New Releases For The Week of January 26th, 2020–Part 4

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of January 26th, 2020. I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very many of them for the week. Today is the fourth and final day of my list for this week. Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.



Mudflaps and Murder: A Southern Witch Cozy Mystery (Witches of Keyhole Lake Mysteries Book 11) by [Maher, Tegan]

With her little sister off to college and her powers all over the map, Noelle’s struggling to find her footing. When her friends decide to treat her to a relaxing, fun-filled weekend of camping, truck pulls, and grilled food, she’s all in.
Just when it appears as if her friend Sarah has the mud bogging contest buttoned down, her main competitor turns up dead right after accusing Sarah of cheating.
With Sarah accused of murder, a magical object demanding her attention, and her friends leaning on her to move her relationship forward, Noelle’s gonna need a vacation from her vacation – IF she can survive with her sanity intact.

This is the 11th paranormal cozy mystery in the Witches of Keyhole Lake series.  (Amazon)

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Death in Dubrovnik (Starling and Swift Book 9) by [Hathaway, Mary Jane]You know nothing, Kitty Swift.

When a fellow tour guide is forced to drop out, Kitty and Chica are drafted to lead a fancy cosplay cruise to the ancient city of Dubrovnik. Despite a week of binge-watching, Kitty struggles to keep straight all the kings, queens, traitors, dragons and dire wolves. Add in the way some members never step out of character and Kitty is feeling more lost by the hour. By the time the luxury liner docks in King’s Landing, Kitty decides to call her fiancé for help.

Love, war, loyalty, betrayal…murder.

But when a tour member is found dead, Kitty wonders if their fun little cosplay cruise has taken a gruesome turn. Has someone has been patiently―so patiently― waiting for the chance to take revenge? Kitty, Chica, and Leander race to catch the killer before anyone else meets the same fate!
A full clean cozy mystery at 250 pages. Includes recipes.

Book One, Murder at the Mayan Temple, is always free here!
Don’t miss the second book, Death on the Wind! Who needs enemies when you’ve got friends like these?
Book Three, Danger at the Dive Shop is a deep sea game of cat and mouse.
If you’re like Kitty and have always wanted to explore Old Town Havana, don’t miss the Fourth Book, Chaos in Cuba.
Book Five, Sabotage on Solitude Bay, is a special edition Christmas mystery set at Leander’s family home in the Florida Keys.
Book Six takes you on a Catalán adventure that ends in a shocking twist: A Scandal in Spain.
Prepare for an ice cold killer in Book Seven, Nightmare Under the Northern Lights.
Big changes―and mortal danger―are in store for Starling and Swift in Book Eight, Terror at the Turtle Sanctuary
A literary cosplay turns deadly in Book Nine, Death in Dubrovnik!

Mary Jane Hathaway lives with her husband and six homeschooled children in a small Oregon town. This is her first cozy mystery series. Contrary to popular belief, the best part of writing a mystery is not thinking up gruesome ways to murder people― but if you irritate an author, don’t be surprised if you find yourself with a ceremonial knife in your literary heart. You can avoid this fate by delivering coffee, chocolate, and raspberry sorbet.  (Amazon)

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Mortal Music (Silver Rush Mysteries Book 7) by [Parker, Ann]In this new adventure in the award-winning Silver Rush mystery series, pianist Inez Stannert must track down a murderer before he silences a famous vocalist—forever…

All Inez Stannert wants for Christmas is for the struggling music store she owns in San Francisco to be a success. When diva Theia Carrington Drake asks Inez to be her accompanist for several high-profile personal appearances, Inez is thrilled. This is the chance she was waiting for—a way to make some extra money and bring her store into the limelight of the city’s polite society to enhance her business.

But things are far from pitch perfect. An unknown threat is stalking Theia; her pet bird is found slain, and her signature gown is destroyed. Soon, Inez realizes that a murderer is stalking the city’s opera halls, and that it’s only a matter of time before Theia is his next victim. She’ll have to enlist the help of private investigator Wolter Roeland de Bruijn and uncover the killer before Theia’s celebrated voice is silenced—permanently.

Other Titles in the Silver Rush Mysteries Series:
Silver Lies
Iron Ties
Leaden Skies
What Gold Buys
A Dying Note  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback












CatNip & Cadavers (Psychic Cat Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series Book 3) by [Kuhl, Lucia]He’s a Talking Psychic Cat
….He’s a hard-nosed only believes what he can see fundamentalist kind of guy.

She’s been kidnaped.

Pampered, arrogant, flamboyant cat and nothing-fancy cop need each other. Can’t stand each other. War against each other. And race to find the truth while a cast of crazy characters struggle to keep them from killing one another.

Can cat and cop overcome their prejudices before it’s too late or will the ghosts of the past replace flowers with weeds?

This Paranormal Cozy Mystery will keep you guessing until the last page.

Get it now.  (Amazon)

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Drama Faerie: A Nicky and Noah Mystery (Nicky and Noah Mysteries Book 9) by [Cosentino, Joe]

It’s summer at Treemeadow College’s new Globe Theatre, where theatre professor Nicky Abbondanza is directing a musical production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream co-starring his spouse, theatre professor Noah Oliver, their son Taavi, and their best friend and department head, Martin Anderson. With an all-male, skimpily dressed cast and a love potion gone wild, romance is in the starry night air. When hunky students and faculty in the production drop faster than their tunics and tights, Nicky and Noah will need to use their drama skills to figure out who is taking swordplay to the extreme before Nicky and Noah end up foiled in the forest. You will be applauding and shouting Bravo for Joe Cosentino’s fast-paced, side-splittingly funny, edge-of-your-seat entertaining ninth novel in this delightful series. Take your seats. The curtain is going up on star-crossed young lovers, a faerie queen, an ass who is a great Bottom, and murder!  (Amazon)

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Death Comes to the Nursery (A Kurland St. Mary Mystery Book 7) by [Lloyd, Catherine]Delighted by the quiet uproar of raising their newborn, Lady Lucy and Major Sir Robert Kurland could not be more pleased at the prospect of welcoming another into their home. But their preparations are soon overshadowed by a baffling case of murder . . .

Once known to all in her village as the rector’s daughter, Lucy is now a mother herself—to a wonderful eighteen-month-old son, Ned. Upon discovering that she is expecting a second child, Lucy and Robert are delighted. In anticipation of the new arrival, Lucy is set on expanding her nursery staff. When Agnes, her current nurse, recommends her cousin, it seems like the perfect solution.

But trouble arrives along with the new nursery maid from London. Polly’s flirtations provoke fisticuffs in the servants’ hall and tumult in the village tavern, and on her afternoon off, she fails to return to the Kurland Estate. When a farmer finds her lifeless body in a drainage ditch, Lucy and Robert fear foul play.

To their consternation, they learn their new nursery maid was not who they thought. As Lucy’s sister Anna leaves the rectory and moves in to watch over Ned, the couple’s search for the truth leads them to the London theater world, where aristocrats purchase their mistresses, and into danger. But the real threat strikes all too close to home . . .  (Amazon)

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Murder Bites (Country Cottage Mysteries Book 5) by [Moore, Addison, Bloom, Bellamy]An innkeeper who reads minds. An ornery detective. And a trail of bodies. Cider Cove is the premiere destination for murder.

My name is Bizzy Baker, and I can read minds—not every mind, not every time but most of the time and believe me when I say it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

Valentine’s Day is coming right up and the Country Cottage Inn is playing host to a bevy of romantic shenanigans. The very first love-inspired event on the agenda is a night for singles to mingle. But that mass blind date with cupid goes horribly awry when one of the hosts ends up dead as a heart-shaped doornail. It certainly doesn’t make things better when I’m found holding the murder weapon—because as any good homicide detective knows, that puts me right at the top of the suspect list.

The Country Cottage Inn is known for its hospitality. Leaving can be murder.
Bizzy Baker runs the Country Cottage Inn, has the ability to pry into the darkest recesses of both the human and animal mind, and has just stumbled upon a body. With the help of her kitten, Fish, a mutt named Sherlock Bones and an ornery yet dangerously good looking homicide detective, Bizzy is determined to find the killer.

A laugh out loud cozy mystery by New York Times Bestseller Addison Moore and her partner in cozy crime, USA TODAY Bestseller Bellamy Bloom.

Cider Cove, Maine is the premiere destination for fun and relaxation. But when a body turns up, it’s the premiere destination for murder.  (Amazon)

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Death of a Bean Counter (A Maggy Thorsen Mystery Book 12) by [Balzo, Sandra]Trouble is brewing for coffeehouse owner Maggy Thorsen when her barista’s wealthy beau is murdered.

Maggy Thorsen’s head is spinning thanks to partner Sarah Kingston’s latest idea – selling luxe espresso machines in their Wisconsin coffeehouse, Uncommon Grounds. But Maggy soon faces a far bigger problem when her fiancé, sheriff Jake Pavlik, makes an official call on the coffeehouse’s star barista, Amy Caprese.

