New Release For The Week Of October 28th, 2018–Part 4


Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of October 28th, 2018. I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very many of them for this week. Today is the fourth and final day of my list for this week. Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.



Uneasy Lies the Crown: A Lady Emily Mystery (Lady Emily Mysteries Book 13) by [Alexander, Tasha]In Uneasy Lies the Crown, the thrilling new mystery in Tasha Alexander’s bestselling series, Lady Emily and her husband Colin must stop a serial killer whose sights may be set on the new king, Edward VII.

On her deathbed, Queen Victoria asks to speak privately with trusted agent of the Crown, Colin Hargreaves, and slips him a letter with one last command: Une sanz pluis. Sapere aude. “One and no more. Dare to know.”

The year is 1901 and the death of Britain’s longest-reigning monarch has sent the entire British Empire into mourning. But for Lady Emily and her dashing husband, Colin, the grieving is cut short as another death takes center stage. A body has been found in the Tower of London, posed to look like the murdered medieval king Henry VI. When a second dead man turns up in London’s exclusive Berkeley Square, his mutilated remains staged to evoke the violent demise of Edward II, it becomes evident that the mastermind behind the crimes plans to strike again.

The race to find the killer takes Emily deep into the capital’s underbelly, teeming with secret gangs, street children, and sleazy brothels—but the clues aren’t adding up. Even more puzzling are the anonymous letters Colin has been receiving since Victoria’s death, seeming to threaten her successor, Edward VII. With the killer leaving a trail of dead kings in his wake, will Edward be the next victim?  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback, Audiobook










Murder by the Book (Bookstore Mystery 1) by [Elliott, Lauren]Addie Greyborne loved working with rare books at the Boston Public Library—she even got to play detective, tracking down clues about mysterious old volumes. But she didn’t expect her sleuthing skills to come in so handy in a little seaside town . . .
Addie left some painful memories behind in the big city, including the unsolved murder of her fiancé and her father’s fatal car accident. After an unexpected inheritance from a great aunt, she’s moved to a small New England town founded by her ancestors back in colonial times—and living in spacious Greyborne Manor, on a hilltop overlooking the harbor. Best of all, her aunt also left her countless first editions and other treasures—providing an inventory to start her own store.

But there’s trouble from day one, and not just from the grumpy woman who runs the bakery next door. A car nearly runs Addie down. Someone steals a copy of Alice in Wonderland. Then, Addie’s friend Serena, who owns a nearby tea shop, is arrested—for killing another local merchant. The police seem pretty sure they’ve got the story in hand, but Addie’s not going to let them close the book on this case without a fight . . .  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook







Spa Retreats and Secrets in Las Vegas: A Humorous Tiffany Black Mystery by [Winters, A.R.]A Cupcakes-and-Crime Caper

“I didn’t kill her, I swear!” 

Fresh off a shift of slinging cards, blackjack dealer and private investigator Tiffany Black takes a frenzied call from Mary Bilford, the services manager at ritzy Spa Renauld.

Mary needs someone to prove she didn’t kill spa client Gina Welling—which means it’s time for Tiffany and Ian to go undercover and infiltrate the spa.

“Winters will have you giggling into your book!”

Who stood to benefit from Gina’s death? Was it ex-husband Harry, who was coincidentally visiting the spa while his ex-wife was there; nurse Jasper, who’s intent on looking out for himself; or even part of the spa’s security detail? Or was it Mary Bilford all along, concealing her ulterior motive, just as the LVPD suspect?

Of course, once Nanna learns of the investigation happening in the swanky spa, she insists on joining them! Ian and Tiffany make a new four-legged friend, and Ryan has an important message for Tiffany…

Meanwhile, someone at the spa is out for blood… will Tiffany survive being in the den of the killer?

More importantly, will Tiffany survive the ridiculous beauty treatments she’s being subjected to?

This is a cozy mystery featuring a strong female protagonist, some unusual friends and family, and a mystery that needs solving! It has no graphic gore, bad language, or sex. Perfect for fans of Janet Evanovich, Jana DeLeon and Hope Callaghan.

Praise for A.R. Winters:

“You fall in love with Tiffany Black from the start, and the mystery starts immediately” – Melissa Greenberg, Top 500 Reviewer

“The perfect balance of being lighthearted, but still a serious page-turning mystery.” – Jaycie D,

“A great mystery wrapped in humor and surprises.” – Amazon Customer  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle














Gingerbread and Deadly Dread: A Cozy Mystery (MURDER IN THE MIX Book 4) by [Moore, Addison ]*A laugh out loud cozy mystery by New York Times Bestseller Addison Moore*

My name is Lottie Lemon and I see dead pets. Okay, so on occasion I see dearly departed humans too, but fortunately for me that horrible scenario is not playing out at the moment. Instead I see a beautiful long departed pooch hovering around a questionably two-timing Santa and all his naughty-hottie elves. Quite frankly, it’s a terrifying sight considering the fact the fantastic phantasm is an ominous harbinger for its previous owner. So when I find my sister’s boyfriend face down in the snow with a handful of my tasty gingerbread treats I’m not only sorry for him, but I’m very sorry that I had a blowout with him in front of the entire town of Honey Hollow. And just like that, I get the one thing for Christmas I did not ask for—a number one spot on the suspect list. I have a feeling this is going to be one Christmas I’d rather forget.

Lottie Lemon has a brand new bakery to tend to, a budding romance with perhaps one too many suitors, and she has the supernatural ability to see dead pets—which are always harbingers for ominous things to come. Throw in the occasional ghost of the human variety, a string of murders, and her insatiable thirst for justice, and you’ll have more chaos than you know what to do with.

Living in the small town of Honey Hollow can be murder.

From the NEW YORK TIMESand USA TODAYbestselling author, Addison Moore—Cosmopolitan Magazine calls Addison’s books, “…easy, frothy fun!”  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback










Thread Herrings (A Mainely Needlepoint Mystery Book 7) by [Wait, Lea]


Angie’s first auction may turn out to be her last—when she bids on a coat of arms that someone would literally kill to possess . . .
Tagging along to an estate sale with her fellow Needlepointer, antiques shop owner Sarah Byrne, Angie Curtis impulsively bids on a tattered embroidery of a coat of arms. When she gets her prize back home to Haven Harbor, she discovers a document from 1757 behind the framed needlework—a claim for a child from a foundling hospital. Intrigued, Angie is determined to find the common thread between the child and the coat of arms.

Accepting her reporter friend Clem Walker’s invitation to talk about her find on the local TV news, Angie makes an appeal to anyone who might have information. Instead, both women receive death threats. When Clem is found shot to death in a parking lot, Angie fears her own life may be in jeopardy. She has to unravel this historical mystery—or she may be the next one going, going . . . gone . . .  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook













Killed on Blueberry Hill (A Berry Basket Mystery Book 3) by [Farrow, Sharon]It’s peak tourist season in Oriole Point, Michigan—the blueberry buckle of the fruit belt. Nothing draws the crowds quite like their annual carnival. And nothing turns it sour faster than murder . . .

The Blueberry Blow Out festival has begun and it’s time for Marlee Jacob, owner of The Berry Basket, to shine. Unfortunately it’s also bringing out the worst in her fiancé Ryan Zeller. Ryan’s rivalry with Porter Gale, owner of Blueberry Hill Farm, spills over into a very public and very ugly fight. And after they compete in the pie-eating contest and a raucous tug of war, their orchard blood feud takes a deadly turn . . .

The death of the king of Blueberry Hill is a shock but not too surprising—he was a diabetic whose last pig out meal was deliciously fatal. But when authorities discover that someone tampered with Porter’s insulin, a tragic accident is looking like murder—and Ryan is the key ingredient. Now Marlee’s investigation to clear his name is taking her deep into the Gale family secrets, and she’s being shadowed every step of the way by a killer whose sweet revenge is just beginning . . .
Includes Berry Recipes!  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback












Purls and Poison (A Black Sheep & Co. Mystery Book 2) by [Canadeo, Anne]When a fellow Black Sheep Knitter is suspected of poisoning her coworker, the group puts down their needles and takes up their friend’s defense . . .
Suzanne Cavanaugh has just about had it with her office rival at Prestige Properties. It’s bad enough that Liza Devereaux is constantly needling her at work, but when she shows up at one of Suzanne’s open houses to poach potential buyers, it’s the last straw. No one in the office fails to hear the two snarling at each other.

When Liza is later found dead in her office cubicle—poisoned by a diet shake—Suzanne becomes the prime suspect. It’s soon discovered, though, that Liza had double-crossed so many around town and stashed their dark secrets in her designer handbags that anyone could be the culprit.

The Black Sheep Knitters have no doubt their friend has been framed—but they need to prove it. Stirred to action, they get together to catch a sneaky killer who’s trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes . . .(Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback












The Witches of East Malling - A cozy crime comedy mystery: Blue Moon Investigations Book 5 by [Higgs, Steve]Tempest Michaels is back! His office burned down, his love life is a joke and he is convinced he is getting fat. It’s the perfect time for a new case then.

The client is the son of a man who was killed in a freak accident – struck by lightning. That doesn’t sound very paranormal until you learn that he was inside his house when it happened and his heart exploded out of his chest.

There are eldritch runes drawn on the victim’s house and his wife, together with several of her friends, has been seen colluding with a mysterious old crone. Is there witchcraft being practiced in the nearby village of East Malling? The client certainly thinks so.

Will Tempest be swift enough to solve the case before anyone else is killed? Will Frank’s witch-sniffer toad sniff out the witch? Will Tempest’s gender neutral assistant turn up dressed as a boy or a girl?

You can bet there will be bedlam as Tempest and his trusted sausage dogs find themselves pitted against another potentially deadly foe.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback









Hair Calamities And Hot Cash by [Pallotta, Gail]

Hair Calamities and Hot Cash is “a comedic romp from small town to big city in search of missing money, hair catastrophes, and love. A truly fun read” says Cynthia Hickey, author of the Shady Acres Mystery series…

What happens when a New York stockbroker crashes his car into Eve Castleberry’s North Carolina beauty shop … on the same day the young widow’s defective hair products are causing wild hairdos? Soon, Eve finds herself helping the handsome stranger hunt the thieves who stole his clients cash…and hot on the trail of two of the FBI’s most-wanted criminals!

Romance blossoms amid danger, suspense and Eve’s hair-brained plan to get back the money.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback













Nipped in the Bud (An Orchard Mystery Book 12) by [Connolly, Sheila]The New York Times bestselling author of A Late Frost returns with orchard owner Meg Chapin trying to stem the tide of crime . . .

Winter still has a firm stranglehold on the small town of Granford, and newly married orchard owner Meg Chapin is restless to begin her spring pruning and planting, while Seth busies himself with a new project of his own. But their relative peace is shattered when a gunshot breaks the winter silence and they discover the body of a dead woman on their land. What’s just as troubling is that the state police have hushed up the murder and are warning Meg not to investigate.

Never one to sit by idly with a killer on the loose, Meg starts digging for clues and probing for answers as discreetly as she can. When the victim turns out to have been an undercover reporter doing a story on the blossoming trade in illegal drugs in the area, Meg’s stunned to learn that this very modern crime has come to sleepy Granford. Unwilling to accept that the nasty business has put down roots so close to home—and led to a murder that occurred literally in her own backyard—Meg is determined to nip it in the bud before the town she knows and loves turns rotten . . .

Praise for he Orchard Mysteries:

“Delightful. . . . [A] fascinating whodunit filled with surprises.” —The Mystery Gazette

“Connolly’s cozy has sympathetic characters who are not stereotypes, nice details about life in a small town, and information about a heritage orchard—all of which make this a warm, very satisfying read.”—RT Reviews

“Sheila Connolly’s Orchard Mysteries are some of the most satisfying cozy mysteries I’ve ever read. . . . Warm and entertaining from the first paragraph to the last.” —Lesa’s Book Critiques

About the Author:

Sheila Connolly is an Anthony and Agatha Award–nominated author of numerous bestselling cozy mystery series, including the Orchard Mysteries, the Museum Mysteries, the County Cork Mysteries, and the Relatively Dead Mysteries. In addition, she has published Once She Knew, a romantic suspense; Reunion with Death, a traditional mystery set in Tuscany; and a number of short stories. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband and three cats and travels to Ireland as often as possible.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle










Residue: A Kevin Kerney Novel by [McGarrity, Michael]Former police chief Kevin Kerney returns—this time as the prime suspect in a brutal cold-case murder investigation.

Against the backdrop of the harsh desert and high mountain country of southwestern New Mexico, a high-octane quest for the truth untangles a complex history of dark family secrets, cold-blooded murders, rogue cops, a devastating plane crash, and the possibility of one family’s reconciliation.

A long-unsolved missing person case becomes a homicide investigation when the bones of Kim Ward are unearthed in Las Cruces, New Mexico, forty-five years after her disappearance. Compelling forensic and anecdotal evidence quickly shifts suspicion to Ward’s old college boyfriend: former Santa Fe Police Chief Kevin Kerney.

With damning evidence against him compiled by his own son, New Mexico State Police Lieutenant Clayton Istee, Kerney is arrested. He has no alibi and not a single witness to speak for him. Under intense media scrutiny and 24/7 police surveillance, Kerney must rely solely on the help of his wife, Sara, and a renowned criminal defense lawyer to discover if there are any remaining clues that can exonerate him or lead to the killer.


As the trio begin to reconstruct the events leading to Ward’s murder, Istee reexamines his suspicions about Kerney’s guilt and decides to risk everything to help prove his father’s innocence. Working together to identify one person who can clear Kerney’s name and expose the killer, the four soon discover that Ward’s murder isn’t the only crime to be solved.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Audiobook











The Bark of the Town (Paws Fur Play Mysteries Book 3) by [St. Claire, Stella]Willow Wells is just beginning to feel settled back in her hometown. She has a thriving business, a hot boyfriend, and the support of her family. Things couldn’t get better. Until it all comes crashing down when two of the town’s mean girls are found murdered. Not only are Willow and her sister Wednesday first on the scene for both murders, Wednesday is the prime suspect.

Suddenly, Willow’s perfect life is falling apart. To give Willow time to solve the crime, her boyfriend Griffin has taken over her dog gym business. Willow’s father, the rock of both the town and the family, is suddenly powerless to help. And, worst of all, the evidence against Wednesday is mounting.

Willow will have to face her past and the reason she left Pineview all those years ago. If she doesn’t solve this case—and solve it fast—then the future she’s worked so hard for will end up dead and buried.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle













The Long Paw of the Law (A Paw Enforcement Novel Book 7) by [Kelly, Diane]Texas police officer Megan Luz and her K-9 partner Brigit have come a long way, baby.


One night, while on duty with her four-legged crime-fighting companion, Meg gets an urgent call from her boyfriend Seth, who works for the Fort Worth fire department. A baby girl has turned up at the station with only two clues to her identity: One is a peace-sign symbol stitched into her blanket. The other is a word, written in string: help.

Megan follows every loose thread and, along with Brigit, ends up on a twisted path that leads to the People of Peace compound, the site of a religious sect on the outskirts of the city. Its leader, Father Emmanuel, keeps his followers on a short leash—and his enemies even closer. Could this be the abandoned baby’s original home? And if so, why was she cast out? Now that Megan and Brigit are on the case, the secrets of this reclusive cult are bound to be dug up. . .

Diane Kelly is back with The Long Paw of the Law, the seventh installment in her drool-worthy Paw Enforcement series.

“Four Paws Up! This is a fabulous series that is sure to win the hearts of mystery fans and dog lovers alike!” —Books and Trouble  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook











Dragon's Egg (Dragons of Wendal Book 4) by [Schneider, Maria E]

Thieves aren’t known for doing other people favors, but a unicorn is a treasure of a whole different color. Winter was on her way out of town anyway, so what’s a little baggage? Never mind that fleeing Anton with a barely weaned unicorn could get her killed or thrown in prison if she is caught.

Winter is a skilled thief. It should have been an easy job. She wasn’t counting on a dragon with postpartum depression, the dragon’s unhatched egg or the injured wizard with a shakier past than her own.

The plan was to depart town for greener pastures and easier purses to snatch. Too bad leaving requires pulling off the biggest heist of all.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle

























































































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