Review of Persuading Piper

Persuading Piper
Brotherhood Protectors World
Susan Boles
5 Stars


Piper McKenzie has a great life. She lives in a planation home that’s been in the family for generations with her overprotective father and Ham, the family guard dog. She dates, but keeps her broken heart under lock and key. Nobody will ever hurt her again like Ian Elliot did.

Ian “Hawkeye” Elliot lives his lifelong dream of being a Navy Fighter pilot until a busted eardrum clips his wings forever as a pilot. Brotherhood Protectors, Inc. throws him a lifeline working with other retired veterans offering valuable skills honed by military service. Until his latest assignment, nothing shakes him, but this job threatens not only the life of the woman he loves, but also his heart.

Using a visit to his mother as cover, Hawkeye arrives back in town to provide bodyguard services to Piper’s father. His challenge is to keep his charge alive while avoiding the glares and hostility from the girl he left behind. Complicating his job is Ham-the-guard-dog, who hates him.
The question is which is more deadly? Bullets, a mean dog, or emotions? Only time will tell. (Goodreads)




Piper is a smart, hard working independent woman. She loves her father and cares about and worries about him. She has had her share of heartbreak and she has no plans to get serious with any man. Her only love is her dog, Ham, who is adorable. Piper’s father is very over-protective of his daughter and he loves her completely. When his life is threatened he is more concerned about protecting Piper than for his own safety. When Ian is sent to protect him, Ian knows the job will be more complicated because of Piper, the girl he let get away. But he has returned home to do a job and that is what he plans on doing, no matter what. The characters are well developed and well rounded. I am very happy to have met them and spend time with them.

The author is very talented in her descriptive writing and through that writing, I felt like I was right there with all of the people of Mercy, Mississippi. I really liked the fact that some of the characters were people that I know from another series that I have read from this author. The writing style flows smoothly and the book is a quick easy read. There was plenty of suspense and intrigue and I kept wanting to swipe the pages to see what would happen next.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted women’s contemporary romantic suspense. I am looking forward to book two already.


Review of Snowed Under

Snowed Under

The Leafy Hollow Mysteries, Book #5

Rickie Blair

5 Stars


When a crossword craze turns lethal, can a green PI solve the clues before the killer makes it two down?

With Leafy Hollow in a deep winter freeze, landscaper Verity Hawkes is all out of funds. Setting up a private investigator business seems like the best way to indulge her fantasy and make a few bucks. But she never expected her first case would turn the whole town against her.

As she investigates a shady, million-dollar crossword competition, even her detective boyfriend sides with her neighbors in thinking it’s legit. But when the contest seems to connect with scruffy dog walkers and a dead village hoarder, Verity’s determined to puzzle out the clues before the whole town descends into a word-smithing frenzy.

With time running out, can Verity find the killer before the culprit delivers another deadly answer? (Amazon)



The characters are well developed and well rounded.  Verity is a smart hardworking woman who loves to solve puzzles.  So it makes sense that she would try to open a private investigation office, she will make some money and indulge her puzzle solving appetite.  She will have plenty of help from her friends and neighbors. I especially liked her relationship with her best friend, Emy. It was funny, caring and you can tell that they are really close.

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read.  The author is very talented in her descriptive writing and she had me shivering from the cold as I was reading.  She really gave the reader an insight into a cold Canadian winter and the impending snow storm. I think it takes talent to create that type of atmosphere with just the written word.    There are mysteries galore in this book and they are well plotted. I thought the crossword puzzle contest was very clever and fun.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy mystery.  With great characters, great descriptions and great intrigue, what is not to like?


New Releases For The Week of August 26th, 2018–Part 4

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of August 26th, 2018. I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very many of them for this week. Today is the fourth and final day of my list for this week. Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.


Marigolds for Malice (An Enchanted Garden Mystery) by [Cattrell, Bailey]In the third captivating Enchanted Garden Mystery from Bailey Cattrell, Elliana Allbright will need to dig up clues from the past to weed out a killer…

Elliana Allbright is happy running her perfume shop, Scents & Nonsense, in the charming town of Poppyville, California. And she’s even happier when she can use her inherited abilities to infuse her perfumes with an extra special something that eases woes or solves problems for her customers. But she’ll need those abilities and more when murder comes to town.

Ellie and her women’s business group, the Greenstockings, are helping to open a new museum about local history, and while sorting through the collection of artifacts they discover a time capsule from the days of the Gold Rush. Among the contents is a strange botanical manuscript, recognized by local history professor Eureka Sanford as extremely rare and valuable. When the professor is found dead in the museum, Ellie has no choice but to sniff out the murderer… but this one may have roots that are as old as Poppyville.   (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook













Died in the Wool (A Knit & Nibble Mystery) by [Ehrhart, Peggy]


When a murder shocks picturesque Arborville, New Jersey, Pamela Paterson and her Knit and Nibble knitting club suddenly find themselves at the center of the investigation—as suspects . . .

Pamela is ready to kick back and relax after a busy day selling stuffed aardvarks to benefit Arborville High School’s sports program at the annual town festival. But just as she’s packing up, she makes a terrible discovery—someone’s stashed a body under the Knit and Nibble’s table. The victim is Randall Jefferson, a decidedly unpopular history teacher after his recent op-ed criticizing the school’s sports program. But the primary suspect has an alibi, and the only clue is a stuffed aardvark found on the victim’s chest . . . Now the Knit and Nibblers must unravel the case quickly—before a crafty killer repeats a deadly pattern.

Knitting tips and delicious recipe included!  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback













Paramedic Ashley Grant is settling into her new life in the Caribbean, although sometimes she still feels like a fish out of water. The ambulance is called to a fire at a prestigious resort, and Ashley recognizes the victim as a hotel chef and the cousin of her friend Darlene. When a second death occurs, the police are quick to close the case. But Darlene isn’t satisfied, and she drags the unwitting Ashley into the investigation. Does this idyllic beach resort have a dark side?

Blue Water Hues is the second book in the Ashley Grant Mystery series.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Paperback















The Last Ride (A Dear Abby Cozy Mystery Book 3) by [Parin, Sonia]Humorous small town, clean cozy mystery with a cast of entertaining characters.

A carousel. A body. An inheritance.
Eden’s local café owner, Joyce Breeland, has issued Abby Maguire an ultimatum – the small-town newspaper reporter must find the identity of the Eden Bloggess or be banned from Joyce’s café. Functioning on limited coffee rations, Abby Maguire goes in search of this elusive blogger only to stumble upon a body and a mysterious inheritance. There’s a killer on the loose and he might be working his way through a list…

A Dear Abby Cozy Mystery
1. End of the Lane
2. Be Still My Heart
3. The Last Ride

A Deadline Cozy Mystery
1. Sunny Side Up
2. Snuffed Out
3. All Tied Up
4. The Last Bite
5. Final Cut
6. Sleeping With the Fishes
7. A Kink in the Road
8. The Merry Widow  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle











Sinister Sanctuary: A Ghost Story Romance & Mystery (Wicks Hollow Book 4) by [Gleason, Colleen]A nerdy (but sexy) scientist.
A writer on deadline.
A haunted lighthouse.
And a secret worth killing for…

Welcome to Wicks Hollow: a cozy town near Lake Michigan filled with quaint houses, eccentric residents, and more than its share of ghosts, murders, and sexy romance.

Teddy Mack has to finish the latest book her bestselling thriller series, or her editor and agent are going to come and park themselves on her desk and force her to write–so she decides to cloister herself in a small cottage attached to a Lake Michigan lighthouse for the summer. No wifi, no Internet, no distractions…

Until a heartbroken Oscar London, PhD, shows up with all of his microbiology equipment and takes over the same rental property. There’s been a double-booking, and neither Teddy nor Oscar are willing to leave, and so the neurotic writer and the love-bruised scientist decide to make do–and stay out of each other’s way.

Which isn’t all that easy to do after sharing an unexpected kiss in a hot tub…

Nonetheless, everything seems to be fine until Teddy discovers a ghost is haunting her writing space, and Oscar–who has no time for such silliness–discovers a clue related to a disappearance that happened near the lighthouse.

Things become even more hairy when Teddy and Oscar realize someone is trying to drive them out of the lighthouse–or crazy. Which ever comes first.

Each book in the Wicks Hollow series is a romantic suspense novel with all the quirks of a small town setting—the perfect blend of humorous contemporary romance with cozy mystery and supernatural suspense.

Heat Level: Sexy
Mystery: Cozy
Mood: Mildly creepy, Suspenseful, Humorous

The Wicks Hollow series does not have to be read in order. Look for the following titles:
Sinister Summer
Sinister Secrets
Sinister Shadows
Sinister Sanctuary
Sinister Lang Syne (holiday novella; December 2018)  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle











Murder: Up on the Rooftop (THE 12 MYSTERIES OF CHRISTMAS Book 4) by [Dee, Tina]Special 99¢ pre-order price!
Christopher Cane and his uncle, Geoffrey Cane, are renovating Geoffrey’s sprawling log home and outbuildings into an elegant resort, the Mistletoe Bed & Breakfast Lodge, complete with several private luxury cabins. Their biggest hurdle is Uncle Geoffrey’s untimely death up on the rooftop when he goes to hang lights and place Christmas decorations. There’s no sign of foul play and the only current suspect is a Santa display, complete with eight happy reindeer. But they are the only ones who are happy…

Noelle Shepherd is frantic after being hired as the lodge’s new chef, but now her boss ends up dead—and right after she’s had a heated argument with him about the menu and lack of professional kitchen equipment. To make matters worse, several people in the lobby and dining area heard them shouting at one another.

The list of detractors keeps growing, but did any of them want the lodge owner murdered?


• IN THE NICK OF TIME by Susette Williams

• GABRIEL’S SECRET by Alexa Verde



• JOY IN JEOPARDY by Lynette Sowell

• HOLLY IN HIDING by P. Creeden

• STARR WITNESS by Susette Williams

• NOELLE ON THE RUN by Alexa Verde



• DANGER FOR GLORIA by Lynette Sowell

• MERRY WITHOUT MALICE by P. Creeden  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle












Death by Figgy Pudding (THE 12 MYSTERIES OF CHRISTMAS Book 10) by [Dee, Tina]Special 99¢ pre-order price!
The regional Bed & Breakfast Chefs Guild has booked its annual retreat at the Mistletoe Bed & Breakfast Lodge at the same time Senator Morgan’s daughter has booked the lodge for her elegant, yet intimate, wedding and reception. Chef Noelle expected culinary chaos and baking bustle in her kitchen, but what she didn’t expect was murder—with her figgy pudding as the murder weapon. Can Noelle stay out of jail long enough to find the real murderer?

For Noelle, a budding attraction is blooming in a winter wonderland, but will a murderer kill it and ruin the most wonderful time of the year?


• IN THE NICK OF TIME by Susette Williams

• GABRIEL’S SECRET by Alexa Verde



• JOY IN JEOPARDY by Lynette Sowell

• HOLLY IN HIDING by P. Creeden

• STARR WITNESS by Susette Williams

• NOELLE ON THE RUN by Alexa Verde



• DANGER FOR GLORIA by Lynette Sowell

• MERRY WITHOUT MALICE by P. Creeden  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle












A Caffeine Conundrum (The CafFUNated Mysteries Book 1) by [Strong, Angela Ruth]Solving a murder mystery is harder when you don’t trust your partner…or their taste in beverages.

Sassy city girl Tandy Brandt moves to the small town of Grace Springs to start a coffee shop, never imagining she’ll be competing with local beauty queen Marissa Alexander and her dream of running a tea house. Unfortunately, the current store owner dies before selling the location to either of them, and they both become murder suspects.

The unlikely pair team up in an attempt to discover the real killer, though with the secrets in Tandy’s past and Marissa’s infamous clumsiness, they could be their own worst enemies. Despite their differences, they follow clues to question a sweet, apple pie baking antique store owner, a GQ Santa in the retirement center, and a hipster millionaire with no social skills. Will they be able to figure out whodunit and prove their innocence before one of them goes to jail…or worse? (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback














Cocoa Crush - A Cozy Sci-Fi Mystery Adventure (Aeon 14: Fennington Station Murder Mysteries Book 2) by [Pike, Chris J., Cooper, M. D.]Business is better than ever at the It’s a Gas Pub! The twin owners, Milly and Tilly, get ready for their most successful bi-annual event—speed dating! Special finger foods and cocktails, banners and balloons, Tilly’s head is spinning!

On top of all that, they’ve been invited to the grand opening of the new FROYO place across the way, need to find where their cat has run off to, and survive their yearly safety food inspection.

But, when the lights go out at the speed dating event, and a dead body is found at their feet, the twins will need to put their detective hats back on.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle













The Michael Spraggue Mysteries: Blood Will Have Blood, Bitter Finish, Dead Heat, and Cities of the Dead by [Barnes, Linda]From the author of the Carlotta Carlyle Mysteries: The complete set of the popular series starring an ex-PI turned actor, “a hero with panache” (Kirkus Reviews).

Anthony Award–winning author Linda Barnes is perhaps best known for her six-foot-tall, redheaded ex-cop and Boston-based private eye Carlotta Carlyle. But fellow Bostonian Michael Spraggue, a former private investigator who caught the acting bug, just can’t seem to leave his past career as a sleuth behind him.

Blood Will Have Blood: When Michael lands a part in a new production of Dracula, it’s not just because of his acting talent. With his private-eye background, Spraggue is perfectly cast to investigate some strange goings-on in the reputedly haunted old Fens Theater, including a pitcher of Bloody Marys holding real blood. When the pranks turn lethal, Michael needs to find the killer before it is curtains for all.

“Ms. Barnes and Mr. Spraggue should be around for a while.” —The New York Times Book Review

Bitter Finish: Shooting on location in Boston, Michael gets an urgent call from Kate Holloway, his on-again-off-again lover and partner in a fledgling Napa Valley winery. Their winemaker has disappeared. When the police find a corpse on their property, Kate is arrested. To free his girl and save his winery, Michael will have to find a killer with a lethal case of sour grapes.

“A fine job—expertly written, with an ingenious wine caper set in the Napa Valley.” —The New York Times Book Review

Dead Heat: Brian Donagher, a junior senator from Massachusetts who took Washington by storm, is running for re-election—but he may soon be running for his life. He’s getting death threats, and his bodyguard asks his old pal Michael Spraggue for help in tracking down whoever is targeting the politician. The senator plans to run the Boston Marathon, so Michael will have to race to blow the whistle on a killer if Donagher wants to cross the finish line.

“Like its predecessors, Dead Heat is worth reading. . . . Characterizations are well worked out, and when evil gets its comeuppance, the reader may start cheering.” —The Washington Post

Cities of the Dead: Dora Levoyer, who has cooked for Michael’s aunt Mary since he was a boy, will always be family. While on vacation in New Orleans, she attends a banquet held by the finest chefs and sees a man who looks just like the husband who abandoned her years ago. Before she can confront him, he is found with a chef’s knife embedded in his heart—and Dora is suspected. Michael catches the next plane to the Big Easy—a place where the dead, like the living, have dangerous secrets.

“Well written, sharply observed, logically plotted.” —The New York Times Book Review (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle











Stabbed in the Baklava (A Kebab Kitchen Mystery) by [Kashian, Tina]“A delectable read.”
—Bestselling author Shelley Freydont
Lucy Berberian has taken over her family’s Mediterranean restaurant on the Jersey Shore after an unsatisfying stint at a Philadelphia law firm. It’s great to be back in her old beach town, even if she’s turning into a seasoned sleuth . . .
Catering a high-society wedding should bring in some big income for Kebab Kitchen—and raise its profile too. But it’s not exactly good publicity when the best man winds up skewered like a shish kebab. Worse yet, Lucy’s ex, Azad—who’s the restaurant’s new head chef—is the prime suspect. But she doesn’t give a fig what the cops think. He may have killer looks, but he’s no murderer. She just needs to prove his innocence, before he has to go on the lamb . . .

Recipes included!
“Clever and charming . . . It’s a culinary delight that will have readers salivating over the food and hungry for literary answers.”
RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars, on Hummus and Homicide  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback




































New Releases For The Week of August 26th, 2018–Part 3

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of August 26th, 2018. I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very many of them for this week. Today is the third day of my list. Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.


Dim Sum of All Fears: A Noodle Shop Mystery by [Chien, Vivien]Welcome back to Ho-Lee Noodle House, where you can get fantastic take-out. . .unless you get taken out first.

“Vivien Chien serves up a delicious mystery with a side order of soy sauce and sass. A tasty start to a new mystery series!” —Bestselling author Kylie Logan on Death by Dumpling

Dim Sum of All Fears is the second book in a delicious new cozy series.

Lana Lee is a dutiful daughter, waiting tables at her family’s Chinese restaurant even though she’d rather be doing just about anything else. Then, just when she has a chance for a “real” job, her parents take off to Taiwan, leaving Lana in charge. Surprising everyone—including herself—she turns out to be quite capable of running the place. Unfortunately, the newlyweds who just opened the souvenir store next door to Ho-Lee have turned up dead. . .and soon Lana finds herself in the midst of an Asia Village mystery.

