New Releases For The Week Of January 27th, 2019–Part 2

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of January 27th, 2019.  I am going to divide the list into 5 days because there are so very very many of them for this week. Today is the second day of my list for this week. Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.



A Murderous Marriage (A Lady and Lady's Maid Mystery Book 4) by [Maxwell, Alyssa]Lady Phoebe Renshaw and her lady’s maid, Eva Huntford, are preparing for a wedding, but it may not be the happy occasion everyone hopes for . . .
Since the Great War, some family fortunes have suffered, including those of the Renshaws. Despite being the granddaughter of an earl, Julia Renshaw is under pressure to marry for money—and has settled for Gilbert Townsend, a viscount and a wealthy industrialist. He is decades older than Julia, and it’s clear to her sister Phoebe—and to Eva, who has been like a surrogate mother to the girls—that this is not a love match. Nevertheless, the wedding takes place—and in a hurry.

At the reception aboard the groom’s yacht, there appears to be tension between Gil and several guests: his best man, a fellow veteran of the Boer War; his grouchy spinster sister; and his current heir, a nervous young cousin named Ernest. The bride is also less than pleased when she discovers that her honeymoon will be more crowded than expected—with Gil’s pretty secretary, among others, coming along.

That very night, Julia pounds on her sister’s door, brandishing a bandaged hand and reporting a hot-tempered outburst on her new husband’s part. Julia is feeling doubt and regret about her hasty decision, but returns to the boat. Then the next morning, before the yacht can depart the harbor, Gil’s body is found in the water below—and Phoebe and Eva must discover who pushed him over . . . before the Renshaws’ social standing is irreparably stained by Julia’s arrest for his murder . . .  (Amazon)

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Mrs Pettigrew Sees a Ghost: First in a Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series (Charity Shop Haunted Mystery Book 1) by [Hayton, Katherine]New job. New town. New ghost!

Fifty-two-year-old Emily Curtis wants a job so she can rebuild her shattered life. One year ago, a devastating car accident stole her occupation, her home, and half her mind.

Working in the charity shop of a small town in rural New Zealand seems ideal… until she awakens a ghost! Since the annoying spirit won’t move on until her murderer is found, Emily sets to work. However, the ethereal Mrs Pettigrew doesn’t remember dying, let alone who killed her.

With family remaining close-lipped and old employees keeping secrets, it’ll take more than Emily’s newfound ability to talk to the dead to solve the crime.

Mrs Pettigrew Sees a Ghost is the first book in a new paranormal mystery series. It contains ghosts and murderers but is free of the following evil spirits:

No Swearing
No Gore
No Graphic Scenes

This series is written in New Zealand English, which features mainly British spelling variants.

Scroll up and one-click to solve the haunting mystery today!  (Amazon)

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Crocuses and Crime (Port Danby Cozy Mystery Book 9) by [Lovett, London]The new year is off to a smooth start. Pink’s Flowers is doing well and Lacey is growing even closer to her wonderful boyfriend, Detective James Briggs. But when a local man is killed, one of Lacey’s dearest friends is implicated in the murder. Briggs has asked her to step away from the case but Lacey is determined to find the real killer. Will her meddling cause irreparable damage to their relationship? Lacey must risk everything, including her heart, to find the truth.

Book 9 of the Port Danby Cozy Mystery series.
Other books in the series:
1. Marigolds and Murder
2. Carnations and Chaos
3. Mistletoe and Mayhem
4. Roses and Revenge
5. Tulips and Trouble
6. Dahlias and Death
7. Peonies and Poison
8. Hyacinths and Homicide
9. Crocuses and Crime
10. TBA

Full-length novel. Series is best read in order.  (Amazon)

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A Flaky Alibi (A Stoneybrook Mystery Book 4) by [Scott, Eryn]



When a contestant of Grande County’s annual baking competition dies after eating a poisoned pie, it’s up to Paul and Hadley to get to the bottom of this flaky mystery.  (Amazon)

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Death by Committee (An Abby McCree Mystery Book 1) by [Morgan, Alexis]When Abby McCree suddenly inherits her favorite relative’s property in small town Snowberry Creek, Washington, she soon realizes that the ramshackle home comes with strings attached—one of which is tied to a dead body!

After a rough divorce, Abby McCree only wants to stitch up her life and move on. But other loose ends appear after her elderly Aunt Sybil passes away, leaving Abby to tend to a rundown estate, complete with a slobbery Mastiff of questionable pedigree and a sexy tenant who growls more than the dog. As Abby gets drawn into a tight-knit quilting guild, she makes a twisted discovery—Aunt Sybil’s only known rival is buried in her backyard!

Despite what local detectives say, Abby refuses to accept that her beloved aunt had anything to do with the murder. While navigating a busy social calendar and rediscovering the art of quilting, she launches an investigation of her own to clear Aunt Sybil’s name and catch the true culprit. The incriminating clues roll in, yet Abby can’t help but wonder—can she survive her new responsibilities in Snowberry Creek and still manage to patch together a killer’s deadly pattern without becoming the next victim?  (Amazon)

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Honey Homicide: A Backyard Farming Mystery by [Walton, Vikki]Delve into this cozy mystery that’s buzzing with red herrings!

A series of man-made fires has the small mountain town of Carolan Springs on edge. When drug dealer Ray Lawrence is found murdered in the Bennett’s burned-out greenhouse, all signs lead to someone called The Bull. A mysterious woman’s arrival in town has Anne suspecting that Deputy Ruiz and the newcomer are hiding something. Anne’s determined to find out what is going on between them.

When beekeeper Bill Connor is attacked in his greenhouse, Anne starts to wonder if there’s a connection. After Sheriff Carson is arrested for the fire-bombing of Hope’s Herbal Shoppe, Anne must determine if he’s guilty or innocent. But will Anne’s meddling this time cause more harm than good?

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Death at a Country Mansion: A Daisy Thorne English Murder Mystery by [Innes, Louise. R.]A shocking murder in a sleepy English village featuring hairdresser-turned-sleuth, Daisy Thorne.

Daisy Thorne’s pride and joy is her hair salon, Ooh La La, and because almost everyone in the village has been in it at some point or another, there’s not much that goes on that Daisy doesn’t know about. When her best friend Floria’s mother – the famous opera diva, Dame Serena Levanté – is murdered in her country mansion and a valuable painting is stolen, Floria begs Daisy to investigate.
Assigned to the case is gruff-but-effective DI Paul McGuinness who, at first, is against any involvement by the vivacious hairdresser, but after a while, comes to realize her local knowledge just might hold the key to solving the mystery.
As Daisy and DI McGuinness work their way through the growing suspect list, they have to figure out which clues are relevant and which are not, in their hunt for the killer.

If you love a cozy mystery, especially one set in a quaint English village featuring hairdresser turned sleuth, Daisy Thorne and her glamorous set of friends, then you’ll love this series. Death at a Country Mansion is Book 1 in the Daisy Thorne series.  (Amazon)

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Horsing Around with Murder: A Senior Sleuth Mystery - Book 1 by [Fisher, Maureen]With horses, and goats, and a llama, oh, my!
There’s secrets, and intrigue, and someone must die.

Abby, Dodie, and Clara Foster, three 60-something sisters, are astonished to find they’ve inherited a dude ranch in the Alberta Foothills. Facing financial ruin due to extensive property upgrades, the sisters decide to host a week-long horse breeding symposium to attract more guests during the off-season.

Hours into the symposium, a sudden death appears accidental. When the Mounties dismiss Abby’s suspicion of murder, she convinces Dodie and a hot cowboy to help conduct a covert investigation without alerting their quirky guests.

Problem is, the guests are their main suspects.

Chaos ensues when the senior sleuths tangle with a runaway stud, a hands-on artificial insemination demo, one seriously amorous gelding (yes, it does happen), a llama on the lam, dwarf goats in the swimming pool, a cranky stallion, drug abuse, sabotage, animal rights activism, and more attempted murders. A late-life romance adds to the complications.

Warning: This book may contain inappropriate boomer humor.  (Amazon)

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Cookies & Chance Mysteries Boxed Set Vol. II (Books 4-6) by [Bruns, Catherine]From USA Today bestselling author Catherine Bruns comes a boxed set of the next three exciting mysteries featuring baker turned sleuth Sally Muccio. This boxed set includes three full-length novels—and tasty recipes!—from the #1 bestselling Cookies & Chance series, including:

Frosted With Revenge (book #4)
The some-time amateur sleuth and full-time bakery owner is finally marrying the man of her dreams. But during a last minute taste testing of their wedding cake, Sally and her fiancé are witnesses—and almost victims!—of a random shooting. At least they think it’s random, until an original fortune cookie message proves otherwise. Can Sal make it to the church on time…and alive?

Silenced by Sugar (book #5)
Full-time baker and sometime-sleuth Sally Muccio wishes that sales in her bakery would pick up. So when a popular TV show invites her and best friend, Josie, to be guests, it’s a dream come true. Only it quickly turned into a nightmare when a dead body is discovered on the set, and fingers immediately point to Josie. Now it’s up to Sal to save her friend and tack down a killer!

Crumbled to Pieces (book #6)
In need of some quick dough, full-time baker and sometime sleuth Sally Muccio decides to rent the vacant apartment over the bakery to a friend of her grandmother’s. But when the elderly woman is mowed down in a hit and run, it quickly becomes obvious this was no accident. Grandma Rosa asks for Sal’s help to find the killer, but can she catch a murderer before her world crumbles around her?

The Cookies & Chance Mysteries:
Tastes Like Murder (book #1)
A Spot of Murder (short story in the “Killer Beach Reads” collection)
Baked to Death (book #2)
Burned to a Crisp (book #3)
Frosted With Revenge (book #4)
Silenced by Sugar (book #5)
A Drizzle Before Dying (short story in the “Pushing Up Daisies” collection)
Crumbled to Pieces (book #6)
Sprinkled in Malice (book #7)

“The Cookies and Chance Mystery series is more than just a series….it’s a family !! Once you read the first book, you are hooked and feel like a member of the crazy Muccio family.”
—Cozy Mystery Book Reviews

“A fantastic cozy mystery!”
—InD’Tale Magazine

“A fast-paced and light hearted whodunit that kept me engaged throughout the telling of this tale.”
—Dru’s Book Musings  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle