New Releases For The Week Of December 16th, 2018–Part 4


Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of December 16th, 2018. I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very many of them for this week. Today is the fourth and final day of my list for this week. Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.


Fashions Fade, Haunted Is Eternal (A Haunted Vintage Mystery Book 7) by [Pressey, Rose]A photo shoot in a graveyard ends in a grave shooting . . .

Cookie Chanel—owner of the chic clothing store It’s Vintage Y’All in Sugar Creek, Georgia—has been hired to dress models for a fashion shoot. The spread will be featured in Fashion and Style magazine’s October issue—so the models are posing in a cemetery. As someone who can see and talk to ghosts, Cookie’s not spooked by the location. But she is surprised when a new ghost appears, decked out in 1920s couture. And she’s shocked when she hears a gunshot. Then a model runs toward her, saying the grumpy photographer has been edited out of the picture – for good. With help from her ghostly pals, Cookie must zoom in on the truth before she’s the next to strike a final pose . . .

Don’t Miss Cookie Chanel’s Shopping Tips
Praise for the Haunted Vintage Mysteries

“Rose Pressey’s books are fun!”—Janet Evanovich

“An appealing protagonist who is as sweet as a Southern accent.”—Library Journal
Chic and quirky heroine Cookie Chanel and a supporting cast of small-town Southern characters are sure to charm lovers of high fashion and murderous hi-jinks alike. “—Jennie Bentley  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback










One Taste Too Many (A Sarah Blair Mystery Book 1) by [Goldstein, Debra H.]For culinary challenged Sarah Blair, there’s only one thing scarier than cooking from scratch—murder!

Married at eighteen, divorced at twenty‑eight, Sarah Blair reluctantly swaps her luxury lifestyle for a cramped studio apartment and a law firm receptionist job in the tired hometown she never left. With nothing much to show for the last decade but her feisty Siamese cat, RahRah, and some clumsy domestic skills, she’s the polar opposite of her bubbly twin, Emily—an ambitious chef determined to take her culinary ambitions to the top at a local gourmet restaurant . . .

Sarah knew starting over would be messy. But things fall apart completely when her ex drops dead, seemingly poisoned by Emily’s award-winning rhubarb crisp. Now, with RahRah wanted by the woman who broke up her marriage and Emily wanted by the police for murder, Sarah needs to figure out the right recipe to crack the case before time runs out. Unfortunately, for a gal whose idea of good china is floral paper plates, catching the real killer and living to tell about it could mean facing a fate worse than death—being in the kitchen!

 Includes quick and easy recipes!  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback













Wine and Punishment (A Literary Pub Mystery Book 1) by [Fox, Sarah]In the first in an engaging new mystery series from USA Today bestselling author Sarah Fox, the owner of a charming literary pub finds her fresh start on the rocks thanks to a case of murder.

Booklover Sadie Coleman knows that in life, as in fiction, the right setting can make a world of difference. The small town of Shady Creek, Vermont, seems like the perfect place to start over after losing her Boston job to a merger and her relationship to her ex’s gambling addiction. She’s bought and redecorated the old grist mill pub, transforming the Inkwell into a cozy spot where tourists and regulars alike can enjoy a pint or a literary-themed cocktail, or join one of several book clubs.

Little by little, Sadie is adjusting to the rhythms of her new home. Fall in Shady Creek is bookmarked by the much-anticipated Autumn Festival, complete with a pumpkin catapult competition and pie bake-off. Unfortunately, the season also brings an unwelcome visitor—Sadie’s ex, Eric, who’s angling for a second chance . . .

Before Sadie can tell Eric to leave, he’s found dead near the Inkwell. When the local antique shop catches fire on the same night, it’s clear the town is harboring at least one unsavory character. Now, with her Aunt Gilda, her friend Shontelle, and the pub’s patrons all in the mix, Sadie must uncover the truth . . . before a killer declares last call.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Audiobook










Iced Inn: A Gray Whale Inn Short Story (Gray Whale Inn Mysteries) by [MacInerney, Karen]




It’s Christmastime at the Gray Whale Inn. The inn’s kitchen smells like ginger and spice, the ground is frosted with snow, and wedding bells are about to ring out for innkeeper Natalie’s favorite niece, Gwen. It’s a joyous time… until the families of the bride and groom descend on the island, bringing nasty tempers and a wicked winter storm with them. Add a baffling rash of thefts, a dash of romantic intrigue, and an unexpected power shutdown, and Natalie’s plans for a magical season are looking more like a recipe for disaster. Can Natalie find the missing gifts before the big holiday? And will the happy couple make it to the altar… or will the wedding go up in flames?  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle












Murder on a Winter Afternoon: A completely addictive cozy mystery novel (A Melissa Craig Mystery Book 5) by [Rowlands, Betty]A snow-covered cottage is nestled in the hills, all ready for Christmas… but inside a body lies dead upon the floor. 

Melissa Craig is enjoying winter in the Cotswolds, taking brisk walks through the snowy fields and basking in the winter sunshine. The only thing Melissa is plotting is her Christmas shopping.

But after the unexpected death of local writer Leonora Jewell, Melissa is asked to complete Leonora’s final book. However, on her first visit to the cottage, she finds a gruesome object overlooked by the police: a metal bar covered with dried blood.

Terrified, Melissa rushes to the nearest telephone box to call the police. But by the time they reach Leonora’s cottage, the murder weapon has mysteriously vanished. 

With no murder weapon, the detective in charge of the case scoffs at Melissa’s suspicions. Furious and frustrated, Melissa focuses on finishing Leonora’s novel. But as she reads Leonora’s notes for the book, she starts to wonder… did Leonora accidentally plot out her own murder? 

As Melissa does some investigating of her own, she uncovers some pretty suspicious local characters. But with the police unwilling to help, can Melissa solve this vicious crime alone? By hook, by crook, or by the book, Melissa must find the killers before they strike again… 

If you adore Faith Martin, Joy Ellis and P.D. James, you’re in for a treat with this unputdownable mystery novel!

This book was previously published as Deadly Legacy.

What readers are saying about Murder on a Winter Afternoon:

Fantastic to read! The story is gripping and full of tense momentsTwists and turns await every page! I really enjoyed reading this a lot and can highly recommend it.’ Goodreads Reviewer

Betty Rowlands just goes on giving with this new Melissa Craig mystery, with a murder, a little romance and some spills and thrills this book is a very enjoyable cozy read… good plot and storylineEnjoyed it very much.’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

I am absolutely loving this series.’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

‘Readable, cosy mysteries are my go to winter reading and I really enjoyed this one… A great story with some interesting characters and an intriguing mystery.’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

Amazing… This book is fun to read, engaging and entertaining. I loved the plot that kept me guessing till the end and I wasn’t able to stop reading. Highly recommended!’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

Amazing!… for a rainy afternoon, or snowy even! Enjoy! I recommend!’ Carol in Tallahassee

‘I loved it… I will definitely recommend this book and happily give it 5 stars.’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

Another fantastic story from Betty Rowlands… A very easy read. Looking forward to more from this author and Mel’s antics.’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

Another good read in the Melissa Craig series… This author does a fantastic job with the details of the scenery, so you really feel like you are there.’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

‘A gentle slow burning story… recommend it for anyone who likes a cosy mystery to read in one or two sittings. Each book in the series stands alone but I have thoroughly enjoyed reading each of the five titles re-released so far.’ Goodreads Reviewer

‘The Melissa Craig series is fabulous for fans of cozy mysteries, they are just a delight to read and everyone is quite different… Twisty and brilliant.’ Postcard Reviews  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook











The Ghost Had an Early Check-out by [Lanyon, Josh]To live and draw in L.A.

Now living in Los Angeles with former navy SEAL Nick Reno, artist Perry Foster comes to the rescue of elderly and eccentric Horace Daly, the legendary film star of such horror classics as Why Won’t You Die, My Darling?

Horace owns the famous, but now run-down, Hollywood hotel Angels Rest, rumored to be haunted. But as far as Perry can tell, the scariest thing about Angels Rest is the cast of crazy tenants–one of whom seems determined to bring down the final curtain on Horace–and anyone else who gets in the way.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle















Fe Fi Fiddle Die (Sweetfern Harbor Mystery Book 12) by [Meadows, Wendy]An amateur sleuth with a bed and breakfast, a guest found dead, and a handsome detective husband who helps unravel the mystery in the cozy beach town of Sweetfern Harbor…

Sheffield Bed and Breakfast is buzzing with anticipation of Fiddlers arriving in Sweetfern Harbor for the East Coast Fiddler Jamboree. The event is a new one William Pendleton has arranged to draw new crowds in. Brenda looks forward to guests and especially to Jake Smith who is better known as The Fiddler and grandson to the famous Abram Smith known as The Shredder. Allie Williams becomes excited to know she will check in someone so famous. As guests begin to arrive, she and Brenda sense the personalities are very different from one another.

During the first dinner when all gather to get acquainted tension arises when Mason Eads scoffs about the low esteem he holds for the type of music loved by Jake. The Fiddler defends the art. Reverend Thomas Kelly steps in and gently admonishes them for arguing in front of Brenda and the other guests. Brenda hopes the discord can be chalked up to guests’ travel fatigue.

The Jamboree promises a large crowd and good music. Brenda and Mac, her Detective husband, join friends at the park for the evening. Phyllis and William talk about the success of the night before they part company. As the Rivers approach the bed and breakfast, Brenda receives a frantic call from one of their guests. Alan Haas tells her he and his wife have discovered a dead body of Mason Eads inside the gate of the bed and breakfast.

Once interrogations begin it soon proves to Brenda her guests aren’t all they perceive to be. The Fiddler comes to the forefront of suspicion as do Mattie and Drake Cabot. The more she and Mac delve into the case of murdered Mason, the more complicated it becomes. Even the Minister becomes suspect. Brenda knows if she can find connections to the victim, she will find the killer. Shock sets in again when a bloody knife is found along with a long narrow necktie in bins behind Sheffield Bed and Breakfast. It is determined not one person killed Mason, but there were two killers. Will Brenda manage to push aside her personal feelings for each guest so to reach a conclusion of the real murderers?

This cozy mystery is a clean read: no graphic violence, sex, or strong language. It can be read in one to two hours. It is perfect for those moments when you are waiting at an appointment or want to enjoy a quick read.

Read all the Sweetfern Harbor cozy mysteries:

1. Posies and Poison
2. Dead in Bed
3. Captain Dead Man
4. Ghostly Tours
5. Turkey, Pies, and Alibis
6. Mystery, Snow, and Mistletoe
7. Festival Turmoil
8. Scandal at the Gala
9. The Elusive Wampum
10. Chest of Secrets
11. The Bead Seller
12. Fe Fi Fiddle Die  (Amazon)

Edutions Available:  Kindle











Bubba and the Curse of the Boogity-Boo (The Bubba Mysteries Book 9) by [Bevill, C.L.]It’s two weeks until Bubba’s wife, Willodean, is due to have their baby, the moon may or may not be full, his mother, Miz Demetrice, is up to her old tricks, some movie people are in town making a film about an old and eerie legend of the Boogity-Boo, and Bubba can’t find the right kind of ice cream for his pernickety significant other. Bubba is plain ol’ worried sick about Willodean and the impending birth. It’s so much so that when the film director asks for help with a little mystery, Willodean makes Bubba go to get his mind off his fears. At the secluded and creepy film set on Foggy Mountain, there’s a furtive Bigfoot-like creature meandering about and scaring the crew off, so what’s a good ol’ boy to do? Why, he’s there to kick some tushie all the way to Tuscaloosa and chew bubblegum, and he’s fresh out of bubblegum.

Book Nine of the Bubba Mystery series.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle













A Yuletide Wallop (The Lucky Dill Deli Cozy Mystery Series Book 1) by [Barker, Constance]Who Offed Santa?

Someone’s been naughty and taken out Santa, but the gals at The Lucky Dill Deli aren’t standing for it. Josie is the owner and her two long time friends, Verny and Cookie, work alongside her. Their little New England town is ripe with charm, but when Santa is discovered dead at the Winter Wonderland festival, everyone’s on high alert.

Enter Abel and Gideon, the new detective in town and the more seasoned one, respectively. Gideon worked on the force with Josie’s dad, who died in service to his community. While Gideon would prefer the girls let the police handle the action, he also needs them when leads come up empty.

Lightening, aka Ed, is the town historian and local story teller. He knows the town and it’s peeps inside and out. Could it be he has an inside track to who might want to murder Santa.

Stay tuned in this first book in a brand new series…The Lucky Dill Deli Cozy Mystery Series.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback
























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