New Releases For The Week Of April 15th, 2018–Part 5

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of April 15th, 2018.  I am going to divide the list into 5 days because there are so very very many of them this week. Today is the fifth and final day of my list for this week..  Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading.  Enjoy and happy reading.


In Prior's Wood: A Max Tudor Mystery (A Max Tudor Novel) by [Malliet, G. M.]“G. M. Malliet has crafted the English village of our dreams.” —Charlaine Harris

Agatha Award-winning author G. M. Malliet has charmed mystery lovers and cozy fans with her critically acclaimed mysteries. In Prior’s Wood, featuring handsome spy-turned-cleric Max Tudor, won’t disappoint.

Newly returned from investigating a murder in Monkslip-super-Mare, handsome Max Tudor wants nothing more than to settle back into his predictable routine as vicar of St. Edwold’s Church in the village of Nether Monkslip. But the flow of his sermon on Bathsheba is interrupted when the lady of the local manor house is found in a suicide pact with her young lover.

Lady Duxter’s husband rallies quickly from the double tragedy—too quickly, it is murmured in the village. Lord Duxter already has offered his manor house to a motley crew of writers, including Max’s wife Awena, for his writers’ retreat, and he insists the show must go on.

When a young girl goes missing and a crime writer becomes a target, DCI Cotton asks Max to lend his MI5 expertise to the investigation.

Many suspects emerge as the scope of the investigation widens beyond the writers to villagers who had crossed swords with the insufferably smug crime author. But Max begins to wonder: was the attack on the writer only part of a broader conspiracy of silence?  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Audiobook







Murder in Venice: A Posie Parker Mystery (The Posie Parker Mystery Series Book 6) by [Hathaway, L.B.]WHO DO YOU TRUST WHEN SIMPLY EVERYONE IS WEARING A MASK?

A Winter Wedding, Venice, 1923

Posie Parker, London’s premier female Private Detective, is getting married…

But on arrival in Venice, Posie finds she is walking into a nightmare: her lodgings on the Grand Canal are consumed by fire, her famous fiancé is preoccupied, and most bizarrely of all, her hostess, the Countess Romagnoli, confesses she has a stalker and fears for her life.

Tasked with protecting the Countess, Posie investigates the other house-guests and finds that there are disguises everywhere.

And when a terrible murder is committed, with the prospect of the killer striking yet again, Posie realizes she must separate out the shadows of the past and the realities of the present in order to uncover the murderer before it is too late. In her most dangerous case yet, Posie works alongside both familiar and new colleagues in order to get at the truth.

But will the truth come at a terrible price?

This is a classic Golden Age of Crime murder mystery which will appeal to fans of Agatha Christieand Downton Abbey. Set against a background of Italian fascism following the Great War, ‘Murder in Venice’ is the sixth book in the delightfully classic English Posie Parker Mystery Series, although the novel can be enjoyed as a stand-alone story in its own right.

If you love an action-packed historical cozy crime with a feisty protagonist, download a sample or buy ‘Murder in Venice’ now.


˃˃˃ Other books by L.B. Hathaway available on Amazon:

‘Murder Offstage’ (A Posie Parker Mystery #1)

‘The Tomb of the Honey Bee’ (A Posie Parker Mystery #2)

‘Murder at Maypole Manor’ (A Posie Parker Mystery #3)

‘The Vanishing of Dr Winter’ (A Posie Parker Mystery #4)

‘Murder of a Movie Star’ (A Posie Parker Mystery #5)

To be the first to hear about L.B. Hathaway’s new releases sign up for the newsletter.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle






Tea & Temptation: A 2nd Chance Diner Cozy Mystery by [Byers, Beth ]Rose is overwhelmed with 2nd Chance Diner’s busy season and needs a break. So, she and Simon decide to get some time to themselves. They’ll visit a little Bed & Breakfast right there in Silver Falls, enjoy some high tea, and romance and still be on time to work.

What they didn’t expect was someone to fall dead in the crumpets. Another murder is afoot and yet again they’re embroiled in the plot. Will they be able to find the killer before they become the next targets? And just what will all this murder do to their relationship?

Though The 2nd Chance Diner mysteries can be enjoyed as stand-alone stories, Beth recommends you read them in order. 

Book 6 in the 2nd Chance Diner Mystery series! For fans of Carolyn Dean, Angela Blackmoore, Agatha Frost, and CeeCee James. A light, cozy mystery with a snarky sidekick, a handsome detective, and fun friendships. No swearing, graphic scenes, or cliffhangers.

The 2nd Chance Diner Cozy Mysteries
Book 1: Spaghetti, Meatballs, & Murder
Book 2: Cookies & Catastrophe
Book 3: Poison & Pie
Book 4: Double Mocha Murder
Book 5: Cinnamon Rolls and Cyanide
Book 6: Tea & Temptation  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle







Miss Seeton Flies High (A Miss Seeton Mystery Book 23) by [Crane, Hamilton, Carvic, Heron]Lucky Miss Seeton! A modest Premium Bond win means a whole week in legendary Glastonbury. She can draw and drink in the surroundings, just what she needs for her scene-painting role in the village production of ‘Camelot’.

By coincidence, the kidnapped Heir to an industrial family may be hidden around there and Chief Superintendent Delphick has asked the ex-art teacher to create some of her famous, insightful sketches. Even he is nonplussed by the resulting images of capering sheep in straitjackets, flashing false teeth!

But the Heir is in danger, a murderer is lurking, and the first victim may not be the last. Then fortune favours Miss Seeton again, her raffle ticket winning her a hot air balloon flight, and well, it’s just amazing what you can see from above . . .

Serene amidst every kind of skulduggery, this eccentric English spinster steps in where Scotland Yard stumbles, armed with nothing more than her sketchpad and umbrella!

What people are saying about Miss Seeton:

“Miss Seeton is a hoot! I was torn between laughter and eye rolling with each page turn. The characters are loveable and thoroughly British. This is a perfect specimen of classic British mystery.“

What a joy Miss Seeton is. Why did I wait so long to read them? Splashy characters, lovely setting, and just plain funny.”

“I’ve become a Miss Ess addict. Great characters that get better with each book. A must for anyone who loves a good British cozy with a twist, and surprising revelations of what a good brollie can do in a pinch.”

“What a great series. This is one of the best in English light reading mysteries.”

“Miss Seeton is a delightful sendup of the amateur sleuth. If your doctor has prescribed laughter as the best medicine, run and buy the entire series as fast as you can.”

Editorial reviews:

“A most beguiling protagonist!” New York Times

“Miss Seeton gets into wild drama with fine touches of farce . . . This is a lovely mixture of the funny and the exciting.” San Francisco Chronicle

“This is not so much black comedy as black-currant comedy . . . You can’t stop reading. Or laughing.” The Sun

Depth of description and lively characters bring this English village to life.” Publishers Weekly

“Fun to be had with a full cast of endearingly zany villagers . . . and the ever gently intuitive Miss Seeton.” Kirkus Reviews

“Miss Seeton is the most delightfully satisfactory character since Miss Marple.” Ogden Nash  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle









The Pit List Murders (Barkside of the Moon Mysteries Book 3) by [George, Renee]Pit Bulls are Sweet . . . and that’s no mystery!

Lily Mason and her adorable pittie Smooshie both have a nose for murder, but this is one cougar-shifter who would give her left paw to never find another dead body. All she wants is to enjoy a simple life in her new town, her fixer-upper house, while working a job she loves. Besides, the mystery of whether Parker Knowles, her boss at the rescue shelter, will or won’t finally ask her out gives Lily plenty to keep her guessing.

But when an abandoned pit bull puppy leads Lily and Smooshie to the corpse of a local philanderer, she is once again drawn into the seedier side of small town living. Even though she’s warned off the case by the local sheriff, Lily is determined to find the killer before one of her dearest friends, the prime suspect, is arrested. It doesn’t help matters that more nasty notes are showing up around town, making Lily wonder if the two things are connected.

Lily and Smooshie need to crack the case of the dead Don Juan, while navigating what it means to live in an all human town, before her secret and the secrets of the people she cares for are exposed.

The PIt List Murders, Book 3 of the Barkside of the Moon Mysteries from USA Today bestselling paranormal cozy mystery author Renee George, is a gripping murder mystery that keeps you guessing from beginning to end!   (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle








Kernel of Doubt: A Neela Durante Mystery by [Avis, Hillary]There’s a body in the cornfield at the Broad Earth research center.

Corn geneticist Neela Durante should feel relieved. The project that plagued her for over a year is finally off her desk, and now she has time to salvage her floundering marriage and reconnect with her family.

But maybe it’s too late—divorce papers arrive on the same day that she learns that her father’s health is failing. Even her dog is miserable. And that’s not the only trouble germinating. When a fellow scientist is found dead in the research center’s test fields, Neela is sure the murder has something to do with their work.

As her friends and colleagues fall under suspicion—and her handsome soon-to-be-ex husband investigates the case—she is drawn back into the project that destroyed her life. But with her job, her marriage, and her family farm at risk, Neela’s sleuthing might come at a cost she can’t afford.

Recipes included!  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle









Senoia Cozy Mystery Boxed Set: Books 7 - 9 by [Harper, Susan]Three Cozy Mysteries from #1 Best Selling author Susan Harper

Felicity has become Senoia’s premier party planner and super sleuth. After the death of her fiancé, she has thrown herself into work and that means sleuthing. Follow Felicity as she recovers from tragedy, finds a new love, and puts criminals behind bars.

This collection of cozy mysteries includes books seven through nine in the Senoia Cozy Mystery series. If you like cozy mysteries with interesting characters and unexpected turns, the Senoia Cozy Mystery series is for you.

Buy the Senoia Cozy Mystery Boxed Set and start solving your next mystery (or three) today!

Always FREE on Kindle Unlimited  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle






















































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