New Releases For The Week Of December 15th, 2019–Part 1

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of December 15th, 2019. I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very many of them for the week. Today is the first day of my list for this week. Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.


Witchy Secrets (Witches of Shadow Lane Paranormal Cozy Mystery Book 3) by [Bane, Misty]All Shay Graves is worried about is helping her daughter, Ember, prep for her starring role in the upcoming musical at the local community theater.
All Alvin Graves is worried about is passing his continuing education course at Mystic Key University.
But when Shay’s father falls ill, she agrees – albeit begrudgingly – to attend on his behalf and take copious notes. It’s only an hour out of her day, after all. What could possibly go wrong?
As luck would have it, it just so happens to be the day all spell breaks loose on campus.
Now, Shay is left shaken and an unexplainable rash of suicides has the town in a tizzy. Even more troubling, the spirits have descended on Shadow Lane and they are adamant that foul play is involved. What’s worse, they aren’t going anywhere until they find out what – or who – is responsible.
But with a mystery more convoluted and a killer more subtle than any she’s faced before, Shay will have to think fast before someone close to her becomes the next victim.

If you like humorous paranormal cozy mysteries full of magic, misfits, and mayhem, then journey into Mystic Key and meet the Witches of Shadow Lane.

Witchy Secrets (Witches of Shadow Lane Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series, Book 3) is a full-length humorous paranormal cozy mystery novel.

Witches of Shadow Lane series:
Witchy Business, Book 1
Witchy Orders, Book 2
Witchy Secrets, Book, 3

Blackwood Bay Witches cozy mystery series:
Haunted and Hexed, Book 1
Bad Magic and the Big Top, Book 2
Phantoms in High Fidelity, Book 3
Broomsticks and Bones, Book 4
Payback’s a Witch, Book 5
On a Witch and a Spell, short story
One Spell of a Time, short story  (Amazon)

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17.5 CARTRIDGES IN A PEAR TREE: A Maizie Albright Star Detective "Between Cases" Holiday Caper by [Reinhart, Larissa]RING IN ANOTHER YEAR WITH THE “FRESH, FUNNY, AND FIESTY STAR DETECTIVE”
Raiders of the Lost Ark meets The Maltese Falcon in this Maizie Albright Star Detective New Year’s Eve action & adventure-styled, humorous, romantic crime caper from Wall Street Journal bestselling author Larissa Reinhart.

“The mystery and detective cases drive the story, but Larissa Reinhart’s characters steal the show every time.” — The Girl with Book Lungs

This New Year’s Eve, Maizie Albright’s happy to leave aside her Hollywood alde lang syne for the sake of a new life with family and friends in Black Pine, Georgia. There are so many reasons to celebrate.
A new home with her father’s family
Her new career as an assistant private investigator to hunky Wyatt Nash.
A new love life with hunky Wyatt Nash…

However, a new career and home mean responsibilities. Like getting called in on a case on New Year’s Eve day. And babysitting Remi, her half-sister (and possibly half-Tasmanian devil) while her dad’s out of town. What’s a private investigator in training to do?
Make New Year’s Eve day “take your sister to work day.”

But when a woman arrives at Nash Security Solutions, asking about an old movie prop Maizie had given to her father, her New Year’s Eve gets crazier than Times Square at midnight. Before champagne toasts and the Big Peach drops, Maizie has twelve hours to reprise her most detested role to protect her family from old acquaintances best forgot and never brought to mind. Will these ruthless villains pop Maizie’s cork before the clock strikes twelve? Or worse yet, drop the ball on her sister?

For a fun and wacky holiday adventure, catch up with Maizie and Nash and download 17.5 Cartridges today! 

Maizie Albright Star Detective Series


  • 15 MINUTES
  • NC-17
  • 18 CALIBER (2020)

Other series by Larissa Reinhart:


  • A Cherry Tucker Mystery series
  • Finley Goodhart Crime Capers   (Amazon)

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Savannah Justice: Vigilantes for Justice Book Three by [Chaput, Alan]



At the urging of a close friend, amateur sleuth Patricia Falcon investigates a massive, fast growing private investment plan and discovers serious irregularities that could shake the financial foundations of many of her friends and most of Savannah’s major institutions. When things take a stunning turn, Patricia finds herself in the midst of something much more serious, and she may well be the prime suspect.  (Amazon)

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The Twain Does Meet: A Jolie and Scoobie Novella (Jolie Gentil Cozy Mystery Series Book 0) by [Orr, Elaine L]“The Twain Does Meet” is a between-the-numbers book in the Jolie Gentil series, and while there are joys and problems to discover it’s not a traditional cozy mystery. In book 10 (The Unexpected Resolution) Jolie solves a murder, she and Scoobie get married, and they gain a new family member–Scoobie’s much-younger half-brother. Book 11 (Underground in Ocean Alley) takes place a few years later, and mystery solving is accompanied by their three-year old twins.

I promised readers they would have the story of the twins’ birth an anything-but-calm event — but it didn’t seem right to mix it with a murder. So, we have a nearly 33,000 word novella that features laughs and angst with the Ocean Alley crew and more than a few surprises. A fun read with familiar characters.

Jolie and Scoobie have added 11-year-old Terry to the family mix. A pregnant Jolie is appraising houses preceded by what she calls her beach ball, and Scoobie’s learned the hospital where he works may be cutting staff. Just as they are about to buy a bigger house.

But something’s off at Ocean Alley Middle School. Terry’s classmate, Eddie, accuses him of taking some cash from their shared locker, and Jolie tries to heed Scoobie’s advice that Terry be allowed to handle some things himself. For Ms. “I need to solve that,” it’s a challenge. Plus, she’s picking up signals that there might be problems in Eddie’s home. Can she wak the difficult path between helping and meddling?

Jolie tries to balance running the Harvest for All Food Pantry, her work, helping Terry feel at home in Ocean Alley, worrying about Scoobie losing his job, and planning to be a mom. That’s supposed to be a fun time, right? And lots of people have advice. Oh, joy.

Join Jolie, Scoobie, and their extended family and friends for a heartwarming time.  (Amazon)

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A Death at Dinner: Good food, good wine, bad company... (A Mary Blake Mystery Book 2) by [Barnett, A.G.]

When Mary Blake is called to help an old acquaintance who’s being blackmailed, the last thing she expected was to find herself in the midst of a murder investigation… again.

However, within 24 hours of her taking on the case there is a suspicious death and the staff of the Rudolph Hotel are thrown into chaos before their big Christmas event.

With the police unconvinced of foul play, Mary throws herself into the case along with her assistant Dot and her brother Pea, attempting to track down the killer and prove themselves for the new career they have planned.  (Amazon)

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A Familiar Sense of Dead (Farm to Fable Paranormal Cozy Mysteries Book 2) by [Wilder, E.L.]


Hazel Bennett came home to the farm expecting peace and relaxation. Looking to find herself. But in the short time she’s been home, she’d found anything but. Life on the farm, it turns out is hard work. Maybe not the same kind of work as endless filming schedules and press blitzes. But between weathering a nagging mother, dealing with the awkwardness of having her childhood boyfriend living just across the field, and struggling to connect with her familiar-to-be, she has her hands full.
Things only get worse when the same man ends up murdered twice—once in a few miles from Bennett Farms and again on the other side the Postern.  (Amazon)

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Trouble in Santa Fe (Will Travel for Trouble Book 16) by [Crockwell, Minnie]Book 16 in the Will Travel for Trouble series of cozy mysteries. Minnie and Ben are back for more murder and mayhem!

Minnie Crockwell, recreational vehicle enthusiast and traveler, and her ghost companion, Ben, overnight in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Stubbing her toe in the cramped trailer for what she swears is the absolute last time, she delays their departure and heads off to the nearest RV dealership determined to find something roomier, or at least less dangerous to the health of her feet!

But death seems to follow Minnie and Ben everywhere they go, even RV shopping. How does a woman choose an RV when one of the upgrades is a dead body?

Minnie puts shopping on hold as she focuses on discovering the truth about the Trouble in Santa Fe.

Each story in the series can stand alone, but to avoid extensive repetition of the backstory, the books would be best read in order.

Book 1 – Trouble at Happy Trails
Book 2 – Trouble at Sunny Lake
Book 3 – Trouble at Glacier
Book 4 – Trouble at Hungry Lake
Book 5 – Trouble at Snake and Clearwater
Book 6 – Trouble in Florence
Book 7 – Trouble in Tombstone Town
Book 8 – Trouble in Cochise Stronghold
Book 9 – Trouble in Orange Beach
Book 10 – Trouble at Pelican Penthouse
Book 11 – Trouble at Island Castle
Book 12 – Trouble at Yellowstone
Book 13 – Trouble at Devils Tower
Book 14 – Trouble in El Paso
Book 15 – Trouble in Diablo Canyon
Book 16 – Trouble in Santa Fe  (Amazon)

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A Witch Too Dead (Crystal Springs Cozy Witch Mystery Book 4) by [Lester, Paula, Harmon, M.E.]Dead Witch Walking . . .

Someone or something is leaving gruesome death markers for the citizens of Crystal Springs.

It’s the curse, the townspeople whisper. And to Cascade Lorne, brand new witch at fifty, it sounds ridiculous. Until two days before the opening of her business, when she stumbles across a corpse wearing her face.

The message is clear. She and other people in town have been marked for death—and payment will come due on All Hallows Eve.

Has Crystal Springs’ troubled past unleashed a ghoul with a homicidal bag of tricks no one will be able to escape?

Cas decides she’s the best woman to set things right. But will she scare up the truth in time or end up a dead witch walking?  (Amazon)

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Death by Donation (Honey Pot Mystery Book 4) by [Hualde, Sarah]How far would you go for family?

Honey Pot celebrates when a long lost brother is found until the party is cut short. Tragedy turns a happy reunion into a tearful goodbye. When the facts just don’t add up, Lydia goes from supporting a traumatized family to hunting a possible killer. With a stranger lurking in the shadows the mystery is harder to unravel than it appears.

Can she track down the clues and solve the mystery with only Ivy and Flora to assist? Or will she leave the grieving to fend for themselves? Find out today. Read Death by Donation and get cozy with a good mystery.

Honey Pot Mystery Series:
#1 Missing on Main Street
#2 Lethal in Lavender
#3 Farmers Market Fatality
#4 Death by Donation
#5 (releasing in 2020)

Lydia, Kat, Flora, and Ivy track down clues and get into trouble in this small town mystery series. Come join them and say hello to your new best friends.  (Amazon)

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Murderous Ties: A Riverbrook Geeky Cozy Mystery (The Riverbrook Geeky Cozy Mysteries Book 2) by [Popescu, Alina]Dead bodies, family secrets, and small-town winter holidays.

Christmas in Riverbrook is never boring!

Artist Jayden Carmichael never intended to stay in Riverbrook too long. Spending the winter holidays in small-town hell with her judgmental father breathing down her neck was never part of her plan. Nor did she intend to resort to sleuthing again to prove her parents aren’t actually vicious murderers.

With heavy snows just around the corner and everyone going away on holiday, finding out who killed one of the town’s sweethearts decades ago is going to be far from easy. Even if the gorgeous and always too easy-going Sheriff Zach Thornton is on the case.

As Jayden unveils more secrets buried in her family’s past, she grows more determined to get to the bottom of this investigation. It’s easier than figuring out what she wants to do with the rest of her life.

Murderous Ties is the second book in the Riverbrook Geeky Cozy Mysteries series. Return to Riverbrook to experience the most wonderful time of the year with a quirky, artsy protagonists, family drama, and an intriguing whodunit.

Get your copy today to see what other mysteries are in store for Jayden this Christmas.  (Amazon)

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Merriment & Murder (Copper Cove Book 2) by [St. James, Jenna]A B&B Grand Opening Party…

A Dead Body…

Tons of Suspects…

When Brynn and her best friends, Peyton and Raven, stumble over a dead body at her aunt’s grand opening party for the B&B, they already have plenty of suspects in mind. But when Chief Baedie threatens to shut down Aunt Aggie’s B&B before it even opens on Christmas Eve, the girls, along with Jinx the cat, decide to solve the case on their own. Using the skills they acquired on their last case, they set out on a whirlwind adventure trying to piece together the one clue they found. Can the girls solve the case before Christmas Eve? Or will Aunt Aggie be singing the blues her first Christmas back in Copper Cove?

I co-write this series with my stepdaughter, Maddy. If you like Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, please give our young adult series a try.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle