New Releases For The Week Of February 2nd, 2020–Part 3

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of February 2, 2020. I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very many of them for the week. Today is the third day of my list for this week. Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.



Boot Scootin' Boogeyman (A Hannah Hickok Witchy Mystery Book 3) by [Hart, Lily Harper]Hannah Hickok didn’t know she was a witch but now that she’s embracing her destiny, she can’t wait to learn about magic. Given the trouble that seems to find Casper Creek on a regular basis, that’s probably a good thing.
Cooper Wyatt is enjoying watching Hannah open up and learn about herself. He’s there to lend a helping hand but also eager for her to strike out on her own … until the unthinkable happens. On their first official date, Cooper and Hannah bear witness to a horrifying scene. A local woman, who had gone missing days before, jumps off a downtown building and kills herself. The question is: Why?
There’s more than one missing woman, magic sparking at every turn, and a monster on the hunt. It’s up to Hannah, Cooper, and the rest of their friends to discover exactly what’s going on … and figure out how to solve the problem. That’s easier said than done, though.
Casper Creek’s magic runs deep and Hannah is going to have to tap into it if she expects to keep her friends safe.
She’s up to the challenge.
At least she hopes she is.
Things are about to get messy as the Wild West gets wickeder and wickeder.  (Amazon)

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Wicked Wicked West: A Hannah Hickok Witchy Mystery Books 1-3 by [Hart, Lily Harper]Hannah Hickok is a brand new witch living in a brave new world.
Casper Creek, a cosplay western town left to her by a grandmother she didn’t know, belongs to Hannah … and a few colorful characters (more affectionately referred to as workers) are part of the deal.
Cooper Wyatt is head of security and the last thing he wants is a new face on his turf … until he meets Hannah and feels that instant sizzle. Unfortunately, the flirtation comes with a heaping side of trouble.
Hannah didn’t know she was magical until she landed in Casper Creek but she’s determined to learn everything she can. Cooper didn’t know he was ready for a relationship until she waltzed into his world and stole his heart.
Together, they’re going to fight monsters and their own emotions as they try building a life together. It will be an adventure – and romance – for the ages.

This three-book omnibus includes: The Dirty Coven, A Fistful of Demons, and Boot Scootin’ Boogeyman.  (Amazon)

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A Divided Loyalty: A Novel (Inspector Ian Rutledge Mysteries Book 22) by [Todd, Charles]Scotland Yard detective Ian Rutledge is assigned one of the most baffling investigations of his career—a cold murder case with an unidentified victim and a cold trail with few clues to follow.

Chief Inspector Brian Leslie, a respected colleague of Ian Rutledge’s, is sent to Avebury, a village set inside a great prehistoric stone circle not far from Stonehenge.

A young woman has been murdered next to a mysterious, hooded, figure-like stone, but no one recognizes her—or admits to it.  And how did she get there? Despite a thorough investigation, it appears that her killer has simply vanished.

Rutledge, returning from the conclusion of a case involving another apparently unknown woman, is asked to take a second look at Leslie’s inquiry, to see if he can identify this victim. But Rutledge is convinced Chief Superintendent Jameson only hopes to tarnish his earlier success once he also fails.

Where to begin? He too finds very little to go on in Avebury, slowly widening his search beyond the village—only to discover that unlikely—possibly even unreliable—clues are pointing him toward an impossible solution, one that will draw the wrath of the Yard down on him, and very likely see him dismissed if he pursues it. But what about the victim—what does he owe this tragic woman? Where must his loyalty lie?  (Amazon)

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Murder in the Crypt: A Redmond and Haze Mystery Book 1 (Redmond and Haze Mysteries) by [Shapiro, Irina]

When the body of a young man is found stuffed into the tomb of a medieval knight, Parish Constable Daniel Haze is tasked with investigating his first solo murder case. Suspicion instantly falls on the only stranger to arrive in the village of Birch Hill just before the crime took place, but the American captain proves to be an unexpected asset. A former soldier and a skilled surgeon, Jason Redmond is not only willing to assist Haze with the investigation but will risk his own safety to apprehend the killer.

With no suspects, no motive, and few leads to follow, Redmond and Haze must solve the crime before one of them becomes the murderer’s next victim.

Murder in the Crypt is the exciting first installment of this Victorian murder mystery series set in a quaint British village.  (Amazon)

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A Grave Revenge (Teatime Treasure Hunters Book 5) by [Cameron, N.L. ]

Helena Carson’s tea shop sells four things: piping hot tea, fresh-baked pastries, hand-picked antiques–and supernatural mystery! When Cassandra’s Jewel sends Helena a vision of her own apparent death, she and her friends Bettina, Jessamine and Gertrude must figure out how to avoid that situation. But when Bentworth finally manages to get his hands on the stone, unforeseen changes in plans lead Helena straight toward that confrontation with death. Will she survive–and if so, what will she do about Bentworth?

Love an old friend’s cozy mystery? You will fall in love with these ladies and their ability to solve a mystery. A Grave Revenge is the fifth and final book in the Teatime Treasure Hunters series and can be read as a standalone book.  (Amazon)

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Whole Latte Magic (Enchanted Enclave Mystery Book 2) by [Silver, Samantha]Welcome to Enchanted Enclave, where coffee, chaos and cauldrons are a way of life.

Eliza is settling nicely into her new life on Enchanted Enclave. That is, until she and Leanne come across a woman who’s been stabbed. Attempted murders have a way of shaking things up a bit.

Leanne feels guilty about how they came across the victim, however, and Eliza isn’t about to let her go around solving a stabbing on her own. With Kaillie joining in, the cousins start their own investigation, but it turns out there’s more to the victim’s life than they initially thought.

With the help of some new friends from Western Woods, Eliza and her cousins quickly hone in on a few suspects. But the stakes are higher than they realize when an attempt is made on their lives as well. Will they be able to solve the case before the attempted murderer is finally successful?

Whole Latte Magic is the second book in this fun new witch cozy mystery series from Samantha Silver.  (Amazon)

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The Beautiful Dead: a nail biting crime thriller by [Hunt, Kim]In a small rural community north-west of Sydney, park ranger, Cal Nyx, finds a badly decomposed body in the bush. When the remains are identified as someone she once knew, the police treat her as a suspect. Cal, a tough and canny woman, needs to find the killer and convince the police of her innocence.

When it turns out the victim was wanted in relation to a previous murder, the case takes a complicated turn. And with family issues bubbling away in the background, Cal starts to feel the heat.

To make matters worse, Cal has a difficult history, and when the police start probing into her private life, she finds herself in a race against the clock to solve the crime.

But the murderer has Cal in their sights, and she has a choice to make…

Catch a killer or do right by her family?

If you like feisty women, you are going to love Cal Nyx.

The Beautiful Dead is a gripping crime mystery, which will be perfect for fans of authors like Jane Harper, Fiona Barton and Karin Slaughter.  (Amazon)

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Fun With Funerals (A Musgrave Landing Mystery Book 2) by [Rediger, Yvonne]Alicia Highmere is heading home, back to Musgrave Landing after a call from her mother’s care home. Accompanied by her bodyguard, Bryce Graham, Alicia won’t know until she gets there that Olivia Frost-Highmere is manipulating events regarding the estranged family members to suit her agenda.

Part of the reason the family has fallen out is due to the disappearance of Allister Highmere, some twenty years ago. Alicia’s father vanished without a trace upsetting the family company and leaving the seat of CEO vacant. Uncle Hugo had his eye on the power seat and accused Olivia of murder, to get it, but is it murder if there’s no body?

When a corpse is discovered in the family cemetery, where there shouldn’t be one, the cold case regarding Allister Highmere is reopened. Alicia has no idea who in the family or the Highmere estate staff is involved, but she will find out.   (Amazon)

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Secrets To Die For (The Nina Foster Mystery Series Book 2) by [Lee, Linda Hope]


When librarian Nina Foster agrees to establish a library at the retirement home where her grandmother resides, she doesn’t count on becoming involved in a murder investigation. But, as the last person to see resident Ellie Larken alive before she’s found floating in Lake Mead, Nina is an important witness, if not a suspect, as well. Newspaper owner Stephen Kraslow is on hand to help, but a personal request causes trouble between him and Nina.
Will Nina and Stephen be able to solve the crime and still maintain their relationship? Or will they go their separate ways?  (Amazon)

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Murder and Mahjong (Divine Place Supernatural Cozy Mystery Book 1) by [Chase, Annabel]To err is human, to end up in the supernatural afterlife in a hot dog suit is divine.

When Eloise Worthington drops dead and awakens in the afterlife, she knows she doesn’t belong—mainly because she’s surrounded by a supernatural cocktail of species she never knew existed. Gods, witches, vampires, werewolves—and now Eloise, a middle-aged human more concerned with getting her way than getting out of someone else’s. She quickly learns that this supernatural retirement village isn’t the last stop on the Afterlife Express and villagers can be blinked out of existence, which is exactly what happens to Zeus.

Yes, that Zeus.

Unfortunately, it appears that Eloise is to blame—or is she? Never one to shy away from a challenge—although her idea of a challenge usually involves tequila and a cartwheel—Eloise sets out to clear her name and, in the process, figure out where she truly belongs.

Welcome to Divine Place, because sometimes a fresh start requires a little divine intervention.

Murder and Mahjong is the first book in the Divine Place supernatural cozy mystery series.

Other series by Annabel Chase:
Spellbound Ever After
Starry Hollow Witches
Federal Bureau of Magic
Spellslingers Academy of Magic
Demonspawn Academy
Magic Bullet
Saints & Strangers  (Amazon)

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Belinda Blake and the Birds of a Feather (An Exotic Pet-Sitter Mystery Book 3) by [Gilbert, Heather Day]When exotic pet–sitter Belinda Blake starts pecking at the details of a suspicious accident in her sleepy hometown, she inadvertently digs up a murder case that won’t be solved without ruffling a few feathers . . .

The moment Belinda arrives in Larches Corner, her Upstate New York hometown, she’s immediately recruited to care for a deceased friend’s flock of homing pigeons. But Belinda’s plans for a swift visit scatter after a local college student is mowed down in a malicious hit-and-run that has the whole town reeling.

At first, the gruesome demise of Jackson Hait appears to be a random tragedy. But Belinda quickly uncovers connections to a tight-knit group of friends and a similar death three years earlier . . . one that wasn’t as accidental as it seemed. Now, Belinda must pluck the truth from a tangled nest of lies before a cruel killer takes wing.

Praise for Belinda Blake and The Snake in the Grass

“A humorous series debut with exotic pets and a zany cast of characters. Gilbert’s cozy will make you smile.”
Amanda FlowerUSA Today bestselling author of Premeditated Peppermint

Cozy fans will root for pet-sitter Belinda Blake as she unravels this cleverly-crafted mystery in a delightfully-deadly new series by Heather Day Gilbert.”
Elizabeth Spann Craig, author of the bestselling Myrtle Clover Mysteries

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