New Releases For The Week Of March 3rd, 2019–Part 2

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of March 3rd, 2019. I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so many of them for this week. Today is the second day of my list for this week. Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.



When Auntie Poldi finds a body in a vineyard, she sets out to solve another murder—with the Mafia nipping at her heels—in the next adventure from this national bestselling “smash series.” (People Magazine)

“There’s a new star in the mystery firmament, and her name is Auntie Poldi.” — Alan Bradley

“Long may she reign.” –Kirkus (starred review)

When Prosecco‑loving Auntie Poldi retired to Sicily from Germany, she never dreamed her tranquil days would be interrupted by murder. But Sicily had other plans, and Poldi found herself honor‑bound to solve the disappearance of her beloved (and cute) handyman.

Now she’s finally ready for some peace and quiet—interrupted by romantic encounters with handsome Chief Inspector Montana, of course—when the water supply to her neighborhood is cut off and a dear friend’s dog is poisoned, telltale signs that a certain familial organization is flexing its muscles. Poldi knows there will be no resolution without her help. She soon finds a body in a vineyard, tangles with the Mafia, and yet again makes herself unpopular in the pursuit of justice. But once wine and murder mix, how could she possibly stay away?

This is a sexy and thrilling follow‑up to Mario Giordano’s debut novel, Auntie Poldi and the Sicilian Lions, hailed by Adriana Trigiani as “an explosion of color [and] a celebration of the palette of Italian life and the Sicilian experience in its specificity, warmth and drama.”  (Amazon)

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They say Broadway is a graveyard of hopes and dreams, but someone’s adding corpses to its tombs…

Mr. and Mrs. North live as quiet a life as a couple can amidst the bustle of New York City. For Jerry, a publisher, and Pamela, a homemaker, the only threat to their domestic equilibrium comes in the form of Mrs. North’s relentless efforts as an amateur sleuth, which repeatedly find the duo investigating murders and sundry other crimes. So when the wealthy backer of a play is found dead in the seats of the West 45th Street Theatre, the Norths aren’t far behind, led by Pam’s customary flair for murders that turn eccentric and, yes, humorous. Alongside Lieutenant William Weigand of the New York Police Department, they’ll employ illogical logic and bizarrely tangential suggestions to draw the curtains on a killer.

A light mystery set in a classic Broadway locale, Death on the Aisle is lent verisimilitude by author Richard Lockridge’s career as a theater critic. Though it is the fourth novel in the saga of this charming, witty couple, the series can be enjoyed in any order, with each installment depicting its own self-contained story.  (Amazon)

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Bad to the Crone (A Spell's Angels Cozy Mystery Book 1) by [Lee, Amanda M.]Scout Randall is more than a witch on a motorcycle. She’s more than the magic she wields. She’s also a woman with a secret past that she can’t remember … a sarcastic wonder who acts before she thinks.
The one thing Scout knows with absolute certainty is that she’s got a purpose in life … and that purpose is fighting evil. That’s why she joined the Spell’s Angels, a biker group with offices all across the world. It’s because of the group that she finds herself in northern Lower Michigan, in a place called Hawthorne Hollow, where magic is out in the open and Scout finds her powers are constantly on display.
She was transferred to the town because they needed help, although no one will tell her what happened to the woman who held the position before her and she’s constantly distracted by the local denizens, including Gunner Stratton, a shifter with a history he would rather keep to himself.
Scout is determined to do her job … even if it means taking on the congregation of a local church with murky origins. It seems the dead are rising in Hawthorne Hollow and it’s up to Scout to figure out why.
She’s going to have to learn to trust her new co-workers – and a few random outsiders in the colorful town – on the fly because they’re all going to have to come together to take down an enemy that is strong enough to wipe Hawthorne Hollow off the map.
Get ready for adventure, because it’s going to be nonstop from here on out.  (Amazon)

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Wicked Delight (An Ivy Morgan Mystery Book 13) by [Hart, Lily Harper]Ivy Morgan and Jack Harker don’t have many complaints.
Things are good, life is quiet, and the only big thing on their to-do lists is picking a date for their wedding, which is exactly what they’re doing when a local celebutante approaches with an offer for Jack to be on a dating show.
He turns her down flat and goes on his way, but the next morning, she’s found dead and the list of suspects is endless thanks to the production landing smackdab in the middle of Shadow Lake.
Ivy doesn’t like having Hollywood on her doorstep. Jack is even worse, especially when he realizes the producers want Ivy to step in and take the dead heiress’s spot in the limelight. The idea of cameras following Ivy when magical things keep happening around her is enough to paralyze the couple … and then force them to run to avoid the harsh glare of the viewing public.
Jack and Ivy have a lot on their plates. They have to solve a murder, figure out what the witch in the woods is trying to tell them when it comes to the nature of the human soul, and pick a wedding date.
It’s all in a day’s work for Shadow Lake’s favorite couple. If they live to survive the dark force descending on their town, that is. They’ll have to work together to overcome imminent evil … but they’re used to that, of course.  (Amazon)

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Live Wire (Maggie #1): A What Doesn't Kill You Romantic Mystery (A What Doesn't Kill You World) by [Hutchins, Pamela Fagan]A hookup turned lethal. A spurned, angry cowboy. Can rebel Maggie turn the tables before a killer adds her to the list of lost causes?

“Hutchins’ Maggie is an irresistible train wreck—you can’t help but turn the page to see what trouble she’ll get herself into next.” Robert Dugoni, #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of My Sister’s Grave

Washed-up alt-country-rocker-turned-junker Maggie Killian is pulled to Wyoming by an irresistible force . . . former bull rider Hank Sibley, the man who broke her heart fifteen years before. When she unexpectedly meets his Sunday school-teaching-girlfriend at a saloon, Maggie seeks liquor-fueled oblivion between the sheets of a younger man’s bed. But after her beloved vintage truck breaks down and leaves her stranded in the Cowboy State, she learns her hookup died minutes after leaving their rendezvous. Suddenly surrounded by men with questionable motives, Maggie searches for the murderer while fighting the electricity between herself and her old beau and her new penchant for local whiskey.

When the police zero in on Maggie despite a disturbing series of break-ins at her guest cabin, she realizes she’s got no one to rely on but herself. To keep herself happily in bars instead of behind them, she must stop the killer before the cops realize the man she really suspects is a jealous, angry Hank.

Live Wire is the first standalone book in a trilogy featuring sharp-tongued protagonist Maggie Killian from the addictive What Doesn’t Kill You romantic mystery series. If you like nerve-racking suspense, electric characters and relationships, and juicy plot twists, then you’ll love USA Today best seller Pamela Fagan Hutchins’ Silver Falchion award-winning series.

˃˃˃ See why Pamela wins contests and makes best seller lists.

  • USA Today Best Seller
  • #1 Amazon Best Seller
  • Top 50 Amazon Romantic Suspense and Mystery Author
  • Silver Falchion for Best Adult Mystery
  • USA Best Book Awards Cross-Genre Fiction
  • Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, Romance, Quarter-finalist

˃˃˃ Once Upon A Romance calls Hutchins an “up-and-coming powerhouse writer.”

If you like Sandra Brown or Janet Evanovich, you will love Pamela Fagan Hutchins. A former attorney and native Texan, Pamela splits her time between Nowheresville, Texas and the frozen north of Snowheresville, Wyoming.

˃˃˃ The reviews are in, and they’re good. Very, very good.

“Maggie’s gonna break your heart—one way or another.” — Tara Scheyer, Grammy-nominated musician, Long-Distance Sisters Book Club

“Hutchins nails that Wyoming scenery and captures the atmosphere of the people there.” — Ken Oder, author of The Judas Murders

“You’re guaranteed to love the ride!” — Kay Kendall, Silver Falchion Best Mystery Winner

˃˃˃ Catch more adventures with Maggie and her friends in the What Doesn’t Kill Youworld.

Scroll up and grab your copy of Live Wire today.  (Amazon)

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An Invitation to Murder: An impossible crime with one clear prime suspect; herself. (A Mary Blake Mystery Book 1) by [Barnett, A.G.]Mary Blake had it all.

Actress, icon and darling of the nation, she was the queen of TV crime drama.

Then she turned fifty.

When replaced on the show by a younger woman, she thinks her days in the limelight are over when an invitation to a murder mystery party from an old friend throws her back into the public eye. This time as a murder suspect.

After playing a detective for years, Mary must now become one as she tries to prove her innocent with the help of her puppy-like brother and her surprisingly useful friend and assistant, Dot.  (Amazon)

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Peach Cobbler Poison (The Drunken Pie Cafe Cozy Mystery Book 1) by [DuMont, Diana]Murder. Mayhem. Pie.

Welcome to Sunshine Springs, the idyllic wine country town where Izzy James has moved to follow her dream of opening a pie shop that serves boozy pies. Everything is going according to plan, until a customer drops dead from poison right in front of her café.

That’s not so good for business.

Izzy suddenly finds herself accused of murder, and she’s in a race against time to find the true criminal. Luckily, she has her faithful dog Sprinkles at her side to help her sniff out clues.

But the more clues Izzy discovers, the more she realizes that the secrets in this town go deeper than she ever thought possible. Can this amateur sleuth find the murderer before she loses the pie shop she’s worked so hard to open?

You will love this cozy mystery, because it features unexpected twists and a town full of interesting characters!

Read it today!  (Amazon)

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An Eye for Murder (Back Room Bookstore Cozy Mystery Book 5) by [Harper, Susan]The pen is mightier than the sword, and at least as deadly

A paranormal cozy mystery from #1 Best Selling Author Susan Harper

Monica is back in the real world and trying to enjoy the Turkey Trot festival. When a local journalist who specializes in UFO stories is accused of murder, an out of this world mystery ensues. As Monica investigates, she just might uncover a secret that she wants to keep buried. Can she find the killer, clear the innocent journalist, and protect her own secret at the same time?

An Eye for Murder is part of the Back Room Bookstore Cozy Mystery series. If you like fun paranormal mysteries, you will love Monica and her friends, both human and supernatural.

Get An Eye for Murder and start solving your next supernatural mystery today!

Always FREE on Kindle Unlimited    (Amazon)

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Death by Dog Show (A Creature Comforts Mystery Book 1) by [Kay, Arlene]Army vet Persephone “Perri” Morgan has big plans, as her custom leather leashes, saddles, and other pet accessories are the rage of dog and horse enthusiasts everywhere. But when murder prances into the ring at a Massachusetts dog show, Perri must confront a cunning killer who’s a breed apart.
Accompanied by her bestie Babette and four oversize canines, Perri motors down to the Big E Dog Show in high style. Perri hopes to combine business with pleasure by also spending time with sexy DC journalist Wing Pruett. Until a storm traps everyone at the exposition hall . . . and a man’s body is found in a snow-covered field, a pair of pink poodle grooming shears plunged through his heart.

Turns out the deceased was a double-dealing huckster who had plenty of enemies chomping at the bit. But as breeders and their prize pets preen and strut, the murderer strikes again. Aided by her trusty canine companions, Keats and Poe, Perri must collar a killer before she’s the next “Dead in Show” winner.
Praise for Arlene Kay’s Boston Uncommons Mysteries

“Reminiscent of the comedy-mystery movies of the thirties…An entertaining first entry into the Boston Uncommons Mystery series.” —New York Journal of Books on Swann Dive

“Highly entertaining . . . I can’t wait for the next book in the series!” —Jaye Roycraft, author of Rainscape  (Amazon)

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KILL FOR LUCK: Peak District Crime Thriller (DCI Forbes Book 4) by [Marsden, Sylvia]

How far would you go to change your luck? The little butcher’s assistant with the nickname of Beetle believes he must be due a change of luck and a change of fortune. When the opportunity to become a ‘killer-for-hire’ presents itself he grabs it.
His first attempt at murder goes disastrously wrong and he is left in fear for his life and with two bodies to dispose of.
Then fate lends a hand and Beetle’s victims seem to be falling over themselves to die for him. His luck has changed for the better and he begins to believe that maybe, just maybe, the one thing he wants above all else is almost within his grasp.
For DCI Forbes the discovery of body parts on a moor suggests not only a worrying link to his station, but that his colleagues are possibly being targeted.  (Amazon)

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ILast Resort (An Emma Cassidy Mystery Book 7) by [Chester, Karen]s murder the last resort?

It was meant to be a vacation for Emma Cassidy and her friend Caitlyn at a reopened spa resort operated by Caitlyn’s uncle. But a sense of unease hangs in the air, which only deepens when one of the guests is found dead in the pool.

The long history of misadventure at Stanwyck Springs, the once thriving spa town now reduced to a ghostly shell, casts an unsettling shadow over the man’s death. It appears a simple case of heart failure, but if so, why are the other resort guests acting so suspiciously?

Break ins, prowlers, accidents, and ‘trapped ghosts’— Emma has her hands full as she tries to separate fact from fiction. But with death staring her in the face, can she solve the mystery and escape the killer?

If you like small town cozy mysteries with engaging puzzles and quirky characters, then pick up Last Resort today!

Grab a free copy of Throw a Monkey Wrench, Book 1 in the Emma Cassidy mysteries, at

The Emma Cassidy Mystery series:
Book 1: Throw a Monkey Wrench
Book 2: Pushed to the Limit
Book 3: Murder Most Likely
Book 4: Witch Way to Murder
Book 5: In the Dead of Winter
Book 6: A Case of Cold Feet
Book 7: Last Resort  (Amazon)

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Bone-a-fied Trouble (Familiar Legacy Book 9) by [Haines, Carolyn]CATS, COTTON, AND…MURDER—

The worlds of Sarah Booth Delaney’s Zinnia, Mississippi and Trouble, the black cat detective, collide in this fast-paced tale of high stakes cotton research, abduction, and murder.

Trouble, the Sherlockian feline, falls in with Pluto, another cat with a yin for detective work, to find the missing Trudy Wells. But the cats aren’t alone. Tabitha Kingsley, posing as a psychic medium, has come to the Mississippi Delta to find her missing sister.

Standing in Tabitha’s way is the cynical—and compelling—Roger Long. Roger manages the vast Long Agricultural Products farm and business. Trudy was his newly hired receptionist—and possible loverbefore she disappeared.

In a world of wealth and privilege, Tabitha must discover the truth of what her rebellious, sometimes law-breaking, sister was really up to. And she must trust Roger to help her.

Trouble and Pluto aid the bipeds in finding the answers—to Trudy’s vanishing act and also to the path to trust.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback