Series Spotlight–Familiar Legacy Series


Today on my blog I have a Series Spotlight for the Familiar Legacy Series.  Learn about the series, each of the books in the series and the authors who wrote them.  Then check out the books.  Happy Reading.


About The Series:

Multi-author series background.

In the 1990s, writing as Caroline Burnes, Carolyn Haines wrote 22 books featuring Familiar, the black cat detective, for the Harlequin Intrigue line. Familiar, who patterned himself after Sam Spade, was a popular character. Now, Haines is reissuing some of those titles and has begun a multi-author spin-off series featuring Familiar’s son, Trouble. A number of her writer friends are joining her to write romantic mysteries in the world of the smart, sleek, and savvy Trouble, black cat detective.

Like his father, Trouble is a traveling cat who finds himself at the doorstep of adventure, mystery—and a little romance—wherever he goes. He learned his detecting skills from his dad (who is a globetrotting PI) and from watching TV shows featuring Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes. Trouble is so taken with his Sherlockian hero that he’s developed a slight British accent.

Each book in the series features Trouble, who “thinks” but doesn’t speak. But each individual author is free to put her spin on the story and the human characters. This format allows for each writer to play to her strengths. The books are seventy percent mystery with a bit of romance thrown in, and of course, that darn cat.

The books are–

FAMILIAR TROUBLE, #1  Carolyn Haines

TROUBLE IN DIXIE #2 Rebecca Barrett



SMALL TOWN TROUBLE #5 Laura Benedict


We’re also planning a Valentine’s Day anthology, THE TROUBLE WITH CUPID, edited by Jaden Terrell, Claire Matturro, and Michelle Ladner. A number of other books are in the works.



Familiar Legacy Series, Book 1

Familiar Trouble (Familiar Legacy Book 1) by [Haines, Carolyn]BLOOD IS THICKER… Sometimes a unique talent is inherited—and such is the case for Trouble, son of Familiar the black cat detective. Trouble’s rather indolent life in the sleepy town of Wetumpka, Alabama is upended when a serial killer arrives on the scene. Trouble begins to apply the skills he learned from his dad and his hero, Sherlock Holmes.

When local bookseller Tammy Lynn is attacked at the site of an impact crater, Trouble realizes he must protect his human and solve the mystery of the Silk Stocking Killer.

Aiden Waters, a local deputy, has tracked the SSK to Wetumpka. Since his wife’s murder, Aiden won’t risk romance, but when Tammy is endangered, everything changes. Especially their hearts.  (Amazon)






About The Author:

Carolyn HainesCarolyn Haines is the USA Today bestselling author of over 70 books. She was the recipient of the Harper Lee Award for Distinguished Writing and the Richard Wright Award for Literary Excellence, as well as the “Best Amateur Sleuth” award by Romantic Times. Born and raised in Mississippi, she now lives in Alabama on a farm with more dogs, cats, and horses than she can possibly keep track of.  (Goodreads)







Familiar Legacy Series, Book 2

Trouble in Dixie (Familiar Legacy Book 2) by [Barrett, Rebecca]OLD MONEY AND FRESH MURDER — Trouble, a savvy black cat with a penchant for sleuthing, has landed in the cream of Savannah society. So has a murderer and art thief. Julia Hampton comes from old family, old money, and old society, but her job as an art insurance investigator puts her at odds with her background–and with the killer. Julia is determined to stop him. U. S. Deputy Marshal Mitch Lawson knows more than he’s willing to let on. One thing is clear: Julia is in danger–because of secrets he won’t share.

But have no fear, Trouble the black cat detective is on the job and while Julia and Mitch are distracted by their attraction to each other, he is about to get his man.  (Amazon)






About The Author:

Rebecca BarrettRebecca Barrett writes historical fiction, post-apocalyptic fiction (writing as Campbell O’Neal), children’s stories, and short stories of life in the South. An avid reader all her life and a product of “front porch” socializing, she became a story-teller at an early age.

Her current novel, Trouble in Dixie (available August 14, 2017), features that handsome, sleek, black cat detective, Trouble. This is a new series with multiple authors (The Cat Women Collective) who follow the antics of super-sleuth Trouble as he lands in first one crime scene then another. Of course, the humans help a little. These romantic mysteries are fun and light hearted and just perfect for a beach read or a rainy day.

Visit the author’s website to enjoy some of her short stories.  (Amazon)






Familiar Legacy Series, Book 3

Trouble in Tallahassee (Familiar Legacy Book 3) by [Matturro, Claire]THE LAW CAN’T PROTECT HER– Young attorney Abby Coleridge opens her home to a troubled law student after a fire destroys the woman’s apartment. When the student disappears, leaving behind a blood-splattered note and a stash of cryptic flash-drives, Abby sets out to find her. Soon, a murderous arsonist threatens them both.

Law student Victor Rutledge, a former Navy officer, knows more than he’s telling. So much so that his offers to help Abby seem suspicious. When police reveal his scandalous past, Abby doesn’t know who to trust.

Trouble, the black cat detective, lands in Tallahassee, Florida in the nick of time. Can he sniff out the salient clues and push Abby and Victor in the right direction and into each other’s arms? Can he save them—and himself—from a fiery end?  (Amazon)





About The Author:

Claire MatturroClaire Hamner Matturro, a former lawyer and college teacher, is the author of four legal mysteries with a sense of humor. Her books are: Skinny-Dipping (2004) (a BookSense pick, Romantic Times’Best First Mystery, and nominated for a Barry Award); Wildcat Wine (2005) (nominated for a Georgia Writer of the Year Award); Bone Valley(2006) and Sweetheart Deal (2007) (winner of Romantic Times’ Toby Bromberg Award for Most Humorous Mystery), all published by William Morrow.

Her newest book, Trouble in Tallahassee , will be published this September by KaliOka Press. Stay tuned for details. And look for an exciting announcement regarding Wayward Girls, her joint-writing adventure with Penny Koepsel.

Claire remains active in writers’ groups, teaches creative writing in adult education, and write reviews for Southern Literary Review.

Visit her at  

Familiar Legacy Series, Book 4

Trouble in Summer Valley (Familiar Legacy Book 4) by [Tanner, Susan Y.]DIVORCE, BETRAYAL, MURDER – Avery Wilson knew starting over would be hard, but she never expected to be in an all-out war with her ex. What was he planning next? Her goal of equine rehabilitation for wounded veterans on her Alabama horse ranch was slipping from her grasp, and her precious horses were in danger.

Dirks Hanna had what should have been a simple mission – evaluate Summer Valley Ranch for federal funding. But something deadly was happening in Summer Valley. The beautiful – and headstrong – equestrian was targeted for harm with danger in every direction. And, intertwined with that danger, was a multi-faceted black cat who somehow appeared at the scene of every disaster.

Trouble had arrived at the ranch anticipating bitter human emotions to run high, but the black cat finds his paws more than full with murder and two very stubborn humans who refuse to see they are meant for each other.  (Amazon)

About The Author:
Susan Y. Tanner’s latest venture is a ‘soon to be released’ romantic mystery showcasing one Susan Y. Tannersmart feline named Trouble. Because Ms. Tanner is a horse lover as well as a cat lover, her upcoming Trouble books will have backstories which feature the world of horses. These books will be part of the Familiar Legacy series written in concert with several very talented authors. Her previous novels, published as Susan Tanner, were historical romance. Highland Captive, Captive To A Dream, Exiled Heart, Fire Across Texas and Winds Across Texas as well as A Warm Southern Christmas (part of a Christmas anthology), were all published by Leisure Books.  (Amazon)
Familiar Legacy Series, Book 5   To be released January 8th, 2018

Small Town Trouble (Familiar Legacy Book 5) by [Benedict, Laura]SUMMER SECRETS…KIDNAPPING AND MURDER. Erin Walsh arrives home to tiny New Belford, Kentucky from college only to clash with her young stepmother, Shelby Rae. When Shelby Rae is kidnapped and a dear friend of the family is murdered, Erin discovers that both victims had secrets connected to the violent death of her mother seven years earlier. In a small town the pool of suspects is limited, but it also means the danger to Erin’s own life is deathly close.

Noah Daly, an old high school friend, is the son of the man everyone blames for the violent death of Erin’s mother. But he’s also the one person Erin feels she can trust to help her find Shelby Rae’s kidnapper and her friend’s murderer. Or is her sudden attraction to him blinding her to his true nature?

Enter Trouble, the wise and wily black cat detective. His paws have barely landed in the bluegrass when he realizes Erin is about to put herself in danger. Can he lead Erin to the truth before she becomes a victim herself?  (Amazon)

About The Author:
Laura BenedictLaura Benedict is the author of the Bliss House series of dark suspense novels, THE ABANDONED HEART (Oct. 2016), CHARLOTTE’S STORY and BLISS HOUSE (Pegasus Crime), as well as DEVIL’S OVEN, a modern Frankenstein tale, ISABELLA MOON, and CALLING MR. LONELY HEARTS (Ballantine). Her work has appeared in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, PANK, and in numerous anthologies like Thrillers: 100 Must-Reads (Oceanview), St. Louis Noir (Akashic Books), and The Lineup: 20 Provocative Women Writers. She originated and edited the Surreal South Anthology of Short Fiction Series with her husband, Pinckney Benedict, and edited Feeding Kate, a charity anthology, for their press, Gallowstree Press. A Cincinnati, Ohio native, Laura grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, and claims both as hometowns. She currently lives with her family in the southern wilds of a Midwestern state, surrounded by bobcats, coyotes, and other less picturesque predators. Find out more, enter her monthly contests, and follow her blog at   (Amazon)

A Familiar Legacy Short Mystery For Christmas

Trouble Under the Mistletoe: A Familiar Legacy Short Mystery by [Barrett, Rebecca]
Trouble, the Sherlock of black cat detective, finds himself in Turnout, MS on Christmas Eve. Teddy Adamson, that heart breaker, has just walked back into Billie Dean Bailey’s life. But more dire happenings are going on under the mistletoe. Who ends up dead and why? Was it the maraschino cherries in the Tizzington sisters’ fruit compote? Or was it something more sinister? Find out in this short story of Trouble’s latest escapade in the Familiar Legacy Mystery Series.  (Amazon)











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