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Today I am happy to be spotlighting Charmed Bones by Carolyn Haines.  This is the eighteenth book in her Sarah Booth Delaney Mystery series.  Learn about the series, the book and the author.  Hope you enjoy my post and happy reading.


Sarah Booth Delaney is an unconventional Southern belle. Unwed and over 30, she excels as a private Investigator. She’s the hottest detective in Zinnia, Mississippi, but in this cozy mystery series, solving mysteries isn’t all she’s up against. She juggles an acting career, handsome men, and a bossy antebellum ghost.

  1. Them Bones. Bantam. 1999. ISBN 9780553581713.
  2. Buried Bones. Bantam. 2000. ISBN 9780553581720.
  3. Splintered Bones. Dell. 2003. ISBN 9780440237211.
  4. Crossed Bones. Dell. 2004. ISBN 9780440240938.
  5. Hallowed Bones. Dell. 2005. ISBN 9780440241317.
  6. Bones to Pick. Kensington. 2006. ISBN 9780758210913.
  7. Ham Bones. Kensington. 2007. ISBN 9780758210920.
  8. Wishbones. Minotaur Books. 2008. ISBN 9780312377083.
  9. Greedy Bones. Minotaur Books. 2009. ISBN 9780312377106.
  10. Bone Appetit. Minotaur Books. 2010. ISBN 9780312594640.
  11. Bones of a Feather. Minotaur Books. 2011. ISBN 9780312595029.
  12. Bonefire of the Vanities. Minotaur Books. 2012. ISBN 9780312641870.
  13. Smarty Bones. Minotaur Books. 2013. ISBN 9780312641887.
  14. Booty Bones. Minotaur Books. 2014. ISBN 9781250046130.
  15. Bone to Be Wild. Minotaur Books. 2015. ISBN 9781250046147.
  16. Rock-a-Bye Bones. Minotaur Books. 2016. ISBN 9781250085160.
  17. Sticks and Bones.  Minotaur Books. 2017   ISBN13: 9781250085269
  18. Charmed Bones.    Minotaur Books. 2018   ISBN13: 9781250154132
  19. A Gift Of Bones    2018




Charmed Bones: A Sarah Booth Delaney Mystery by [Haines, Carolyn]USA Today bestselling author Carolyn Haines will once again delight readers with Charmed Bones, the next sparkling Sarah Booth Delaney mystery.

Zinnia, Mississippi is rife with quirky characters, but the arrival of three sister witches—and their intention to open a Wiccan boarding school—sets the small town on its ear. And bodies begin to accumulate as a result. Faith, Hope, and Charity Harrington are sexy and smart. They’re setting up their boarding school in an old dairy—a piece of property with tremendous development potential. And they’re standing in the way of “progress,” according to some in the town.

When young Corey Fontana goes missing, Delaney Detective Agency is hired to find the youth—who’s well known as a local hooligan. His mother, Kitten Fontana, who is married to the kind of land development, believes the witches have abducted her son and makes no bones about it. She’s willing to pay hard cash to find her son, especially if she can implicate the witches in his disappearance.

When Sarah Booth Delaney and her partner, Tinkie Richmond, find Corey, unharmed, it is only the beginning of a series of events that include midnight dances under a full moon, love potions, and murder. Are the sister witches criminals… or victims? Do they truly have magical powers, as they claim? Sarah Booth and Tinkie must find the answer before more people are harmed.





Carolyn Haines


Carolyn Haines, who uses the pseudonyms R.B. ChestertonCaroline Burnes, and Lizzie Hart, is a prolific mystery author and former journalist specializing in mysteries set in the Mississippi Delta.

Carolyn Haines is the USA Today bestselling author of over eighty novels in a number of genres, including the acclaimed Sarah Booth Delaney mystery series, the Pluto’s Snitch mystery series, and the Familiar Legacy romantic mystery series.
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Haines was honored with the prestigious 2009 Richard Wright Award for Literary Excellence. Haines was also 2010 recipient of the Harper Lee Award for Distinguished writing. Her novel BONE TO BE WILD was named best suspense for 2014, and the Sarah Booth Delaney series was also named best amateur sleuth. Two of the Sarah Booth books were included in the “Best 5 mysteries of the year” by LIBRARY JOURNAL.

Born and raised in Mississippi, she now lives in Alabama on a farm with more dogs, cats, and horses than she can possibly keep track of! She has been an animal advocate and activist her whole life and urges all pet owners to please spay and neuter.


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