New Releases For The Week Of April 7th, 2019–Part 4

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of April 7th, 2019. I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so many of them for this week. Today is the fourth and final day of my list for this week. Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.




Holidays and Homicide (Back Room Bookstore Cozy Mystery Book 6) by [Harper, Susan]The holidays are a perfect time for gift giving…and murder.

A paranormal cozy mystery from #1 Best Selling Author Susan Harper

Monica is on a special shopping trip in the supernatural realm. While her sister does some gift shopping with Brian, Monica gets stranded at the North Pole. While she struggles to get home, Brian and Mona are thrust into a murder investigation. Can Monica find a way home while the unlikely due solves a murder, or will everyone be left out in the cold this holiday season?

Holidays and Homicide is part of the Back Room Bookstore Cozy Mystery series. If you like fun paranormal mysteries, you will love Monica and her friends, both human and supernatural.

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Messin' With The Kidd 3: Samantha Kidd Style & Error Box Set #7-9 by [Vallere, Diane]Here’s looking at you, Kidd!

More crimes of fashion! More personal growth! More Samantha Kidd. Buckle up for this edition which includes the third THREE books in the bestselling Samantha Kidd Humorous Mystery Series.

“Samantha Kidd is an engaging amateur sleuth.” — Mysterious Reviews

Former fashion buyer turned amateur sleuth. Long on determination. Short on common sense. What she lacks in experience, she makes up for in style.

Leave the cannoli. Take the shoes!
When newly engaged amateur sleuth Samantha Kidd discovers the body of a mafia princess dead in fiancé and shoe designer Nick Taylor’s showroom, her questions are so numerous she’d need a bookie to keep track. The victim’s ties to local organized crime are unexpected. Nick’s apparent vow of silence makes Samantha question the vows in their future, and despite past promises, all bets are off. Wise guys and leopard ladies keep her busier than a consigliere during tax season, and if she can’t keep her head above water, she’ll end up sleeping with the fishes.

PANTY RAID – Book #8
Don’t get caught with your panties down!
When amateur sleuth Samantha Kidd is assigned to cover the lingerie shows in Las Vegas, her excitement is more visible than panty lines. Events in her hometown have made her a celebrity, and a romantic getaway with fiancé Nick Taylor is timely. But when a lingerie model is found dead outside their hotel room, their escape turns brief. Cheeky designers, high class hookers, and tabloid trouble make this gamble her most dangerous one yet, but when push-up comes to shove, Samantha bares everything in order to save her future.

Royally Screwed!
When Samantha Kidd is asked to plan a British-themed event by her department store, she’s gobsmacked by the request. But when a shooter opens fire in the parking lot of the store, her enthusiasm is shattered. Detective Loncar warns Samantha to stay out of the investigation—right before slipping into a coma. Heed his warning? Not bloody likely! Rumors about Loncar’s personal life emerge, and only divine intervention will keep his embittered ex-wife from learning the truth. Between a union strike, a pregnancy scare, and a blue line that’s anything but thin, Samantha’s tea cup runneth over…and if she doesn’t solve this case the only thing Loncar will be fitted for is a body bag.


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Hilo Bay Mystery Collection by [Oakley, J.L.]The past never forgets. No one gets away with murder.
Auntie Bee Takahashi is a retired fourth grade teacher. Her great-niece, Tawnie Takahashi, is a hard-nose Honolulu TV crime reporter. When crimes from the past touch friends and family, Auntie Bee and Tawnie— with a little help from a historian— face down the past in hopes of finding justice and healing for the victims and their descendants. Award-winning author Janet Oakley brings history to her collection of three cozy mystery novellas set on the Big Island of Hawaii:

Coconut Island
Memories are dangerous
Investigative reporter Tawnie Takahashi is no stranger to mysteries, but can she handle one steeped in her own family’s history? A box of letters from a WWII soldier stationed on the Big Island is found at the Big Island Historical Society and unlocks painful memories for Wendy’s Great Aunt Bee. Bee’s older sister was swept away in the 1946 tsunami, but now Wendy suspects she was murdered first. As she delves into the mystery, Tawnie meets a group of nonagenarians who were at the USO center on Coconut Island during the war. One is a hero. Another is a cold-blooded murderer.

Volcano House
Ancient Curse. Precious Manuscript
Auntie Bee Takahashi is turning 80 and her friends in the U’ilani Book Lovers Club are planning a big celebration up at historic Volcano House. Plans take a dangerous turn when a long missing manuscript of The Bottle Imp, Robert Louis Stevenson’s great horror story, shows up among Bee’s stack of books. Tied to an unsolved murder 125 years old at the old Kilauea hotel, someone doesn’t want the crime to come out. When weird accidents and mysterious happenings threaten Auntie Bee and members of her book club, her great-niece crime reporter Tawnie Takahashi will have to step in to keep her safe. At the heart of her investigation, are the secrets behind two warring families spanning four generations and a land grab.

Hilina Pali
Past lies have consequences
On the seventy-seventh anniversary of the death of a local man serving in the Civilian Conservation Corps on the Big Island, retired school teacher, Auntie Bee Takahashi, receives a mysterious envelope. Items in it point to an old injustice with tragic consequences. With the help of her great niece, ace TV crime reporter Wendy Takahashi, and a local historian, she races to discover the source of the photos and articles and prevent another tragedy from happening at Hilina Pali.  (Amazon)

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A Fall of Shadows: A Bess Ellyott Mystery by [Nancy Herriman]Perfect for fans of Charles Todd and Susanna Calkins, comes Nancy Herriman’s second bewitching tale of herbalist Bess Ellyott who uncovers the sinister underbelly of Elizabethan England.

The dark shadows of Elizabethan England envelop a bucolic village when a brutal murder reveals a viper’s nest of resentment, fear—and the haunting specter of black magic.

Autumn has fallen on Wiltshire, but as the air grows crisp and the trees turn a resplendent gold, a sinister presence arrives in the form of a horrifying murder. Bartholomew Reade, a player in a traveling troupe, has been found stabbed, sprawled on a low mound outside the village, a reed pen jabbed into his throat.

On the night of the murder, a bleeding woman collapses at the doorstep of herbalist Bess Ellyott desperately seeking help. Could she have a connection to the dead man? As Bess seeks answers, Constable Kit Harwoode is busy assembling his own lengthy list of suspects. Reade had many enemies, including the leader of the troupe, who resented his ambitions as a playwright, and his fellow players, who bristled at his arrogance—just to name a few.

As if the case weren’t thorny enough, the hill where the dead man was found is reputed to have once been the site of a Druid temple. And recent reports of diseased sheep and sick children, supposedly the work of a witch, have the townspeople terrified. As the shadows lengthen, Bess races to discover the truth before darkness descends in A Fall of Shadows.  (Amazon)

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Triple Jeopardy: A Daniel Pitt Novel by [Perry, Anne]Young lawyer Daniel Pitt must defend a British diplomat accused of a theft that may cover up a deadly crime in this riveting novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Twenty-one Days.

Daniel Pitt, along with his parents, Charlotte and Thomas, is delighted that his sister, Jemima, and her family have returned to London from the States for a visit. But the Pitts soon learn of a harrowing incident: In Washington, D.C., one of Jemima’s good friends has been assaulted and her treasured necklace stolen. The perpetrator appears to be a man named Philip Sidney, a British diplomat stationed in America’s capital who, in a cowardly move, has fled to London, claiming diplomatic immunity. But that claim doesn’t cover his other crimes. . . .

When Sidney winds up in court on a separate charge of embezzlement, it falls to Daniel to defend him. Daniel plans to provide only a competent enough defense to avoid a mistrial, allowing the prosecution to put his client away. But when word travels across the pond that an employee of the British embassy in Washington has been found dead, Daniel grows suspicious about Sidney’s alleged crimes and puts on his detective hat to search for evidence in what has blown up into an international affair.

As the embezzlement scandal heats up, Daniel takes his questions to intrepid scientist Miriam fford Croft, who brilliantly uses the most up-to-date technologies to follow an entirely new path of investigation. Daniel and Miriam travel to the Channel Islands to chase a fresh lead, and what began with a stolen necklace turns out to have implications in three far greater crimes—a triple jeopardy, including possible murder.

Advance praise for Triple Jeopardy

“Readers may find themselves smitten with Daniel and with the dauntless Miriam fforde Croft, whose relationship with Daniel deepens in this episode. . . . Primarily identified for her authentic period sets and well-rendered characters, Perry writes in what she has called the ‘Put Your Heart on the Page’ method, with the focus placed squarely on what happens to people under the pressure of investigation. This book is an excellent example of her craft.”Booklist

“Veteran Perry dials back the period detail and the updates on the lives of the continuing characters to focus on one of her most teasing mysteries, this time with a courtroom finale that may be her strongest ever.”Kirkus Reviews  (Amazon)

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A Supernatural Secret in Faerywood Falls (Mountain Magic Mysteries Book 6) by [Baker, Blythe]



How to lift a curse …

Marianne has finally had a breakthrough in her quest to uncover the truth about her parentage and her own magical abilities. With help from a restless ghost, it looks like the truth is within her grasp.

