New Releases For The Week Of August 4th, 2019–Part 3

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of August 4th, 2019. I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very many of them for the week. Today is the third day of my list for this week. Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.


The Awful Truth About The Name Of The Rose by [Ocram, Marco]“IT IS STAN,” screamed the unhinged monk. “STAN HAS COME AMONGST US!”
“Stan?” cried the abbot and I in bewilderment. “Who is Stan?”

I realized my mistake, and retyped the line.

“IT IS SATAN,” screamed the unhinged monk. “SATAN HAS COME AMONST US!”

Mega-selling author, Marco Ocram, is on the edge of a nervous breakdown, and needs complete rest.

Police Chief Como Galahad—Marco’s main character—needs a volunteer to go under-cover at the Abbey, a remote celebrity retreat run as a medieval monastery, where something fishy is afoot.

There’s only one solution—Marco books into the Abbey for a detox, just a few days before a hundred A-listers fly in for a grand gala dinner.

Could anything go wrong? Could Marco write a labyrinth of astounding twists to leave all the world’s top celebrities moments from an awful death? Will you be amazed by the ending? You bet!

Fast, funny, and utterly different. Welcome to the weird world of The Awful Truth.  (Amazon)

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Farewell Seas: A Rowan Gray Mystery Books 7-9 by [Hart, Lily Harper]


Rowan Gray has been to Hell and back … and then back again.
Now she’s ready for the final battle.
Join Rowan, her boyfriend Quinn Davenport, and the rest of The Bounding Storm crew as they jump from one adventure to the next … and find the ultimate answers about her past.

This three-book omnibus includes Dangerous Seas, Perilous Seas and Raging Seas.  (Amazon)

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The Vienna Connection by [Rosano, Dick]


Former intelligence expert Darren Priest tries to distance himself from his old life, and turns to a new vocation as a wine and food writer. He soon discovers that with his background, some things you can’t un-volunteer for.
Sent to Austria by the U.S. President, Priest undertakes a covert mission where friend quickly turns to foe. With numerous enemies threatening his mission, can Priest figure out whom to trust – and expose the Vienna Connection?  (Amazon)

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Cozy Mysteries 14 Book Box Set: The Sandy Bay Series by [Crewes, Amber]***Available to read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited NOW!***



1. Apple Pie and Trouble
2. Brownies and Dark Shadows
3. Cookies and Buried Secrets
4. Donuts and Disaster
5. Eclairs and Lethal Layers
6. Finger Foods and Missing Legs
7. Gingerbread and Scary Endings
8. Hot Chocolate and Cold Bodies
9. Ice Cream and Guilty Pleasures
10. Jingle Bells and Deadly Smells
11. King Cake and Grave Mistakes
12. Lemon Tarts and Fiery Darts
13. Muffins and Coffins
14. Nuts and a Choking Corpse

Meghan Truman always had a dream to become a Hollywood actress. Hollywood decided she wasn’t good enough. She left Hollywood broken but with a burning desire to start afresh in the Pacific Northwest, pursuing her second dream – opening a bakery. She never expected that the owner of a rival establishment would be found dead and all eyes would be focused on her as the prime suspect. As the new girl in town with a new bakery store, she’s determined to clear her name and find the murderer; otherwise she’ll have to leave Sandy Bay penniless and pitiful and possibly the murderer’s next victim.

“I really enjoyed this and I’m looking forward to the next book in the series. Thanks for a great plot and interesting characters.”

When Sandy Bay’s crème de la crème congregate to raise money for charity, Meghan Truman is proud to have her tasty desserts the talk of the party. She’s not so proud when the wealthiest couple in Sandy Bay are discovered dead and rumors circulate around town that her brownies are the cause of this tragedy. This murder case casts a dark shadow over Meghan’s budding romance with handsome Officer Irvin who’s disappointed that she’s once again at the center of another murder investigation. With everything to lose, Meghan must work hard to clear her name, restore broken relationships and solve this murder mystery before everything she’s worked so hard to build comes crumbling down.

“I have so enjoyed this series! Book 2 was another short fun read. The ending was a complete surprise.”

When a beautiful stranger sashays into a birthday party, Meghan Truman, along with other guests, is surprised to discover her relationship to the birthday celebrant. This beautiful stranger attracts more shady characters to Sandy Bay. When one of these characters is found dead in an alley, the whole town is set on edge. Will Meghan’s attempt to link the owner of a golden antique gun to the murder prove helpful to handsome Officer Irvin’s investigation or will the discovery of a buried secret lead to more murders?

“Another great book in this fun series. There was a twist really early on in the book that was definitely a surprise!”

Meghan Truman’s relationship with her assistant is severely tested when she becomes prideful over a donut recipe she’s introduced to Truly Sweet’s menu. Matters are further worsened when a distant relative of this assistant, with selfish intentions and bad manners, is found dead in the town center. The local handyman is arrested and put in jail when several witnesses confirm they saw him having an altercation with the murdered victim. Handsome detective Irvin and Meghan believe he’s innocent but the evidence against him is too damning to overlook. Will Meghan’s attempt to give her assistant a second chance at restoring their relationship backfire or will a determination not to harbor unforgiveness in her heart lead her to the true murderer?

“So enjoying this series! I really like the characters. “


A light, cozy mystery series with an amateur female sleuth, mouth-watering culinary desserts and 14 gripping murder mysteries!  (Amazon)

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Magic & Maladies (Starry Hollow Witches Book 10) by [Chase, Annabel]Welcome to Starry Hollow, where spells were made to be broken.

A wedding may be a new beginning for Bentley and Meadow, but it’s an ending for one of their obnoxious guests. When Sheriff Nash starts showing more wolf than warmth during the investigation, paranormals sit up and take notice, especially ones in positions of power. Ember and Deputy Bolan agree to work together to keep the sheriff from losing his badge, but the werewolf’s antics won’t make it easy. Meanwhile, Ember stumbles upon another piece of her ancestor Ivy’s past that may help reveal her story, if she can manage to get past the powerful magic that seems to surround all of Ivy’s former possessions.

Can Ember solve the murder in time or will Granger’s reign as sheriff finally come to a bittersweet end?

Magic & Maladies is the tenth book in the Starry Hollow Witches paranormal cozy mystery series.

Books in the series include:
Magic & Murder, Book 1
Magic & Mystery, Book 2
Magic & Mischief, Book 3
Magic & Mayhem, Book 4
Magic & Mercy, Book 5
Magic & Madness, Book 6
Magic & Malice, Book 7
Magic & Mythos, Book 8
Magic & Mishaps, Book 9
Magic & Maladies, Book 10  (Amazon)

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Killer Curriculum (August Booker Mysteries Book 1) by [Alexander, Douglas]


August Booker left the FBI for a teaching position at a small private college in Berksville, NY. Content teaching Criminology, he is pressured into helping the local police investigate a gruesome murder. He has one condition: it has to be a learning experience for his three brightest students.Detective Sarah Rime just transferred to Upstate NY. On her first day she lands a murder investigation that has the little town in a frenzy. As if that wasn’t enough pressure, the headstrong cop has to drag along a professor, a cheerleader, a computer jockey, and a senior citizen. Sounds like the beginning to a bad joke.Will this unlikely team be able to find the killer before it happens again?  (Amazon)

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The Witch and the Poisoner: Witch's Kitchen Book 2 by [Shelby, Brooke]She’s got a cleared name and a clean slate, but can that keep the mischief away? 

After an unfriendly welcome, the cozy New England town of Hope’s Crossing is starting to finally feel like home to novice witch Maggie Corey. Thanks to her blossoming supernatural powers, Maggie was able to assist the local sheriff in finding the murderer of her beloved Aunt Clara, putting accusations that she was the killer to rest once and for all. Now, Maggie hopes to settle into a new career running Aunt Clara’s herb store with Bramble, her aunt’s wise and sassy talking cat, who is fast becoming a new friend and valuable tutor in magic.

The Coreys ties to witchcraft goes all the way back to the Salem Witch Trials and the founding of Hope’s Crossing. Even though that all might seem like ancient history to Maggie, the force she feels building inside her make the family talent more than a myth. Meanwhile, other descendants from the town’s earliest days are set on bringing the dark times back.

Just when she thinks she’s overcome the bias against her, someone switches out the cookies Maggie leaves on the counter at the shop. Soon these belladonna-laced treats send residents into dangerous hallucinations. Maggie is blamed for either drugging her customers, putting them under a spell, or both. Suddenly, Maggie’s right back where she started, having to earn trust in her community—and her innocence. To do so, Maggie will have to work quickly to find the poisoner responsible.

But the more Maggie gets pulled into the mystery, the more it seems the past isn’t buried after all…   (Amazon)

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Deception, Denial & Murder (A Stacie Maroni Mystery Book 3) by [Nardi, Christa]


A domineering co-worker, a flirtatious neighbor, and a dead body make for way too many questions and awkward situations.

As HR Specialist and trauma counselor, Stacie Maroni is used to dealing with difficult situations. When her night out is derailed by the discovery of a body outside a local watering hole, she’s glad she’s not involved. But when the police investigate and close friends are cast as potential suspects, Stacie will do whatever it takes to identify the true culprit, even if it creates waves with the men in her life, her father included. The suspect list is slim and she’s grasping at straws.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback

















She’s a jinxed witch with Bruce Lee moves. The coven’s being haunted and witches are disappearing. Will she be able to save the coven and herself?

Not yet over the loss of her mom, Frankie B’s in a new city, without family, a home or her full powers. Thank goodness for her familiar, Dex, the best Jack Russell in the world.

They’re faced with moving into a flea-pit motel, when Dex spots a vacancy at a nearby marina. But this is no ordinary marina, and before they’ve even had time to finish unpacking, life takes a deadly turn.

Will Frankie solve the mystery of the missing witches and rid the coven of the ghost of Captain Russell Garnet? Or will her ability to make him corporeal see her being held as his prisoner until her dying breath? Either way, she’s not going down without a fight.


A potentially lethal blood hex. Her mother’s murderer still on the loose. Her father maybe not as dead as she’s been led to believe. Jinxed witch Frankie B and Dex, her familiar, certainly have their hands (and paws) full.

With the ghost of Captain Russell Garnet banished to an island in the Caribbean, Frankie thought she and Dex could get on with life. If only she wasn’t lumbered with a blood hex. And if only her troublesome grandmamma — the not so ex-pirate — Anne Bonny hadn’t managed to get herself in a heap of trouble.

Before any rescue can take place, Frankie needs to get a handle on her new witchy powers. While she’s no longer stuck with housework spells and the occasional ward, her new power levels are unstable at best, and completely missing, at worst.

Yet again, she’s training with the drop-dead gorgeous warlock / merman hybrid Zane, making concentration difficult, especially when the air between them is laced with freaky magic.

Will Frankie break the hex, and find out who killed her mom and dad, or will she die trying? With Dex and Zane at her side, how can she possibly fail?  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Paperback













The Cat Caper (Pet Whisperer P.I. Book 5) by [Fitz, Molly, Bay, Blueberry]What’s even worse than having a snarky talking tabby as your best friend?

When he inexplicably goes missing…

Octo-Cat is gone, and all the evidence suggests that he was taken on purpose. With the growing number of people the two of us have put behind bars, it’s no surprise that someone’s out for revenge.

But how will I ever manage to solve this particular crime without the help of my partner?

The only other person who might be able to help me just relocated to Georgia. But I’m desperate enough to try anything, including exposing my secret to the whole of Blueberry Bay. Anything to bring him home safe.

Oh, Octo-Cat. Where have you gone?


“I just finished KITTY CONFIDENTIAL last night… and wow, what a ride! I fell in love with Molly Fitz’s fresh, zany voice on the first page… A delightfully fun ride. I’ve already started the second book in the series!” ~ Karen MacInerney, author of the Gray Whale Inn Mysteries

“Need a quick pick me up with an adorable talking cat who helps solve crimes? It’s here! Molly Fitz does not disappoint in this cute start to a brand new series. I’m already hooked and picking up the next book. Do yourself a favor and spend some time in Blueberry Bay. It’s so fun and cute you’ll wish you had a talking cat of your own.” ~ New York Times Bestselling Author, Addison Moore

“Molly Fitz’s debut novel, KITTY CONFIDENTIAL, is a fantastic start to a new series. Molly has not only provided a fun, fast-paced mystery, she’s also brought great characters to life. I enjoyed spending time in her world, and I look forward to future books in the series!” ~ Misty Bane, Author of the Blackwood Bay Witches Cozy Mysteries

“KITTY CONFIDENTIAL is such a fun escape that leaves the reader completely satisfied but craving more. I couldn’t help but fall in love with Octo-Cat, and I look forward to Angie’s next curious adventure… A must-read for cozy lovers and mystery lovers alike!” ~ Poppy Bolton, Author of the Katie Chance Cozy Mysteries

“Molly Fitz hits her first cozy mystery out of the park. KITTY CONFIDENTIAL is a great read – fast and fun and is the promising first book in what should be a terrific series.” ~ Ronnie Roberts, Author of The Complete Bootcamp for Fiction Writers

“Oh, my whiskers. This was. So. Much. Fun!!! I am a big fan of cozy mysteries, especially quirky ones with pets. And this one was a gooood one! I doted on Octo-Cat! I adored Angie! The book has a very light-hearted tone that I loved. I loveloveloved it!” ~ Nadine V

“Amazing cozy mystery! I would give it six stars if I could! I absolutely loved this book… and I loved the voice of Octo-Cat! I’m not sure I really want to know what cats think, but I am pretty sure they would say things like Octo-Cat!” ~ Candace  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle