to warn her she may be stirring up a hornet’s nest, but she proceeds to pursue the truth with the tenacious grip of a drowning swimmer on a lifeline. And the hornet’s nest materializes—folks are definitely riled up; some of them are even turning up dead.

Longtime Michaela Thompson readers will be thrilled to return to the scene (and time) of Thompson’s first crime novel, Hurricane Season. Heat Lightning’s Clara Trent has all the same attractions as observant and stalwart amateur sleuth Lily Trulock: an inquisitive mind, a compassionate heart, and a quietly assertive sense of justice… aka the makings of a talented amateur sleuth.

In fact, Hurricane Season fans are in for a little surprise: a sweet and satisfying memory from the St. Elmo archives, that’ll remind you that you can’t go back to the 50’s, but you can go back to St. Elmo, Florida—and it’s still the kind of place where a date might be a picnic of tuna sandwiches, and the sheriff the son of an old friend.

There’s even an unexpected and alluring romance. Sparks fly when Aaron finds himself strangely drawn to protect the persistent interloper—indeed, he finds her irresistible… and Clara finds it difficult to maintain her early indignance towards the attractive investigator.

Lovers of classic, cozy mysteries with a soft spot for a sweet romance, as well as those who like their female sleuths capable and fearless will adore Clara. As will fans of Laura Lippman, Kate Atkinson, Dawn Lee McKenna, author of the Forgotten Coast series, and Wayne Stinnet—or any thoughtful woman detective tales and suspenseful Florida Panhandle mystery series.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle





Magical Cool Cat Mysteries Boxed Set Volume 3 by [Matthews, Mary]



1920s detectives, Grace and Jack, keep solving crimes with help from their cool cat sleuths. Uncovering mysteries is as intoxicating as catnip for these cats. Their new boxed set includes four mysteries:
Cat Dance
9 Lives to Live
The Fur Will Fly  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle







Death on the Wind (A Starling and Swift Cozy Mystery Book Two) by [Mandrake, M. J.]Starling and Swift are back in the second book of the intriguing new cozy mystery series! 

Life feels pretty close to perfect as Kitty Swift and Chica sail off on another working stint aboard a luxury cruise liner. They’ve recovered from their recent brush with death, caught up on their naps, and even heard from Starling a few times. Kitty plans to enjoy as many Bingo games as she can manage and maybe even visit the ship’s club for a little bit of dancing.
When tensions overflow on a stop in Cancun, Kitty is sure it’s not anything she can’t handle. The group just needs a little time to lay on the white sand beach and paddle in the turquoise water. There isn’t anything that can’t be fixed with a few Piña Coladas and a good pedicure, right?
When a tragic parasailing accident is revealed to be murder, Kitty realizes Death intruded on her dream job once again. To her relief, her favorite embassy attaché is called in to assist the investigation, but their happy reunion is tempered by the fact the killer has decided Kitty is too nosy for her own good.

As she dodges death again and again, Kitty knows that it’s only a matter of time before the killer yells ‘BINGO’. 

A cozy mystery of approximately 160 pages with recipes!

Murder at the Mayan Temple, Book One
Death on the Wind, Book Two (October 2017)
Danger at the Dive Shop, Book Three (October 2017)
Chaos in Cuba, Book Four (November 2017)
Sabotage in Solitude Bay, Book Five (December 2017)
A Scandal in Spain, Book Six (January 2018)
Nightmare Under the Northern Lights, Book Seven (March 2018)
Terror at the Turtle Sanctuary, Book Eight (April 2018)
Death in Dubrovnik, Book Nine (May 2018)
Ruin on the Rhine, Book Ten (June 2018)  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle






An Invitation To Murder (Lady Katherine Regency Mysteries Book 1) by [Dobbs, Leighann, Williams, Harmony]Lady Katherine only has one week to catch the Pink-Ribbon Killer. Not only to stop the killing, but also to prove her skills at detection to her father and win her dowry and independence.

There’s only one catch—she has to take one last matchmaking job to do it. Never mind that the match is impossible—all the better because if she fails, then no one will seek her services again. The job provides the perfect cover, especially when her peculiar investigatory techniques are mistaken for unconventional matchmaking attempts.

Things would go a lot smoother if she weren’t knee-deep in suspects and thwarted at every turn by a rival matchmaker. But when the killer strikes again, Katherine’s investigation leads down a dangerous path. Too late, she discovers that she has a lot more to lose than her dowry.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback





Parsley, Sage, Rose, Mary & Wine (The Bloodline Series Book 1) by [Rees, Lynda]


After her husband’s violent death, Lemon Sage Benton pursues her dream of rural Kentucky horse country. When a murder victim is discovered Sage and sexy Sheriff Wyatt Gordon clash at every turn, but their growing attraction is undeniable. Wyatt’s jealous teenage daughter, Hailey, wants Sage out of the picture. Wyatt’s political aspirations conflict with the life Sage wants, and she won’t try to change him like his ex-wife did. Can Sage give up her dream for Wyatt? Who survives when the killer targets Sage and Hailey? Can Sage face the assassin, gain Hailey’s affection and win the sheriff’s heart? Or will she throw Wyatt over for his friend, wealthy racing tycoon, Levi Madison?  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle






Ears for Murder: A Beanie and Cruiser Mystery by [Wright, Sue Owens]Trouble crops up in Native American Elsie “Beanie” MacBean’s neck of the woods during Lake Tahoe’s worst drought of the century. Beanie already has her hands full, dog sitting Calamity, her daughter Nona’s rescued basset hound, and is feeling overwhelmed, dealing with her crazy new boarder’s behavioral issues and chronic ear infections, while juggling writing deadlines and caring for her own dog Cruiser.

Then things turn deadly.

While on a woodland hike with Cruiser and Calamity, Beanie lets the dogs off their leashes. As the two canines rush off, she questions the wisdom of letting them run free. But when the dogs start baying, she knows they’ve found trouble. Sure enough, the animals have sniffed out a lumberjack’s corpse, hugging a tree, with an arrow piercing his neck.

Did the killer object to the lumberjack clearcutting the old-growth forest, or was his motive more personal? As the bodies pile up and the suspects mount, Beanie realizes that her serene forest home is no longer as safe and peaceful as before. Now danger lurks in the forest—man, beast, and nature—and they all seem determined to kill her…  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle




As is his tradition, Zak has gone Halloween Crazy, while Zoe is trying to overcome the baby bump blues and harness some enthusiasm for the annual Haunted Hamlet. Things seem to be on track for a Spooktacular good time until Zoe stumbles onto a Halloween mystery even she didn’t see coming.  (Goodreads)
 Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback











New Releases For The Week Of September 24th, 2017–Part 1


Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of September 24th, 2017.  I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very very many of them.  Today is the first day of my list.  Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading.  Enjoy and happy reading.



33019745The Great War is over, but in this captivating new series from award-winning author Anna Lee Huber, one young widow discovers the real intrigue has only just begun . . .

An Unpardonable Sin?

England, 1919. Verity Kent’s grief over the loss of her husband pierces anew when she receives a cryptic letter, suggesting her beloved Sidney may have committed treason before his untimely death. Determined to dull her pain with revelry, Verity’s first impulse is to dismiss the derogatory claim. But the mystery sender knows too much—including the fact that during the war, Verity worked for the Secret Service, something not even Sidney knew.

Lured to Umbersea Island to attend the engagement party of one of Sidney’s fellow officers, Verity mingles among the men her husband once fought beside, and discovers dark secrets—along with a murder clearly meant to conceal them. Relying on little more than a coded letter, the help of a dashing stranger, and her own sharp instincts, Verity is forced down a path she never imagined—and comes face to face with the shattering possibility that her husband may not have been the man she thought he was. It’s a truth that could set her free—or draw her ever deeper into his deception . . . (Goodreads)

Available Editions:  Kindle, Paperback
33792391Krissy Hancock is staying in her adopted hometown of Pine Hills, Ohio, for Christmas this year–and she even has a whole week off from her combination bookstore-cafe. But a killer is about to dampen her spirits . . .
Unfortunately, Krissy’s been roped into filling in for a sick elf in the local holiday musical extravaganza. With a demanding director, backstage gossip, and two men in fierce competition for the starring role, it isn’t all sweetness and Christmas lights. Then a murder puts a stop to the production, and Krissy is faced with a pageant of suspects.
Could her ex-boyfriend, a fellow elf, really be the culprit as the police are claiming? Or will the actor playing Santa be trading his red suit for an orange jumpsuit? When her behind-the-scenes investigation starts getting dangerous, the only thing Krissy really wants is to make it to Christmas dinner alive. But first she’ll have to finish wrapping up this case . . .
Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback
Full Curl: A Jenny Willson Mystery by [Butler, Dave]
Poachers and bureaucrats: Park warden Jenny Willson considers them equally repulsive and worthy of the same fate. When she discovers animals disappearing from Canada’s mountain parks, Willson finds herself racing down a trail lined with deceit, distraction, and murder, and tempted to cross a line to a place she might not be able to come back from.  (Amazon)
Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback
The Ghost and the Bride (Haunting Danielle Book 14) by [Holmes, Bobbi, McIntyre, Anna J]

Family and friends gather at Marlow House for Ian and Lily’s wedding.

When an unexpected guest shows up Danielle tries to figure out who he arrived with and why.

Did I mention the unexpected guest is a ghost?

Editions Available:  Kindle

The Curious Case of the Cursed Dagger (Curiosity Shop Cozy Mysteries Book 3) by [Barker, Constance]

Cursed Antiquity: The Ancient Dagger Brutus Used to Kill Caesar

Cecilia and Clarence are on the hunt for a cursed antique being used to kill the mayors of a small town. However, the illusive relic disappears after each murder. And little do they know, this artifact has significant historical value attached to it. Flushing out the artifact may put one of our heroes in danger, while possibly turning the other one homicidal. Find out what happens in the third book in this exciting mystical series.  (Amazon)


Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback

33841490“If you like dogs, you’ll love Laurien Berenson’s Melanie Travis mysteries!” Joanne Fluke, New York Times bestselling author

Melanie Travis needs a little peace from her busy life this Christmas. But the usual holiday hubbub is a joy compared to the killer surprise she finds tucked underneath the tree . . .

With a demanding teaching job at Connecticut’s elite Howard Academy and five poodles scampering around the house, Melanie barely has energy for the upcoming Christmas rush. But she unwraps an unexpected challenge when her brother and ex-husband, elated by the recent success of their country café, make a spontaneous bid on a dilapidated pine tree farm. Although the ten-acre lot had been a popular seasonal destination while the original owner was still alive, it’ll take some sprucing up—and a small miracle or two—before the neglected place is in shape for December.

Unfortunately, the impromptu business venture goes cold when the group discovers a purebred Maltese whimpering in the snow-covered grove—right beside a dead body. Pete, a squatter who camped out on the land, apparently met his end after a fallen fir tree branch knocked him on the head. But as Melanie and Aunt Peg investigate Pete’s history and the terrible habit that cost him everything, it’s clear his death was no accident. Now, Melanie must run through a flurry of likely suspects and muzzle a dogged murderer in time—or she’ll be next on someone’s deadly list. (Goodreads)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover

Operation Turtle Ransom: A suspenseful, wild-ride-of-an-adventure on a tropical beach in Mexico (Poppy McVie Mysteries Book 4) by [Bindschatel, Kimberli A.]”Smart, sassy, and sensational!”

She came for margaritas.

Not murder on the beach.

But where Poppy goes, trouble follows.

Mexican thieves known for stealing endangered sea turtle eggs are trafficking more than wildlife.

When her friend is taken, Special Agent Poppy McVie must act fast, before they kill him.

But she’s in over her head.

Can she save her friend and take down the traffickers before she becomes their next victim?

If you like jaw-dropping action, thrilling adventure, and strong, feisty female protagonists, then you’ll love this story.

Buy it now and start your adventure today!

What readers are saying about the series:

“Poppy is someone you’d like to be. Courageous, smart, adventurous, caring and tough as nails.”

“Extremely well written, fast paced, with some great characters, particularly the feisty, head-strong Poppy.”

“This was a breath of fresh air! Poppy is my kind of girl. She’s a no-holds-barred, adrenaline junkie that has a passion for more than just the next dazzling set of pecs.”

“Poppy is my hero!”

“If you like Stephanie Plum, you must meet Poppy McVie.”

“Masterfully plotted, with lots of action, this is that rare message novel, it gets the message across without preaching, and it entertains. This author knows her stuff.”

“I have never been to Costa Rica, but I felt like I was there.”

“I loved everything about this book and can’t wait to jump into the next one in the series!! Go out and get this book, you will not regret it!!”

Poppy McVie, traveling the world to defend animals, one book at a time  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle






In Sheep's Clothing (A Sydney Rye Mystery, #9) by [Kimelman, Emily]***Limited Time Box Set of Books 1-8 Available now. Get ALL 8 Books for the Price of ONE.***


Justice with a Vengeance

Sydney Rye is missing.

All that’s left of her is a depression in the dirt and a pool of blood.

Robert Maxim is ruthless, powerful, and determined to find her.

April Madden is a preacher’s wife, and Sydney’s mother. She’s willing to risk everything…her sobriety, her marriage, even her faith, to hunt for her daughter.

But they can’t find Sydney Rye if she doesn’t want to be found.

ISIS has a new enemy, a ghost haunting their territory, infecting their flock with radical ideals. They will do anything to capture her. Their reign depends on this new prophet’s destruction.

Graffiti of a woman’s silhouette, set in a snarling wolf’s profile, appears in ISIS-controlled territory convincing Robert Maxim that Sydney Rye is alive. When women in the area begin attacking their abusers, he suspects Sydney is responsible. But Robert can’t believe she is involved after rumors claim a prophet, a weapon of God, has risen to free women from oppression.

April Madden hears the devil whispering to her; just one little cocktail to dull the pain. Instead of picking up a glass, she throws herself into a quest; track down her missing daughter, her only surviving child, and make amends. Traveling into the Islamic State is fraught with danger and thick with obstacles. April doesn’t have her daughter’s combat training or Blue, Sydney’s loyal, giant dog. But she does have her instincts, tenacity and the voice that whispers; your daughter is alive, don’t give up.

Pre-Order In Sheep’s Clothing today, and join the hunt for Sydney Rye on September 27th, 2017.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle





Mousse Moscato & Murder: A Food & Wine Cozy Mystery (Willa Friday Food & Wine Mystery Book 3) by [Scott, Jamie Lee]

Willa Friday has had her hands full with her daughter and her new assistant. Well, he’s not so new, but new enough.
She’s been starting her days by driving into town for coffee and cupcakes at Bent Fork Bakery & Gifts. And it’s starting to show.
Over a period of weeks, she’s noticed the same man sitting in the same chair each time she comes in. He’s usually still there when she leaves. She doesn’t think much of it, other than that he should weigh more since he’s ordering way more than she does. That is until his regular server, Becca Roundhouse, is found dead in the parking lot behind the bakery.
Now Willa is determined to find out who the man is, and if he had anything to do with Becca’s murder.
As always, Willa will share some of her favorite recipes from A Dish In Thyme food blog.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle







Weddings Can Be Murder: A Cozy Mystery with Recipes (The Painted Lady Inn Mysteries Book 7) by [Scott, M K]Their hearts intent on a private ceremony, Mark and Donna are days away from saying I do. But the discreet location they’ve chosen for the wedding of the decade might not be as private as they initially believed.

The picturesque inn offers more than a quaint backdrop. The accommodations include a covey of eager wedding planners clamoring for the opportunity to assist. Complicating matters even further, meddling family members, nosy guests, and a swarm of Civil War re-enactors are also vying for their attention.

When one of the overzealous wedding planners winds up dead, the soon-to-be-wed duo end up with far more on their plate than a walk down the aisle. They must catch a killer before they can tie the knot.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle




33792395In the New England town of Frog’s Ledge, the Holiday Light Festival is a Christmas tradition. Killing Santa is not. To bring joy back to the season, organic pet patisserie owner Kristan “Stan” Connor will have to find another Santa before it’s too late . . .
To the townspeople’s delight, the annual lighting of the tree is a spectacular success. Unfortunately, Santa pulled up in his sleigh, DOA. At first Stan is sure it’s Seamus, her boyfriend’s uncle, inside the red suit. But the victim turns out to be an employee from the town’s Christmas tree farm. Rumor has it the deceased was a mean drunk with a soft spot for feral cats. Stan has no idea why he was dressed as St. Nick–or why he’s dead.
Meanwhile, Seamus, a jolly Irishman who comes to America every December to visit his pub-owner nephew, is nowhere to be found. Could he just be off on a Boston bar crawl? Or is something more sinister under the tree? Seamus was supposed to be dressing up and posing for pet pictures with Santa at the shop, but the dogs and cats might have to find another lap to curl up in if Stan doesn’t solve two mysteries soon. Or murder might be the only thing under the mistletoe this holiday . . .
Includes Gourmet Pet Food Recipes!
Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback