New Releases For The Week Of October 15th, 2017–Part 4


Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of October 15th, 2017.  I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very very many of them.  Today is the fourth and final  day of my list for this week.  Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading.  Enjoy and happy reading.


Pulse by [Francis, Felix]New York Times-bestselling author Felix Francis is back in the newest thrilling adventure in the Dick Francis tradition. 

A smartly dressed man has been found unconscious at the local racecourse and is rushed to the hospital, where he subsequently dies. But who is he? Where does he come from? He had no form of identification on him, and no one claims the body.

Doctor Chris Rankin, a specialist who treated the deceased–and who struggles with mental health issues–is intrigued by the nameless dead man, obsessed even, and starts asking questions. However, someone doesn’t want the questions answered and will go to any lengths to prevent it, including an attempted murder. But when no one will believe that someone tried to kill Chris, the doctor is left with no option but to discover who the nameless man was and why he died . . . preferably before following him into an early grave  (Amazon)

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When Gerry Coneybear, a cheerful young artist, comes to her Aunt Maggie’s funeral, she is shocked to learn that she has inherited her aunt’s rambling 200-year-old waterfront home. Unfortunately, the house comes with a multitude of her aunt’s cats as part of the bequest. As Gerry fends off the greedy, jealous relatives and the mysterious part-time housekeeper, she gradually comes to realize that her aunt may have been murdered. Cats, teacups, horticulture and art come together to help Gerry solve the mystery.  (Amazon)

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Aunt Bessie Observes (An Isle of Man Cozy Mystery Book 15) by [Xarissa, Diana]Aunt Bessie observes almost everything.

Elizabeth Cubbon, known as Bessie to nearly everyone, doesn’t miss much as she makes her way around the island that has been her home for all of her adult life.

Aunt Bessie observes less than her friend Janet Markham.

Bessie’s friends Janet and Joan Markham are happy to be back on the island for a visit. When Janet peeks in a window and spots a dead body, the sisters’ holiday becomes a lot more complicated.

Aunt Bessie observes another body.

Two dead men, a charity fundraiser that’s in desperate need of help, and dozens of unanswered questions leave Bessie and her friends struggling to find a murderer before he or she can strike again.  (Amazon)

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16 Millimeters: A Maizie Albright Humorous Mystery (Maizie Albright Star Detective Book 2) by [Reinhart, Larissa]Body doubles, dead bodies, and hot bodies abound…Wait, what?

“Fresh from Hollywood get ready to bubble along with Maizie Albright Star Detective. She’s #adorbs.” — Jena’s Books

#StillAWannabeDetective In continuing her career-makeover quest as a for-real detective, ex-teen and reality star Maizie Albright has a big learning curve to overcome. A sleuthing background starring in a TV show— Julia Pinkerton, Teen Detective—does not cut the real life mustard. It doesn’t even buy her lunch, let alone extra condiments. Her chosen mentor, Wyatt Nash of Nash Security Solutions, is not a willing teacher. He’d rather stick Maizie with a safe desk job and handle the security solution-ing himself. But Maizie’s got other plans to help Nash. First, win Nash’s trust. Second, his heart.

Wait, not his heart. His respect. His hearty respect.

So when a major movie producer needs a babysitter for his hot mess starlet, Maizie eagerly takes the job. But when her starlet appears dead, and then not dead, Maizie’s got more than an actress to watch and a missing corpse to find. Body doubles, dead bodies, and hot bodies abound when the big screen, small screen, and silent screams collide. Maizie’s on the job, on the skids, and on thin ice, hunting a killer who may be a celebrity stalker. And Maizie just might be the next celebrity who gets snuffed.

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“Child star and hilarious hot mess Maizie Albright trades Hollywood for the backwoods of Georgia and pure delight ensues. Maizie’s my new favorite escape from reality.”
— Gretchen Archer, USA Today bestselling author of The Davis Way Crime Caper series

“Hollywood glitz meets backwoods grit in this fast-paced ride on D-list celeb Maizie Albright’s waning star—even as it’s reborn in a spectacular collision with her nightmarish stage mother, her deer-pee-scented-apparel-inventing daddy…and a murderer. Sassy, sexy, and fun.” — Phoebe Fox, author of The BreakUp Doctor series

“A new series that boasts a quirky cast of characters, engaging dialogue and the liveliness that befits this delightfully amusing and fast-paced drama.” — Dru Ann Love, Dru’s Book Musings

“Despite the movie star background Maize is down to earth and cares about everyone and justice. The situations that she finds herself in are humorous, but she isn’t a joke. She is a feisty, perceptive young woman.” — Lynn Farris, Hot Mystery Review  (Amazon)

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The Darkest Thread (The Flint K-9 Search and Rescue Mysteries Book 1) by [Blood, Jen]For fans of John Connolly, Nevada Barr, and dogs of all shape and size, the first novel in the new Flint K-9 Search and Rescue Mysteries, from the author of the USA Today-bestselling Erin Solomon Mysteries.

Meet Jamie Flint — a no-nonsense veteran K-9 trainer and handler with a ‘gift’ she’d be happy to return: like her dogs, Jamie can sense things the rest of the world is blind to.

When teenage sisters go missing in the mysterious ‘Bennington Triangle’ of Vermont, an area renowned for its disappearances and strange occurrences over the past hundred years, FBI agent Jack Juarez brings Jamie and her dog Phantom in to assist with the search. When Jack learns that the case shares haunting similarities with the murders of the missing girls’ aunts ten years before, he realizes they’re dealing with much more than two girls who simply wandered off the beaten path. And when a young girl appears in the shadows, visible to Jamie alone, it becomes clear that something is desperately wrong here.  (Amazon)

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Violets Are Blue More Trouble Brews (A Mellow Summers Paranormal Mystery Series Book 13) by [McNulty, Janet]Book 13 in the Bestselling Mellow Summers Series

It’s a cozy mystery with a paranormal twist!

Mel is enjoying her Fourth of July holiday in the park with her fiancé, Greg, and best friend, Jackie, when a contestant in a local beauty pageant collapses and dies. At first, Mel decides to let the police handle the matter, but soon receives a tip from an unlikely source, the obnoxious Tammy, that the woman was part of an old family and that her death was not accidental, but murder. Before she knows it, Mel finds herself scouring the sewers in an effort to locate a missing clue. Will she solve the mystery before Tammy unravels her last nerve?

Don’t miss out on the rest of the series.

Sugar And Spice And Not So Nice

Frogs, Snails, And A Lot Of Wails

An Apple A Day Keeps Murder Away

Three Little Ghosts

Oh Holy Ghost

Where Trouble Roams

Two Ghosts Haunt a Grove

Trick Or Treat Or Murder

Roses Are Red; He’s Dead

Double, Double Nothing But Trouble

Ring Around The Rosy, Not Another Ghosty

Hickory Dickory Dock The Dwarf In The Clock

Violets Are Blue More Trouble Brews  (Amazon)

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Best-Laid Plants: A Potting Shed Mystery by [Wingate, Marty]A trip to the English countryside turns into a brush with death for Pru Parke, the only gardener whose holiday wouldn’t be complete without a murder to solve.

Pru and her husband, former Detective Chief Inspector Christopher Pearse, are long overdue for a getaway. So when Pru is invited to redesign an Arts and Crafts garden in the picturesque Cotswolds, she and Christopher jump at the chance. Unfortunately, their B&B is more ramshackle than charming, and the once thriving garden, with its lovely Thyme Walk, has fallen into heartbreaking neglect. With the garden’s owner and designer, Batsford Bede, under the weather, Pru tackles the renovation alone. But just as she’s starting to make headway, she stumbles upon Batsford’s body in the garden—dead and pinned beneath one of his limestone statues.

With such a small police force in the area, Christopher is called upon to lead the investigation. Pru can’t imagine anyone murdering Batsford Bede, a gentle man who preferred to spend his time in quiet contemplation, surrounded by nature. But as her work on the garden turns up one ominous clue after another, Pru discovers that the scenery is more dangerous than she or Christopher could have anticipated.

Marty Wingate’s captivating mysteries can be enjoyed together or separately, in any order:



Praise for Marty Wingate

“Marty Wingate plants clever clues with a dash of romantic spice to satisfy any hungry mystery reader.”—Mary Daheim, bestselling author of the Emma Lord series

“Pru Parke is one of my favorite cozy mystery heroines.”—Michelle’s Romantic Tangle  (Amazon)

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The Suspicious Spirit: Twistchapel Cozy Mystery Book 2 by [Westbay, Alexandria]

Zoey Foster, a new witch, has had a busy couple of weeks. First werewolves. Now a ghost.

After chasing someone through a cemetery, Zoey come into contact with her first ghost. She doesn’t think too much of it, until it shows up at work. In order to get back to her life as normal – if that’s even possible – she must help the ghost get justice against the person who killed it nearly a decade ago.

Join Zoey, Bart, and the rest of the Twistchapel community in the second installment of the Twistchapel Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series: The Suspicious Spirit!  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle







It Cannoli Be Murder (Bread and Batter Cozy Mysteries Book 3) by [Barrett, Karoline]THE LONG-ANTICIPATED 3RD BOOK IN THE BREAD AND BATTER SERIES IS FINALLY HERE!!!

Bakery owners Molly and Olivia have their hands full, catering desserts for a swanky benefit at the Castle Shore Hotel, but things take quite a dark and interesting turn when the body of a Senator turns up in one of the hotel’s bathrooms. Just when the bakers think it can’t get any worse, another high-profile murder occurs, rocking the typically placid town of Destiny, New York.
Never content to let sleeping dogs, or dead Senators, lie, Molly’s mother nudges her to get involved with solving the murder. Though she has more than a full plate at work, Molly jumps into the case, sifting through clues before the killer on the loose can stir up more trouble.  (Amazon)










Hometown Homicide by [Crigger, Carol]Former soldier, Frankie McGill has returned home from Afghanistan minus half of her left foot and with a plate in her head. After some months in medical care, she’s ready to take on the new battle of finding and holding a job. But not just any job. Frankie is a combat-trained paramedic. When all she can find is a position in the small, mostly volunteer fire department of her old hometown, Frankie is immediately plunged into much more than dealing with her own trauma and holding down a job. She moves into a duplex that the previous tenant abruptly abandoned and quickly discovers someone has some dark secrets to hide—and they don’t care who they have to kill to keep them hidden. Will Frankie’s military training and experience be enough to save her life?  (Amazon)

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Hot Blooded (The Bloodline Series Book 3) by [Rees, Lynda]Navy Seal, Calvin Coldwater, a Texas horse trainer retires and moves to Sweetwater, Kentucky. Quirky, purple-haired farmer, Rose Casson captures the Native American’s heart. When a fellow trainer is slain, and terrorists and drugs wreak havoc, Sheriff Gordon uncovers viable suspects for the double-homicide with the help of stunning deputy, ex-Texas Ranger, Jaiden Coldwater. Corrie Parrish has loved Justin Henderson since they were children, but Justin never saw past her freckles and pigtails. Fed up with her philandering husband, she files divorce papers. Her daughter, Morgan is livid about the move from New York to their rural homestead. Losing his family in the murder, Justin gives up on life. Can old pals help each other survive turmoil shattering their disjointed lives, when one of them is the next target? Will peaceful Sweetwater ever be the same?  (Amazon)

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Organized for Scheduled Sabotage (Organized Mysteries Book 3) by [Ames, Ritter]SPECIALLY PRICED NOW FOR PREORDER — USA TODAY bestselling series

Organization expert Kate McKenzie is intrigued when a publisher hires her company, Stacked in Your Favor, to help the author of a bestselling calendar line get organized for a photo shoot to illustrate the next year’s editions. Even better, she and Meg Berman learn the proceeds of the calendar business fund an animal rescue program in their state of Vermont. But once sabotage turns to murder and the police start looking for suspects, Kate and Meg find their lives suddenly upended by chaos and their own reputations are at risk. Now, it’s not enough to fulfill the terms of their contract, they must also find a way to save their client and her rescue program, too. All while making sure their next work outfits aren’t matching orange jumpsuits.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle