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Today I am happy to be spotlighting Turning For Trouble by Susan Y. Tanner.  I am going to talk about the series , the author and the book.  Hope you enjoy.



Multi-author series background.

In the 1990s, writing as Caroline Burnes, Carolyn Haines wrote 22 books featuring Familiar, the black cat detective, for the Harlequin Intrigue line. Familiar, who patterned himself after Sam Spade, was a popular character. Now, Haines is reissuing some of those titles and has begun a multi-author spin-off series featuring Familiar’s son, Trouble. A number of her writer friends are joining her to write romantic mysteries in the world of the smart, sleek, and savvy Trouble, black cat detective.

Like his father, Trouble is a traveling cat who finds himself at the doorstep of adventure, mystery—and a little romance—wherever he goes. He learned his detecting skills from his dad (who is a globetrotting PI) and from watching TV shows featuring Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes. Trouble is so taken with his Sherlockian hero that he’s developed a slight British accent.

Each book in the series features Trouble, who “thinks” but doesn’t speak. But each individual author is free to put her spin on the story and the human characters. This format allows for each writer to play to her strengths. The books are seventy percent mystery with a bit of romance thrown in, and of course, that darn cat.


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Susan Y. TannerSusan Y. Tanner’s latest venture is a ‘soon to be released’ romantic mystery showcasing one smart feline named Trouble. Because Ms. Tanner is a horse lover as well as a cat lover, her upcoming Trouble books will have backstories which feature the world of horses. These books will be part of the Familiar Legacy series written in concert with several very talented authors. Her previous novels, published as Susan Tanner, were historical romance. Highland Captive, Captive To A Dream, Exiled Heart, Fire Across Texas and Winds Across Texas as well as A Warm Southern Christmas (part of a Christmas anthology), were all published by Leisure Books.




DUST, GLORY—AND MURDER—at the Rodeo. Malone Summers ‘has what it takes’ to ride horses to big wins in the rough and tumble world of rodeo. Once young and headstrong, she’d chased her dream with a wild rodeo cowboy destined to break her heart. Now she’s riding high–until she finds a frightened young stowaway named Joss in her rig, and the murders of rough stock riders begin.

Cade Delaney has a past heartbreak of his own. He’s ready for a second chance with the only girl who ever turned his head or stole his heart, but while Malone is a risk-taker in the arena, she’s not willing to put her heart on the line again when Cade reappears in her life.

Trouble, the sleek and talented black cat detective, finds himself in the world of rodeo and murder when he takes on the job of guarding Malone against the mounting danger around her. Young Joss is connected to the murders, but how? Trouble has to help the humanoids determine what role Joss plays in the dangerous events and then help them see the truth their hearts fight against.



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