Between running the Ho-Lee and trying to figure out whether the rock-solid Detective Adam Trudeau is actually her boyfriend, Lana knows she shouldn’t pry into the case. But the more she learns about the dead husband, his ex-wives, and all the murky details of the couple’s past, the more Lana thinks that this so-called murder/suicide is a straight-up order of murder. . .  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback












Deadly Habit, A: A theatrical mystery (A Charles Paris Mystery) by [Brett, Simon]Rehearsals in a new West End play are disrupted by sudden, violent death in the intriguing new Charles Paris mystery

Having landed a small part in a new West End play, The Habit of Faith, Charles Paris is dismayed to discover that his good fortune has been orchestrated by his bête noire, the now-famous screen actor Justin Grover. But why has Grover become involved in this relatively obscure production – and why has he roped in Charles to star?

From the outset the production is fraught with difficulties — and matters become even more complicated when a body is discovered at the foot of the dressing room stairs. Did they fall – or were they pushed? As one of the last people to have seen the victim alive, Charles Paris is drawn into the ensuing investigation – and discovers that more than one person involved in the play has a scandalous secret to hide …  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover
















Twitterpated: A Cozy Mystery (The Witches of Hemlock Hotel Book 3) by [Darcy, Diane]It makes the hotel look bad when the guests are murdered … especially after a big win.

Lena DeVille is immersed in a world that isn’t supposed to exist. She’d been perfectly happy telling fortunes and conning tourists, but as a newly inducted member of the local witch coven, she’s still trying to find her way around a spell.

The Casino at the Hemlock is busier than ever, and when the grand prize, a Corvette Z06, is won by a visiting vampire, he and his friends crow with excitement. But when the winner is murdered and the car almost stolen, William Murray, head of security, is outraged and determined to find out who did it. And if Lena wants to help him solve it? So much the better.

Lena can’t resist the new case. Who would want to kill the winner? And if they don’t find out, will the murderer strike again? And even though she’s not sure a relationship with a werewolf is a good idea, she’s having a hard time resisting William.

Sparks fly as a twitterpated gargoyle, a new suitor, and a jealous werewolf collide. The clock is ticking and it’s only a matter of time before someone else gets hurt.


Editions Available:  Kindle












Walking Shadows: A Decker/Lazarus Novel (Decker/Lazarus Novels) by [Kellerman, Faye]Detective Peter Decker and his wife, Rina Lazarus, risk life and limb to solve a pair of brutal murders that may be tied to a crime from more than twenty years ago in this intense and addictive mystery from New York Times bestselling author Faye Kellerman.

On a quiet suburban street in upstate Greenbury, New York, the brutally beaten body of a young man is discovered in the woods adjacent to an empty vacation home. Twenty-six-year-old Brady Neil a resident of the neighboring town of Hamilton, had no criminal record, few friends, worked full-time, and attended community college. But as Detective Peter Decker learns, the clean-cut kid is linked to the criminal world. When Brady was a baby, his father, Brandon Gratz, was convicted of robbing and killing the owners of a local jewelry store. While Gratz and his partner, Kyle Masterson, admitted to the robbery, they swore they left the owners, Glen and Lydia Levine, very much alive.

The experienced detective knows there’s more to this homicide case than the records show. As he digs into Gratz’s past, Decker begins to suspect that the son’s murder may be connected to the father’s sins. Before he can put together the pieces, Decker finds out that one of Brady Neil’s friends, Joseph Boch—aka Boxer—has gone missing. Heading to Boch’s house with his temporary new partner, Hamilton PD cop Lenora Baccus, they discover a bloodbath.

Who would savagely kill two innocent men—and why? Finding the answers will require all of Decker’s skill and knowledge, the help of his fellow Greenbury detectives, Tyler McAdams and Kevin Butterfield, and information gleaned from his wife Rina’s behind the scenes investigation to put all the pieces of this deadly puzzle together . . . and see justice done.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle












Do Not Go Alone: A Posthumous Mystery by [Larmer, C.A.]“There’s a bullet in my head and it’s really messing with my hairstyle…”

Thus begins the second in the new Posthumous Mystery series by best-selling author C.A. Larmer (The Agatha Christie Book Club; the Ghostwriter Mystery series). This time the victim is 27-year-old party girl Maisie who really shouldn’t be dead. There’s a pool party going on and she’s missing all the fun. As she hovers overhead watching her loved ones splash about, Maisie begins to wonder: who hated her just enough to slaughter her in the middle of her own soiree then return to the pool as if nothing has happened? And does it have anything to do with a mysterious loveletter and missing wad of cash?

Can you help Maisie uncover a killer before the creepy dead people lurking near the tunnel convince her to cross?

The follow-up to the Amazon best-selling posthumous mystery Do Not Gentle, this is a stand-alone mystery (no need to read the first in the series) and contains some adult language and Australian colloquialisms.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle














Aloha Lagoon Mysteries Boxed Set Vol. III (Books 7-9) by [Langtry, Leslie, Stoddard, Anne Marie, Bruns, Catherine]Palm tress, warm sand, and a “killer” vacation resort! Welcome to Aloha Lagoon, the deadliest little spot in the Hawaiian islands, with this boxed set of three, full-length cozy mystery novels in the Aloha Lagoon Mysteries series by USA Today bestselling authors, including:

Ukulele Deadly
by Leslie Langtry
Ukulele player Nani Johnson is just starting to put the past behind her and settle in on Kauai. Unfortunately her island life proves anything but relaxing when a dead man is found in her backyard. Can Nani stay out of jail long enough to unmask the real killer…or will the police pin it all on her?

Bikinis & Bloodshed
by Anne Marie Stoddard
After a very painful—and very public—divorce from her cheating football star husband, Kaley Kalua heads to Aloha Lagoon, Hawaii for some peace and privacy. But when a when the woman is found strangled by a bikini top, and the police make it clear that Kaley’s aunt Rikki is their main suspect, Kaley is determined to prove her aunt’s innocence!

Death of the Kona Man
by Catherine Bruns
When server Carrie Jorgenson delivers food to a guest at the Aloha Lagoon resort—who then drops dead!—she finds herself on the trail of a killer. Add in a jealous co-worker, thefts at the restaurant, and a hot maybe-boyfriend, and Carrie’s life is anything but paradise!

The Aloha Lagoon Mysteries:
Ukulele Murder (book #1)
Murder on the Aloha Express (book #2)
Deadly Wipeout (book #3)
Deadly Bubbles in the Wine (book #4)
Mele Kalikimaka Murder (book #5)
Death of the Big Kahuna (book #6)
Ukulele Deadly (book #7)
Bikinis & Bloodshed (book #8)
Death of the Kona Man (book #9)
Lethal Tide (book #10)
Beachboy Murder (book #11)
Handbags & Homicide (book #12)
Tiaras & Terror (book #13)

“If you like your mysteries on the fun side this is definitely one for you.”
—Night Owl Reviews

“Engaging and enjoyable…and the killer was a huge surprise!”
—StoreyBook Reviews

About Aloha Lagoon:
Welcome to Aloha Lagoon, one of Hawaii’s hidden treasures. A little bit of tropical paradise nestled along the coast of Kauai, this resort town boasts luxurious accommodation, friendly island atmosphere…and only a slightly higher than normal murder rate. While mysterious circumstances may be the norm on our corner of the island, we’re certain that our staff and Lagoon natives will make your stay in Aloha Lagoon one you will never forget!   (Amazon)












The Surfboard Slaying: An Enchanted Coast Magical Mystery (Enchanted Coast Magical Mysteries Series Book 2) by [Maher, Tegan]A handsome faerie comes to the Enchanted Coast for a killer vacation, but nobody counted on it being literal.

When Marissa Clayton, a recently turned vampire struggling with her new identity, falls under suspicion, Destiny can’t just let her go down, especially when she knows for a fact the girl is innocent.

However, some secrets aren’t hers to tell, so she has to do it the hard way – find the real murderer in order to get her new friend off the hook.

The Surfboard Slaying is book 2 in the Enchanted Coast Magical Mystery series and is a light, funny, witchy story guaranteed to make you laugh.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle

















Jealousy by [Bush, Nancy]HATRED LEADS TO OBSESSION . . .

It’s taken time for the plan to unfold, years spent waiting, watching, hating. . . . And after the first victim, the killing gets easier and easier . . .


The Crissmans, owners of Crissman & Wolfe department store, were once one of Portland’s most powerful families. There’s still enough fortune left to sow mistrust between Lucy, her bohemian sister Layla, their brother Lyle, and his grasping wife Kate. When a charity event at the Crissman Lodge ends in a fatal poisoning, Lucy becomes a prime suspect. But the truth is even more twisted, and Lucy can’t be sure which of her family is being targeted . . . or who to fear.


Renowned defense attorney Dallas Denton has been hired to clear Lucy’s name, unaware of the secret that ties them together or of the deep cracks in the Crissman legacy. Someone is ready to eliminate every obstacle to get what they most covet, and prove that envy runs deeper
than blood . . .  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback













Shattered at Sea (A Webb's Glass Shop Mystery) by [Hollon, Cheryl]A Mediterranean cruise gives glass shop owner Savannah Webb a chance to demonstrate her expertise—and fire up her skills when it comes to foul play . . .

When Savannah signs on to perform glassblowing on a ship, part of the appeal is that she’ll get a chance to reconnect with her boyfriend Edward’s family. An added bonus is that Edward’s cousin, Ian, will be joining them on board. But when Ian disappears at the beginning of the cruise, the ship’s authorities initially consider it suicide.

Savannah tries to balance her growing suspicions with work on her shows, but her relationship with the other glass artists begins to crack. And she can’t let love color her judgment when Edward suddenly jumps to the top of the suspect list. His fate is in Savannah’s hands, and she’ll do everything she can—on land and sea—to clear his name . . .

Praise for the Webb’s Glass Shop Mystery series

“Hollon hits a homerun.” —RT Book Reviews 

“Will keep you guessing to the end!”
—Krista Davis, New York Times bestselling author  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback












Samhain Secrets (A Wiccan Wheel Mystery) by [Hesse, Jennifer David]It’s that haunted time of year, when skeletons come out to play. But Edindale, Illinois, attorney Keli Milanni discovers it isn’t just restless spirits who walk the night . . .

After her recent promotion to junior partner, Keli is putting in overtime to juggle her professional career and private Wiccan spiritual practice. With Halloween fast approaching, her duties include appearing as a witch at a “haunted” barn and hand-holding a client who’s convinced her new house is really haunted. But it’s the disappearance of Josephine O’Malley that has Keli spooked.

The missing person is Keli’s aunt, an environmental activist and free spirit who always seemed to embody peace, love, and independence. When Josephine is found dead in the woods, Keli wonders if her aunt’s activities were as friendly as they seemed. As Keli comes to terms with her loss—while adjusting to having a live-in boyfriend and new demands at work—she must wield her one-of-a-kind magic to banish negative energy if she’s going to catch a killer this Samhain season. Because Keli isn’t ready to give up the ghost . . .

Praise for Yuletide Homicide

“A perfect read.” —Library Journal

“Hesse easily balances murder and romance in this holiday tale that’s so cozy.”
Kirkus Reviews  (Amazon)

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Henderson House (Zoe Donovan Cozy Mystery Book 30) by [Daley, Kathi]

Zoe suffers from a serious case of déjà vu when she is asked to respond to a complaint regarding a barking dog at the Henderson place. Seriously? The whole thing had to be a joke. She’d been complaining about the fact that the Halloween spirit had seemed to be evading her this year, which most likely meant that her husband Zak, or best friends Levi and Ellie, had decided that what she really needed was a trip down memory lane. Of course if the call had been a hoax for her benefit, the presence of an actual dead body, as there had been during that first Halloween, was a bit over the top, even for her creative and enthusiastic friends.

When it looked as if the cause of death was a vampire bite to the neck, Zoe knew for certain that she had wound up in the twilight zone. Of course the real surprise was when she realized that the truth was even stranger than fiction.  (Amazon)

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New Releases For The Week of August 26th, 2018–Part 2

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of August 26th, 2018. I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very many of them for this week. Today is the second day of my list. Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.



Through the Fire (Rocky Mountain K9 Unit) by [Ruggle, Katie]“Vivid and charming.”—CHARLAINE HARRIS, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Sookie Stackhouse series

He’s tall.
He’s dark.
He’s brutally handsome…
And he may be her only hope.

Kit Jernigan despairs of ever fitting in with her new tight-knit K9 unit—they’ve been through too much to welcome a stranger. So when a killer strikes, it’s a fight to convince her fellow officers to trust her long enough to catch the woman she knows is responsible.

She can’t do it on her own. What she needs most is a partner: local fire spotter Wesley March.

Wes knows in his heart that Kit is right, and he’s willing to leave his lonely tower to help her prove it. But the more time they spend together, the hotter the fire smolders…and the more danger they’re in. A member of the K9 unit’s inner circle is determined to have her revenge—no matter who gets burned in the process.

This time, it’s personal.

“Gripping suspense, unique heroines, sexy heroes.” —CHRISTINE FEEHAN, #1 New York TimesBestselling Author

Rocky Mountain K-9 Unit Series: 
Run to Ground (Book 1)
On the Chase (Book 2)
Survive the Night (Book 3)
Through the Fire (Book 4)

What People Are Saying:
“I love Ruggle’s characters. They’re sharply drawn, and vividly alive. I’m happy when they find each other. These are wonderful escapist books.”—CHARLAINE HARRIS, #1 New York Times Bestselling author of the Sookie Stackhouse series
“Sexy and suspenseful, I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.”—JULIE ANN WALKERNew York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author for Hold Your Breath
“Chills and thrills and a sexy slow-burning romance from a terrific new voice.”—D.D. AYRES, author of the K-9 Rescue Series for Hold Your Breath  (Amazon)

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Halloween Murder (A Lucy Stone Mystery) by [Meier, Leslie]For Lucy Stone, Halloween in Tinker’s Cove, Maine, the treats aren’t just sweet and delicious. Sometimes they’re also deadly . . .

Trick or Treat Murder
While Lucy Stone is whipping up orange-frosted cupcakes for her town’s annual Halloween festival, an arsonist is on the loose in Tinker’s Cove. When arson turns into murder, a little digging in all the wrong places puts Lucy too close to a shocking discovery that could send all her best-laid plans up in smoke . . .

Wicked Witch Murder
Not everyone in Tinker’s Cover is enchanted with newcomer Diana Ravenscroft and her quaint little shop offering everything from jewelry to psychic readings. But a gruesome murder of Diana’s friend has Lucy Stone uncovering a deadly web of secrets—and a spine-chilling brush with the things that go bump in the night . . .

“Reading a new Leslie Meier mystery is like catching up with a dear old friend.”
—Kate Carlisle, New York Times bestselling author  (Amazon)

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OThe Ghost Who Dream Hopped (Haunting Danielle Book 18) by [Holmes, Bobbi , McIntyre, Anna J.]fficer Brian Henderson knows there is something just not right about Walt Marlow, and he’s determined to find out what it is.

Meanwhile, Beverly’s dead husband visits Danielle in a dream hop, telling her about his wife’s part in his death.

Can Danielle convince Brian to stop worrying about Walt and be a little more concerned about his new girlfriend, Beverly?  (Amazon)

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Witch Swindled in Westerham (Paranormal Investigation Bureau Book 2) by [Lister, Dionne]Just when Lily’s settling into life in Westerham and making new friends, the Paranormal Investigation Bureau needs her help again. A witch has been misappropriating millions from unsuspecting retirees, but she’s destroyed all the evidence. Lily’s unique witchy skills are the only thing that can uncover the past and get the PIB the evidence it needs.

Even though Lily has her own plans, nothing seems to go right. Her fun day in London turns into a devastating collision with her past, and super-hot Agent Crankypants is annoying as hell. He knows all her buttons to press, and she’s not sure if she wants to kiss him or strangle him, or maybe both. Then tracking down the PIB’s suspect puts Lily’s new friendship at risk, and, if that’s not enough, it finally brings Lily face-to-face with death.

Can Lily solve the crime before someone dies? And will the universe give her a break before she loses what’s left of her sanity?

Unfortunately, coffee alone can’t fix things this time.

*54000 word novel  (Amazon)

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Witch: A Doyle Witch Cozy Mystery (The Witches of Doyle Book 4) by [Weiss, Kirsten]The faerie curse that plagued the town of Doyle is over. Or is it?

Witch Jayce Bonheim has finally got her life back on track. Her coffeeshop’s been rebuilt. She’s got the perfect boyfriend. And the murderous magic that imperiled Jayce and her witchy sisters has been defeated.

But when a customer dies in what looks like an animal attack, Jayce is pulled into an investigation that threatens the very sanity of her sister, Karin. Is the death something supernatural? Or is this a very human case of murder?

While she looks for answers, trouble is brewing even closer to home. And Jayce discovers her perfect relationship may not be so perfect after all…

Witch is Book 4 in the Witches of Doyle paranormal cozy mysteries. Buy Witch and escape into the enchanting world of Doyle today!

Spells included at the back of the book!  (Amazon)

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Marshmallows and Murder: A Comedy Cozy Mystery (Mom and Christy's Cozy Mysteries Book 7) by [Murphy, Christy]

Smore trouble!

Book 7 in Mom and Christy’s Cozy Mysteries Series is coming soon. Each mystery is complete. Read in any orderMom and Christy are back in Fletcher Canyon and on the case. All our favorites are back in the series: Wenling, Dar-dar, DC and more! Stay tuned!
No graphic violence. No language. Cute cat!  (Amazon)

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Frankie B - Captain's Gold - A paranormal witch cozy mystery (Marina Witches Mysteries Book 2) by [Low, Andrene]Faced with a potentially-lethal blood curse, should she really be on this crazy treasure hunt? Yes, if finding the gold will help break the curse.

Rid of the ghost of Captain Russell Garnet, Frankie thought she could get on with life, if only she wasn’t lumbered with this pesky blood curse. And if only her troublesome grandmamma — the not so ex-pirate — Anne Bonny hadn’t managed to get herself in a heap of trouble.

But before any rescue can take place, Frankie needs to get a handle on her new witchy powers. While she’s no longer stuck with housework spells and the occasional ward, her new power levels are unstable at best. And completely missing, at worst.

And yet again, she’s training with the drop-dead gorgeous Zane, making concentration difficult, especially when the air between them is laced with magic.

Will Frankie break the curse, and find out who killed her mom and dad, or will she die trying? With Dex, her familiar, and Zane at her side, how can she possibly fail?

Frankie B – Captain’s Gold will have you longing to find your own treasure. Claim your share by getting a copy today.  (Amazon)

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Snowed Under: The Leafy Hollow Mysteries, Book 5 by [Blair, Rickie]A crazy crossword conspiracy. A chilling murder. Will a green PI solve the clues without finding a deadly answer?

With Leafy Hollow in a deep winter freeze, landscaper Verity Hawkes is all out of funds. Setting up a private investigator business seems like the best way to indulge her fantasy and make a few bucks. But she never expected her first case would turn the whole town against her.

As she investigates a shady, million-dollar crossword competition, even her detective boyfriend sides with her neighbors in thinking it’s legit. But when the contest seems to connect with scruffy dog walkers and a missing investment advisor, Verity hopes she can solve the clues before the whole town descends into a scammy word-smithing frenzy. Between vegan food scandals and a village hoarder biting the dust, the landscaper-turned-PI has her hands full.

With time running out, can Verity discover the phantom killer before the culprit makes it two down?

Snowed Under is the fifth standalone installment in a series of charmingly-funny cozy mysteries. If you like quirky characters, twisty plots, and laugh-out-loud moments, then you’ll love Rickie Blair’s Leafy Hollow series.

Buy Snowed Under to sift through a blizzard of clues today!  (Amazon)

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Falling (Ghost Hunters Mystery-Detective Book 10) by [Marpel, S. H.]It all started with visiting a city where falling was “up”

And brought John, Sal, and Jude into a situation they’d never seen before.

Ghosts are a problem of when the soul is left over after the body dies. Solving those scenes are simple for the Ghost Hunters.

But what happens when the soul disappears and the body remains? How do you solve that?

It takes all the resources of their team to solve this mystery. Plenty of clues laying around.

John Earl Stark has already faced worse than death – and now his choice was beyond hell or heaven, beyond even an afterlife…


Once our shimmering stopped, we immediately began to fall upward. Gaining speed at 32 feet per second per second. Falling toward the sky.

And once we got about halfway there, we were falling as fast as we possibly could, owing to air friction, and if Sal hadn’t thought to put us in a bubble kind of force-shield, we might have run out of breath and died. Because you can’t get much air into your lungs at that speed.

Jude, Sal and I were falling up.

And after awhile, some 30,000 feet or so I figured – about the same altitude that jet planes fly – we started to see the new “down” we were falling toward. A second set of clouds were ahead of us, but these were opposite to the ones we had been through.

Like the big puffy cumulus clouds we’d been falling through, but now in reverse. They got thicker as we fell through them, just as they had gotten thinner when we had fallen up into the earlier sky.

We were also slowing as we went, barely perceptible at this speed..

The new land below us was still racing toward us. It was another landscape entirely. We had first arrived in a city, a crosswalk across a busy city street. Now we were falling toward a rural, even pastoral setting. Past balloons floating in the high atmosphere, where people with breathing masks and insulated suits were pointing at us. For that was all they could do, since we were out of the grasp for any rescue. Even if we had been, the shock of our hitting their balloon would have torn a hole though any fabric and left them to plummet as we already were.

Our force-shield was protecting us and allowing us to breathe. But we were so much like an over-sized round cannon ball to the world around us. Sal was working to keep the birds away from our path, although the bugs tended to accumulate as we got toward the ground, like those that impact on wind shields when driving through swarms on a highway. Jude worked her own spells to clear these away so we could keep seeing through the shield – or as she put it, “wouldn’t get too grossed-out.”

We were also continuing to now obviously slow as we went.

So by the time we nearly hit the ground, it was almost like reaching the end of a bungee cord. A quick deceleration and a smooth stop.

But like that bungee cord, we didn’t. We only started falling back up again…  (Amazon)

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TBone's Revenge by [Jay, Bradley]Ready for a game of keep-away with a human arm?

If you’re the brindled mutt named TBone, that’s exactly what you’d expect to do after finding the limb in a flooded creek. But if you’re Zak Martin, TBone’s best friend and owner, playing keep-away with the arm is the last thing you need. Especially when the limb used to be attached to your lover. Who was the wife of your mortal enemy, the wealthy and despised investment mogul intent on destroying everything you live for.

All Zak wants is for his quiet life to return to normal. Operating his nursery. Growing and smoking a little weed on the side. Playing the blues and planning gnomegeddon. But first, he must navigate the violent rages of a humiliated husband, dodge the bullets of a mysterious sniper, and avoid bondage obsessed mobsters, all while trying to answer the vital questions: who killed Astrid Garibaldi, and why?

“TBone’s Revenge” is written for the adult mystery market. With elements of satire and humor, the book will be enjoyed by socially engaged readers of all ages, and especially those readers with a love of dogs.  (Amazon)

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The Trouble with Truth (A Gourmet Cat Mystery) by [Krevat, Kathy]Things are looking up for single mom Colbie Summers. After relocating back to her California hometown with her adolescent son and taste-testing feline, Trouble, she’s ready to take her gourmet cat food company to the next level. Until helping a teenager gets Colbie mixed up in a fresh case of murder… 

Trying to balance her hectic family life with her growing business—including a coveted contract with the local organic food store—leaves Colbie scrambling to keep all her balls in the air. But when a Sunnyside resident is found dead in his garage, she takes on a new role: harboring a suspected killer.

The eighteen-year-old murder suspect, a former foster kid and Colbie’s part-time chef, had a powerful motive to snuff out the high-profile businessman. The real question is, who didn’t? Sifting through the victim’s sordid history unearths a cat’s cradle of crimes, including money laundering and abuse. Now, to clear an innocent girl’s name, Colbie must sniff out the truth before a killer who smells trouble goes on the attack again.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback


New Releases For The Week of August 26th, 2018–Part 1

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of August 26th, 2018. I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very many of them for this week. Today is the first day of my list. Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.



Support Your Local Pug (A Pet Palace Mystery) by [Stone, Lane]Buckingham Pet Palace may provide services fit for a four-legged king, but there’s no use crying over spilled kibble—not unless it leads to murder!

When a break-in at the Pet Palace robs Sue Patrick of more than her beauty sleep, she intends to tidy her ransacked doggy daycare and spa before making any rash decisions. But after Sue abandons her better instincts to rescue a petrified pug stranded at a lighthouse in the Delaware Bay later that morning, she’s lured off mainland Lewes long enough for a freshly murdered body to get dumped in her driveway . . .

Aided by Lady Anthea Fitzwalter, her practically royal business partner from across the pond, Sue sniffs out clues about the yappy pug with a complicated history and the old car spotted at both crime scenes in hopes of IDing the culprit. As the investigation leads them back to the bay, the ladies soon find themselves immersed in a case trickier than a canine agility course—and chasing after a well-groomed killer who will do anything to maintain a perfect reputation . . .  (Amazon)

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Bunburry - Murder at the Mousetrap: A Cosy Mystery Series. Episode 1 (Countryside Mysteries: A Cosy Shorts Series) by [Marchmont, Helena]



Miss Marple meets Oscar Wilde in this new series of cosy mysteries set in the picturesque Cotswolds village of Bunburry. In “Murder at the Mousetrap,” the first Bunburry book, fudge-making and quaffing real ale in the local pub are matched by an undercurrent of passion, jealousy, hatred and murder – laced with a welcome dose of humour.  (Amazon)

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Code 187 : Homicide in a Small Town (Xander James Mysteries Book 3) by [Knob, Vickie ]A call comes over the line about a robbery at the only convenience store in Peach Valley, Colorado. Officer Xander James scrambles to get to the store only to find a dead body and more surprises than just a little cash missing.
One store clerk is dead, the other is missing. This sends Officer James, the FBI, and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation on a whirlwind investigation.
Will they figure where the other clerk is and who did this before its too late? Is the truth hidden right in plain sight?
The third installment of the Xander James Mystery series is another page-turner you won’t be able to put down till the last word.  (Amazon)

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Old Time Stories (The Calendar Mysteries Book 4) by [Kincaid, Juliet]Old Time Stories
Fiction and Nonfiction
Book 4 of the Calendar Mystery Series
By Juliet Kincaid

Join Minty Wilcox and Daniel Price in old Kansas City as they sleuth, get to know each other, and fall in love in six stories that occur before, between or after January Jinx, Fatal February, and Mischief in March, the three novels in the Calendar Mystery series so far.

In “The Barn Door,” detective Daniel Price goes undercover on the July 4th weekend in 1898 to help an old man overrun by his young wife’s free-loading relatives. After he solves the case, he drives to a nearby park and meets a pretty young gal called Minty. Just one day later in “Lost Dog,” business girl Minty Wilcox saves a stray pooch from a mean neighbor. As she looks for the dog’s owner, her thoughts wander to the good-looking gent she met the day before.

Skipping forward six months, Daniel lures Minty off on a mysterious streetcar ride that ends with quite a surprise in “Two Birthdays.”

The next year, in March 1900, a few days after Minty and Daniel get engaged, they go after “The 9th Street Gang.” And when they do, they discover some of each other’s finer qualities. Only a few weeks after that in “Detectives Honeymoon,” Minty and Daniel find their wedding trip in peril because of a dead body. And in “The Shackleton Ghost,” they search a house that might be haunted by a vengeful ghost just after they get back from their honeymoon on April Fool’s Day in 1900. (Of course they sneak in some canoodling.)

The collection also includes eleven nonfiction pieces about the real people and places that inspired Juliet Kincaid to write her mystery series. The Calendar Mysteries tell the story of Minty Wilcox and Daniel Price from newly met to newly wed and beyond in Kansas City, a place that could downright deadly a hundred years or so ago.   (Amazon)

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The Mystery of Three Quarters: The New Hercule Poirot Mystery (Hercule Poirot Mysteries) by [Hannah, Sophie]The world’s most beloved detective, Hercule Poirot—the legendary star of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express and most recently The Monogram Murders and Closed Casket—returns in a stylish, diabolically clever mystery set in the London of 1930.

“We Agatha Christie fans read her stories–and particularly her Poirot novels–because the mysteries are invariably equal parts charming and ingenious, dark and quirky and utterly engaging. Sophie Hannah had a massive challenge in reviving the beloved Poirot, and she met it with heart and no small amount of little grey cells. I was thrilled to see the Belgian detective in such very, very good hands. Reading The Monogram Murders was like returning to a favorite room of a long-lost home.”
— Gillian Flynn, author of Gone Girl

Hercule Poirot returns home after an agreeable luncheon to find an angry woman waiting to berate him outside his front door. Her name is Sylvia Rule, and she demands to know why Poirot has accused her of the murder of Barnabas Pandy, a man she has neither heard of nor ever met. She is furious to be so accused, and deeply shocked. Poirot is equally shocked, because he too has never heard of any Barnabas Pandy, and he certainly did not send the letter in question. He cannot convince Sylvia Rule of his innocence, however, and she marches away in a rage.

Shaken, Poirot goes inside, only to find that he has a visitor waiting for him — a man called John McCrodden who also claims also to have received a letter from Poirot that morning, accusing him of the murder of Barnabas Pandy…

Poirot wonders how many more letters of this sort have been sent in his name. Who sent them, and why? More importantly, who is Barnabas Pandy, is he dead, and, if so, was he murdered? And can Poirot find out the answers without putting more lives in danger?  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback, Audibook










Murder at Shell Key (A Gulf Lighthouse Detective Agency Mystery Book 1) by [Paffett, Jenifer J.]“A classic ‘between-vacations’ read – you’ll feel the sand between your toes!”

“Ellie Fletcher P.I. – Gulf Lighthouse Detective Agency”
Well, that’s what it says on her office door anyway…

Ellie finds the laid-back lifestyle of Anna Maria Island to her liking; she spends her time dog-walking, fishing, bar-propping, snoozing, and occasionally working. If she were ever to admit it, you would learn that one of Ellie’s best kept secrets was that she grew up on the likes of Tom Selleck, Peter Falk and even James Garner. Knowing this, you may be better placed in understanding her a little more.

Now the type of investigations that Ellie normally goes for are the smaller cases, you know the ones, chasing up jealous lovers, rounding up missing dogs, locating lost retirees; the type of work that the big organizations just don’t want. However, Ellie’s next case is one that she will remember for a very long time.

After a chance meeting with a previous client who incidentally still owes her money, and who shortly after goes missing, Ellie’s interest could be described as, well, moderate. The client consequently turns up as a floater out at a place called Shell Key just off the coast of Tampa. Now, floaters aren’t big business in a state with so much coastline as Florida, but when Ellie receives a call from a police buddy who insists that her prints are all over the murder scene, well, you can understand that she begins to get a little more interested.

To make matters worse, when the floater’s wife tells the police about the affair that she and Ellie have been having, Ellie realizes that the normal hot summers of the islands are getting a little too hot, even for her liking. She does what any level-headed person would do in a similar situation; takes off with her best friend’s fishing boat and heads north.

The sunshine state comes alive in this first book in the Gulf Lighthouse Detective Agency series.

“A ‘rip-roaring’ adventure in paradise!”  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle









Donuts and Disaster (Sandy Bay Cozy Mystery Book 4) by [Crewes, Amber]The fourth book in the BESTSELLING Sandy Bay Cozy Mystery series!

“My new favorite cozy murder mystery series. Can’t wait for the next book to come out!”

Meghan Truman’s relationship with her assistant is severely tested when she becomes prideful over a donut recipe she’s introduced to Truly Sweet’s menu. Matters are further worsened when a distant relative of this assistant, with selfish intentions and bad manners, is found dead in the town center.

The local handyman is arrested and put in jail when several witnesses confirm they saw him having an altercation with the murdered victim. Handsome detective Irvin and Meghan believe he’s innocent but the evidence against him is too damning to overlook.

Will Meghan’s attempt to give her assistant a second chance at restoring their relationship backfire or will a determination not to harbour unforgiveness in her heart lead her to the true murderer?

Book 4 in the Sandy Bay Cozy Mystery series, which can be read in one to two hours! Perfect for a lunchtime read. If you want to enjoy a quick light-hearted read, with an amateur female sleuth, mouth-watering culinary desserts and a gripping murder mystery, then you’ll love Meghan Truman and all the quirky characters in Sandy Bay.

No cliffhanger, swearing or graphic scenes!  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle










Bewitching (A Beatrice Montoya Mystery Book 1) by [Mallory, Ava ]Life as the offspring of Hollywood’s one-time It Girl has its perks, but when their mother trades in her multimillion-dollar estate for a quieter life in the middle of nowhere, sisters, Beatrice and Juliana Montoya never imagined small-town life could lead to so much trouble.

The family managed to avoid the gossip columns for years, but when Beatrice stumbles over a body outside her office door, the rumor mill revs up and their long-time secret comes dangerously close to being made public.

If their true identities are exposed, the shock will undoubtedly cause a frenzy, but could it also be the key to finding answers about the murderer?

Find out in this humorous Hollywood glitz and glamour meets small-town romance witchy cozy mystery, the first book in the brand-new Beatrice Montoya Mystery series by Ava Mallory.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle












Peonies and Poison (Port Danby Cozy Mystery Book 7) by [Lovett, London]Port Danby is in the middle of a scorching summer heat wave. Looking for relief from the sweltering temperatures, Lacey Pinkerton invites her newly minted boyfriend, Detective James Briggs, out for vintage movie night at the Mayfield Four Theater. It promises to be a fun evening filled with Humphrey Bogart, frosty lemon-lime drinks and, most of all, air-conditioning. But when the theater owner is found dead in his office, the classic movie date night turns into a murder investigation where the motives are plenty and the poison is suspiciously sweet.

Book 7 of the Port Danby Cozy Mystery Series

1. Marigolds and Murder
2. Carnations and Chaos
3. Mistletoe and Mayhem
4. Roses and Revenge
5. Tulips and Trouble
6. Dahlias and Death
7. Peonies and Poison
8. TBA

Full-length novel ~50,000 words

Series is best read in order.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle










Deadly Relations: A Detective Jack Harney Murder Mystery (Book Six) by [Kempher, MaryAnn]Jack Harney’s plan to attend the wedding of his good friends, Katherine and Scott, up in Virginia City is put into jeopardy when a man is murdered mere hours after Jack’s arrival. Tourism has been slow lately, so the city’s Mayor plans a publicity stunt: Bring together the descendent of a popular madam murdered one hundred and fifty years ago and the descendent of the man thought to be her killer. The event is called, the Reconciliation. Unfortunately, or not, depending on your point of view, the killer’s descendent is murdered at the opening ceremony. There is no shortage of suspects. The town’s Sheriff is taken ill, so it’s up to Jack and Gaga Albright to try to find the killer.
Meanwhile, back in Reno, Nene Albright—mischievous as always, views her sister’s absence as a chance to do something Gaga would not approve of–travel with Victor Burch, of all people, up to a Lake Tahoe ski resort. They encounter strange occurrences, sinister looking men, and something odd is definitely going on. Burch just wants to ski but, he can’t very well let Nene investigate on her own, can he?
Will Jack find the killer in time to attend Scott and Katherine’s wedding? Will Nene and Burch discover why rooms are off limits and unsavory looking men are sneaking around the ski lodge? Only one way to find out. (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle











Goodbye Cruller World (A Deputy Donut Mystery) by [Bolton, Ginger]Named after her beloved tabby, Deputy Donut, Emily Westhill’s donut shop in small-town Fallingbrook, Wisconsin, is doing so well, she’s expanding into catering weddings. But a killer is about to crash the reception . . .
Normally, Emily’s eyes tend to glaze over when prospective brides go on about their wedding plans. But when the owner of the clothing shop, Dressed to Kill, asks Emily to design a donut wall for her reception, she’s immediately sweet on the idea. With the help of her father-in-law and business partner—the former police chief of Fallingbrook—she hangs the treats from dowels on the wall so guests can help themselves.

But that night, when the groom ends up on the floor with signs of poisoning, Emily suspects someone has tampered with her treats. When the groom dies, there’s no way to sugarcoat it: she’s got a murder on her hands. Despite a list of suspects as long as the guest list, Emily vows to find out who created the killer confection to save her shop’s reputation and keep the bride out of handcuffs. She’ll have to move fast . . . before the poisoner takes a powder.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback







Review of Baked To Death

Baked To Death
Cookies & Chance Mystery, Book #2
Catherine Bruns
5+ Stars


From #1 bestselling culinary cozy mystery author Catherine Bruns comes the next delightfully delicious Cookies & Chance Mystery…

Baker turned reluctant amateur sleuth, Sally Muccio’s, finally found the happiness that’s eluded her for years. She’s in love with a great guy, her bakery is thriving, and now she and her best friend Josie Sullivan are gearing up to appear on the popular reality baking show, Cookie Crusades. But a visit from Sal’s greedy ex-husband Colin, who’s looking to cash in on the bakery’s dough, changes everything. Within a few hours Sal’s world—like the shop’s original fortune cookies—is broken apart when Colin turns up dead, and her boyfriend’s arrested for the crime. Now Sal’s mixing it up with vengeful ex-inlaws, a suspicious new employee, slippery baking competitors, and a greasy mobster who’ll stop at nothing to collect on Colin’s unpaid debt. Can Sal prove her man is innocent in time? Or is she about to get baked herself?

**Recipes Included!**

The Cookies & Chance Mysteries:
Tastes Like Murder (book #1)
Baked to Death (book #2)
A Spot of Murder (short story in the “Killer Beach Reads” collection) (Goodreads)



Th characters are well developed and well rounded. I love getting to spend time Sally and her family and friends. Her parents crack me up, their antics are very funny. I enjoy reading about the relationship between Sally, her sister Gianna and her best friend Josie. Gianna and Sally have a special bond because of their crazy parents, and Josie and Sally will do anything for each other. And her grandmother is a wise old woman and tells it like it is. All of the characters add so much to the book and it is so much fun getting to spend time with them.

The writing style flows smoothly and it defined the characters very clearly by their actions and words. The author takes the written word and develops a story full of descriptions, humor, intrigue and love. I really enjoy the inclusion of the fortune cookies, it is a clever way to add humor and teases the reader, who wonders if the fortune will come true.

The mystery was well plotted and was carried on well throughout the entire story. There were enough suspects to consider and clues to sift through and I did not figure it out until the reveal at the end, which makes me happy.

I would highly recommend this book (and series) to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy mystery. Give it a try and I am sure you will be happy that you did.

Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours–Sherlock Holmes and the Case of th Disappearing Diva


I’m so excited to be a stop on the blog tour for authors Gemma Halliday & Kelly Rey  and her new release Sherlock Holmes and the case of the Disappearing Diva.  This is the second book in the Marty Hudson Mysteries Mystery.


Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Disappearing Diva
Cozy Mystery
2nd in Series
Gemma Halliday Publishing (August 14, 2018)
Print Length: 316 pages


Purchase Links

Amazon     B & N      iBooks     Kobo      Smashwords



From #1 Kindle & New York Times bestselling author Gemma Halliday and USA Today bestselling author Kelly Rey comes a story about Sherlock Holmes, two savvy female detectives, and one chance to catch a killer and the hot Dr. Watson at the same time…

If there’s one thing Martha “Marty” Hudson can’t say no to, it’s her best friend Irene Adler. So when Irene’s little white lie about a fake detective named Sherlock Holmes turns into a real case from an actual paying client, Marty is all in. But their simple missing person case takes a deadly turn when the missing “person” ends up being a missing corpse.

Rebecca Lowery was an opera singer in life and, according to her sister, who hires the famous detective to find her, a diva with capital D. When her body goes missing after a supposedly accidental fall, Marty & Irene can think of several people who might want the diva to disappear permanently—especially if her missing body is actually hiding evidence of her murder. Is it the boyfriend with a temper and a shady record, the jealous understudy who’s now stealing the show, the creepy undertaker with possible ties to the underworld, or the estranged sister herself who now inherits everything?

Marty and Irene aim to find out, even while trying to keep cool around the hot ME, Dr. Watson, and dodging questions from the Irregulars blogger, Wiggins, about the mysterious man behind the name Sherlock Holmes. Will the ladies be able to pull this one off? Or are they in over their heads…and possibly about to take their own final bows?



Other Book In The Series:




About the Author


Gemma Halliday is the New York Times, USA Today & #1 Kindle bestselling author of the High Heels Mysteries, the Hollywood Headlines Mysteries, the Jamie Bond Mysteries, the Tahoe Tessie Mysteries, the Marty Hudson Mysteries, and several other works. Gemma’s books have received numerous awards, including a Golden Heart, two National Reader’s Choice awards, a RONE award, and three RITA nominations. She currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her boyfriend, Jackson Stein, who writes vampire thrillers, and their four children, who are adorably distracting on a daily basis.


Author Links









First off, thank you so much for having me! I’m really excited to be able to chat with your readers today.


When did you know that you wanted to be an author?  What things, if any, influenced that decision?

While I have always loved reading and writing short stories as a child, it wasn’t until after my own first son was born that I decided to try my hand at actually writing a book. Up until that point the idea of writing an entire novel had just felt so incredibly daunting.  But one day when my son was very young, I began reading a book that was just so incredibly terrible—and despite that had sold so well!—that I thought to myself, “I bet even I could write a book like this.” Little did I know then how difficult it was to write a terrible book… Let alone a good one!


With so many cozies being written today, what makes your books stand out from the crowd?

I think every author has their own unique voice and style that sets them apart from other authors. My hope is that my style of humor resonates with readers and keeps them coming back for more.

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Do you work from an outline or plot or do you just see where the characters take you?

I absolutely work from an outline! In fact, I create extremely detailed outlines before I start writing. For me it is the best way to weave in all the twists and turns that I enjoy in a good mystery plot. In particular, my Marty Hudson Mysteries series, is co-authored with Kelly Rey, so the plotting part of the writing process is generally my forte…whereas a lot of the very humorous scenes that you read in this book, I have to credit to Kelly.


Do you read your reviews?  Do you respond to them, good or bad?  Do you do anything special to get those reviews?

I actually try not to read reviews. It doesn’t matter if I have 20 stellar reviews and 1 bad one… It’s the bad one that will get stuck in my head as I sit down to write the next book.


What advice would you give to your younger self?

Just keep writing, just keep writing, just keep writing…

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Do you think that the cover plays an important part in someone buying your book(s)?  Who designs your book covers?


I think covers play a huge role! I actually have a running gag going with my eight-year-old son. He always uses the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover.” And my response to that is that you should ALWAYS a book by its cover. How else are you going to judge a book? I think it’s the best indicator readers have of what type of story they’re going to get—will it be humorous or gritty, will it be romance or mystery, will it appeal more to me or my teenage son?


The designer who did the cover for SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE CASE OF THE DISAPEARING DIVA is Yocla Designs.  I absolutely love both of the covers in this series that she has done for us. I think they perfectly capture the humorous feel of these mysteries.


Please give us an insight into your main characters.  What do you think makes them special?


The main character in the Marty Hudson Mysteries is Martha “Marty” Hudson. She is extremely loosely based on an actual character from the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes stories. In those Martha Hudson is a middle-aged and long-suffering landlady at 221 Baker St. where Sherlock Holmes lives. In our modern version of the Sherlock Holmes tales, Marty is a quick-witted and clever twentysomething barista who has acquired an eclectic knowledge base while slinging coffee at the Stanford University Bookstore café. She inherits a rundown Victorian at 221 Baker St.—not in London but in modern day San Francisco—and she and her best friend, Irene Adler, invent a fake private investigator to help them open some of the doors that are firmly slammed in the faces of two young female civilians. That fake detective? Sherlock Holmes!

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What have you learned about yourselves since becoming an author?

I began writing almost 15 years ago, so I can safely say that just about every facet of my life has change since I started writing. At this point I feel like it’s just a part of me as anything else.

Image result for 15 years ago clipart


Do you write full-time or part-time?

I am a full-time writer. I have been for several years, and when I’m not writing my own stories, I am acting as a publisher, putting out cozy mysteries and romantic comedies for my small press, Gemma Halliday Publishing.


What do your plans for future projects include?

I have several series that I’m working on at the moment, including plotting out another Marty Hudson Mystery. In addition to her stories, I have a new book in my Jamie Bond Mysteries, FATAL BOND, coming out in October, a new book in my Hollywood Headlines Mysteries, HOLLYWOOD REVENGE, coming out in summer 2019, and I’ll be launching a brand-new series called the Wine & Dine Mysteries in early 2019 that I’m very excited about.


What do you think the hardest part of writing is?  What is the easiest?

For me the hardest part about writing is actually doing the writing. That blank page can be so daunting! Oddly enough what started out as the most difficult part for me when I started my career has now become the easiest—and that is plotting out new stories.

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What type of books do you like to read?  Who are some of your favorite authors?

I love reading mysteries! And the more humorous the better. I would hate to name any authors I really enjoy, because I would feel remiss if I left some fabulous ones out. There are so many fantastic authors out there and lots of new indies I’m dying to try.


What is the one thing you would like your readers to know about you?

I would love for readers to know how grateful I am for their support! I honestly and truly do appreciate every single person who has bought and read one of my books over the years. While I try not to read specific reviews, just seeing that readers have reviewed and enjoyed my books is so incredibly humbling and heartwarming.

Image result for grateful clipart


Do you have anything specific you would like to say to your readers?

Thank you! And I hope you enjoy SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE CASE OF THE DISAPPEARING DIVA as much as Kelly I enjoyed writing it.


How can readers discover more about you and your work?




     Amazon Author Page:


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I am happy to be having a Giveaway for this tour:

2 E-COPIES OF Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Brash Blonde –  (The 1st book in the series) 

To enter the Giveaway, please comment on this blog.  Please be sure to leave you e-mail address so I can notify the winner.

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great escape button244 (13)

Review of Death By Drama

Death By Drama

A Josiah Reynolds Mystery, Book 11

Abigail Keam

5 Stars


Josiah joins an amateur thespian group that puts on plays in quirky places like public parks and crumbling antebellum mansions. It is a way to socialize, and Josiah feels lonely when her friend Hunter stops calling. Since the new play is being staged at Hunter’s ancestral home Wickliffe Manor, Josiah sees this as a win-win situation. She gets to have fun and remind Hunter that she is still alive and kicking. Hint. Hint.

What could go wrong? Everything!

Hunter ignores the acting group including Josiah, and it doesn’t help when the leading lady, Madison Smythe, drops dead on Hunter’s antique Persian rug. To make matters worse, Franklin, Hunter’s brother, is arrested for her murder!

Josiah does the only thing she can. She sends an S.O.S. to her daughter Asa to investigate the murder. Asa must also discover why a love note from Hunter was found in the dead woman’s coat pocket. Josiah is ready for romance, but she doesn’t want to fall in love with a cheater . . . and possibly a murderer! (Goodreads)



The characters are well developed and well rounded.  Josiah is quite a character, she is quirky, bossy (in a good way) and she knows her mind, and does not like taking no for an answer.  But she is also caring and loving and is very willing to help those in need, especially her friends. I like the fact that she was an older protagonist and I think it would be fun to spend time with her and her friends.  There were a lot of characters to meet in this book, and at times I had a little trouble keeping them straight in my mind. That was probably because this was the first book that I read in this series, otherwise I would have already known them.  And that is only my opinion and other readers may not agree with me. All of the characters added a lot to the story.

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read.  It allowed me to get a better insight into the characters lives and thoughts.  I thought the author gave enough descriptions of places and events without getting overly wordy.  The mystery was well plotted and had enough clues to sift through and suspects to consider and it was not easily solved.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy mystery.  I will have to read the other books in this series.


Title: Death By Drama (Book 11)
Series: The Josiah Reynolds Mystery Author: Abigail Keam
Publisher: Worker Bee Press
Release Date: July, 24th, 2018
ISBN: 978-0692150511
eBook: USD $4.99
Paperback: USD $15.00
Distribution: Ingram



Abigail Keam is an award-winning author who writes the Josiah Reynolds Mystery Series about a beekeeper turned sleuth. In addition, she writes an Epic Fantasy series – The Princess Maura Tales. She also writes a romance series – Last Chance For Love Series.

DEATH BY A HONEYBEE, her first Josiah Reynolds novel, won the 2010 Gold Medal Award for Women’s Lit from Reader’s Favorite and was a Finalist of the USA BOOK NEWS-Best Books of 2011.

DEATH BY DROWNING, Ms. Keam’s second Josiah Reynolds novel, won the 2011 Gold Medal Award for Best Mystery Sleuth and also was placed on the USA BOOK NEWS-Best Books of 2011 as a Finalist.

Ms. Keam is also an award-winning beekeeper who has won 16 honey awards at the Kentucky State Fair including the Barbara Horn Award which is given to beekeepers who rate a perfect 100 in a honey competition.

She currently lives on the Kentucky River in a metal house with her husband and various critters. She still has honeybees.

Review Of Goodbye Cruller World


Named after her beloved tabby, Deputy Donut, Emily Westhill’s donut shop in small-town Fallingbrook, Wisconsin, is doing so well, she’s expanding into catering weddings. But a killer is about to crash the reception . . .

Normally, Emily’s eyes tend to glaze over when prospective brides go on about their wedding plans. But when the owner of the clothing shop, Dressed to Kill, asks Emily to design a donut wall for her reception, she’s immediately sweet on the idea. With the help of her father-in-law and business partner–the former police chief of Fallingbrook–she hangs the treats from dowels on the wall so guests can help themselves.

But that night, when the groom ends up on the floor with signs of poisoning, Emily suspects someone has tampered with her treats. When the groom dies, there’s no way to sugarcoat it: she’s got a murder on her hands. Despite a list of suspects as long as the guest list, Emily vows to find out who created the killer confection to save her shop’s reputation and keep the bride out of handcuffs. She’ll have to move fast . . . before the poisoner takes a powder.  (Goodreads)



The characters are well rounded and well developed.  Emily is not afraid of hard work and she is happy to spend her days working to make her donut shop successful,  So when she has the opportunity to create a donut wall for a wedding reception, she is happy to do it. Little does she know that her creation is going to be used for murder.  She knows that she is going to have to get involved in another killer investigation and figure out who the culprit is. With the help of some friends, she does just that.

The mystery was well plotted and moved along at a nice pace.  There were enough clues to sift through and suspects to consider.  Throw in some red herrings and twists and turns and it is not very easily solved.   The fact that Emily was considered a suspect seemed a little off to me, she did not know him at all.   I guess the fact that the lead detective really dislikes Emily (I think she dislikes everyone) was the reason why she wanted to pin the murder on Emily.

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book provided by the publisher, Kensington Books, and NetGalley, which I greatly appreciate.