But when a lost book of spells reappears and a deal with a cunning spell weaver backfires, Marianne finds herself scrambling to solve yet another mysterious death – one that could reveal more than she wants to know about a man she’s come to care for…  (Amazon)

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A Second Chance at Murder: (A fun suspense mystery with twists you won't see coming!) (A Love or Money Mystery Book 2) by [Orgain, Diana ]In the latest from the USA Today bestselling author of A First Date with Death, reality TV gets all too real with murder…

After Love or Money made them reality TV stars, former cop Georgia Thornton and her new boyfriend Scott were supposed to live happily ever after. Unfortunately as their fifteen minutes of fame came to an end, actual reality kicked in and their prize money quickly evaporated.

So Georgia and Scott agree to appear in a new program, pitting them against other teams in an athletic journey across the countryside of Spain for a chance to win $250,000. But the fierce competition turns frightening when Scott disappears during an overnight camping trip in the Pyrenees Mountains, leaving only his bloody wristwatch behind—and a woman’s dead body.

With the Spanish authorities ready to convict Scott, Georgia must find him and prove his innocence in an amazing race against crime…  (Amazon)

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The Sea Turtle Spell (Pentacle Pawn Book 0) by [Hartford, Amanda]



Maggie’s witchy family runs a pawn shop for magical objects in New Orleans. One of her relatives killed her husband – and her grandmother’s cat is ready to snitch.

The Sea Turtle Spell is the prequel to Amanda Hartford’s new Pentacle Pawn series of paranormal cozy mysteries set in Scottsdale, Arizona. This novella is a quick read that will get you ready to join the adventure!  (Amazon)

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Much Ado about Wicked Witness (Paranormal in Manhattan Mystery: A Cozy Mystery Book 19) by [Smith, Lotta]A tricky art theft and talking teacup… Throw in a perky ghost and a perkier toddler!

FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

When a slightly tricky art theft takes place in an upscale Upper East Side neighborhood, Mandy and Rick are called in to crack the case.

With their daughter Sophie and Mandy’s ghost pal Jackie in tow, the USCAB duo tackle a baffling switcheroo. An art dealer’s pricey Japanese vase has been replaced with a cheap fake and an attempted murder complicates the situation. The only witness: a talking teacup. Can Mandy coax the spirit of an ancient Samurai with a fuzzy memory to spill the tea on who nabbed the Shino while wrangling a demanding toddler and wrestling with worry about taking a baby to a crime scene?

Join the Rowling clan as they attempt to literally save the Day in the latest adventure of the Manhattan Mystery series.

Paranormal in Manhattan Mystery Series
Each book in the series is a stand-alone story, but your enjoyment of each story will be increased if you read them all.
*Book 1-Wicked for Hire
*Book 2-W is for Wicked
*Book 3-Wicked Little Secret
*Book 4-Wicked of the Christmas Past
*Book 5-Sweet Wicked of Mine
*Book 6-Wicked and Haunted
*Book 7-Wicked, Manor, and Murder
*Book 8-Wickedly Ever After
*Book 9-Speak of the Wicked
*Book 10-Wicked as a Christmas Fruitcake
*Book 11-Wicked in Wonderland
*Book 12-Dial W for Wicked
*Book 13-Wicked Egg to Crack
*Book 14-The Wickedest Showman
*Book 15-Wicked and the Beast
*Book 16-Wicked or Treat!
*Book 17-I’m Dreaming of a Wicked Christmas: The First Noel told by Rick Rowling
*Book 18-My Wicked Valentine  (Amazon)

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Shot Cross Buns: A Haunted Lodge Cozy Mystery (Haunted Lodge Cozy Mysteries Book 2) by [Maher, Tegan]



Toni Owens just wants to remodel her lodge and settle into her new home, but when Bear, her goofy dog, finds the body of the local feed store owner in the woods, she’s thrown once again into the midst of a mystery.

This is Book 2 in the Haunted Lodge Cozy Mystery Series.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle