New Releases For The Week Of December 3rd, 2017–Part 4

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of December 3rd, 2017.  I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very very many of them.  Today is the fourth and final day of my list for this week.  Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading.  Enjoy and happy reading.




IToo Big to Die (The Odelia Grey Mysteries) by [Jaffarian, Sue Ann]t’s the dog days of summer for Odelia and Greg after they rescue a dog from a closed car on a blistering hot day. The culprit is former reality star Marla Kingston, who’s married to a client of Odelia’s law firm. The dog was saved, but Odelia’s job might not be when Kingston demands blood. Things get even stickier when a video of the rescue goes viral, and the man who helped them winds up dead. And who is the mysterious young woman who shows up about the same time? Is she connected or just an opportunist looking to cash in on their reluctant Internet fame?  (Amazon)

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The 12 Slays of Christmas by [Vandiver, Abby L., Lucci, Judith , Vansant, Amy , Mooney, Colleen , Reade, Amy , Goddin, Nell , Helme, Colleen, Harris, Kim Hunt, Reinhart, Larissa, Bell, Cindy, Prescott, Summer, Dionne, Kathryn ]Have Yourself a Merry Cozy Mystery Christmas!

A 12-book, Christmas-themed, boxed set with Recipes!

We’ve got twelve new, never-before published, Christmas-themed cozy mysteries in a boxed set from twelve cozy authors! Holiday murder and mischief abound, but not to worry we’ve got our share of amateur sleuths!

And to make everyone’s holidays bright and merry, the authors of The 12 Slays of Christmas, in addition to sharing our Christmas whodunit stories with our readers, are donating the proceeds from our boxed set to an animal rescue shelter. C’mon! Buy a book, rescue a dog! (or cat!)

Can’t you just feel Christmas in the air? So, put on your winter mittens, dust off your holiday recipes, start humming those carols, and have yourself a Merry Christmas with a little murder, a whole lot of fun, and a gift of love to our cozy pet partners in crime solving!

What’s in the Boxed Set:

Abby L. Vandiver – Baby, it’s Cold Outside

Judith Lucci – The Most Wonderful Crime of the Year

Amy Vansant – Stollen Time

Colleen Mooney – Death by Rum Balls

Amy Reade – The Worst Noel

Nell Goddin – The Case of the Curious Biscuit

Colleen Helme – Devil in a Black Suit

Kim Hunt Harris – Frankincense, Gold and Murder

Larissa Reinhart – A View to a Chill

Cindy Bell – Christmas Chocolates and Crimes

Summer Prescott – Home for the Holidays

Kathryn Dionne – Murder at the Holiday Bazaar

Bonus – Recipes from the Authors.

And we love hearing from our readers, so stop by our website at and see what we’re up to. You can find out more about the authors, our 12-book boxed set, and how you can donate to a rescue shelter.  (Amazon)

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Fairy Cake Betrayal: A Magical and Sweet Cat Cozy Mystery (The Cake Fairy Mysteries Book 2) by [Hartford, Sabrina]“Fairy cakes, a kitten, magic & an impossible murder… All in Hawaii, with a fairy twist!”

Faye Anderson is searching for her mother who mysteriously disappeared over a decade ago. The quest takes Faye to Hawaii where she stumbles upon a shadowy killer fleeing a murder scene. Unfortunately, the killer seems to be none other than her own mother. Worse still, when the police arrive, there doesn’t seem to be any signs that a murder has taken place. There are no witnesses and even the body is missing!

It’s an impossible case but Faye isn’t going to let that stop her, especially when she can draw on her fairy powers and help from her newly adopted pet cat Tom. But the island of Hawaii holds many unwanted secrets, such as the story behind her mom’s disappearance and the truth about Tom’s past. Solving the crime could lead to the ultimate betrayal…

Includes FREE bonus recipe book that contains all 23 desserts referenced in the story (Normally sold separately for $9.99!), plus 4 extra cookie recipes. Recipes contain full ingredients, steps, and nutritional values. Suitable for vegetarians.  (Amazon)

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The Colors of Death by [Rae Dater, Carlene]No good deed goes unpunished. Leaving a Minnesota winter and a divorce behind is no great sacrifice when Callie Sue Davis agrees to help in her uncle’s California print shop while he’s ill. When she arrives in San Diego, she finds her uncle conveniently forgot to mention she’ll also be caring for his big, black, blind dog. How hard could that be? But when a human arm turns up in his recycling barrel at the print shop, Callie’s uncle is suspect number one.

The print shop employees behave suspiciously and Callie finds herself getting deeper into trouble all the time. The only plus is that one of the police detectives is a charmer, and sparks start to fly. Well, that and the dog.  (Amazon)

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Accessories to Die For: A Mystery (Irene's Closet) by [Paul, Paula]Good old-fashioned murder lurks behind the Old World charm of Santa Fe, New Mexico. And nobody knows that better than former attorney turned consignment-shop owner—and part-time amateur sleuth—Irene Seligman.

When New York assistant DA Irene Seligman moved home to take care of her demanding mother, Adelle, she thought she was leaving a world of corruption and violence behind. But after opening her store, Irene’s Closet, and getting reacquainted with the locals, she learns that something’s rotten in sunny Santa Fe. Even upstanding citizens like her friend Juanita Calabaza, a Native American artisan, can’t seem to escape the decidedly unfashionable surge in crime.

Juanita’s handcrafted jewelry has been known to catch the eye of many a tourist on the plaza in Santa Fe’s historic district. But lately she’s been attracting the wrong kind of attention . . . from the police. With her son missing after falling in with a bad crowd, Juanita foretells the death of one of his associates—which comes back to haunt her when the scumbag actually turns up dead. Now Juanita’s trading in her turquoise beads for an orange jumpsuit, and Irene will need to call upon all her old investigative skills to clear Juanita’s name—before her friend pays the ultimate price.

Paula Paul’s delightful mysteries featuring Irene Seligman can be read together or separately:

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Bloodlines & Lies (The Bloodline Series Book 5) by [Rees, Lynda]BLOODLINES & LIES, The Bloodline Series, Book 5
Ad executive Riley Power’s fiancé, Levi Madison, and his Native American horse trainer, Calvin Coldwater, prepare Cheyenne Powers for triple-crown racing. An old flame returns to Sweetwater, and the stunning redheaded chef wants Riley’s man. Instead of focusing wedding plans, Riley’s concerned with her dad’s prognosis of Black Lung Disease. Her house is broken into, and her next door neighbor is murdered. Police search for the drug ring involved. Riley and her friends, Lemon Sage Benton and FBI Special Agent Reggie Casse, follow another line of investigation. Danger follows them home.  (Amazon)

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A Toxic Craft (Evan Dunstan Mystery Book 2) by [Kong, Debra Purdy]An Imajin Qwickies® Mystery/Crime Novella, and book 2 in the Evan Dunstan Mystery series

A crafty senior…

Evan Dunstan’s spunky grandmother is giving him major headaches. As organizer for the seniors’ Christmas craft fair, Gran faces warring vendors and acts of vandalism that threaten to ruin the event. When nasty knitter Cora Riddell is knocked unconscious and her water spiked with a hallucinogen, Gran begs Evan to find out who’s responsible before more harm is done—or someone dies.

A daunting task…

In charge of the fair’s security, Evan faces a challenge that grows more difficult by the hour. His boss expects him to find the culprit before police are called in and Southwest Trades & Technology’s reputation as a safe campus is destroyed.

A friend or foe?

A search for answers reveals the disturbing possibility that even friends and coworkers hope Evan will fail. Is the culprit closer to him than he thought? Whose startling secrets must be exposed to find the truth?

Editorial Reviews:

“Evan is such an appealing character, with dreams and ambitions that may all be thwarted when he kindly offers to help his grandma with her craft fair. The seething resentments and jealousy among the quirky vendors keep him racing to find out who’s responsible for all the problems at the fair, before they turn deadly. A fast-paced and fun read. You’ll never think of craft fairs the same way again.” —Merrilee Robson, author of Murder is Uncooperative

“In A Toxic Craft, her second Evan Dunstan Mystery, Debra Purdy Kong’s diligent security guard protagonist finds himself facing a series of crimes on campus, including attempted murder. His investigation is thwarted at every turn by characters the reader will feel they know, brought to life by Purdy Kong’s talent for dialogue. A compelling short read, laced with lots of twists and turns that keep the reader going.” —Trine Bronken, author of The Bloody Business of Luck

“A quick read, that’s worth reading a few times. Debra Purdy Kong has created a level of ruthlessness that no one could ever expect within a Christmas craft fair. I’ll never be able to go to another craft fair without wondering if all the venders are secretly trying to kill each other.” —Erik D’Souza, author of Straight Men in Gay Bars Uncooperative

“Who knew little, white-haired, old ladies and Christmas craft fairs could be such a wickedly, frolicking mix. Add a jealous knitting needle and an angry Santa and you have the perfect ingredients for mayhem.” —R.H. Harlick, author of the Meg Harris mystery series

“Seniors’ scandalous sex lives, delicious vicious gossip, and violence at the Christmas craft fair will have readers eagerly flipping pages while they speed toward the frightful conclusion. A fun, fast read for all ages.” —Robin Spano, author of the Clare Vengel mysteries  (Amazon)

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Honey-Baked Homicide (A Down South Café Mystery) by [Leeson, Gayle]The owner of a delightful Southern café tastes the sharp sting of suspicion in this delectable comfort food mystery . . .
It’s fall in Winter Garden, Virginia, and business at Amy Flowers’ Down South Café has never been better. So when struggling beekeeper Stuart Landon asks Amy to sell some of his honey, she’s happy to help. The jars of honey are a sweet success, but their partnership is cut short when Amy discovers Landon’s body outside the café early one morning.

As Amy tries to figure out who could possibly have wanted to harm the unassuming beekeeper, she discovers an ever-expanding list of suspects—and they’re all buzzing mad. She’ll have to use all of her skills—and her Southern charm—to find her way out of this sticky situation…  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook