New Releases For The Week Of April 7th, 2019–Part 2

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of April 7th, 2019. I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so many of them for this week. Today is the second day of my list for this week. Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.




Hidden Entity (Sweetfern Harbor Mystery Book 14) by [Meadows, Wendy]Sheffield Bed and Breakfast is buzzing with anticipation. This Halloween promises to be their best bash ever, until someone is found murdered.

Brenda Sheffield Rivers and her staff transform the entire Queen Anne structure into enough spooky figures and decorations to put everyone in tune with Fright Night. Every guest has arrived specifically to take advantage of the night.

Brenda, Phyllis and Allie prepare their tours. Their tall tales have been embellished until they almost believe them themselves. Brenda and her Detective husband are interrupted when Ryan Meyers alerts them that their room has been ransacked. Detective Rivers calls in assistance and combs the room for evidence of an intruder. None is found which causes Mac to believe the guests left their room unlocked by mistake. He assures Brenda he believes someone has pranked them as a Halloween act. Brenda leaves Mac to begin her first tour. She weaves frightening stories as she swings her lantern to cast shadows on her face and those following her.

By the time she gives her fourth tour, she hears rustling behind the hallway wall. She tells her tourists it could possibly be an entity hiding in the walls. She suspects a small animal has gotten inside somehow. When she takes her next tour group up, she and a couple of the followers hear a soft distinct cough. Brenda becomes distracted and then turns her astonishment into part of the scene she is playing out. Brenda knows there are no entrances that would allow anyone to squeeze behind the walls. Mac doubts her. He tells her she heard sounds from the raging storm going on outside. The party goes along well and when the last outside guest leaves, everyone else turns in for what is left of the night. Brenda and Mac opt to stay in Brenda’s former apartment on second floor. They are awakened by a blood-curling scream. Lauren Meyers races from the room she shares with her husband. Blood stains her nightclothes. When Mac enters the room, the body of Ryan Meyers is dead on the bed. Lauren swears she knows who the murderer is. She is adamant that her estranged father has escaped from the mental hospital and meant to kill her and not her husband.

As evidence is being collected, Brenda tells Mac she is going to search for whoever is hiding out behind the hallway wall. He tells her to go ahead but not to expect any great discovery. When she finds the secret panel that opens, she starts down the narrow passageway. The panel slips closed behind her and she finds herself face to face with a wild-looking man. She has no idea how he got into the unknown hallway nor his identity. She fears never being found since no one can tell that the panel is a door. Will the madman with the dangling knife from his pocket allow her to return to the lighted hallway? The one sure fact is she is face to face with Ryan Meyers’ killer.

This cozy mystery is a clean read: no graphic violence, sex, or strong language. It can be read in one to two hours. It is perfect for those moments when you are waiting at an appointment or want to enjoy a quick read.

Read all the Sweetfern Harbor cozy mysteries:

1. Posies and Poison
2. Dead in Bed
3. Captain Dead Man
4. Ghostly Tours
5. Turkey, Pies, and Alibis
6. Mystery, Snow, and Mistletoe
7. Festival Turmoil
8. Scandal at the Gala
9. The Elusive Wampum
10. Chest of Secrets
11. The Bead Seller
12. Fe Fi Fiddle Die
13. Is This Suitcase Taken?
14. Hidden Entity  (Amazon)

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Luke on the Loose: A Mystic Caravan Cozy Mystery Short by [Lee, Amanda M.]Luke Bishop is the center of attention and life of the party at Mystic Caravan Circus. He’s a great guy, who just so happens to be in a bit of a funk. That doesn’t change when the circus hits Ohio, one of their least favorite stops.
Since nothing ever happens in Ohio. The group believes that will hold true during another boring trip. They find out better after the first night, when one of their clowns is killed.
They know right away what they’re looking for: an incubus, a creature that lures women with his song and then kills them in an intimate manner. All the men are on full alert because that means the Mystic Caravan females are in danger.
Luke takes it upon himself to infiltrate an area biker bar where the killer may be hanging out. All he has to do to find the culprit is fit in, not tip his hand, and make sure his partners in crime don’t draw too many sets of eyes in their direction.
It’s a difficult job, but Luke is up to the task … that is if he doesn’t fall victim himself. The circus men are joining together to protect the women for a change, and it’s going to be a dangerous ride.

Note: This is a 30,000-word short in the Mystic Caravan series.  (Amazon)

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Murder On Account by [Abbott, Adele]




When Kat Royle’s boss, Roy King, is murdered, she has no choice but to take over the P.I. agency.
Smart, sassy and kickass tough, Kat takes BS from no one. She’ll need all of those qualities and more if she’s to find Roy’s murderer, and keep the agency afloat.  (Amazon)

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A Dash Of Pepper: A Pepper Grinder Cozy Witch Mystery - Book One (Pepper Grinder Cozy Witch Mystery Series 1) by [Short, Sam]There’s a new witch in Picklebury, and her name is Pepper Grinder.

Wait! Stop right there! That’s not how it’s pronounced! It’s pronounced Grin-der. Grin as in a big cheesy smile, and der as in how dare you mispronounce it!
It rhymes with hinder, okay? She’s not a condiment dispenser; she’s a person!
It’s easy. Grinder – hinder. Say that ten times, and you’ll have it.

So, there’s a new witch in the Derbyshire town of Picklebury, situated in the beautiful region of England known as the Peak District. Her name is Pepper Grinder (that’s it – you’ve got it!), and she’s a dab hand at gardening, without knowing the first thing about plants.

Actually, that’s not entirely true – she knows a lot about plants, but not the silly things such as their names, or at what time of the year they’re supposed to flower. No, Pepper knows none of that stuff, but her magic does let her know how a plant is feeling and what it needs to flourish.

Such a gift is both a blessing and a curse, and Pepper is quick to find out that the police in Picklebury have a dim view of how she sometimes uses her powers. She’s used to that, though. It’s not the first time she’s had a police warning for sneaking around people’s gardens, and it definitely probably won’t be the last.

When she’s not trespassing, or sitting beneath her favourite oak tree in the meadow, Pepper Grinder likes to be alone. She shares her cottage with a cat named Ziggy, and that’s the way she likes it. The fewer people in her life – the better, as far as she’s concerned, so it’s quite unusual when within the space of a day she inadvertently joins a club and takes a small role in a low-budget romantic film about a World War Two Spitfire pilot and his potato picking lover.

With things already far more hectic than Pepper is used to, finding a dead body is an additional nuisance she could have done without, especially when she hears through the grapevine that the man’s death may not have been an accident. She can’t tell the police that, though – they’d think she was mad if she told them that her informer was a south-facing, fruit yielding plant, so Pepper must take control and solve the mystery herself, with a little help from members of the club she accidentally joined.

With a film director on the hunt for the expensive equipment stolen from his film set, and strange men skulking around the small canal-side town, Pepper soon realises that moving to Picklebury may have granted her the thatched roof cottage she’d always wanted, but it certainly hadn’t afforded her the peace and quiet she craved.

A Dash Of Pepper is book number one in The Pepper Grinder Cozy Witch Mystery Series.  (Amazon)

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Foul Weather Friends (A Tale From Blythe Cove Manor Book 5) by [Bartlett, Lorraine]



Alone and suddenly single, Teagan Tate’s visit to Martha’s Vineyard for a previously planned couples weekend leaves her feeling more of a third wheel. And when the last ferry off the island is cancelled, she finds herself stranded in the middle of a nor’easter. Will the magic of Blythe Cove Manor and the kindness of two strangers help her find a new and happier life path?  (Amazon)

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The Name of the Rose Water Spritzer (Career Crisis Café Mystery Book 2) by [Selby, Emily]


Heather and Josephine are preparing for a garden party: just a few local friends, Josephine’s finger food, Heather’s cocktails, and a little gossip. The party is ruined by rain, but there is something much more sinister happening by the new beach huts… And when the next morning Heather finds a dead body in one of the huts, the investigation begins.
Who killed Rose Waters? Was there poison on her fingertips? And why is Josephine behaving so strangely?
To find out if Heather, Josephine and James discover what really happened, grab a copy now.  (Amazon)

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Cakewalk to Murder (The Painted Lady Inn Mysteries Book 10) by [Scott, M K]


Bake-off fever is in full-swing and Donna can’t help but have visions of becoming the next great baking star, but the competition is stiff, and someone is willing to kill to win.

When one of the contestants is found dead, a twist of fate puts Donna at the center of the competition. That’s the perfect position to unravel the mystery, but only if she doesn’t get caught in the crosshairs.  (Amazon)

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Danger at the Dive Shack (Dive Shack Mysteries Book 1) by [Amis Davis, Donna]Shelby and Jesse are back on the island they love, living at a dive resort while Jesse delves into research for his dissertation. Shelby’s life gets interesting after the quirky and colorful resort baker takes her under her wing, a scruffy beach dog moves onto her porch, and she adopts an adorable kitten.

When a disagreeable tourist dies, suspicion is cast on Shelby’s new friends and acquaintances. Wanting to clear their names, she dives into tracking down the real killer. But it may be perilous for Shelby!

Danger at the Dive Shack, the first book in the Dive Shack Mysteries series, is a clean cozy mystery novella with a tropical twist. It can be read as a standalone, but you will enjoy reading the continuing series.

Recipes included!  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback












The Time of Their Lives in London by [Hood, Paul]What’s being said by readers…

**”Brilliantly Subversive!”**


**”Quickly draws readers into the lives of its characters!”**


Amber wanted to live abroad and find love. Vilzen left behind his conflicted past. Mrs Rosenfield came as a young woman in search of herself. But sometimes leaving behind who you are and what you came from can be a mistake.

It was supposed to be the time of their lives; and they all came in search of something special. But instead they were suddenly connected by horror and unusual circumstances.

With the deranged psychopath, known simply as “the west end stalker” claining victims on London’s West End, Amber finds her way into a tale of murder, mystery and love.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback












Deadly Vows (A Britton Bay Mystery Book 2) by [Holford, Jody]Former Army brat Molly Owens is happily settling into her new life in the seaside town of Britton Bay—and into new her job as editor-in-chief of the local paper. But as tourists discover the desirable spot, the tide along the Oregon Coast is turning . . .
Britton Bay is buzzing with preparations for a wedding at the bed and breakfast where Molly rents a small carriage home. Molly is even helping out and plans to interview the rising star caterer—until the woman is found dead. And then the bride-to-be goes missing. To make matters worse, the venue is owned by Molly’s new boyfriend’s mother—and Molly was among the last people to see the victim alive. All of which makes solving the crime her top priority . . .

With the nuptials indefinitely on hold, Molly will have to sift through a sticky mix of suspects, including a rival caterer with a short fuse, a groom with an illicit secret, and a wedding party riddled with personal drama. And if she doesn’t discover the truth soon, Molly might be her own front-page news . . .

Praise for Deadly News
“The news is all good for this cozy mystery! Deadly News will make you want to pack up and move to the seaside town of Britton Bay, Oregon. The characters are vividly brought to life, there’s a perfect touch of romance, and the mystery has enough twists and turns to keep the reader guessing. Don’t miss out on a charming new series—grab this cozy while it’s hot off the press!”
—Sarah Fox, USA Today bestselling author  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback