New Releases For The Week Of December 8th, 2019–Part 3

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of December 8th, 2019. I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very many of them for the week. Today is the third day of my list for this week. Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.


Say Her Name (A Sid Rubin Silicon Alley Adventure) by [Deoul, Stefani]High-flying lesbionic brainiac Sid Rubin is caught up in the glow of new love—and the snowball fight of the century. Distraction in action, Sid forgets to duck and takes a full facial hit, launching her backward into Imani, who in turn slides down a hill, through a thicket, and amazingly, lands safely. Or so she thinks. Until she hears an ice crack and sees a fingertip rise through the small fissure.

Cue the scream.

Jimmy, Sid, Ari, and Vikram slip and slide their way to the rescue, somehow knowing that a chain of events has just been set in motion.

The finger becomes a hand, and then a body. It’s a young girl. And she’s not alone. There are seven more skeletons―unidentified and unclaimed. When Imani utters the words, “I want someone to say her name,” it’s time for the posse to round up and ride again―chasing a mystery across time, and states, and even continents. A genetic genealogy hunt that’s right up Sid’s Silicon Alley.

But there’s a glitch in the system, because Sid’s new girlfriend, Ava, has other plans. And Sid learns the hard way that before she can untangle someone else’s family tree, she will have to find her own roots.


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Duplicity: an edge of your seat crime mystery (The Manchester Murders Book 3) by [Murray, Pamela]A HEART-STOPPING CRIME THRILLER WITH A TWIST THAT YOU WON’T SEE COMING

Is the truth stranger than fiction? 

Newly retired Hannah Sanderson loves reading crime novels so when her favourite author, Jonas Burke, comes to town for a book signing, she wants to meet him. However, when she starts reading his latest novel, she finds that one of the crimes featured in it is too close to home.

When DS Sally Fielding discovers that her police officer father died as a result of being tasered, which caused his heart attack, she is shocked. But when Hannah Sanderson goes on to explain that his death is described in intricate detail in a novel she has recently read, Sally’s suspicions are raised, and she begins an investigation.

With a small team in place, Sally and her colleagues cross-reference all the descriptions of Burke’s fictitious crimes with cases in the police database.

Will DS Fielding be able to solve the mystery before anyone else gets hurt?

And is the truth really stranger than fiction?

Also available in The Manchester Murders Series:



Duplicity is the third book in Pamela Murray’s acclaimed Manchester Murder series. It can also be read as an unmissable stand-alone or as part of the series. If you are a fan of authors like Helen H. Durrant, Angela Marsons and J. R. Ellis then you will love this unmissable new crime thriller.  (Amazon)

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Wicked Little Lies: Molly (The Westport Mysteries) by [Prentice, Beth]Every family has their secrets, right? Those little white lies that hang like skeletons in the closet, no one ever wanting them to see the light of day…

Molly Fuller has pretty much everything she has ever wanted in life: A successful photography business, a cupboard full of Jimmy Choos, and a new man in her life who ticks all the boxes.

But when two pink lines show up on a drugstore pregnancy test and her new boyfriend Matt doesn’t respond the way she’d hoped, Molly’s life starts to spin out of her control. Especially when Matt vanishes into thin air, and Molly can’t find him anywhere.

Where has Matt gone? And why does Molly keep getting anonymous messages about Matt not being who she thought he was?

Determined to learn the truth, Molly decides to do everything in her power to track him down. But she learns everything is not what it seems. As secrets are uncovered and long-buried sins emerge—the person responsible will stop at nothing to keep it all hushed up.

Faced with fires, threats and more than one little lie, Molly and Matt must reunite and together face their fears to unravel the deceit. But will they be able to reveal the truth and get their happy ever after before it’s too late?

Or will those wicked little lies destroy it all?

Wicked Little Lies is the first book in Beth Prentice’s brand new light-hearted, romantic mystery trilogy. If you like crazy families, cozy reads, and a sweet romance, all tied together with a ribbon of danger, then you’ll love Wicked Little Lies.  (Amazon)

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Crossroad: A Novel by [Cameron, W. H.]On a desolate road in the Oregon high desert, an apprentice mortician stumbles upon a horrific car crash–and into a vortex of treachery, long-buried secrets, and growing menace.

Melisende Dulac is a fish out of water after relocating from the East Coast to a small community in the Oregon high desert. But just as she’s beginning to think of Barlow County as home, her life takes an ominous turn when she comes upon a grisly multiple car wreck and three shattered bodies on an isolated road outside of town. Near the scene, Melisende trips over a fourth body, that of a newborn girl lying a physics-defying distance from the wreckage. There is no one to claim the infant, nor a clear indication she was even part of the accident.

The crash offers plenty of opportunities for an apprentice mortician–but when the victims’ bodies are stolen from her family’s mortuary, Melisende is branded suspect number one. Then, Portland lawyer Kendrick Pride arrives on the scene on behalf of one of the victim’s families–or so he says–and Melisende begins to see that there’s much more to this enigmatic figure than meets the eye.

As the shadows gather and the mystery deepens, Melisende must race to find the truth–or be swallowed by the darkness.  (Amazon)

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Wings and Broken Things: Paranormal Cozy Mystery (Mitzy Moon Mysteries Book 3) by [Silvertale, Trixie]A crime with no eyewitness. A determined psychic sleuth. Will her search for clues take her where angels fear to tread?

Mitzy Moon is eager to test her expanding abilities. She’d love to look into the hit-and-run that struck down her favorite veterinarian while everyone was at the Yuletide Extravaganza. But before she can suss out a single tip, the advances of a charming green-eyed stranger offer a dangerous distraction…

Desperate to put her investigation back on track, she goes undercover at the high school and lands on the wrong side of the law by lunch. And her “get out of jail free” card comes with the help of her meddling Grams, an interfering feline, and her alchemically inclined attorney. But when a curse puts her powers on the fritz, she may not be able to save everyone…

Can Mitzy juggle dating and sleuthing, or will a hex knock off more than her halo?

Wings and Broken Things is the third book in the hilarious paranormal cozy mystery series, Mitzy Moon Mysteries. If you like snarky heroines, supernatural misfits, and a dash of romance, then you’ll love Trixie Silvertale’s twisty whodunits.

Buy Wings and Broken Things to solve a merciful holiday mystery today!  (Amazon)

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A Drop in the Potion (The Happy Blendings Witch Cozy Mystery Series Book 3) by [Barker, Constance]What’s with the snow in the deep south? Every morning Sam, earth witch, wakes up to a fresh blanket of snow. Does the new water witch have a thing for the white stuff? Sam doesn’t have time to ponder as the new owner of Windemere Manor has invited half the town to a welcoming party at the mansion itself. But could there still be black magic left at the Manor. Mara, wind witch, has already had her bout with black magic. She doesn’t want to go through that again.

However, someone isn’t going to make it out of the party alive. Is it the lingering black magic or something even worse? Now the town’s rumor mill is ramping up. Could the murder be caused by something supernatural? It wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities. There’s also a revelation in store for the twin detectives. And will David ever come up with a smoothie that’s drinkable?

***Find out in the third book in the Happy Blendings Cozy Witch Mystery Series***  (Amazon)

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Hot Dog Horrors: A Felicia's Food Truck One Hour Mystery (Felicia's Food Truck One Hour Cozies Book 4) by [Kinsey, Celia]A quirky culinary cozy to be read in one or two sittings.

When bizarre objects start showing up in the hotdogs and chili fries Felicia is serving her customers, she wonders if someone is trying to get her food truck shut down. But when the same thing starts happening at other local eateries, Felicia vows to find out who’s behind it all before somebody gets seriously injured.

The Felicia’s Foodtruck One Hour Cozies:
Fit to be French Fried
Hamburger Heist
Pizza Pie Puzzler
Hot Dog Horrors
Complete Series Box Set (four short mysteries in one)  (Amazon)

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Dead On Your Feet (Stan Kraychik Mystery Book 3) by [Michaels, Grant]A Stan Kraychik Mystery, Book 3 — Spring is in the air and Stan has been with his boyfriend, ballet dancer and choreographer, Rafik, for a year. Alas, jealousy rears its ugly head and Stan storms out of a dinner party given by the director of the ballet company. After crying himself to sleep, he is woken in the morning by Rafik’s phone call. Stani, there is great trouble. Max Harkey is dead.

Suspects abound. Two young ballet dancers, dating each other but both in love with a third unattainable person. The mistress of the company, whose niece was about to be the lead in Max’ next production before she fell and broke her hip. The houseboy who sends Stan’s sexual yearnings into a whole new direction. The financial backer who spends too much time at the ballet studio. Jason Sears the pianist, last seen near the original priceless music score. Toni di Natale, conductor who hangs all over Rafik whenever she is near him. And Stan’s lover, Rafik, who found the body.

Even Stan’s nemesis, the gorgeous straight cop, Lieutenant Vito Branco, wants Stan to solve this mystery. Can he do it and stay alive?

A Lambda Literary Awards Finalist in 1994, this new edition includes a 2019 foreword by Charles Michelson.  (Amazon)

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Death in the Afternoon (A Freya Hemingway Mystery Book 1) by [Mallory, Ava]Welcome to Whiting, Indiana, an idyllic lakeside town, where Pierogis are king, family and friendships are everything, and mischief and mayhem are a way of life.

Meet Freya Hemingway, forensic anthropology student by day, professional part-time employee by night, and full-time ornery grandfather whisperer.

When the annual Pierogi Fest rolls into town, business is good for everyone, but things at the Mason Jar, Freya’s second part-time job, take a deadly turn. The newly crowned Pierogi King is dead in the cooler and Freya is the only one with the keys.
With one-hundred thousand Babushka-loving revelers, news crews from around the globe, thousands of food bloggers, and a few hundred Polish beer fans roaming the streets, the Whiting P.D. is overwhelmed.

Can Freya get the suspicion off her and find the killer before he or she leaves town?

Death in the Afternoon introduces a brand-new cozy mystery series, featuring characters first seen in her Mercy Mares Mystery Series. If you’re a fan of laugh-out-loud funny ladies, small-town charm, lakeside views, great food and drinks, true crime podcasts, and a sprinkling of murder and mayhem, you’ll fall in love with Freya and friends.  (Amazon)

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Pawsitively Secretive (A Witch of Edgehill Mystery Book 3) by [Jackson, Melissa Erin]Not all secrets are meant to be kept.

After two stressful months, Amber Blackwood is determined to have a few weeks of peace before the Here and Meow Festival descends on her small town of Edgehill, Oregon. That peace doesn’t last long; when she and the committee attend a meeting at the mayor’s house, Amber is pulled aside by the mayor’s daughter, Chloe, who Amber babysat for in high school. The mayor has forbidden Chloe from dating, but she recently met an older boy through a chat app and is desperate to meet him. Amber advises Chloe to tell her father about the boy.

Hours later, Mayor Deidrick frantically puts in a call to Amber: Chloe, the always well-behaved teenager, seems to have snuck out her bedroom window—and now she’s not answering his calls. When Amber helps search the town for the girl, she happens upon Chloe’s abandoned car. Her driver’s side door is open, and while her purse is inside, her phone is gone.

Working alongside Chief Brown, Amber uses her magic to figure out what might have happened to Chloe. The more they dig, the more they unearth secrets from the seemingly affable mayor’s past. The charismatic politician has both a hair-trigger temper and a suspicious death linked to his past.

As if the mayor’s increasingly strange behavior isn’t bad enough, Amber and the chief also contend with an out-of-town private investigator, nosy reporter Connor Declan, and an even nosier population of Edgehill residents who start to question why Amber and the chief are spending so much time together. Undaunted by these obstacles, Amber races against the clock to help ensure Chloe doesn’t become another statistic—assuming the mayor doesn’t stop her first.  (Amazon)

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A Rocky Divorce: A Rocky Series of Mysteries: Book One (A Rocky Champagnolle Mystery 1) by [Coleman, Matt]Raquel “Rocky” Champagnolle is an antisocialite. Swift-thinking. Stiff-drinking. Quick with a joke between Cape Cods, but would rather get lost in a book than a nightclub. Nevertheless, when divorce leaves her stripped bare of everything except wit and a winning smile, Rocky does the unthinkable. She joins the Junior League of Texarkana.

Brimming with blondes, the Junior League affords Rocky the opportunity to sip cocktails and make fun of wealthy people. She even starts to eyeroll her way into a little philanthropy until Junior League matriarch Waverly St. Laurent insults Rocky’s weight. After that, Rocky refuses to put her skills to use solving a string of home invasions plaguing Texarkana’s wealthiest benefactors. Instead, she channels her contempt into spurning the usual Junior League fundraising efforts in favor of transforming a pack of soccer moms into drug dealers.

But then Waverly St. Laurent mistakes her husband for the home invader and shoots him dead. And Rocky finds all the inspiration she needs to awaken her greatest talent. Not solving mysteries. Spite. When Rocky’s finished, Waverly St. Laurent may find herself guilty of killing her husband to cover up a string of decades-old murders. In addition to her greatest crime: fat shaming Rocky Champagnolle.  (Amazon)

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Old Friends and New, Another Murder (Sheridan Hendley Mystery Book 3) by [Nardi, Christa]


A touch of nostalgia, a murder, and good friends.
When a former colleague is implicated in his neighbor’s demise, Sheridan Hendley returns to Cold Creek to prove his innocence. Annoying as Max can be, she can’t imagine the quirky professor is capable of murder. Unfortunately, not everyone shares her opinion. Of course, it doesn’t help that Max threatened his neighbor in a public place soon before the man was murdered. Or that the victim’s drug shipments had a habit of turning up on Max’s doorstep.  (Amazon)

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Claus for Celebration: A Holiday Cozy Mystery (Annabelle Archer Wedding Planner Mystery Book 15) by [Durham, Laura]Wedding disasters are one thing. A missing Santa (who is presumed dead) is quite another.

This is no normal holiday season for DC’s top wedding planners. Not only is the weather too warm for their winter wonderland wedding, but their neighborhood’s singing Santa, Kris Kringle Jingle, is missing. On top of that, Annabelle’s engagement party is looming, and someone seems to be sabotaging their wedding plans. Can the Wedding Belles and their colorful crew find Santa, save the wedding, and stop the person who’s trying to make their lives a holly, jolly catastrophe?

Claus for Celebration is the 15th standalone book in the hilarious Annabelle Archer Wedding Planner Mystery series. If you like larger-than-life characters, madcap capers, and an insider’s look at glamorous society weddings, then you’ll love Laura Durham’s award-winning cozy mystery series.

Buy now to cozy up to this funny, festive holiday mystery today!  (Amazon)

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