New Releases For The Week Of October 6th, 2019–Part 2

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of October 6th, 2019. I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very many of them for the week. Today is the second day of my list for this week. Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.



Spirited Blend (A Paramour Bay Cozy Paranormal Mystery Book 9) by [Layne, Kennedy]Get ready for a spine-tingling cozy mystery that has ghosts, ghouls, and goblins coming out of the woodwork in the next spirited installment of the Paramour Bay Mysteries by USA Today Bestselling Author Kennedy Layne…

Mounds of delicious candy corn, jack-o-lanterns, and spooky hayrides are all part of this year’s Halloween festivities in Paramour Bay. Raven Marigold plans to make the most out of this All Hallows’ Eve, which just so happens to be her birthday.

Not everyone in town seems to have gotten the festive memo, though. One of the residents is claiming that the spirit of her dead husband has been paying her nocturnal visits, while other townsfolk are making similar claims about their deceased relatives. Is this someone’s version of a supernatural flash mob or has someone accidentally pierced the veil to the afterlife?

It’s going to be a hauntingly good time in this quaint coastal town, so bring along your lanterns and flashlights as Raven and the gang take a midnight stroll through the local cemetery to try and solve this hair-raising mystery!  (Amazon)

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Murder By Chocolate (A Bite-sized Bakery Cozy Mystery Book 1) by [Point, Rosie A.]What’s the worst that can go wrong on a blind date? Murder.

Ruby Holmes wants to travel, sell delicious baked treats from her food truck, and never stay in one place for too long. Then the unexpected happens: upon arriving in Carmel Springs, Maine, she’s asked on a blind date by a handsome fisherman.

When Ruby goes to meet him, she finds his dead body instead. A murderer has struck, and the cunning detective who ‘runs’ the town names her as the prime suspect. Ruby can’t run, but staying might mean falling victim herself.
Can she solve the murder in time?

Have your cake and eat it too. Buy this two-hour pocket read today!  (Amazon)

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MURDER CHECKS IN (Izzy Greene Senior Snoops Cozy Mystery Book 7) by [Selfman, Sylvia]





Izzy has reservations when Rushmore Oshansky’s ex-wife arrives from New York and tries to steal him back. When Izzy goes to check out her competition at the Palm Springs Hotel, she finds that murder has already checked in. It’s up to Izzy and Flo to find the killer before the final check-out time.  (Amazon)

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Tuesday Mooney Talks to Ghosts by [Racculia, Kate]A handsome stranger. A dead billionaire. A citywide treasure hunt. Tuesday Mooney’s life is about to change…forevermore.

Tuesday Mooney is a loner. She keeps to herself, begrudgingly socializes, and spends much of her time watching old Twin Peaks and X-Files DVDs. But when Vincent Pryce, Boston’s most eccentric billionaire, dies—leaving behind an epic treasure hunt through the city, with clues inspired by his hero, Edgar Allan Poe—Tuesday’s adventure finally begins.

Puzzle-loving Tuesday searches for clue after clue, joined by a ragtag crew: a wisecracking friend, an adoring teen neighbor, and a handsome, cagey young heir. The hunt tests their mettle, and with other teams from around the city also vying for the promised prize—a share of Pryce’s immense wealth—they must move quickly. Pryce’s clues can’t be cracked with sharp wit alone; the searchers must summon the courage to face painful ghosts from their pasts (some more vivid than others) and discover their most guarded desires and dreams.

A deliciously funny ode to imagination, overflowing with love letters to art, from The Westing Game to Madonna to the Knights of the Round Table, Tuesday Mooney Talks to Ghosts is the perfect read for thrill seekers, wanderers, word lovers, and anyone looking for an escape to the extraordinary.  (Amazon)

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Cradle to Grave: A Detective Kay Hunter murder mystery by [Amphlett, Rachel]When a faceless body is found floating in the river on a summer’s morning, Detective Kay Hunter and her team are tasked with finding out the man’s identity – and where he came from.

The investigation takes a sinister turn when an abandoned boat is found, covered in blood stains and containing a child’s belongings.

Under mounting pressure from a distraught family and an unforgiving media, the police are in a race against time – but they have no leads, and no motive for the events that have taken place.

Will Kay be able to find a ruthless killer and a missing child before it’s too late?

Cradle to Grave is the eighth book in the Detective Kay Hunter series by USA Today bestselling author Rachel Amphlett, and perfect for readers who love fast-paced murder mysteries. Available in eBook, print, large print and audiobook.

The Detective Kay Hunter series:

1. Scared to Death
2. Will to Live
3. One to Watch
4. Hell to Pay
5. Call to Arms
6. Gone to Ground
7. Bridge to Burn
8. Cradle to Grave

What readers are saying about Cradle to Grave:

Another masterpiece of police detective thriller writing!” – Goodreads

“I’m actually running out of ways to describe how much I love this series now. Each book is brilliant – full of humour, tension, great characters and compelling storytelling in equal measure. Cradle to Grave is no different, with the author gripping your attention from the very start of the book.” – Goodreads  (Amazon)

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ChoirMaster: A Mister Puss Mystery by [Craft, Michael]A marriage of convenience … a crisis of faith … a talking cat.
What could possibly go wrong?

In idyllic little Dumont, Wisconsin, the historic but financially troubled St. Alban’s Episcopal Church has a new rector who plans to turn things around, a woman named Joyce Hibbard. Local architect Marson Miles puts two and two together and figures out that Mother Hibbard’s husband is none other than his long-ago college friend, Curtis Hibbard, who is now a prominent New York attorney. And unless Marson is mistaken, Curtis and Joyce must have a marriage of convenience.

Mother Hibbard wants to build a fabulous new church to replace the crumbling St. Alban’s. Local philanthropist Mary Questman wants her friend Marson to design it. And Mother Hibbard’s husband really wants the hunky young choir director, David Lovell. But then, in a god-awful development, someone turns up dead.

It was murder, all right, and suspects abound. Once again, Marson’s dashing husband, Brody Norris, steps into the role of amateur sleuth and sidekick to Sheriff Thomas Simms. And once again, Brody himself gets a bit of help–from Mary Questman’s exotic cat, a chatty Abyssinian named Mister Puss.

ChoirMaster is the second book in the Mister Puss series.  (Amazon)

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Flight Risk Cozy Mystery Boxed Set: Books 1 - 12 by [Harper, Susan]Finding trouble at every corner of the globe.

A cozy mystery boxed set from #1 Best Selling Author Susan Harper

Newfound friends Kendell and Pauline are traveling the world looking for adventure. With a knack for finding trouble, they keep finding themselves in the middle of murder mysteries. Can they stay one step ahead or are they destined to become the victims in the next murder mystery?

This Flight Risk Cozy Mystery Boxed Set contains all twelve books in the Flight Risk Cozy Mystery series. If you like fast-paced mysteries with interesting characters and unexpected twists, you’re going to love the Flight Risk Cozy Mystery series.

Get the Flight Risk Cozy Mystery Boxed Set: Books 1 – 12 and start solving your next set of mysteries today!

Always FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Included Books
Each book in the series is a stand-alone story, but your enjoyment of each story will be increased if you read them all. Be sure to check them all out.

Murder at Macbeth

A Killing in Kenya

Homicide in Hawaii

Trouble in Texas

Murder in Mississippi

An Artful Assassination

French Fatality

Kangaroos and Killings

Tailed in Tokyo

Iced in Alaska

Mayhem in Mexico

Nabbed in New York  (Amazon)

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Bright Young Witches & the Restless Dead: A Bright Young Witches Cozy Historical Mystery by [Byers, Beth]From the author of The Violet Carlyle Historical Mysteries, comes a new paranormal mystery series set in the 1920s!

April 1922

When the Klu Klux Klan appears at the door of the Wode sisters, they decide it’s time to visit the ancestral home in England.

With squabbling between the sisters, it takes them too long to realize that their new friend is being haunted. Now they’ll have to set aside their fight, discover just why their friend is being haunted, and what they’re going to do about it. Will they rid their friend of the ghost and out themselves as witches? Or will they look away?

Join the Wode as they rise up and embrace just who and what they are in this newest historical mystery adventure.

Book ONE in The Bright Young Witches Mysteries. Are you ready for the roaring twenties? For a set of other-wordly sisters and their journey to find their place in the world. If so, you’ll love Hester, Evanora, and Circe. For fans of Carola Dunn, Jacqueline Winspear, Georgette Heyer, J. New, and Lee Strauss.