Amy’s wealthy new beau, investment adviser Kip Fargo, has been shot dead in his bed – and Amy is the last known person to see him alive. Kip had just proposed to Amy, but she turned him down, triggering a terrible argument and making Amy the prime suspect. Determined to prove her barista’s innocence, Maggy soon makes a number of disturbing discoveries. Can she untangle lies, jealousy and Kip’s shady dealings in time to avert the disaster that’s brewing?  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover














Lipstick and Lies (Murder In Style Book 2) by [LaManna, Gina]

Jenna McGovern is dressed to kill for Blueberry Lake’s annual firefighter charity auction. But when she finds her attractive fireman neighbor, Matt Bridges, standing over the body of a local hair stylist—and his ex-girlfriend—it’s not exactly the romantic ambiance Jenna had in mind.

While the handsome chief of police, Cooper Dear, sets out to investigate Matt, Jenna finds herself sucked into another murder case in which an innocent man seems to have been framed. Cooper isn’t especially thrilled when Jenna takes Matt’s side, and he’s even less thrilled when it appears the murderer has turned his or her sights on Jenna.

Unfortunately, Jenna’s in far too deep to back out. She’s got a new car, freshly waxed eyebrows, and a manicure that can be seen from space… but if Jenna doesn’t stop the murderer before it’s too late, she’ll be picking out clothes for her very own funeral.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Audiobook














Dusted Discoveries (The Donut Mysteries Book 45) by [Beck, Jessica]



Donut Mystery #45, Dusted Discoveries!

From Jessica Beck, New York Times Bestselling Author of the Donut Mysteries, the Cast Iron Cooking Mysteries, the Classic Diner Mysteries, the Ghost Cat Mysteries, and more!

When former Chief of Police Phillip Martin finds a clue to a missing treasure while researching a cold case, he, Momma, Jake, and Suzanne go off in search of a valuable relic missing since the Civil War. The only problem is that they aren’t the only ones looking for the prize, and when word gets out that they are on the hunt as well, things turn ugly, and fast!  (Amazon)

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A Tisket A Tasket Who's in the Casket: A Small Town Cozy Mystery (Katie Chance Cozy Mystery Series Book 3) by [Bolton, Poppy, Bolton, Karice]Katie Chance’s pet detective agency is bustling with new cases, and she finally feels like she belongs in her hometown of Apple Grove.

But when a pup turns up at the agency’s doorsteps with a note attached, she begins to wonder if the message is being sent to her. And it seems someone wants her out of this town!

Katie is determined to find the pup’s owner and confront the person, but Katie never expects to find him six feet under.

It isn’t until she starts investigating the man’s death that she realizes something far more sinister is invading her beloved Apple Grove, and she’s determined to stop it before anyone else winds up dead.  (Amazon)

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Scimitar (A Kate Redman Mystery: Book 12): The Kate Redman Mysteries by [Grace, Celina]A terrorist atrocity rips through London the day before the body of a young Asian man is found in the grounds of a stately home, near the West Country town of Abbeyford. DI Kate Redman and her team take on the case, but are hampered by a lack of identification on the body, not to mention the odd location of the crime scene.

Eventually, they identify the young man as a certain Ibrahim Bashir, but this only leads to more confusion – because it seems that Ibrahim Bashir died fifty years ago…

Scimitar is the twelfth in the Kate Redman Mysteries series, by USA Today bestselling author Celina Grace.

Praise for the Kate Redman Mysteries, from Amazon and Goodreads reviewers:

“One of the best I have read this year. I read about a fourth of the book early in the day, then at bedtime, I thought I would read a bit more before sleep. I finished the book at 5:20 AM. Just could not put it down.”

“At last, a mystery that delivers…I found this novel superb because I got all I needed to know and none of what I didn’t.”

“…a gripping detective story but the main character engages you, and as well as wanting to know how the mystery turns out you want to learn more about her too.”

“…amazing book, read it front to back in one visit, couldn`t help myself…”   (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle











Claw Enforcement (Second Chance Cat Mystery Book 7) by [Ryan, Sofie]Sarah Grayson and her feline ally, Elvis, are hot on the tail of a crafty killer in the newest installment of the New York Times bestselling Second Chance Cat mysteries.

Sarah Grayson owns a delightful secondhand shop in the small town of North Harbor, Maine, where she and her rescue cat, Elvis, are always finding themselves up to their whiskers in trouble. With the help of a quirky group of senior citizens—who call themselves Charlotte’s Angels and work out of the store—they solve crimes both new and vintage.

Local squabbles about property development have the town in quite a state of drama—and it seems like someone may even be upset enough to kill. When a local man involved in the real estate quagmire falls over dead at a reception to celebrate the harbor front’s redevelopment, Sarah gets roped in to investigate by her own IT expert, Mr. P., who has long known the victim’s stepfather. Between Sarah, Elvis and Charlotte’s Angels, the killer is sure to have claws for concern.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook















Marriage, Merlot & Murder (Wine & Dine Mysteries Book 4) by [Halliday, Gemma]From #1 Amazon & New York Times bestselling author Gemma Halliday comes the next deliciously deadly mystery in wine country in the USA Today bestselling Wine & Dine mysteries!

Emmy Oak is hosting her first wedding at her family’s Oak Valley Vineyards, and she’s worked hard to make sure it goes smoothly. And why wouldn’t it? The blushing bride is beautiful, the groom is charming, and the parents-of-the-bride are paying Emmy a tidy fee that may just put her struggling winery in the black next month. Only all her best laid plans fizzle faster than flat champagne when the groom goes missing just moments before the ceremony…and Emmy finds him bludgeoned to death on her terrace! Suddenly Emmy’s dream wedding turns into a crime scene, and when the entirely-too-enticing Detective Christopher Grant sets his sights on the wrong suspect, Emmy knows it’s up to her to find out who committed the matrimonial murder. Was it the overprotective father-of-the-bride who seems to be harboring secrets of his own? The jealous ex-boyfriend with a violent streak? The victim’s calloused and cunning cousin? Or was the groom charming women other than his fiancée…and his philandering ways finally caught up to him? Emmy isn’t sure, but the deeper she digs, the more she realizes the victim wasn’t exactly innocent…and his killer may threaten to strike again!

**Simple and delicious recipes & affordable wine pairings included!**

“Ms. Halliday is the undisputed queen of the genre: she knows how to blend fashion, suspense, laughter, and romance in all the right doses.”
Fresh Fiction

” I rank A Sip Before Dying as one of my favorite fun reads. I say to Gemma Halliday, well done!”
The Book Breeze

“The Wine & Dine Mystery series is a definite to read and keep an eye out for more to follow.”
Cozy Mystery Book Review

Wine & Dine Mysteries:
A Sip Before Dying – book #1
Chocolate Covered Death – book #2
Victim in the Vineyard – book #3
Marriage, Merlot & Murder – book #4
Death in Wine Country – book #5
Fashion, Rosé & Foul Play – book #6

Rating: This story does not contain any graphic violence, language, or sexual encounters. Its rating would be similar to PG-13 or what you would find on a Hallmark Channel movie or TV series.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback














Whiteout (Survival Instincts Book 1) by [Anders, Adriana]“Scorching hot and beautifully emotional.”—Lori Foster, New York Times Bestselling Author

With a storm coming and a killer on the loose, every step could be their last…

Angel Smith is finally ready to leave Antarctica for a second chance at life. But on what was meant to be her last day, the remote research station she’s been calling home is attacked. Hunted and scared, she and irritatingly gorgeous glaciologist Ford Cooper barely make it out with their lives…only to realize that in a place this remote, there’s nowhere left to run.

Isolated with no power, no way to contact the outside world, and a madman on their heels, Angel and Ford must fight to survive in the most inhospitable—and beautiful—place on earth. But what starts as a partnership born of necessity quickly turns into an urgent connection that burns bright and hot. They both know there’s little chance of making it out alive, and yet they are determined to weather the coming storm—no matter the cost.

Survival Instincts Series:
Deep Blue (novella—featured in Turn the Tide)
Whiteout (Book 1)

Praise for Whiteout:
“Adriana Anders brings twisted intrigue and sizzling passion hot enough to melt the ice in WHITEOUT!  Sexy, smart and tough characters in a beautifully ice-cold landscape will grab you from the first line and keep you along for a wild ride to the very end.”—REBECCA ZANETTINew York Times Bestselling author

“Strong heroines, sizzling tension. Heart and heat abound!”—MOLLY O’KEEFEUSA Today Bestselling Author
“The gripping characters, fresh writing, unique setting, and a villain as cold as the Antarctic itself, make this a fiercely enjoyable story.”—TONI ANDERSONNew York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

“Whiteout is an exhilarating story of survival and love against all the odds. I couldn’t put it down!”—KATEE ROBERTNew York Times Bestselling Author

“What a thrill ride! The action is nonstop—I don’t think I took a breath until I finished.”—KATIE RUGGLE

“A thrilling chase across the desolate and changeable beauty of Antarctica. Adriana Anders is a master.”—MARIA VALE  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle,  Paperback, Audiobook