New Releases For The Week Of November 24th, 2019–Part 3

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of November 24th, 2019. I am going to divide the list into 5 days because there are so very very many of them for the week. Today is the third day of my list for this week. Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.


A Murderous Tangle (Seaside Knitters Society Book 3) by [Goldenbaum, Sally]Birdie, Nell, Cass, and Izzy are prepping their coziest handiwork for a holiday gathering in Sea Harbor, Massachusetts. But as murder makes waves in their tightly knit coastal village, can the Seaside Knitters prevent a deadly trend from catching on?
While the Seaside Knitters get ready to showcase their new Danish-inspired event, locals can’t stop talking about Tess Bean—a bright-eyed environmental activist with a way of charming both animals and humans alike. Birdie’s granddaughter is mesmerized by ethereal Tess’s passion for saving the earth and ocean, and even Izzy’s old Irish setter becomes attached to the young woman’s gentle touch . . .

Except not everyone is a fan of Tess and her strong opinions, especially after she starts questioning the “clean” practices of small-business owners. So when a popular bar owner whom Tess publicly calls out for bad practices is found dead from a fall off his club’s deck, it’s not long before she tops the suspect list for murder . . .

In addition to a murderer walking their streets, the knitters are also grappling with an unusual wave of thefts up and down Harbor Road. Now, as Birdie’s granddaughter struggles to protect her mentor’s reputation, the Seaside Knitters must solve a dangerous mystery that not only threatens to unravel the fabric of their community and the approaching holiday, but also the lives of those they care about the most . . .  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback, Audiobook












Death Brings a Shadow (A Gilded Age Mystery Book 4) by [Simpson, Rosemary]

Investigators Prudence MacKenzie and ex-Pinkerton Geoffrey Hunter discover all that glitters is not gold in the Gilded Age, whether on the island of Manhattan or an island off the coast of Georgia …
In spring 1889, Prudence and Geoffrey set sail from New York Harbor on a private yacht bound for Bradford Island, where her friend Eleanor Dickson is to be wed. The Sea Islands along the Georgia coast serve as a winter playground for the likes of the Carnegies, Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, and Dicksons. Despite her Yankee pedigree, Eleanor is marrying a Southern gentleman, Teddy Bennett, and Prudence is thrilled to be the maid of honor.
But days before the wedding, the bride is nowhere to be found. A frantic search of the island turns up her drowned corpse in an alligator-infested swamp. Prudence is devastated, but as they prepare the body for burial, she and Geoffrey discover evidence of bruising that indicates Eleanor was held under—most dishonorably murdered.

Determined to seek justice for her beloved friend, Prudence begins to investigate with Geoffrey’s help and is quickly led into a morass of voodoo spells and dark deeds from the days of slavery. As Prudence and Geoffrey pursue a killer, they soon discover that Eleanor will not be the last to die on Bradford Island …  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover














Deadly Silence (Kylie Hatfield Series Book 5) by [Stone, Mary, Cross, Bella]Silence can kill…

Babies are going missing. Mothers are being killed. Because these women are poor and alone, no one seems to care.

Now that Kylie Hatfield’s dreams have come true—she’s married to Linc, the man of her dreams, and she’s a real PI with her own business—everything should be smooth sailing.

Just as she’s settling into married life and getting a foothold in the business, a pregnancy test and its little plus sign throws a wrench into her plans.

They were going to put a hold on kids, and for good reason. With ten puppies and a business that needs to turn a profit, this isn’t the time for the added pressure of a baby. Plus, Kylie’s work can be so dangerous.

But when a big case comes across Kylie’s desk, one she simply can’t turn her back on, Kylie has to decide what is most important to her. And just how far she’ll go to protect the things she holds dearest.

Deadly Silence, the fifth and final book in the captivating Kylie Hatfield Series, is a pulse pounding emotional roller coaster of a ride.

Scroll up to one-click your copy today!  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle












The Ghost and the Baby (Haunting Danielle Book 21) by [Holmes, Bobbi, McIntyre, Anna J.]


While the residents on Beach Drive prepare for the welcomed arrival of a new baby, they are blindsided by the newest resident’s plans to close down Marlow House.

No one is prepared for the deadly secrets the new neighbor unwittingly conceals.

Walt knows more than he realizes. If he can just remember.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook
















Christmas Calamity at the Vicarage - a Christmas novella (Churchill and Pemberley Series) by [Organ, Emily]Celebrate Christmas with Churchill and Pemberley! (and Oswald)

The event of Compton Poppleford’s festive season has arrived: the Vicarage Christmas Party. With sherry, mince pies and Christmas carols, the festivities are going well. But events take a turn when the choirmaster is found dead in the parlour. Which of the guests could possibly commit murder at Christmas time?

With everyone detained at the vicarage, elderly sleuths Churchill and Pemberley find themselves in all the wrong places at all the wrong times. Inspector Mappin is certain they’re his suspects and the vicar is convinced too. How can the two old ladies prove their innocence? With the net closing in, the detective duo must find the culprit to avoid spending Christmas in Compton Poppleford’s police cells.

Christmas Calamity at the Vicarage is a novella for fans of light-hearted mysteries and sharp-witted elderly sleuths.

Books in the main Churchill & Pemberley cozy mystery series:
Book 1: Tragedy at Piddleton Hotel
Book 2: Murder in Cold Mud
Book 3: Puzzle in Poppleford Wood  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle













WhCouture and Curses: A Touch of Magic Mystery (A Touch of Magic Mysteries Book 2) by [Garrett, Danielle]en sparks and curses fly, more than just high-profile weddings are thrown into danger.

Every wedding-planning witch worth her wand knows that the dress must be an Aurelia custom creation. The magical fashion designer to the who’s who of the Seattle Haven is in high demand with a waiting list that would make most wedding planner’s eyes water.

Luckily for her clients, witch wedding-planner extraordinaire Anastasia Winters has inside access to the famed fashion designer and a knack for making deals. However, on an after-hours errand to pick up a dress, Anastasia finds herself walking into a battleground. When the dust settles, Aurelia is locked in the grips of a powerful – and seemingly unbreakable – curse, and Anastasia is the only one who witnessed the vicious magical attack.

When she starts having visions and nightmares, she knows she has to act soon or risk losing her friend and haven fashion icon, forever.


Couture and Curses is the second novel in a new series of paranormal mysteries by Danielle Garrett. Step inside the magical world of the Seattle Haven and see what happens when the magic and wedding worlds collide! Packed full of laughs, magic, mystery, and a little romance, this series is sure to have something for everyone.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook













A Touch of Madness (Bree's Bakery Cozy Mystery Book 3) by [Lancaster, Jessica]

A man, claiming to be Bree’s husband arrives at the bakery, distraught and demanding to see his wife. But Bree was never married… or so she claimed, and now everything she said is being questioned.

Ten years ago, Bree had a different life altogether. Now past mistakes are coming back to haunt her, and they’re bringing out all the skeletons. She’s the talk of the village, and everyone wants to know what Bree did all those years ago.

Will Bree manage to help the mystery man? Or will he stay and cause chaos?

A cozy mystery short story that can be read in two hours. Served perfectly as a light read. Set in a sleepy village and featuring a bakery-owning amateur sleuth and her friends.

Written in British English. No cliffhanger, swearing, or gore.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle













Fallen Angels (A Mercy Allcutt Mystery, Book 3): Historical Cozy Mystery by [Duncan, Alice]Angelica Gospel Hall Member Murdered, Local P.I. Suspected in Fallen Angels, a Historical Cozy Mystery from Alice Duncan

–1926, Los Angeles, CA–

Mercy Allcutt has had exciting times as secretary to private investigator, Ernie Templeton. While it’s true she’s been in what she considers a wee bit of trouble–Ernie considers out-and-out danger–a time or two, she’s determined to continue learning the ways of the “real” world.

However, when she sets out to find her wandering boss, Ernie, one hot September afternoon, she not only discovers a corpse, she also finds Ernie, bound and gagged. Even worse, when the police arrive to investigate the crime, they peg Ernie as the killer.

Mercy isn’t about to let the police get away with that, no matter how many times Ernie tells her to butt out of the case. The only question is whether she’ll survive her investigatory efforts before she becomes one more “Fallen Angel.”

Publisher Note: Readers who enjoy cozy mysteries in historical settings are sure to appreciate the Mercy Allcutt series set in 1920s Los Angeles, California. No vulgarity or explicit sex for those who appreciate a clean and wholesome read.

Winner of:The 2012 NM/AZ book of the year award for mystery

“Mercy Allcutt is a delight.” ~Carola Dunn

The Mercy Allcutt Mystery Series
Lost Among the Angels
Angels Flight
Fallen Angels
Angels of Mercy
Thanksgiving Angels  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback, Audiobook













Invitation Only Murder (A Lucy Stone Mystery Book 26) by [Meier, Leslie]With family tensions intensifying in Tinker’s Cove, part-time reporter Lucy Stone could really use some time off the grid. But after she RSVPs to an unconventional celebration on remote Holiday Island, Lucy realizes that disconnecting from reality comes at a deadly price . . .
Lucy doesn’t know what to expect as she arrives on a private Maine island owned by eccentric billionaire Scott Newman, only that the exclusive experience should make for a very intriguing feature story. An avid environmentalist, Scott has stripped the isolated property of modern conveniences in favor of an extreme eco-friendly lifestyle. A trip to Holiday Island is like traveling back to the nineteenth Century, and it turns out other residents aren’t exactly enthusiastic about living without cell service and electricity . . .

Before Lucy can get the full scoop on Scott, she is horrified to find one of his daughters dead at the bottom of a seaside cliff. The young woman’s tragic end gets pinned as an accident, but a sinister plot unfolds when there’s a sudden disappearance . . .

Stuck on a clammy island with murder suspects aplenty, the simple life isn’t so idyllic after all. Now, Lucy must tap into the limited resources around her to outwit a cold-blooded killer—before it’s lights out for her next!  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle,, Hardcover, Paperback, Audiobook














Seasoned Italian-American Alberta Scaglione can whip up a traditional dish for any occasion. But when an impromptu vacation turns deadly, can she sift out the deadly ingredient?
When her granddaughter lands a reporting gig at the grand opening of the luxurious Icicle Lodge, Alberta and friends tag along for a week of much-needed R&R amid the snowcapped hills of northeastern Pennsylvania. But the idyllic winter getaway becomes a nightmare after the gang discovers blood on the ice—and the dead body of celebrity guest Pamela Gregory, a frosty Olympic gold medal figure skater who won herself more enemies than fans . . .

With a killer on the loose, multiple suspects, and a blizzard on the way, Alberta must now race to crack a bone-chilling case . . . before the outspoken Ferrara ladies get served murder: family style!

Includes Italian recipes from Alberta’s kitchen!
Praise for Murder on Memory Lake
“Griffo launches a series with something for everyone: eager young newshounds, well-seasoned sleuths, and a stash of Italian recipes (some gluten-free) to boot.”
Kirkus Reviews  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback













Huckleberries and Homicide: A Hillbilly Hexes Cozy Mystery (Hillbilly Hexes Cozy Mystery Series Book 2) by [Moses, Ellie] Haw, Y’all! Get hexed and happy with the hillbilly hijinks of Devil’s Elbow!

The Appalachian Baking Championship is under way in Louisville and Jolene’s Aunt Dixie is implicated in the murder of one of the judges.

Just so happens, the victim is Dixie’s long-time nemesis and threats are made the day before the judge keels over from tasting Aunt Dixie’s huckleberry pie. Joseph Mack, Dixie’s big brother and Jolene’s favorite uncle, makes an appearance while some supernatural folks make finding the real murderer anything but a cake walk.

Jolene will have to save her aunt from a wrongful conviction to take home the blue ribbon.

Set for a spell and have a heaping helping of hospitality and murder in this Appalachian flavored cozy mystery series starting with Huckleberries and Homicide.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle














Paw of the Jungle (A Paw Enforcement Novel Book 8) by [Kelly, Diane]Police officer Megan Luz and her K-9 partner in crime, Brigit, are on all fours as they try to solve their latest Lone Star mystery.

The weather is beautiful, work is slow, and her canine colleague could use a walk. What better day for Megan to take Brigit to the Fort Worth Zoo, where they can let loose and witness the law and order of nature unfold? But what begins as a fun field trip turns serious when a pair of rare hyacinth macaws named Fabiana and Fernando goes missing. Is the new custodian, a gentle soul who happens to be an ex-convict, to blame? Or is something far more sinister afoot?

The birds are worth thousands of dollars, and the list of people on the premises who might have stolen them is long. Soon other animals start disappearing. . .and Megan and Brigit have their hands and paws full of suspects. But when a rare black rhino is taken from the zoo, presumably for its black-market-friendly horn, time is of the essence. Can Megan and Brigit find out who’s behind the mystery—before they too become prey?

“Funny and acerbic… perfect for lovers of Janet Evanovich.” —Librarian and Reviewer  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook


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