A light, cozy mystery with a fun peek into life in the life of a bright young thing. No swearing, graphic scenes, or cliffhangers  (Amazon)

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When Mountains Fall: Woman at the Helm Mystery by [Anderson, Rolynn]Running a marina in isolated Waka Bay, British Columbia was her husband’s dream, not hers. But now he’s dead and a prime suspect in a murder.

Shattered by grief, Camryn Hudson must return to the bay to exonerate her husband, protect her seven year-old son, and save a failing business.

Loner Finn Weber’s mission seems equally impossible. He left a top job in Seattle to work in tiny Port McNeill. Fulfilling a bargain with his ailing mother, he must sail to Waka Bay every weekend. He never imagined the danger of cruising into Camryn’s heart while withholding a family secret.

A killer roams the land and vultures demand possession of the marina. Can Camryn solve a crime and survive in Waka Bay?  (Amazon)

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Diamonds & Deception (Karina Cardinal Mystery Book 3) by [Butler, Ellen]The rainbows-and-unicorns period of her friends-to-lovers relationship with Mike Finnegan officially over, Karina Cardinal is taking a tactical retreat. No way is she calling him for rescue from one of her infamous “scrapes.” Too bad trouble, if not her middle name, is a close relative.

Sadira Manon, friend and colleague of Karina’s sister Jillian, has been dropping way too much cash on designer labels for a middle school teacher. Even one who moonlights as a jewelry store clerk. But when she’s accused of theft, the loose diamond falling out of her purse is enough for the police to sing the song of their people—”Miranda Rights.”

Karina, Jilly, and Silverthorne Security join forces to investigate who’s setting Sadira up to take a fall, and why. They dig up a shady tangle of Russian mob ties and gambling debts. By the time Karina realizes they’ve dug too deep—and maybe a little too far outside the law—Jillian’s in trouble, and the only way out of this particular pot of hot water is to make that phone call…and hope Mike doesn’t let it go to voice mail.

International bestselling and award-winning author Ellen Butler presents book three in the Karina Cardinal mystery series! Fans of Melinda Leigh and J.D. Robb, who love the humor of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum will adore this gripping mystery adventure.  (Amazon)

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Haunted Hobgoblin (Cloverville Mystery Series Book 3) by [Wavely, M.J.]

I’m Sidney Latimer, and I can speak with ghosts. I have recently acquired a few new powers to my skillset after my latest ghostly encounter. I don’t want to discuss my new abilities since I’m still processing. Let’s talk about the latest events in Cloverville.

Did you know Chapman Coven House has been turned into a touristy haunted house? Are you kidding me? Cloverville doesn’t need to import ghosts. We have enough homegrown ghosts of our own.

Except . . . It seems it’s not a ghost haunting Chapman Coven House. It’s a hobgoblin with a tail  (Amazon)

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Late Arrival: A Park Hotel Mystery (The Park Hotel Mysteries Book 4) by [Capri, Diane]A new cozy mystery series COMPLETE IN FOUR NOVELS from New York Times and USA Today best-selling Author Diane Capri.

Follow former lawyer turned concierge and amateur sleuth Andi Steele and her lovable cats (and dogs) as they catch murderers and solve crimes on historic Frontenac Island, Michigan.

Dead bodies. Hunky men. A never-ending parade of demanding hotel guests, quirky villagers, cats, dogs, and maybe a ghost.

The last person Andi Steele ever expected to see again was her old boss, Jeremy Rucker. He’s the reason her legal career is in the toilet and she’s toiling at the Park Hotel on Frontenac Island.

But here he is, claiming to be looking for a flash drive that Andi knows nothing about.

The next morning Jeremy’s dead, dumped at the bottom of the west bluff below the hotel, and Andi’s the prime suspect. Until someone kidnaps her best friend and it becomes clear that the flash drive’s contents are worth killing for.

Now Andi must get her hands on the flash drive, figure out who killed Jeremy, and get Ginny back before they kill Ginny and Andi, too.

But if the flash drive gives her the ability to return to her old life again, is that what Andi wants? What about her parents? And what about her love life?

If you love traditional cozy mystery with a side of romance and suspense, you’ll love Andi Steele and The Park Hotel Mysteries.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle