New Releases For The Week Of October 1st, 2017–Part 2


Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of October 1st, 2017.  I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very very many of them.  Today is the second day of my list for this week.  Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading.  Enjoy and happy reading.



Magic & Mischief (Starry Hollow Witches Book 3) by [Chase, Annabel]Welcome to Starry Hollow, where spells were made to be broken.

When a handful of Starry Hollow residents experience their worst nightmares in real life, witch-in-training Ember Rose must use her budding journalist skills to figure out the who, what, why, when, where and how before it’s too late. With both Sheriff Nash and Alec, her editor-in-chief, affected, the stakes have never been higher.

Will she manage to stop the curse before her own worst nightmare comes true?

Magic & Mischief is the third book in the Starry Hollow Witches paranormal cozy mystery series.

This is a full-length, humorous cozy mystery novel.

Books in the series include:
Magic & Murder, Book 1
Magic & Mystery, Book 2
Magic & Mischief, Book 3
Magic & Mayhem, Book 4  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle





A Secret in the Pumpkin Patch: A Danger Cove Farmers' Market Mystery (Danger Cove Mysteries Book 17) by [Jones, Gin, Ashby, Elizabeth]From USA Today bestselling authors Gin Jones and Elizabeth Ashby comes a hauntingly good mystery…

It’s Halloween, and Maria Dolores is hoping for a trouble-free weekend, the last one before the Lighthouse Farmers’ Market closes for the winter. But her hopes are dashed when a state agricultural inspector threatens to shut down the market prematurely… right before a young woman falls to her death from the lighthouse cliff!

The local homicide detective thinks it was suicide and won’t listen to Maria’s extensive list of possible suspects for foul play or the fact that the victim was known for getting into fights that went beyond mere words. Not even Maria’s boyfriend, lawyer-turned-farmer Merle Curtis, can convince the detective otherwise.

Now it’s up to Maria to unearth A SECRET IN THE PUMPKIN PATCH before the killer buries the truth—and possibly Maria along with it—forever.

The Danger Cove books:
Secret of the Painted Lady (a Danger Cove Renovation Mystery)
Murder and Mai Tais (a Danger Cove Cocktail Mystery)
Death by Scones (a Danger Cove Bakery Mystery)
Four-Patch of Trouble (a Danger Cove Quilting Mystery)
Deadly Dye and a Soy Chai (a Danger Cove Hair Salon Mystery)
Killer Closet Case (a Danger Cove B&B Mystery)
Tree of Life and Death (a Danger Cove Quilting Mystery)
A Killing in the Market (a Danger Cove Farmers’ Market short story in the “Killer Beach Reads” collection)
Killer Colada (a Danger Cove Cocktail Mystery)
Passion, Poison & Puppy Dogs (a Danger Cove Pet Sitter Mystery)
A Novel Death (a Danger Cove Bookshop Mystery)
Robbing Peter to Kill Paul (a Danger Cove Quilting Mystery)
Sinister Snickerdoodles (a Danger Cove Bakery Mystery)
Hurricanes and Heroes (a Danger Cove Cocktail Mystery)
A Death in the Flower Garden (a Danger Cove Famers’ Market Mystery)
Divas, Diamonds & Death (a Danger Cove Pet Sitter Mystery)
A Slaying in the Orchard (a Danger Cove Famers’ Market Mystery)
A Secret in the Pumpkin Patch (a Danger Cove Famers’ Market Mystery)
Deadly Dirty Martinis (a Danger Cove Cocktail Mystery)

About Danger Cove:
Danger Cove is a sleepy little town in the Pacific Northwest and home to renowned mystery novelist, Elizabeth Ashby. While Elizabeth swears the stories she writes are fiction, you can find the inspiration for her murderous tales all over Danger Cove…from the intriguing cast of local characters to the places to eat, play, and explore in Danger Cove. Don’t let our name fool you—we’re the friendliest (even if deadliest) town in the Pacific Northwest!  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback






Cherringham - Scared to Death: A Cosy Crime Series (Cherringham: Mystery Shorts Book 27) by [Costello, Matthew, Richards, Neil]When classic horror movie star Basil Coates becomes the victim of a series of scary pranks, the local police put it down to a crazed fan. Just pranks, after all …

But with Halloween only days away, the spectre of murder suddenly visits the ghostly Coates mansion on the hill outside Cherringham – and Jack and Sarah find themselves caught in a mystery worthy of Basil’s spookiest roles …

Set in the sleepy English village of Cherringham, the detective series brings together an unlikely sleuthing duo: English web designer Sarah and American ex-cop Jack. Thrilling and deadly – but with a spot of tea – it’s like Rosamunde Pilcher meets Inspector Barnaby. Each of the self-contained episodes is a quick read for the morning commute, while waiting for the doctor, or when curling up with a hot cuppa.

You’d like to read a Cherringham story in novel-length? The first Cherringham book DEAD IN THE WATER is already available, and the second book THE BODY IN THE WOODS, will be out on July, 25th 2017. Or maybe you’d like Neil Dudgeon to read them to you? Episodes 1-18 are also available as audiobooks!

Co-authors Neil Richards (based in the UK) and Matthew Costello (based in the US), have been writing together since the mid 90’s, creating content and working on projects for the BBC, Disney Channel, Sony, ABC, Eidos, and Nintendo to name but a few. Their transatlantic collaboration has underpinned scores of TV drama scripts, computer games, radio shows, and – most recently – the successful crime fiction series Cherringham.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle






One Foot On The Edge: A China Bohannon Novel by [Crigger, C.K.]The gay 1890s aren’t always. Gay, that is. Sometimes life is dangerous.

In 1896, there aren’t many career choices for a young lady. China Bohannon has fled one bad situation and is looking to start her life over as a strong, independent woman in the wild and woolly town of Spokane, Washington. The trouble is, convincing Gratton Doyle to take her seriously as a bookkeeper is hard enough, and when it comes to working as an investigator in the Doyle & Howe Detective Agency, it’s well-nigh impossible. But what if China is able to solve a murder case no one else wants to take on, that of a young girl found dead, her body tossed in the river? If she can avoid being the next murder victim, will Gratton hire her then? There’s only one way to find out.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback







Dead Man Twice: A Ludovic Travers Mystery by [Bush, Chriatopher]“And that’s not all. Somers is dead too … He poisoned himself … in the lounge!”

The great English boxer Michael France looks set to become the new Heavyweight Champion of the world. Everyone is waiting with bated breath for the forthcoming and decisive match. Ex-CID officer John Franklin is no exception – but once the boxer is apparently murdered (twice), Franklin must join forces with Ludovic Travers once more in a layered and ingenious mystery where Michael France’s closest friends are the primary suspects – yet have cast-iron alibis. The final solution involves an ingenious and plausible murder technique, a fine demonstration of Christopher Bush’s imaginative and suspenseful plotting at its best.

Dead Man Twice was originally published in 1930. This new edition features an introduction by crime fiction historian Curtis Evans  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle







Dead Man's Music: A Ludovic Travers Mystery by [Bush, Christopher]“If you don’t think I’m taking a liberty in saying so, my opinion is that he was knocked down first and hanged after!”

Ludovic Travers starts an investigation of unnatural death by means of an automobile mishap on a rural road. His associate Superintendent Wharton is investigating a suspicious suicide by hanging at the nearby village of Pawlton Ferris. When the supposed suicide turns out to be a case of murder, Travers realizes he recognizes the corpse, despite attempts to alter the dead man’s appearance. The plot is thickened by a strange letter sent to Travers by the eccentric and musical Claude Rook. As Travers and Wharton are drawn further into the investigation of the murder, they begin to fit more and more pieces into a weird puzzle, unlocking the strange secret of the dead man’s music.

Dead Man’s Music was originally published in 1931. This new edition features an introduction by crime fiction historian Curtis Evans.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover





The Case of the Three Strange Faces: A Ludovic Travers Mystery by [Bush, Christopher]Old Hunt slithered in the most amazing way and then fell to the floor. He lay between the seats, face upwards.

Ludovic Travers is on his way by train from Toulon to Marignac. Along for the ride are several suspicious characters, two of whom die en route. Although the murders seem at first unrelated, Travers is able to prove the connection between the two, while diverting the eye of official suspicion from himself. After Travers learns that one of the victim’s country house has been burgled soon after the murderous act, the inquisitive sleuth decides to look into the case himself when he returns to England. Soon Travers, his Isotta now replaced with a Bentley, is working in tandem with Superintendent Wharton to solve one of the strangest cases which he has yet encountered. It is one in which some of the darkest of human impulses are exposed, and a twist is guaranteed in the tail.

The Case of the Three Strange Faces was originally published in 1933. This new edition features an introduction by crime fiction historian Curtis Evans.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle




The Case of the April Fools: A Ludovic Travers Mystery by [Bush, Christopher]“Let us know when you’re dead!”

Ludovic Travers had known it was a publicity stunt, all that business about the anonymous threatening letters. He expected a hoax but what he found was two men lying dead on the floor of Crewe’s bedroom. To be confronted with murder at eight in the morning was no joke. Norris, the quiet, steady Inspector of Scotland Yard, certainly didn’t think so, although during the weeks he and Travers sought to puzzle it all out, he many times remarked, “It was on April Fool’s Day, don’t forget that.” This is one of Bush’s masterpieces – an intricate and baffling country house murder mystery.

The Case of the April Fools was originally published in 1933. This new edition features an introduction by crime fiction historian Curtis Evans.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover







Cat Got Your Tongue (The 9 Lives Cozy Mystery Series Book 3) by [Louise Clark]When the rock concert Christy and Quinn are enjoying ends in a murder, the sleuthing couple are pulled into the case.

Hot on the trail of a primary suspect, they discover the band’s manager has also been found dead. Are the two murders connected, or are there two killers?

Unfortunately, the only eye-witness—Stormy the Cat—is holding his tongue.


  1. The Cat Came Back
  2. The Cat’s Paw
  3. Cat Got Your Tongue
  4. Let Sleeping Cats Lie  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle





The Arly Hanks Mysteries Volume One: Malice in Maggody, Mischief in Maggody, and Much Ado in Maggody by [Hess, Joan]Police chief Arly Hanks investigates murder in her Ozark hometown in three books of a beloved series by an Agatha Award–winning author.

Her marriage and career over, Arly Hanks heads home to Maggody, Arkansas, for a fresh start. Not much ever happens in a village this size, so Arly figures her new job as chief of police will be pretty quiet. But the seemingly peaceful Maggody residents have a few secrets of their own . . .

Malice in Maggody: Something stinks, and it’s not the polluted fishing hole. An escaped convict is coming home to roost, an infamous EPA agent has disappeared, and there’s a corpse with an arrow in its neck at a nearby seedy motel. Now it’s up to Arly and her half-witted deputy, Paulie, to discover the source of the rot.

Mischief in Maggody: Maggody’s population is suddenly booming, and among its new residents are a doom-obsessed psychic and a handsome high school guidance counselor. But after a local moonshiner and prostitute are found dead in a booby-trapped field of cannabis, Arly must root out the killer before they make another deadly deduction.

Much Ado in Maggody: The bank president’s playboy son, Brandon Bernswallow, is now the head teller, and his sexist behavior has women ready to tell him off. When the bank burns down with Bernswallow inside, Arly must quickly uncover what really happened if she hopes to cool the town’s tensions.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle







Murder at Cleeve Abbey: A murder mystery that will keep you guessing (A Flora Maguire Mystery) by [Davison, Anita]Even the most glamorous stately houses hide secrets and lies from the past… For fans of Downton Abbey and set in the glorious Cotswolds landscape.

Flora Maguire is now happily married to Bunny Harrington and living in Richmond when she receives an alarming telegram informing her of her father’s tragic death in a riding accident at Cleeve Abbey.

Heartbroken, Flora and Bunny return to her former home, where she was Governess to Eddy, Viscount Trent, and her father was Butler to Earl Trent.

Flora‘s intention was to bury him next to Lily, her mother, who sadly passed away when Flora was a small child.

Mystery surrounds the final resting place of Lily. No-one is willing to talk and, with her father now dead in a suspicious accident, Flora must once again strive alone to uncover hidden family secrets and terrible betrayals.

What people are saying about MURDER AT CLEEVE ABBEY:

‘A satisfying novel to savour’

‘The intricate plot kept me turning the pages until the stunning end

‘Anita Davison has a wonderful ability to weave an intriguing mystery

‘You feel like such an integral part of the story you forget where you actually are‘  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback



Death, Taxes, and Pecan Pie: A Tara Holloway Novella by [Kelly, Diane]People are going a little nutty in this new case for IRS Special Agent Tara Holloway!

Tara is looking for a fun, relaxing time with her family at Pecan Palooza: a full-day festival dedicated to celebrating the nut that put the tiny town of Pecan Crossing on the map. Between a parade, carnival games, rides, the Pecan Princess pageant, and several pecan bake-offs, Tara wants quality time with her fiancé Nick before their upcoming nuptials.

But when a mysterious woman in a hat shows some suspicious behavior and the bake-off winners don’t look that surprised when they win…could the competitions be rigged? Despite the lack of evidence, Tara is determined to dethrone the cheaters and make sure the actual winners can have their pie and eat it too.

A lead-in to the series finale, Death, Taxes, and Pecan Pie is a sweet treat!  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle





28504471The Winter Market in the French Quarter is in full swing, but murder isn’t taking a holiday in the latest from the New York Times bestselling author of Parchment and Old Lace…
The holidays are a busy time for scrapbook shop owner Carmela Bertrand—but not so hectic that she doesn’t have time to enjoy browsing the booths at the Winter Market with her best friend Ava. The last thing the ladies expect to see is a thrashing man stabbed by a serving fork, dying in front of them.

The victim is loathed restaurant critic Martin Lash, who posted his scathing reviews on the Glutton for Punishment website. And the prime suspect is New Orleans restauranteur Quigg Brevard—who was seen giving the critic a tongue-lashing minutes before someone stuck a fork in him. An old flame of Carmela, Quigg asks for her help, which does not please her current beau, Detective Edgar Babcock, to say the least.

Before her relationship is the next victim, Carmela needs to find a murderer who had no reservations about punishing the culinary curmudgeon…


Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback