New Releases For The Week Of August 19th, 2018–Part 3

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of August 19th, 2018.  I am going to divide the list into 3 days because there are so many of them for this week. Today is the third and final day of my list for this week.  Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.



Cleaning is Murder (A Myrtle Clover Cozy Mystery Book 13) by [Craig, Elizabeth Spann]



When Myrtle’s housekeeper is a murder suspect, she swears to Myrtle that she’s squeaky clean.

It’s easy for fellow citizens to get on your nerves in sleepy Southern towns like Bradley, North Carolina. Particularly when one of the citizens is something of a cheapskate. Amos Subers isn’t one to tip waiters, pay back a loan, or behave generously with family. When it’s discovered that penny-pinching Amos was actually quite wealthy, it hardly engenders goodwill in the small town … in fact, he’s heartily disliked. Octogenarian sleuth Myrtle Clover’s housekeeper is certainly no fan of his: Amos owes Puddin money for cleaning his house

It’s not too surprising when Amos is later found, murdered, in his kitchen. Myrtle and her senior sidekick Miles resolve to track down the killer when Puddin becomes a prime suspect…and before the murderer strikes again.  (Amazon)

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I'm Your Venus: Sylvia Stryker Space Case #2 (Space Case Mysteries) by [Vallere, Diane]Sylvia Stryker is taking space by storm—and the galaxy is gearing up for adventure as national bestselling author Diane Vallere blasts Sylvia’s Moon Unit to Venus…

When Sylvia Stryker boards Moon Unit 6 as uniform lieutenant, it’s with an eye on the future. After space pirates destroyed her life, the trek to Venus provides a fresh start. But when the winner of the promotional contest designed to hype the trip is found dead outside the uniform ward, sleuthing takes top priority.

The amorous effect of Venus on the already frisky passengers threaten to compromise the investigation—not to mention the victim’s secret relationship with Sylvia’s boss. Forward thinking, back channels, and distractions on the side lead Sylvia on a pulse-pounding probe that exposes a murderer along with the surprising truth about her past.  (Amazon)

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Desolation Mountain: A Novel (Cork O'Connor Mystery Series Book 17) by [Krueger, William Kent]New York Times bestselling author William Kent Krueger delivers yet another “punch-to-the-gut blend of detective story and investigative fiction” (Booklist, starred review) as Cork O’Connor and his son Stephen work together to uncover the truth behind the tragic plane crash of a senator on Desolation Mountain and the mysterious disappearances of several first responders. This is a heart-pounding and devastating mystery the scope and consequences of which go far beyond what father or son could ever have imagined.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

To Stephen O’Connor, Hamlet’s dour observation is more than just words. All his life, he has had visions of tragedies to come. When he experiences the vision of a great bird shot from the sky, he knows something terrible is about to happen. The crash of a private plane on Desolation Mountain in a remote part of the Iron Lake Reservation, which kills a United States senator and most of her family, confirms Stephen’s worst fears.

Stephen joins his father, Cork O’Connor and a few Ojibwe men from the nearby Iron Lake reservation to sift through the smoldering wreckage when the FBI arrives and quickly assumes control of the situation. What seems like the end of the O’Connors’ involvement is, however, only the beginning of a harrowing journey to understand the truth behind the Senator’s death. As he initiates his own probe, Cork O’Connor stumbles upon a familiar face in Bo Thorson, a private security consultant whose unnamed clients have hired him to look quietly into the cause of the crash. The men agree to join forces in their investigation, but soon Cork begins to wonder if Thorson’s loyalties lie elsewhere.

In that far north Minnesota County, which is overrun with agents of the FBI, NTSB, DoD, and even members of a rightwing militia, all of whom have their own agendas, Cork, Stephen, and Bo attempt to navigate a perilous course. Roadblocked by lies from the highest levels of government, uncertain who to trust, and facing growing threats the deeper they dig for answers, the three men finally understand that to get to the truth, they will have to face the great menace, a beast of true evil lurking in the woods—a beast with a murderous intent of unimaginable scale.  (Amazon)

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Wedding Cake & Woe: A 2nd Chance Diner Cozy Mystery by [Byers, Beth]



Rose and Simon are finally getting married! The dress is bought, the guests are coming, and a body has been found where they’re supposed to say their vows!

It’s a race to solve the murder before their big day is ruined. Will their joy be forever altered by what has happened? Or will they be able to find both justice and their happily ever after?  (Amazon)

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Rue The Day (Sage Wisdom Mysteries Book 3) by [MacLeod, Juliet]The corpse who died twice.

While visiting her father’s grave, Bryony Taylor stumbles upon the body of a woman left in an unlocked mausoleum in Saxon Lake’s local cemetery. Bryony is haunted for days by the oddly tranquil smile frozen on the dead woman’s face. Finally she decides she must know more about who this woman was.

When Bryony digs for more information, however, she makes a startling discovery: Charlotte Stone and her twin brother supposedly died twenty years ago! Now it’s up to Bryony to unearth what really happened to Charlotte during that faux family tragedy and who killed her now.  (Amazon)

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Frustrated: A Cozy Mystery (The Witches of Hemlock Hotel Book 2) by [Darcy, Diane]What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there.

Las Vegas psychic Lena DeVille has a boyfriend who thinks he’s a werewolf. They might have to break up.

However, when a new mystery crops up, she’s unable to resist. A young lady’s been kidnapped from The Hemlock Hotel (maybe) and Lena is starting to realize that things are not quite as they seem within the walls of the most popular resort in Vegas.

There’s a family on the verge of going wild (literally), witches hoping she’ll join their coven, and her own magic making an appearance. Not to mention local boys trying to make a buck, a little breaking and entering, and a reporter determined to uncover secrets.

Can Lena resist William, find the kidnapper, and rescue the girl before it’s too late? Or will their investigation have her becoming a target for a madman hiding in plain sight?


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The Other Woman: A Novel by [Jones, Sandie]The most twisty, addictive and gripping debut thriller you’ll read this year.

HE LOVES YOU: Adam adores Emily. Emily thinks Adam’s perfect, the man she thought she’d never meet.

BUT SHE LOVES YOU NOT: Lurking in the shadows is a rival, a woman who shares a deep bond with the man she loves.

AND SHE’LL STOP AT NOTHING: Emily chose Adam, but she didn’t choose his mother Pammie. There’s nothing a mother wouldn’t do for her son, and now Emily is about to find out just how far Pammie will go to get what she wants: Emily gone forever.

THE OTHER WOMAN will have you questioning her on every page, in Sandie Jones’ chilling psychological thriller about a man, his new girlfriend, and the mother who will not let him go.

The Other Woman is an absorbing thriller with a great twist. A perfect beach read.”—Kristin Hannah, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Great Alone

“A twisty, deliciously fun read.”—Sarah Pekkanen, New York Times bestselling co-author of The Wife Between Us

“Fun and fiendishly clever with a twist you will not see coming. Make room in your beach bag for this one!” – Wendy Walker, bestselling author of All Is Not Forgotten

“Thoroughly entertaining. Pammie is the mother-in-law from hell!” – Michelle Frances, #1 bestselling author of The Girlfriend

Compulsive, claustrophobic, it spoke to my deepest fears as a wife and mother, grabbing hold of me and not letting go. Definitely a must read!” – Emma Kavanagh author of Falling

Compulsive, superbly plotted, and all too believable! Earmark it now for your TBR pile.” – Michelle Davies, author of Gone Astray  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Audiobook