New Releases For The Week Of October 29th, 2017–Part 1

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of October 29th, 2017.  I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very very many of them.  Today is the first day of my list.  Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading.  Enjoy and happy reading



Killer Vacation: A Lark & Landry Mystery (The Lark & Landry Mystery Stories Book 1) by [Kacy, R.F.]TWO GIRLS. ONE ISLAND.

Megan Lark is a high school senior trying to process her mother’s death.
Cassie Landry is an out-of-control socialite living the wild life in New Orleans.
Sparks fly when they reunite for spring break, but it’s only the beginning of their troubles.
A mysterious old lady, a poison frog, and evidence of smuggling prompt Megan and Cassie to investigate the unexpected death of Professor Chambord. For Megan, it’s an opportunity to remind her friend of their past adventures. For Cassie, it’s a chance for more excitement. But for the killer, it’s a threat to be eliminated.
The girls need to grow up quick, and discover Chambord’s secrets, if they want to survive their Killer Vacation.

Killer Vacation is the first book in the Lark & Landry Mystery series, which follows the adventures of two teens as they solve crimes while navigating loss, friendship, and the trials of becoming an adult. If you enjoy cozy mysteries with women sleuths, then you’ll love this Caribbean murder mystery story.

Buy a copy of Killer Vacation to discover this exciting new mystery series today!  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback





Murder On Ice (A Detective Joe Ezell Mystery) by [P.J. Conn]Up and Coming Starlet Gets ICED in, Murder on Ice by P.J. Conn
Los Angeles, California, 1947
When aspiring actress Cookie Crumble is found dead in a refrigerator in a vacant apartment, the police immediately suspect the landlord’s son whose father hires gumshoe PI Joe Ezell to find the true killer.
With a long list of suspects from ardent fans, to jealous lovers, to the mobster who Cookie rebuffed, Joe goes undercover as an actor. Did Cookie’s dreams of silver-screen fame lead to her murder? But the closer Joe gets to the truth, the more likely he is to get iced.

Publisher Note: 
The Detective Joe Ezell Mystery Series is “clean and wholesome” with no sex or vulgar language, and will be enjoyed by readers of cozy and detective mysteries. Content is appropriate for ages 16+.

The Detective Joe Ezell Mystery Series, in order

  1. Murder Me Twice
  2. Stairway to Murder
  3. Murder on Ice
  4. Murder on Stilettos

Always a passionate lover of books with many writing awards to her name, P.J. Conn is the proud mother of two grown sons and two adorable grandchildren, who love to have her read to them.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle





Dead Men Tell No Tales (Lindsey & Ike Romantic Mystery Series Book 3) by [Toussaint, Maggie]


In this third and final installment of the Lindsey & Ike Romantic Mystery Novella Series, things don’t add up after a suspicious hunting accident. The more Sheriff Ike Harper and newspaper editor Lindsey McKay dig, the more questions they find about the suspects and the victim. Will a dead man tell tales?  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle








The Case of the Mellow Maltese (The Thousands Islands Doggy Inn Mysteries Book 13) by [Snow, B.R.]As B.R. Snow’s The Thousand Islands Doggy Inn Mystery series reaches its halfway point, serious change is in the air for Suzy and her mom.

It’s 147 time in Clay Bay, a water-based triathlon Suzy’s mom has organized to help extend the tourist season a bit longer. And while Suzy and Josie are more than comfortable enjoying the event as mere spectators, Chef Claire is determined to participate in the grueling event. But as her training regimen accelerates, she soon finds herself agreeing with both of them that she’s lost her mind.

When they find a Maltese stranded on a paddleboard in the middle of the River during one of Chef Claire’s training sessions, they’re able to rescue the dog and soon reunite her with her owner. But Suzy is convinced that the dog being out on the water all by itself was no accident and certain that Maria, the dog’s owner, was being sent a message. And when one of the participants is shot during the race, the stakes are raised in a hurry as Suzy begins her search for clues.

But before Suzy can even begin to find her bearings regarding who might have killed the kayaker, she is banished from the investigation by Chief Abrams, who is following the mandate laid down by her mother that she refrain from doing what comes naturally. Miffed and petulant about being cut out of the case and sent to the sidelines, the Snoopmeister sets out on her own investigation, and is soon up to her neck in the middle of a mystery that involves a diverse cast of characters who work for the company that is organizing the 147, a few of their corporate sponsors, and an ex-gangster bookmaker from her mother’s past.

Forced to cut a deal with her mother, Suzy agrees to focus on her personal life in exchange for her mother’s agreement to mind her own business. And when Suzy and Chief Abrams find themselves in Mexico trying to track down the killer, along with her mother and her new boyfriend, Suzy has a chance encounter with a stranger who just might be a ‘keeper’ and bumbling through a series of adventures that will hopefully lead her and the Chief down the trail they need to put the pieces together in a very strange and funny puzzle.

The Case of the Mellow Maltese is the latest installment in B.R. Snow’s increasingly popular Thousand Islands Doggy Inn Mysteries and deals with dogs, food, and the power of friendship set in one of the most beautiful spots on the planet.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle







FRUIT, FLOWER, and FLAMES: A Ravenwood Cove Cozy Mystery by [Dean, Carolyn L.]When a long-shuttered business opens after years of neglect, Amanda and the townspeople of Ravenwood Cove are thrilled. What they didn’t expect were lies, secrets, destruction, and a shocking murder.

Just back from her honeymoon, Amanda’s suddenly right in the middle of trouble, with the clues pointing toward one of her best friends, and a murderer on the loose!

Mild PG rating (because hey, there’s a dead guy in it), clean language. Eighth book in the Ravenwood Cove series.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle






Long Isle Iced Tea (The Magic & Mixology Mystery Series Book 4) by [LaManna, Gina]


Star light, star bright, the first star I see tonight…

A childhood chant turns near deadly for Lily Locke when she’s swept into The Faction’s latest triumph—the overthrowing of the hidden, magical city of Wishery.

When Ainsley and her team at MAGIC, Inc. beg Lily for her help, she agrees, taking on a load of problems that pile up faster than she can say Abracadabra. A new revolution in black magic stumps the island’s burgeoning Mixologist, while a haunted house, a surprise birthday party, and rising familial troubles back on The Isle compete for her already-limited time and attention.

Lily’s barely hanging on by a thread, juggling life, love, and the pursuit of magic, when islanders start disappearing—one at a time. When a man warns her the next disappearance is imminent, Lily must crack the curse…before she’s next.

I wish I may, I wish I might…have the wish I wish tonight. 

** **

Long Isle Iced Tea is the fourth book in The Magic & Mixology Mystery Series. Though it can be read as a standalone, it’s best read in series order. For additional news, updates, and information, please sign up for my newsletter at ginalamanna .

This novel is a full-length, humorous cozy mystery featuring a splash of magic, a handful of witches, and a dash of romance. It’s rated PG-13 due to mild language and some romance.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle




Knit to Kill (A Black Sheep & Co. Mystery) by [Canadeo, Anne]A relaxing girls’ getaway turns deadly for the Black Sheep Knitters when a pushy killer is on the prowl . . .
As their beloved Black Sheep member Lucy Binger prepares to tie the knot, the closely knit group decide they need a weekend to unwind before the big day. Suzanne Cavanaugh has just the spot—her friend Amy lives in a luxury New England community on Osprey Island, renowned for its famous cliff walk and spectacular ocean views, and she would be happy to host the knitters.
Shortly after their arrival, however, the idyllic setting turns into a crime scene. The body of a prominent resident of Osprey Shores is discovered on the rocky coastline below the cliffs and evidence suggests his fatal misstep was no accident.
The well-known victim was not so well liked, it turns out, with many enemies eager to send him into an early—and permanent—retirement. When the investigation focuses on Amy’s husband, the knitters step in to untangle the clues.

But with this crafty killer on the edge, the Black Sheep must walk a fine line—and look before they leap to any deadly conclusions.
Anne Canadeo is the bestselling author of more than thirty books, including her popular Black Sheep Knitting Club Mystery series and the Cape Light series, written as Katherine Spencer. She lives in Northport, N.Y. with her husband, daughter, and canine office assistant. You can contact her at or follow her on Facebook.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover





Cremains of the Day (A Tallie Graver Mystery) by [Simon, Misty]There’s no reverse on the hearse . . .
For Tallulah Graver, marrying wealthy Waldo Phillips seemed like the best way out of the family business, the Graver Funeral Home. But when her marriage falls apart and Tallie is left with next to nothing, she turns to cleaning houses to make ends meet. As humbling as it is to tidy the mansions of the snobby socialites she used to call friends, at least she doesn’t have to be around dead bodies. Until . . .She discovers one of her employers lying in a closet with a knife sticking out of her chest. This unpleasant shock seems to be part of a web of weird experiences: Tallie’s friend Gina’s shop is broken into, her ex is stun-gunned where it hurts the most, and now she’s receiving flowers from the dead woman. Granted the deliveryman is handsome, but seriously, that’s enough to cast a pall over anyone’s day. Now Tallie needs to dig deep to clean up this mess—before she finds herself in a grave situation.“You’ll be cheering as the clues pileup in this creative cozy mystery.”
New York Times bestselling author Lynn Cahoon  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback





Ring In the Year with Murder: An Otter Lake Mystery by [Wallace, Auralee]It’s been a tough year for Erica Bloom. And with hours left on the clock and a killer crashing the party, it’s not over yet…
This New Year’s Eve, Erica’s resolution is to have a great night—even if it kills her. She is, after all, at the party to end all parties: a Great Gatsby–themed gala sure to be the talk of Otter Lake, New Hampshire. With her perfectly finger-waved hair, borrowed pearls, and scarlet flapper dress, Erica is determined to be unflappable, despite the presence of her ex, Sheriff Grady Forrester, and his hot date, a bubbly blonde who has a hard time holding her drink. Literally. . .

In a plot twist as bizarre as a game of Clue, Grady’s girlfriend almost drops dead after her drink is poisoned. Who put the killer ingredient in her appletini? Suddenly the tables have turned and the sheriff has become the prime suspect. Now Erica has until midnight to clear the man she still loves—and in so doing just maybe win him back. That’s if the killer doesn’t pop the cork again… and turn a New Year’s smooch into a kiss of death…
“Wonderfully entertaining!” —RT Book Reviews

“A frolicking good time…with a heroine who challenges Stephanie Plum for the title of funniest sleuth.”—New York Times bestselling author Denise Swanson   (Amazon)

Editions available:  Kindle, Paperback







DOUBLE DECK THE HALLS (A Bellissimo Casino Crime Caper Short Story) by [Archer, Gretchen]Well, ho ho ho and hang those stockings because USA TODAY bestselling author Gretchen Archer is giving us can’t miss holiday hijinks.

And take it from someone who knows, this one “Jingles all the way!” – Janet Evanovich

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Bellissimo Resort and Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi. The trees are trimmed, the halls are decked, and Davis Way Cole’s grandmother is there to play in the Winter Wonderland Senior Slot Tournament.

This year’s theme: The Nice List. All is merry and bright until Granny Dee meets an elf who belongs on the naughty list.

Maybe even the downright nasty list.

With nothing more than a lifetime of memories, the sounds of the season, and what she can find in the pockets of her Rudolph jogging suit, can Granny Dee save Bianca Sanders from the rotten elf, and in the process, save Christmas?

Granny Dee may try to save Christmas, but trust me, of all the characters in this non-stop page-turner, Granny Dee steals the show.
– – – – – – – – – – – – –

DOUBLE DECK THE HALLS by Gretchen Archer | A Henery Press Mystery Short  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle







The Deeds of the Disturber (The Amelia Peabody Murder Mysteries) by [Peters, Elizabeth]An Egyptologist investigates a death at the British Museum in this “charming” historical mystery by the New York Times–bestselling author of The Painted Queen (The Denver Post).

Back in London after an archaeological dig, adventurous sleuth Amelia Peabody—“rather like Indiana Jones, Sherlock Holmes and Miss Marple all rolled into one”—discovers that a night watchman at the museum has perished in the shadow of a mummy case (The Washington Post Book World).

There are murmurings about an ancient curse, but a skeptical Amelia is determined to find an all-too-human killer. Soon, she’s balancing family demands, including the troubles of her precocious son, Ramses (aka Walter), with not just one unsolved crime, but two . . .

From a recipient of multiple honors including the Mystery Writers of America’s Grand Master Award, this murder mystery set in Victorian-era England is a witty, rollicking, and “deeply satisfying” romp (Entertainment Weekly) in a “jewel of a series” (The New York Times Book Review).  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback







The Quiche and the Dead (A Pie Town Mystery) by [Weiss, Kirsten]Is Val’s breakfast pie the quiche of death?
Owning her own business seemed like pie in the sky to Valentine Harris when she moved to the coastal California town of San Nicholas, expecting to start a new life with her fiancé. Five months—and a broken engagement—later, at least her dream of opening a pie shop has become a reality. But when one of her regulars keels over at the counter while eating a quiche, Val feels like she’s living a nightmare.

After the police determine the customer was poisoned, business at Pie Town drops faster than a fallen crust. Convinced they’re both suspects, Val’s flaky, seventy-something pie crust maker Charlene drags her boss into some amateur sleuthing. At first Val dismisses Charlene’s half-baked hypotheses, but before long the ladies uncover some shady dealings hidden in fog-bound San Nicholas. Now Val must expose the truth—before a crummy killer tries to shut her pie hole.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback