New Releases For The Week Of June 23rd, 2019–Part 2


Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of June 23rd, 2019. I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very many of them for the week. Today is the second day of my list for this week. Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.


Bewitched and Betrothed (Witchcraft Mystery Book 10) by [Blackwell, Juliet]

A supernatural force on the loose in San Francisco and a family reunion keeps witch and vintage storeowner Lily Ivory on her toes as she prepares to walk down the aisle…

When Lily Ivory stumbles on the uniform of a former prisoner from Alcatraz and SFPD inspector Carlos Romero’s cousin is kidnapped, Lily suspects something dangerous has been unleashed on the ghost-ridden island of Alcatraz. She’ll have to sleuth out the culprit—when she’s not busy entertaining her visiting relatives and resolving romantic conflicts as her wedding date approaches. Could recent omens be pointing to the magical threat in her adopted city? If so, she’ll have to line up her allies to change the fate of the Bay Area. Because no matter what, Lily’s determined to celebrate her marriage with her friends by her side—even if it means battling a demonic foe before she can make it to the altar.  (Amazon)

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Better Off Dead (Cori Sloane Witchy Werewolf Mysteries Book 4) by [Maher, Tegan ]


When her childhood best friend turns up alive years after her supposed death, Cori is elated. It doesn’t take long for her to realize that Candice isn’t quite the same person—or werewolf—she was though. When the body count starts rising and all the evidence points to her friend, Cori’s forced to take a second look at the woman who was like a sister to her.
Fortunately, Noelle Flynn, a witch from Keyhole Lake, Georgia, happens to be vacationing there and may be just the witch Cori needs to solve the murders … and hopefully absolve her friend before Candice is sentenced to death. The only problem is that Cori isn’t so sure her friend is innocent.

This is Book 4 in the Cori Sloane, Witchy Werewolf Cozy Mysteries series. If you like murder, magic, and laugh-out-loud southern humor, then this is the series for you!  (Amazon)

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Lemon Chiffon Lies (The Drunken Pie Cafe Cozy Mystery Book 3) by [DuMont, Diana]While most scavenger hunts end with a prize, this one ends with murder.

Amateur sleuth Isabelle “Izzy” James thinks life in Sunshine Springs has finally settled down. Her boozy pie café is running smoothly, and she has a whole new circle of friends…

But nothing stirs up a quiet week like a man being pushed from a rooftop to his death.

The unlucky man had been participating in a scavenger hunt when he met his demise, and Izzy goes on a scavenger hunt of her own—looking for clues about who the murderer might be. But even with her trusty Dalmatian, Sprinkles, by her side, Izzy struggles to solve the case.

To make matters worse, the mysterious killer threatens Izzy herself…

Can she solve this case before her scavenger hunt for clues ends in her own murder? 

You will love this cozy mystery, because it features unexpected twists and a town full of interesting characters!

Read it today!  (Amazon)

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A Deadly Tonic: Eliza Thomson Investigates (Book 1) by [McBeath, VL]A stranger lies dead in her hallway… A mysterious note in his pocket.

It looks like Eliza’s day out will have to wait…

March 1900: Eliza Thomson loves solving murder investigations from the comfort of her drawing room. But things become real when a stranger turns up on her doorstep. After mumbling a few cryptic words he promptly drops dead!

What did he mean?

And who wrote the mysterious note found in his pocket?

Determined to find answers, Eliza has no time to waste. Working with the police, and with the help of her friend Connie, she travels London in search of answers. But can she identify the killer before they strike again?

This is the first story in the Eliza Thomson Investigates series. If you like murder mysteries and historical heroines with attitude, you’ll love this introductory novella.

Get your copy today!

NB. This series is written in UK English  (Amazon)

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Murky Waters: A Mermaid Cozy Mystery (Mermaid Mystery Novella Book 2) by [Vallere, Diane]MURKY WATERS

Bad boys can catch you, hook, line, and sinker . . . 

Kyra had always been the baby. Third mermaid daughter of three, she had been overprotected since birth. More interested in boys and makeup than adventures like sister Zoe or inheriting command of Sirenia like Ava, she studies underwater dance at the academy and spends her spare time flirting with mermen. But when she catches a member of Poseidon’s security team dismantling the safe that protects the mermaid treasures, she fears the worst. The problem? Thanks to her practiced naiveite, nobody takes her warning seriously.

What happens when a sweet mermaid suspects corruption in the ranks? 

If you’re that mermaid, you might have to grow up fast. 

Kyra embarks on a double life: Lolita by day, Mata Hari by night. Navigating cloudy waters tainted by the ink of squid intended to hide the merman’s trail, she leaves the safety of Sirenia and follows his path . . . until that path leads to his dead body. With an unknown killer inside Sirenia, Kyra knows no one is safe. Lacking the drive and bravery of her two older sisters, she uses her purity to discover the truth, but what happens when her childlike charm hooks a dangerous killer? Hidden reserves of courage could save her life . . . or leave her dangling on the line.

You’ll love frolicking in the virtual world of Sirenia, because mermaid mysteries are fantastically fabulous.

Get it now!  (Amazon)

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Death Treads the Boards (The Alexandrians Book 3) by [Cookman, Lesley]The third Edwardian mystery in this historical fiction series by Lesley Cookman


Summer 1908


The Alexandria introduces an unconventional male impersonator to the stage. Played by the very well known Jessie James, this entertainer is very much in the vein of Vesta Tilley.


Chased from her home by her strict Baptist father, Jessie has been sent to Dorinda by Amy, the former Lady Washington, now Mrs Jeremy Coutts, who has said that The Alexandria is a good place to hide.


But when your act is so controversial, you can’t stay hidden forever.  (Amazon)

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Manor of Dying (A Hamptons Home & Garden Mystery Book 4) by [Bridge, Kathleen]In a new Hamptons Home & Garden Mystery, Meg Barrett will have to uncover the truth about a long-ago murder before a killer decides she’s history . . .

When decorator Meg Barrett travels to a remote mansion to help select period pieces for a new 1930s-style television mystery series, she’s chilled to learn that the manor was once a mental asylum and the site of a mysterious decades-old murder. And when a fierce blizzard knocks out the power and strands Meg and her cohorts in the home’s rickety old elevator, they emerge to discover that another person has been murdered—in the same macabre manner as the original victim.

With a suspect list limited to those who were also stranded at the manor, Meg begins digging through their backgrounds for clues to both the old and new murder, trying to discover a connection that will lead her to the culprit’s identity. But the more she learns, the more clear it becomes that someone wants to keep the secrets of the past buried, and Meg knows she’ll have to watch her back before a ruthless killer decides to commit her to a grisly fate . . .

Includes scrumptious recipes and vintage decorating tips!

Praise for the Hamptons Home & Garden Mysteries:

“A delightful sneak peek into life in the Hamptons, with intricate plotting and a likeable, down-to-earth protagonist. A promising start to a promising series.”
Suspense Magazine on Better Homes and Corpses

“An excellent read.”
RT Book Reviews on Hearse and Gardens

Ghostal Living is a marvelously entertaining tale of revenge, murder, quirky characters—and disappearing books! With a clever protagonist, wonderful details of life in the Hamptons, and plot twists on top of plot twists, Kathleen Bridge will have mystery readers clamoring for more.”
—Kate Carlisle, New York Times bestselling author

About the Author

Kathleen Bridge is the national bestselling author of the Hamptons Home & Garden Mystery series and the By the Sea Mystery series. A member of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America, she is also the author and photographer of an antiques reference guide, Lithographed Paper Toys, Books, and Games. Kathleen teaches creative writing in addition to working as an antiques and vintage dealer, and blissfully lives on a barrier island in Florida. Readers can visit her on the web at  (Amazon)

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Frosted Donuts and Fatal Falls (A Donut Truck Cozy Mystery Book 5) by [Bell, Cindy]Joyce and Brenda walk a tightrope of danger as they race to find the truth before the circus moves on and the murderer disappears! 

The circus is in town and Joyce and Brenda are excited that Donuts on the Move will be one of the vendors at the event. The circus has a close-knit, fun, eclectic bunch of performers and crew, and Joyce and Brenda are looking forward to getting to know them and to watch them in action.

But when one of the performers falls to his death, Joyce and Brenda find themselves right in the middle of a murder mystery. They land up juggling a long list of suspects and clues in order to help uncover the truth. But will they drop the ball before the murderer is caught?

It is a race against time for Joyce and Brenda to find the murderer before the circus moves to its next destination.

Recipe Included: Vanilla Frosted Donuts  (Amazon)

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A highly effective police officer, albeit one who keeps her past carefully hidden, Eve West is suspended from duty after a police operation goes catastrophically wrong. Receiving help from an unexpected quarter – a criminal she put away many years before – Eve feels she has no choice but to agree to his request to investigate a possible miscarriage of justice in return. But why is a hardened criminal like John Duran so keen to help a fellow-inmate convicted of the murder of a stable-girl? And why has he chosen Eve to look into the case? Teaming up with crusading journalist Dan Cooper, Eve begins to uncover disturbing flaws in the original investigation. But as her past is dragged to the surface, she comes to realize she has been plunged into a case more complex and sinister than she ever imagined.  (Amazon)

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Belinda Blake and the Snake in the Grass (An Exotic Pet-Sitter Mystery Book 1) by [Gilbert, Heather Day]When exotic pet-sitter Belinda Blake moves into a carriage house in tony Greenwich, Connecticut, she’s hoping to find some new clients. Instead she discovers a corpse in the garden—and a knack for solving murders . . .  
Pet-sitter Belinda Blake doesn’t rattle easily, but move-in day has been eventful, to say the least. The python in her care tried to slither to freedom—just as she met Stone Carrington V, her landlords’ disarmingly handsome son. With the constrictor back in its cage, she heads out to the garden, only to discover a designer shoe poking out of the boxwood hedge—attached to a woman’s dead body.

The victim, Margo Fenton, was a Carrington family friend, and no one in their circle seems above suspicion. Between client trips to Manhattan and visits to her family in upstate New York, Belinda begins to put the pieces together. But though she’s falling for Stone’s numerous charms, Belinda wonders if she’s cozying up to a killer. And soon, daily contact with a deadly reptile might be the least dangerous part of her life . . .

“A humorous series debut with exotic pets and a zany cast of characters. Gilbert’s cozy will make you smile.”
—Amanda Flower, USA Today bestselling author of Premeditated Peppermint
“Cozy fans will root for pet-sitter Belinda Blake as she unravels this cleverly-crafted mystery in a delightfully-deadly new series by Heather Day Gilbert.”
—Elizabeth Spann Craig, author of the bestselling Myrtle Clover Mysteries
“Smart and fresh, with a compelling mystery at its heart, Belinda Blake and the Snake in the Grass is an enchanting cozy that will hook you from page one. As will amateur sleuth Belinda Blake, a delightfully original heroine you’ll want to meet again and again.”
—Karin Kaufman, author of the bestselling Juniper Grove Cozy Mystery Series
“Snakes rank only slightly more favorably with me than spiders, leeches, and ticks. So you can imagine my surprise when, by the end of this book, the snake was my second favorite character after Belinda herself. On top of being a great book for animal-lovers (trust me, you’ll love even the snake), this was a fun read with a smart sleuth. I can’t wait to see what Belinda does next, where both pets and perps are concerned.”
—Emily James, award-winning and bestselling cozy mystery author  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback













The Haunted Past (A Lin Coffin Mystery Book 11) by [Whiting, J A]This is book 11 in the Lin Coffin series by USA Today Bestselling Author J A Whiting.

It is spring on Nantucket and time for the Daffodil Festival. When Lin and her family and friends are enjoying a picnic by the ocean in Siasconset , Robert Snow asks a favor of her. He has a friend whose son has moved to the island to an antique Colonial house where there is an unusual piece of furniture and Robert would like Lin to come and see it. Using a parlor game from the mid-1800s to investigate the old table, Lin and her cousin, Viv, discover a ghost is using it to send messages, and as usual, the ghost’s communication is difficult to understand.

Can Lin and her cousin, Viv, discover the links between two ghosts who are trying to find each other while attempting to help two new island residents uncover what they’re looking for? Will the Nantucket sleuths be able to figure out what the spirits of the living and the dead need before it is too late?

This story has ghosts and some mild paranormal elements.  (Amazon)

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Doing It To Death: A Kendra Clayton Mystery (Kendra Clayton Series Book 6) by [Henry, Angela]Just when Kendra Clayton’s life has finally calmed down, trouble finds her once again. A case of mistaken identity lands her smack in the middle of a beef between an ex-con named Dibb Bentley and Lewis Watts—her least favorite person on the planet. Dibb hid something in Lewis’s house before he went to prison three decades ago. Now he’s out. And he wants it back. Only Lewis claims he doesn’t know what it is let alone where it could be. Then Dibb’s dead body turns up in Lewis’s trunk and he’s promptly arrested. Lewis begs Kendra to help him. But she’d love nothing more than to walk away. Unfortunately, Kendra can’t turn a blind eye when the evidence against Lewis just doesn’t add up. And to make matters worse, she’s become a target herself. To figure out what the killer wants, Kendra must dig into a thirty-year-old murder case revealing the seedy side of her beloved hometown. Helping Lewis also puts her at odds with sexy and infuriating homicide detective Blake Mason. When the threats against her life escalate, Mason insists she stay with him. But Kendra can’t decide what she’s more afraid of, a killer lurking in the shadows or her growing attraction to Mason.  (Amazon)

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Clause & Effect (Deadly Edits Book 2) by [Dunnett, Kaitlyn]As a professional editor, Mikki Lincoln is used to crimes against the English language. As an amateur sleuth, she’s finding catching criminals a lot more dangerous than catching 
typos . . .
Nestled in the picturesque Catskills, the village of Lenape Hollow prepares to celebrate the 225th anniversary of its founding. Freelance book editor Mikki Lincoln has been drafted to update and correct the script, left over from the town’s bicentennial, which is housed at the historical society.

The building is being renovated for the first time since that last celebration. But when construction reveals a shocking discovery—human remains walled up in a fireplace—Mikki shifts focus from cold-reading to solving a cold case.

Just as her investigation seems to have hit a brick wall, a new murder rattles the townspeople. Clearly, someone is hiding a few skeletons in the closet. Now Mikki will need to go off script to make a connection between the bicentennial bones and the current homicide. But if this book editor isn’t careful, she may be the next one sentenced to death . . .  (Amazon)

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Toxic Toffee (An Amish Candy Shop Mystery Book 4) by [Flower, Amanda]A sweet tooth for murder . . .  

Bailey King’s in New York wrapping up a six-week shoot on her first cable TV show, Bailey’s Amish Sweets, when she gets a call from her Ohio town’s resident busybody. With Easter around the corner, Bailey’s been recruited to create a giant toffee bunny for the weeklong springtime festival that will also feature live white rabbits. But back home in Harvest, death becomes the main attraction when Stephen Raber keels over from an apparent heart attack—with Bailey and Raber’s pet bunny as witnesses.
Except it wasn’t Raber’s heart that suddenly gave out—a lethal dose of lily of the valley was mixed into a tasty piece of toffee. Who’d want to poison a jovial rabbit farmer who reminded Bailey of an Amish Santa Claus? To solve the murder, she and her sheriff deputy boyfriend Aiden must uncover a twenty-year-old secret. She’ll need to pull a rabbit out of a hat to keep a healthy distance from toxic people, including one venomous killer . . .
Recipe Included!
Praise for Amanda Flower and her Amish cozies
“As it turns out, Amanda Flower may have just written the first Amish rom com.”USA Today 
“Flower has hit it out of the ballpark . . . and continues to amaze with her knowledge of the Amish way of life.”RT Book Reviews
“At turns playful and engaging . . . a satisfyingly complex cozy.”Library Journal  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook