New Releases For The Week Of April 15th, 2018–Part 4

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of April 15th, 2018.  I am going to divide the list into 5 days because there are so very very many of them this week. Today is the fourth day of my list.  Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading.  Enjoy and happy reading.


The Battered Badge (The Nero Wolfe Mysteries) by [Goldsborough, Robert]

A shake-up in the NYPD homicide squad following a high-profile murder is bad for business for private investigator Nero Wolfe.

When wealthy and popular crusader and reformer Lester Pierce is gunned down in front of his Park Avenue residence, the public outcry forces the NYPD to restructure its homicide department. As the deceased was highly critical of Inspector Lionel Cramer, the longtime head of homicide is temporarily relieved of his badge. But it seems Cramer was not just a scapegoat: He was seen dining in Little Italy with mob kingpin Ralph Mars.

All of which amounts to little more than conversational fodder for PI Nero Wolfe and his assistant Archie Goodwin. But if Cramer’s provisional replacement, Capt. George Rowcliff, becomes permanent, Wolfe’s future dealings with the force will be much compromised. Loath to depart from his routine, Wolfe makes the unusual decision to take on a case without an actual client.

His investigation quickly points toward Pierce’s organization, Good Government Group, where high-minded idealism is often trampled under the competing ambitions of the staff—several of whom would clearly have benefited from Pierce’s demise. Despite the burgeoning list of suspects, Wolfe hasn’t ruled out the involvement of the underworld and its connection to Cramer. But in order to untangle an abundance of motives and end the inspector’s forced furlough, Wolfe may have to venture out of his comfort zone—and the premises of his brownstone.

Continuing his beloved series—which also includes Archie Meets Nero WolfeMurder in the Ball ParkArchie in the Crosshairs, and Murder, Stage Left—Nero Award–winning author Robert Goldsborough “demonstrates an impressive ability to emulate Rex Stout’s narrative voice” (Publishers Weekly, starred review).

The Battered Badge is the 60th book in the Nero Wolfe Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback








Miz Scarlet and the Acrimonious Attorney (Scarlet Wilson Mystery Book 6) by [Barton, Sara]Scarlet Wilson made a mistake when she quoted Shakespeare. “First thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” Less than an hour later, a lawyer was murdered in a parking garage in Hartford, Connecticut. Not just any lawyer, her lawyer! When she discovers C. Philip Grimshaw’s dead body shortly after their meeting, she’s stunned. While she’s on the phone with the 9-1-1 dispatcher, she unexpectedly comes face-to-face with his killer.

Connecticut State Police homicide investigator Laurencia “Larry” Rivera, Scarlet’s long-time friend, just happens to be in the vicinity as part of a task force, working with the Hartford Police, when the call comes in. Do people really believe Miz Scarlet was involved in the murder?

Challenged by Larry to solve the case before the Hartford cops can make an arrest, the intrepid “arm chair” amateur sleuth is determined to figure out this “whodunit”, lest she lose the bet and be stuck hosting Larry’s opinionated, sharp-tongued mother at the Four Acorns Inn. Scarlet doesn’t believe it was a bungled robbery or an attempted car-jacking gone wrong. She thinks the killer knew C. Philip Grimshaw and came to the parking garage with the intent to murder the acrimonious attorney. That weapon was a dead giveaway!

Miz Scarlet’s “significant other”, Mercer Security private investigator Kenny Tolliver, is hired by the law firm of Martin, Dubinsky, and Moore to uncover what C. Philip Grimshaw was up to just before he was killed. Kenny invites Scarlet to accompany him to the Florida Keys as his assistant, thinking the couple will have time for romance. But that will have to wait. How did the killer find her in Florida?

Islamorada is the fishing capital of the world. With millions of dollars in prize money, the tournaments draw the best anglers. The competition is fierce. The prize money is lucrative. Dirty little secrets, blackmail, and a killer on the loose add up to trouble for Scarlet Wilson and Kenny Tolliver. Can they solve the case before anyone else is murdered?  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle








The Oblivious Heiress: A Jane Carter Historical Cozy (Jane Carter Historical Cozy Mysteries Book 4) by [Simpson, Alice]Jane has her hands full getting out the inaugural issue of her very own Carter’s All-Story Weekly Magazine, but she still finds time to investigate the activities of a cagey heiress, an attempted murder, and a band of sailors with mysterious matching tattoos.

About the Jane Carter Historical Cozy Mystery Series:

This quirky historical cozy mystery series is set in the fictional American city of Greenville during the 1920s and features Jane Carter, a young widow who returns home to live with her father after the tragic death of her journalist husband.

Jane’s father owns a local newspaper and wants Jane to take it over someday, but Jane is adamant that she has no desire to be a reporter. Instead, she turns her talent for writing to concocting melodramatic romances for fly-by-night rags who almost never pay on time.

Jane claims that she’s holding out for a millionaire before she marries again, but the only man who makes her heart beat faster is Jack, a reporter on her father’s staff. Not only has Jane vowed she will never be a newspaperman herself, she’s doubly insistent on never again marrying one.

While trying to turn out enough column inches of overwrought romantic bilge to keep her old car on the road, and herself in shoes, Jane runs into the most extraordinary circumstances. In Jane’s madcap world, it’s a constant round of kidnappings, curses, stolen jewels, counterfeit paintings, and hidden stashes of gold. There’s plenty of crime to go around, but nary a murder.

Accompanying Jane on her adventures is her best friend, Florence. Jane and Flo may get into one perilous situation after another, but they are never damsels in distress, because, as Jane puts it, “A real lady always carries her own pocket knife.”

All this getting into harm’s way alarms her father’s housekeeper, Mrs. Timms. Mrs. Timms believes it’s her mission in life to turn motherless Jane into a proper lady, but seeing as Jane has just turned twenty-four, Mrs. Timms considerable efforts appear to have been in vain. However, the housekeeper won’t give up trying, just as Jane won’t give up on seeing Mrs. Timms and her father center-aisling it to the altar and saying, “I do.”

This series is adapted from Mildrid Wirt’s Penny Parker mysteries, which have fallen out of copyright. The author has made extensive alterations and additions to both the characters and plots of the original novels, but readers familiar with Ms. Wirt’s stories will notice similarities.

These are murderless mysteries. Despite a constant crime wave, there seem to be no murders in the city of Greenville. There may be plenty of peril in the form of kidnappings, heists, and the occasional assault, but nobody ever dies, and justice is always served.

If you like light-hearted historical mysteries with quirky characters and a bit of zany humor, this may be the series for you!

This series may be of interest to fans of: Lee Strauss (Ginger Gold Mysteries), Jaqueline Winspear (Masie Dobbs Mysteries), Patricia Wentworth (Miss Silver Mysteries), Jessica Ellicot (Berl and Edwina Mysteries Series), Clara Benson, L. B. Hathaway (Posie Parker Mysteries), Leighann Dobbs (Hazel Martin Mysteries), T. E. Kinsey (Lady Hardcastle Mysteries), Margarete Addison (Rose Simpson Mysteries), Emily Organ (Penny Green Mysteries), and the Phryne Fisher Mystery Series. Readers who enjoy the works of Alexander McCall Smith, Tarquin Hall, Ashley Weaver, Frances Brody, Maia Chance, Radha Vatsal, Shea MacLeod, Alyssa Maxwell, Sabrina Flynn, Vivian Conroy, and Anita Davison may also enjoy this series of gentle mystery stories set in the roaring twenties.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle








Orcas Intruder (The Chameleon Chronicles Book 2) by [Gayle, Laura]Camille Tate always tells herself to calm down…

…but her instincts always warn her to disappear.

After the fright of her first weeks on Orcas Island, Cam wants a quiet Thanksgiving with her family and a few friends. She’s hoping that time with her foster parents will help her recover from the horror of witnessing a shooting and being kidnapped.

But her employers, the Brixtons, are arriving, along with a few unexpected visitors from Cam’s past. Her peaceful holiday is nowhere to be found. When her neighbor’s home is burglarized and ransacked, Cam’s world is threatened, too. As mysterious intruders haunt her island life, Cam realizes that the intrigue is far from over.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle









Savage Souvenirs (Rose Hollow Mysteries Book 6) by [Pennington, E.Z.]Stress has been the main factor in Becky’s life as of late. Her mother seems to be making the decision to stay with her permanently instead of returning to Ohio. She even got a part-time job at the library and acquired a car that was pink, but would shine almost gold in the sun. Becky isn’t sure what to think of her mother and what she should say to her about staying for so long.

But her mother becomes the last of Becky’s worries as her mother calls to inform Becky that there has been another murder in Rose Hollow. And it was the customer Becky had in her antique shop the day before. As Becky takes on another case and dives into another social group of town, she discovers that everyone is a liar and has something to hide. And the girl that was murdered? The biggest liar of them all.



Becky doesn’t know when to stop as she starts to interview everyone in the Rose Hollow Book Club, the only group of people that accepted the murdered woman as their own. Becky is forced to not only put the murder pieces together, but several literary pieces will need to be examined in order to find out who murdered Sarah Reese. And was it out of jealousy, or even a longer string of lies?  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle







Rip Your Heart Out (A Ripple Effect Cozy Mystery, Book 4) by [Glidewell, Jeanne]Seattle, WA: Philanthropist Murdered, Rapella Ripple Investigates in Rip Your Heart Out, a Ripple Effect Cozy Mystery by Jeanne Glidewell

While celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary on an Alaskan cruise, Rip experiences a serious cardiac event that results in a triple-bypass. Of course, the hospital is just the beginning; the Chartreuse Caboose isn’t the best place to recuperate and heal. His cardiac care nurse, Sydney Combs, has the perfect solution: her recently deceased aunt’s home.

The Ripples move into the ancient Victorian mansion free of charge for the next two months. Mabel Trumbo bequeathed the home to the heart center to be used as temporary housing for heart patients’ families, but it’s not quite up to snuff, which offers a great project to distract Rapella.

When an anonymous tip leads the police to suspect Sydney of murdering her aunt, Rapella’s determined to exonerate Sydney. Despite several individuals with dubious intentions, a mouthy cockatoo and a huge St. Bernard to tend to, along with a house that seems possessed by evil spirits, Rapella can’t help but get wrapped up in this newest mystery.

Don’t miss Rapella’s heart-healthy recipe, Garlic-Roasted Salmon & Brussels Sprouts along with a special dessert, featured at the end of the story. When you make the Salmon & Brussels Sprouts, be sure to heed the warning!

From The Publisher: The Ripple Effect series will be enjoyed by fans of Joanne Fluke, Madison Johns, Ceecee James and readers of cozy mysteries who enjoy light-hearted, clean & wholesome, mysteries featuring female amateur sleuths and senior citizens.

“In a world that views aging and senior citizens obsolete, it is refreshing to read A Ripple Effect Cozy Mystery series by Jeanne Glidewell.” ~Cindy Travis, Reviewer

“It is not often a book makes me laugh aloud but Jeanne Glidewell never disappoints . . .”~Yvonne P., Reviewer

“I hope this series continues. Being Rip and Rapellas’ age I am happy to see them featured in adventures. I can recommend this book to anyone who likes mysteries, cozy or not.” ~Anna, Reviewer

A Rip Roaring Good Time
Rip Tide
Ripped to Shreds
Rip Your Heart Out
Ripped Apart

Leave No Stone Unturned
The Extinguished Guest
With This Ring
Just Ducky
The Spirit of the Season – a holiday novella
Cozy Camping
Marriage & Mayhem  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback










A Charming Corpse: :A Cozy Paranormal Mystery (A Magical Cures Mystery Series book 11) by [Kappes, Tonya]Bubble… Bubble…

The quaint and magical shops in the cozy but unusual little town of Whispering Falls, Kentucky have been booming with business, with the exception of A Charming Cure. A mortal is selling homemade oils and making unfounded promises, undercutting June’s prices.

Cures and trouble…

When the mortal is found, and spiritualist Leah LeRoy is Sheriff Oscar Park’s number one suspect, Leah begs June to break the number one by-law: No spiritualist is able to read one another. Hesitant and not wanting to go against her Oscar, June does use her gift and uncovers that no matter what the evidence says, Leah didn’t kill the mortal.

Magic stirs…

What’s a witch to do?
June can’t ignore her friend’s plea to help her. June digs deeper into Leah’s life and discovers more reasons why Leah had motive to kill the mortal than not.

And troubles double…

As if June didn’t have enough on her plate, her Great Aunt Helena has a job proposition. Hidden Hall~A Spiritualist University has a teaching position in their Intuition School and June is the perfect candidate. The job has June’s cauldron bubbling. The only catch is that she’ll have to leave Whispering Falls for the semester.

Will June be able to meet the deadline of a killer before they strike again and the deadline of making a decision about the teaching job before she becomes the next victim?  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle











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