New Releases For The Week Of August 12th, 2018–Part 2

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of August 12th, 2018.  I am going to divide the list into 3 days because there are so many of them for this week. Today is the second day of my list.  Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.



Missing You (A Roxy Summers Mystery Book 3) by [Bacher, Katherine]When worlds collide, love can leave you cold.

Roxy Summers, Seattle magazine blogger and photographer, finds herself frozen in place, still stinging from the harsh rejection of mercurial Detective Charlie Bennett and chilled with guilt over turning down Seattle’s favorite hunky bachelor, Dylan Hunt. Life throws her a snowball when her ex, Aiden, disappears under suspicious circumstances.

Roxy is forced to confront her past while trapped in a blizzard-ridden remote town in Alaska. With the clock ticking down over Aiden’s survival, Roxy finds herself surrounded by volatile guests and evasive staff. She soon learns that it’s those closest to you who are capable of the darkest betrayal.  (Amazon)

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Hold Your Witches (Bless Your Witch Book 11) by [Boyles, Amy]Dylan and Roman are back!

When Dylan’s brand new detective business gets its first customer, she should be elated. Problem is, that customer is her grandmother. Milly Jones claims Polly Parrot is missing. She needs Dylan and Roman to find the magical bird before Polly is forced to divulge Milly’s deepest, darkest secrets.

Though Dylan thinks the whole situation is a stunt by her grandmothers to keep her busy, she grudgingly agrees to help.

But when a client appears on her doorstep with a missing persons case, Dylan plunges in head first—despite a warning from Roman. But when that case turns sinister and Dylan realizes a close member of her own family is entangled with the wrong group of people, she must act fast to save them. Can she do it? Will she lose a family member forever? And also—can Dylan find Polly Parrot?

Find out now!  (Amazon)

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Dying Breath (DI Kayli Bright Book 5) by [Comley, M A]Book five in the DI Kayli Bright series from NY Times bestselling author M A Comley with over 2 million copies sold worldwide.

She had everything…

Until she drew her dying breath.

DI Kayli Bright receives a disturbing call that she finds impossible to ignore. The case is an unusual one that forces her to dig deep to find the answers.

Was Jessica’s death a simple accident?

Or did she lose her life due to something far more sinister?

Can Kayli sift through the shocking deception she uncovers during the investigation to find the truth?

Grab this thriller today if you enjoy an intriguing mystery that will keep you turning the pages.

Ideal for fans of Joy Ellis and Faith Martin

Other books in this series are:
The Missing Children
Killer on the Run
Hidden Agenda
Murderous Betrayal
Dying Breath  (Amazon)

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The Secrets of Mystic Springs (Mystic Springs Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series Book 2) by [Marple, Mona]Welcome to Mystic Springs… where things definitely go bump in the night.

Connie Winters imagines that allowing all of the residents of Mystic Springs to see the spirits who live amongst them will let her live a quiet life.She couldn’t be more wrong.When a gypsy woman discovers a historic journal, the woman will pay the ultimate price for her treasure.Everyone knows that Mystic Springs was discovered, and founded, by a group of women. Or, at least, that’s what they’ve been told. This journal tells another story. A story that nobody wants to believe.But who would want the journal badly enough to kill for it?With the town’s new Sheriff distracted from the case, it falls to Connie and her dead sister to work alongside the dead former Sheriff to solve the case and discover the truth about Mystic Springs.This is a full-length paranormal cozy mystery. Spooky not scary. Lighthearted and fun.Second in series by Mona Marple, author of the Waterfell Tweed cozy mystery series.  (Amazon)

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Sweet Little Lies: A Novel by [Frear, Caz]In this gripping debut procedural, a young London policewoman must probe dark secrets buried deep in her own family’s past to solve a murder and a long-ago disappearance.

Your father is a liar. But is he a killer?
Even liars tell the truth . . . sometimes.

Twenty-six-year-old Cat Kinsella overcame a troubled childhood to become a Detective Constable with the Metropolitan Police Force, but she’s never been able to banish these ghosts. When she’s called to the scene of a murder in Islington, not far from the pub her estranged father still runs, she discovers that Alice Lapaine, a young housewife who didn’t get out much, has been found strangled.

Cat and her team immediately suspect Alice’s husband, until she receives a mysterious phone call that links the victim to Maryanne Doyle, a teenage girl who went missing in Ireland eighteen years earlier. The call raises uneasy memories for Cat—her family met Maryanne while on holiday, right before she vanished. Though she was only a child, Cat knew that her charming but dissolute father wasn’t telling the truth when he denied knowing anything about Maryanne or her disappearance. Did her father do something to the teenage girl all those years ago? Could he have harmed Alice now? And how can you trust a liar even if he might be telling the truth?

Determined to close the two cases, Cat rushes headlong into the investigation, crossing ethical lines and trampling professional codes. But in looking into the past, she might not like what she finds. . . .  (Amazon)

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Soulmated: A Cozy Mystery (The Witches of Hemlock Hotel Book 1) by [Darcy, Diane]It’s the wedding of the century … and the groom’s been stabbed.

When Las Vegas psychic, Lena DeVille, reluctantly allows her sister to sign her up for the dating web site, Soulmated, she isn’t expecting to get matched with a werewolf. Seriously, why can’t she catch a break where her love life is concerned?

William Murray, head of security for The Hemlock Hotel and Alpha of his werewolf pack, has waited seven hundred years for a mate to call his own, and he’s not letting Lena slip away.

Add in the death of the groom by wedding cake knife, and a close look at Lena’s ancestors, and a new and interesting world most people overlook, and things just keep getting more complicated.


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Before the Wedding: A Lunch Lady Cozy Mystery (Lunch Lady Cozy Mysteries Book 1) by [Lentz, Sarah]A young, curious widow and her engaged friend.

A savage secret and advice that leads to murder.

And a quietly observant cop who knows a good thing when he sees it.

Livian Alder has been a widow for as long as she was married to her late husband, Kass. When she takes a job as a lunch lady and meets Rachel, she has no idea what it will lead to — and what it will cost.


Rachel Monroe is a sassy blond who seems oddly oblivious to her fiance — Gavin Blake’s — true character. When he crosses a line, though, Livian’s pre-wedding advice is the catalyst for a very public break-up.

Neither of them expect to see Gavin dead in the teacher’s lounge the next day, his head resting in a puddle of strawberry smoothie.

And neither Rachel nor Officer Declan McRae expect Livian to become the prime suspect. When Livian works to clear her name and Rachel’s by finding the real killer, she walks into a trap, and the chief weapon at her disposal is a wedding gift that keeps on giving. But will it be enough?

Click “Buy it now” to find out, and discover a new and unusual heroine, who has only begun to discover what she wants and what she’s capable of. Enjoy this first book in the Livian Alder series. Bet you can’t read just one.  (Amazon)

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The Man Who Couldn't Miss: A Stewart Hoag Mystery (Stewart Hoag Mysteries) by [Handler, David]In the next novel in David Handler’s Edgar award-winning series, Stewart “Hoagy” Hoag and his beloved basset hound, Lulu, investigate a murder in a fabled Connecticut summer playhouse

Hollywood ghostwriter Stewart “Hoagy” Hoag has chronicled the rise, fall, and triumphant return of many a celebrity. At last he’s enjoying his own, very welcome second act. After hitting a creative slump following the success of his debut novel, Hoagy has found inspiration again. Ensconced with his faithful but cowardly basset hound, Lulu, on a Connecticut farm belonging to his ex-wife, Oscar-winning actress Merilee Nash, he’s busy working on a new novel. He’s even holding out hope that he and Merilee might get together again. Life is simple and fulfilling—which of course means it’s time for complications to set in….

When the police call to ask if he knows the whereabouts of a man named R.J. Romero, Hoagy learns of a dark secret from his ex-wife’s past. It’s already a stressful time for Merilee, who’s directing a gala benefit production of Private Lives to rescue the famed but dilapidated Sherbourne Playhouse, where the likes of Katherine Hepburn, Marlon Brando and Merilee herself made their professional stage debuts. Her reputation, as well as the playhouse’s future, is at stake. The cast features three of Merilee’s equally famous Oscar-winning classmates from the Yale School of Drama. But it turns out that there’s more linking them to each other—and to their fellow Yale alum, R.J.—than their alma mater. When one of the cast is found murdered, it will take Hoagy’s sleuthing skills and Lulu’s infallible nose to sniff out the truth…before someone else faces the final curtain call. (Amazon)

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Seventh Chapter (A Writer's Retreat Mystery Book 7) by [Daley, Kathi]Some say it was the spirt of one of the pirates that haunt the island that killed him. Others say the death was the result of greed and revenge. All that was known for certain, was that death did not come peacefully for the last inhabitant of a now deserted island.

The lighthouse on Skull Island is a mysterious place steeped in legend and folklore. The lighthouse which had stood tall for over a century was abandoned when the last lighthouse keeper died under mysterious circumstances. When a friend of George’s, a fellow author, disappears while researching the history and legend surrounding the now dilapidated structure, the Mystery Mastermind group pull together to find the missing writer and solve the mystery of the death of the lighthouse keeper once and for all.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback