New Releases For The Week Of November 10th, 2019–Part 2

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of November 10th, 2019. I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very many of them for the week. Today is the second day of my list for this week. Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.



The Body on the Train: A Kate Shackleton Mystery by [Brody, Frances]Frances Brody’s eleventh Kate Shackleton mystery is sure to delight readers of Rhys Bowen and Jacqueline Winspear.

Two murders. A one-way ticket to trouble.

And it’s up to Kate to derail the killer.

London, 1929. In the darkness before dawn, a railway porter, unloading a special train from Yorkshire, discovers a man’s body, shot and placed in a sack. There are no means of identification to be found and as Scotland Yard hits a dead end, they call on the inimitable Kate Shackleton, a local sleuth, confident her local knowledge and investigative skills will produce results. But it’s no easy task.

Suspicion of political intrigue and fears of unrest in the Yorkshire coalfields, impose secrecy on her already difficult task. The murder of a shopkeeper, around the same time, seems too much of a coincidence. The convicted felon was found with blood on his hands, but it’s too tidy and Kate becomes convinced the police have the wrong man.

By then it’s too late. Kate finds herself in a den of vipers. The real killer is still at large, and having tinkered with Kate’s car, nearly causes her to crash. Not only that, but Scotland Yard has turned their back on her. As Kate edges toward the shocking truth, she’s going to need all the strength and resourcefulness she can muster to uncover this sinister web of deceit.  (Amazon)

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Friday Night Bites: A Cozy Witch Mystery (Magic Market Mysteries Book 2) by [Johnson, Erin]Runway rivalries. An arcane arachnid. Can she unravel this designer death?

Pet psychic Jolene needs some excitement to keep her mind off her downward spiral. So when her dreamy police crush asks her to interview a massive eight-legged murder witness, the former shifter signs on despite the risks. With an enchanted sweatshop owner and a testy trendsetter both dying from the same venom, Jolene fears their crafty assassin has spun a complex web…

Following the officer and his lie-sniffing German Shepherd into a labyrinth of clues, she cuts through a suspect list full of jealous rivals and bitter enemies. But when their investigation shines a light on the frayed corners of the black market, Jolene worries she’s pulled the wrong thread…

Can she stitch up the case before she gets sewn into a body bag?

Friday Night Bites is the second book in the charming Magic Market paranormal cozy mystery series. If you like clever wit, supernatural settings, and lighthearted whodunits, then you’ll love Erin Johnson’s enchanting tale.

Buy Friday Night Bites for a delectable detective treat today!  (Amazon)

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Fall's Killer Vintage Calla Lily Mystery #3 (Calla Lily Mystery Series) by [Burke, Anna Celeste]In wine country, a federal judge is murdered and Aunt Lettie’s old friend, Judge Colin Brinkley, quickly becomes a suspect.

Lily, Austin, and her friends are excited about the Calla Lily Winery vintages entered in this year’s Taste of Napa Challenge. The event turns out to be more challenging than anyone imagined when a fire ends the awards ceremony. The plot thickens when one of the wines entered in the competition turns out to be a killer vintage. The U.S. Marshals Service is on the job, but when Aunt Lettie’s old friend becomes a suspect, Lily and her friends are soon caught up in the mystery too. Is the murder of a federal judge about a rivalry among vintners, one of the judge’s cases, or something more personal? Join Lily and Austin as they try to discover who’s responsible for fall’s killer vintage.

Grab your copy of the latest installment in the Calla Lily Mystery series by USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Anna Celeste Burke.

Recipes included.

Free to read in Kindle Unlimited.  (Amazon)

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The QWERTY Murders (Pippa Parker Mysteries Book 5) by [Hedgecock, Liz]A wedding and … how many funerals?

Pippa Parker has decided that crime doesn’t pay – solving it, that is. She’s happily retired from detection, and busy juggling her events business with school and playgroup.

But when a dying journalist phones Pippa, she has no choice but to get involved.

It should be an easy case, since the murder took place at the offices of the Gadcester Chronicle. But everyone with a motive has an alibi. And when a near-miss happens days later, and a linked clue is left at the scene, Pippa and the police realise they may have a serial killer on their hands.

Can Pippa stop the QWERTY Murders? And can she also organise Lila’s wedding, keep Serendipity’s family in check, and stay on the right side of Freddie’s teacher?

The QWERTY Murders is the fifth book in the Pippa Parker cozy mystery series, set in and around the English village of Much Gadding.  (Amazon)

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Death on the Danube: A New Year’s Murder in Budapest (Travel Can Be Murder Cozy Mystery Series Book 1) by [Alderson, Jennifer S.]Who knew a New Year’s trip to Budapest could be so deadly? The tour must go on – even with a killer in their midst…

Recent divorcee Lana Hansen needs a break. Her luck has run sour for going on a decade, ever since she got fired from her favorite job as an investigative reporter. When her fresh start in Seattle doesn’t work out as planned, Lana ends up unemployed and penniless on Christmas Eve.

Dotty Thompson, her landlord and the owner of Wanderlust Tours, is also in a tight spot after one of her tour guides ends up in the hospital, leaving her a guide short on Christmas Day.

When Dotty offers her a job leading the tour group through Budapest, Hungary, Lana jumps at the chance. It’s the perfect way to ring in the new year and pay her rent!

What starts off as the adventure of a lifetime quickly turns into a nightmare when Carl, her fellow tour guide, is found floating in the Danube River. Was it murder or accidental death? Suspects abound when Lana discovers almost everyone on the tour had a bone to pick with Carl.

But Dotty insists the tour must go on, so Lana finds herself trapped with nine murder suspects. When another guest turns up dead, Lana has to figure out who the killer is before she too ends up floating in the Danube…

Introducing Lana Hansen, tour guide, reluctant amateur sleuth, and star of the Travel Can Be Murder Cozy Mystery Series. Join Lana as she leads tourists and readers to fascinating cities around the globe on intriguing adventures that, unfortunately for Lana, often turn deadly.

Feel-good stories about friendship, travel, and celebrating new experiences. Coming soon: Death by Baguette: A Valentine’s Day Murder in Paris (Books 2) and Death By Windmill: A Mother’s Day Murder in Amsterdam (Book 3) in the Travel Can Be Murder Cozy Mystery Series!  (Amazon)

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Dying over Spilled Milk (The Heathervale Mysteries Book 2) by [Swift, Matilda]When dairy farming turns deadly, spilled milk just might be worth crying over.

Head-teacher Arrina Fenn is determined to make her sixth form college’s first Careers Fair go off without a hitch. In the rural village of Heathervale, with its small-town secrets and family squabbles that line the streets as thickly as crops in the fields, that’s not as easy as it seems.

When one of the fair’s staff members turns up dead, Arrina’s hopes for success are dashed to pieces, and Arrina is once again dragged into the investigation.

With the wrong person heading to trial, growing tensions in the village, and something increasingly strange going on with the young people of Heathervale, Arrina must race to find out what really happened on the day of the Careers Fair, before it’s too late.

This is book two of The Heathervale Mysteries, with more twists than a country lane and a cast of cozy characters you’ll be right at home with.  (Amazon)

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Potions And Pageants (Percy Prince Witching Cozy Mystery Book 1) by [Dreaming, R.K.]Meet Percy Prince, the daughter of a witch. Trouble follows wherever she goes. When Percy helps out at her school’s Charity Beauty Pageant, a pageant judge turns up dead.

Percy is sure the judge’s death is no accident but everyone thinks Percy is crazy. With the race to be crowned Miss Humble High heating up, succubus mean-girls resort to using banned magic — and potions and pageants become a killer mix.

Percy and the skeptical pageant organizer, teen witch Nan Gooding, must team up to discover the truth. Is someone at Humble High really willing to kill to win?

Potions & Pageants is the first book in the Percy Prince series. It’s cozy mystery meets Harry Potter, so if you love either of those, this series was made for you! One click and read it now.


Book 1 – Potions & Pageants
Book 2 – Cauldrons & Kittens
Book 3 – Magic & Mayhem (coming soon)
Book 4 – Wands & Witches (coming soon)  (Amazon)

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Echoes of the Fall: An Earl Marcus Mystery by [Early, Hank]Earl Marcus has faced a litany of demons in his time, but a grisly murder sends him spiraling into a vortex of long-buried secrets.

After losing a hotly contested sheriff’s race to the lackey of corrupt politician Jeb Walsh, Earl Marcus has had the worst summer of his life. But worst turns deadly when a body turns up on Earl’s front lawn, accompanied by a cryptic letter.

Earl finds a cell phone in the victim’s car and tracks it to The Harden School, an old, isolated campus surrounded by barbed wire and locked gates, and catches a sneak peek at a file labeled complaints, where he finds a familiar name: Jeb Walsh. Jeb’s ex-wife Eleanor had lodged multiple complaints against the school on behalf of her son, and when he contacts Eleanor, the horrifying truth begins to emerge.

Desperate to make a connection between the school and the dead man, Earl journeys into a world where nothing is sacred.  (Amazon)

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Not Dead Enough (Micky Knight Mysteries Book 10) by [Redmann, J.M.]


A woman wants to find her missing sister. That should be easy for an experienced PI like Micky Knight. Until the woman—or someone who looks like her—ends up in the morgue. Micky finds herself in a tangled mess, not knowing who the real victim is, or how her name keeps coming up in places it shouldn’t. Like newly minted Realtor Karen Holloway’s house sale papers, as the contact for another missing buyer, one who looks a lot like Micky’s client. The same woman? The sister?

Micky has to uncover what the game is and who’s playing. Because the stakes are murder.  (Amazon)

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A Fatal Folly: A Provincetown Mystery (Sydney Riley Series Book 5) by [de Beauvoir, Jeannette]

Holly Folly is approaching, and Sydney Riley is feeling far from festive. She hasn’t heard from her boyfriend in weeks, a mysterious stranger has crashed into her beloved “little green car,” and, in a moment of temporary insanity, she’s invited her parents for the holidays. She’s convinced things could not possibly get worse—until she stumbles over a body at the lighting of the lobster pot Christmas tree.

As if this is not enough, when a gold coin and nameplate of a missing fishing boat are discovered, she’s asked to investigate the unsolved mystery of a murdered fisherman. While Provincetown is aglow with holiday lights and events, Sydney, Provincetown’s unofficial sleuth, is in the dark but determined to uncover the motive for both murders.  (Amazon)

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Murder and Meringue Cake (A Bite-sized Bakery Cozy Mystery Book 4) by [Point, Rosie A.]Birthday parties can be murder…

Ruby Holmes has never been a huge fan of birthdays, particularly not her own. But Bee, her partner in baking and best friend, has decided that she’s throwing Ruby a surprise party. It’s their last few weeks in Carmel Springs, Maine, and they’re going out with a bang.

When Ruby enters the darkened guesthouse, the last thing she expects is all her friends yelling ‘surprise!’ She’s delighted until the lights click on to reveal the dead body of Ruby’s sworn enemy lying in a pile of her birthday presents.

Can she solve the mystery of the birthday killer before she takes the fall for the crime?

Come along on another madcap baking adventure with Ruby and Bee. One-click read this story today.  (Amazon)

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Elves' Bells: An Eastwind Witches Paranormal Cozy Mystery (True & Bloom Book 2) by [Nelson, Nova]All the world’s a stage, and the witches and fairies merely… suspects.

When an elf falls to his death from Eastwind’s clock tower during a theater performance, a cryptic message on him points to Fifth Wind witch Ruby True as the main suspect.

With the help of Sheriff Bloom’s judgment and Clifford’s unbeatable nose, will they be able to sniff out the real culprit… before another Eastwinder dies?

* * * * *

Elves Bells is a paranormal cozy mystery in the True & Bloom series that takes place 30 years before the Eastwind Witches Cozy Mysteries.

If you like strong female friendships, gossipy small towns, and lighthearted humor, you will love Nova Nelson’s delightful tale!

Buy Elves’ Bellsto solve the mystery today!  (Amazon)

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Memories and Murder (A Tourist Trap Mystery Book 10) by [Cahoon, Lynn]It’s October in South Cove, California, and the locals in the quaint resort seem to be happily pairing off in the lull before the holidays. Everyone, that is, except for Jill Gardner’s elderly aunt, who just dumped her besotted fiancé—and she won’t say why.
When Jill hosts a talk at Coffee, Books, and More on the topic of elder abuse, all that’s really on her mind is lunch. But the topic hits close to home when she discovers Aunt Jackie has been getting mysterious calls. Jill’s certain the caller is a con artist, of course, but her feisty aunt claims to understand this, though she’s still shaken—and Harrold’s still heartbroken. Who’s behind the scam and why was her aunt targeted? When a volunteer from the Senior Project is found murdered, Jill’s detective boyfriend is on the case—and it soon becomes clear no one is safe when a caller from beyond becomes a killer in their midst.
Praise for The Tourist Trap Mysteries

“I love the author’s style, which was warm and friendly . . . [A] wonderfully appealing series.”
Dru’s Book Musings

“Light, fun, and kept me thoroughly engaged.”
The Young Folks  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook