New Releases For The Week Of February 10th, 2019–Part 2

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of February 10th, 2019.  I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so  many of them for this week. Today is the second day of my list for this week. Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.


Past Due for Murder: A Blue Ridge Library Mystery by [Victoria Gilbert]For fans of Miranda James and Jenn McKinlay, the third conspiratorially delightful third entry in Victoria Gilbert’s critically acclaimed Blue Ridge Library mysteries.

Has a curse fallen on the small town of Taylorsford, Virginia? After a young woman goes missing during a spring bonfire, library director Amy Webber must wade through the web of lies only to find a truth that she may not want to untangle.

Spring has sprung in quaint Taylorsford, Virginia, and the mayor has revived the town’s long-defunct May Day celebration to boost tourism. As part of the festivities, library director Amy Webber is helping to organize a research project and presentation by a local folklore expert. All seems well at first—but spring takes on a sudden chill when a university student inexplicably vanishes during a bonfire.

The local police cast a wide net to find the missing woman, but in a shocking turn of events, Amy’s swoon-worthy neighbor Richard Muir becomes a person of interest in the case. Not only is Richard the woman’s dance instructor, he also doesn’t have an alibi for the night the student vanished—or at least not one he’ll divulge, even to Amy.

When the missing student is finally discovered lost in the mountains, with no memory of recent events—and a dead body lying nearby—an already disturbing mystery takes on a sinister new hue. Blessed with her innate curiosity and a librarian’s gift for research, Amy may be the only one who can learn the truth in Past Due for Murder, Victoria Gilbert’s third charming Blue Ridge Library mystery.  (Amazon)

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Spells And Cells: A Spellbinder Bay Cozy Paranormal Mystery - Book Three (Spellbinder Bay Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series 3) by [Short, Sam]A murder in a police cell is always tricky to explain away. When the victim is a werewolf, things become very complicated!

This is book number three in series. Although the reader might enjoy it as a standalone novel, the author strongly suggests that book number one – ‘Witch Way to Spellbinder Bay’ and book number two – ‘Broomsticks And Bones’ are read first.

Things are looking up for Millie Thorn. She’s finally enjoying life as a witch, and she’s even taken a part-time job teaching cookery in a school for paranormal children. She’s come to terms with the fact that the local policeman, Sergeant David Spencer, is her father, and she’s accepted that it might be better to wait a little longer until she drops that bombshell at his feet.

He already has an adopted daughter, who happens to be Millie’s best friend, and interfering in either of those relationships isn’t something Millie wishes to do. She’s also uncertain that the policeman will respond well to the news that he has a second daughter, so decides to sit on the news until the time is right.

That was the plan, anyway!

When a trouble-making werewolf is murdered while in police custody, and the magical poison is traced back to cakes that Millie may or may not have helped bake, things begin to go wrong. Quickly.

Learning that it was Sergeant Spencer who served the dead werewolf his final and fatal meal, it doesn’t take long for some members of the community to begin pointing fingers at him. Or to be more precise, it doesn’t take long for certain members of the community to start pointing sharp claws situated at the end of hairy arms at him.

Vowing to help clear Sergeant Spencer’s name and protect him from angry werewolves, Millie is thrown into an investigation she doesn’t think she can solve. Things are made more urgent when Sergeant Spencer falls foul of a magical spell and begins losing his memory and his status as one of the few humans with privileged access to the paranormal world.

When it becomes apparent that Millie may never be able to tell Sergeant Spencer that he’s her father, because of the magic affecting him, Millie panics. When she discovers that the policeman may be forced to cut all ties with the paranormal community if the spell isn’t reversed, she embarks on a hazardous journey to save her future relationship with the man she yearns to call Dad.

With several mysteries to get to the bottom of, and a father to save, Millie Thorn needs be both brave and intuitive if her life is ever going to be relatively normal again.

With all the ingredients required for magic, mystery, humour and mayhem – ‘Spells And Cells’ is the Third book in the Spellbinder Bay Cozy Mystery Series.  (Amazon)

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Marble Arch Murder (Piccadilly Ladies Club Mysteries Book 4) by [Jane, Bettie ]

London’s famed Fleet Street has returned to order and Julia Barlow has gained an over-eager assistant she’s reluctant to utilize.

When a body connected to the Royal family turns up at the high-profile Marble Arch outside Buckingham Palace, Julia’s reputation as a thoroughly competent investigator lands her squarely in the middle of a desperate search for a potential still-living missing person.

Despite the chaos in her private life, Julia throws herself into a search that may exact a painful toll if she’s unsuccessful.  (Amazon)

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Wolf On the Job: A Covenant College Short by [Lee, Amanda M.] Winters has a full and happy life, including a magical wife who can’t stay out of a trouble and an eight-year-old daughter who is following in her footsteps. Despite that, he’s content.
That is until things come to a head in his professional and personal lives and things threaten to careen out of control.
As a shifter, Aric has certain responsibilities in the wolf hierarchy. His father makes that clear when he brings a bigwig for a visit and expects Aric to entertain him. Unfortunately for Aric, his daughter Sami is out of school for the day so he has to take her along for the ride.
Sami is special, of course. She’s more than a wolf thanks to her mother’s mage background. That power is put on display when a member of the wolf council goes missing and Sami is expected to track him through the woods.
Instead of finding a living wolf, though, Aric finds a dead one … and it’s not the one he’s looking for. What follows is a race against the clock to find a murderer and keep his family safe.
Is Aric up to the task? He’s the top wolf on the job, and he’s about to find out.

Note: This is a 30,000-word short in the Covenant College world. (Amazon)

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Double Fudge & Danger (Cambria Clyne Mysteries Book 3) by [Huss, Erin]From bestselling author Erin Huss comes another “laugh-out-loud funny” (Readers’ Favorite Five Star Review) Cambria Clyne Mystery. A #1 Amazon Bestseller in Cozy Mystery & Amateur Sleuth categories!

Since taking the job of an on-site apartment manager, single-mom Cambria Clyne’s life has been one wild ride. Streaking residents, a corpse in the dumpster, rogue parrots—she has seen it all. Or so she thinks.

When the manager of the apartment building next door, Violet Pumpkin, goes missing, Cambria steps in to help run the property and aid in the investigation. The problem is, the more Cambria digs, the more she discovers Violet had been anything but honest in her dealings and there are more suspects than Cambria has fingers. The shady pizza delivery guy, the stressed property owners, the drunken rooftop walker, the mysterious Clint Eastwood look-alike lurking around, or one of the angry residents who received rental increases the day before Violet vanished. Of course, there’s still the business of doing her own job, parenting an outspoken three-year-old, and choosing between the two men in her life. Cambria is in over her head—not that that’s ever stopped her before!

Will Cambria find Violet before it’s too late, or will she be the next apartment manager to go missing?

Cambria Clyne Mysteries:
Strawberry Swirl & Suspicion (prequel short story in the Pushing Up Daisies collection)
French Vanilla & Felonies (book #1)
Rocky Road & Revenge (book #2)
Double Fudge & Danger (book #3)

“You cannot help but fall in love with Cambria!”
—Cozy Mystery Book Reviews  (Amazon)

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Of Wolves & Sheep (Anna Wool Book 1) by [Meyer, S. E.]The gripping tale of a young woman struggling with her past to accept her future.

The country has recovered from the uprising, but everyone has contracted a new disease. Law mandates expensive weekly treatments for those who can afford them. Those who can’t are forced through the gates of the walled city, left to fend for themselves in the wilds of the other side.

After a mysterious phone call while investigating a crime scene, Anna Wool’s life catapults into chaos. Manipulated by the criminal mastermind who calls himself The Lonewolf, Anna recovers her dead mother’s computer drive, teetering on the verge of banishment for her efforts.

But when Anna is abducted, she must claw deep within herself to survive, and learn the horrifying truth behind everyone’s illness.  (Amazon)

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A Dangerous Winter (Angie & Bernie Mystery Series Book 1) by [Kovar, K.L.]Angie thought working as a reporter for a small town weekly newspaper would be peaceful and safe. She was dead wrong.

Angie Kramer fled Chicago and her abusive husband, taking only her clothes, her car, and her big dog, Bernie. She finds a job as a reporter for a weekly newspaper in rural Wyoming. It’s a safe job, in a safe place…at first.

But a letter sent to Angie’s advice column puts her in danger. A man befriended an elderly gentleman and then stole ten million dollars from his estate. His sister asks if she should turn him in to the police? Or try to find the rightful heirs?

Angie agrees to help locate the heirs, only to discover the deceased was an accountant who stole from a Russian mafia- owned company involved in human trafficking.

The FBI arrested the ringleaders, but is still looking for the accountant and the embezzled money. The Russians are looking for the money, too.

Now, they’re both in town, and they’re both looking for Angie. And so is her ex-husband.

Angie’s clean break is getting a little muddy. So much for “peaceful and safe”.  (Amazon)

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Dog Park Romeo (The Talking Dog Detective Agency Book 5) by [Scott, M K]A smooth-talking charmer is separating dog-loving ladies from their money. Nala and Max are ready to put the bite on the Dog Park Romeo.

Nala and Max think they’re ready for anything, but when a smooth-talking charmer sets his sights on unsuspecting women and their hard-earned cash, Nala discovers she may be in over her head.

With overzealous friends and family eager to help, her former crush in need of her assistance, and the Dog Park Romeo a step ahead of everyone, it will be up to her to keep everyone in line and not lose sight of the goal. That proves more difficult than she anticipated when she learns what her former crush wants her to do for him.

Decoys, sting operations, foibles, mishaps, and affairs of the heart are only the beginning of what happens when good intentions turn bad.

Can Nala rein in the madness and prove she has the skills to bring an elusive thief to justice?  (Amazon)

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Old Sins (The Lindenshaw Mysteries Book 4) by [Cochrane, Charlie]Detective Chief Inspector Robin Bright and his partner, deputy headteacher Adam Matthews, have just consigned their summer holiday to the photo album. It’s time to get back to the daily grind, and the biggest problem they’re expecting to face: their wedding plans. Then fate strikes—literally—with a bang.

Someone letting loose shots on the common, a murder designed to look like a suicide, and the return of a teacher who made Robin’s childhood hell all conspire to turn this into one of his trickiest cases yet.

Especially when somebody might be targeting their Newfoundland, Campbell. Robin is used to his and Adam’s lives being in danger, but this takes the—dog—biscuit.

NOTE: This title contains references to abuse and self-harm.

Word count: 72,500; page count: 209   (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle










The Homicide Magnet (Grandma Bertha Solving Murders Book 2) by [Ferraz, Matt]


Want a beach body? Kill somebody and dump the body on the beach!

A holiday by the sea turns into a nightmare after a man is found dead. Thankfully, Grandma Bertha is on the case. Accompanied by her dogs, powered by her beer and armed with her knitting needles, the old lady is known as The Homicide Magnet, for always being around when people get killed. Now she has to prevent the murder of a millionaire in the hands of his diabolical wife, decipher a most unusual clue and dig the past to solve a crime that left deep scars in a girl’s mind and body.  (Amazon)

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Murder at the Duskhallow Inn: A Duskhallow Inn Mystery (Duskhallow Mysteries Book 1) by [Hinnant, Shaine]In the sleepy and laidback town of Duskhallow, Eira of Rukaynth— a Dragonkin woman— tends to and cares for her large Inn that resides near the town’s popular dungeon filled with monster and spoils. Many people flock to Eira’s Inn to see the only Dragonkin woman in all the land, for the plentiful Duskhallow Dungeon that have made many a man rich beyond their wildest dreams, and to bask in the carefree sun that sets behind the mountain. Everything seems to be going well everyday for Eira and her friends in the town of Duskhallow… until one of her patrons turn up dead in his Inn room.

Eira has a mystery on her hands and a problem on top of that. She doesn’t want a death to go public and ruin her business, but at the same time, she must find out who did the man in before it strikes again!

Join Eira and her friends as they solve the Murder at Duskhallow Inn!  (Amazon)

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LThe Puppy Who Knew Too Much (A Dog Club Mystery Book 2) by [Burns, V.M.]illy Echosby and her toy poodle Aggie find a fresh start in Chattanooga, Tennessee, spoiled by the scent of murder . . .

Having solved the shooting death of her cheating husband, Lilly’s left behind the drama of Lighthouse Dunes, Indiana, to start over in the hometown of her best friend, Scarlett “Dixie” Jefferson. As she gets settled in her new rented house, Lilly gives Aggie, short for Agatha Christie, her own fresh start by enrolling her in the Eastern Tennessee Dog Club, where Dixie is a trainer.

But drama seems to hound Lilly like a persistent stray. Her cranky new neighbor appears unfamiliar with Southern hospitality and complains that Aggie barks too much and digs up his prized tulips. But what the poodle actually unearths is the buried body of a mysterious man who claimed ownership of the lost golden retriever Lilly recently rescued. Now it’s up to Lilly and Dixie to try to muzzle another murderer . . .  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook