New Releases For The Week Of February 23rd, 2020–Part 2

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of February 23rd, 2020. I am going to divide the list into 3 days because there are so very many of them for the week. Today is the second day of my list for this week. Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.



Egg Drop Dead: A Noodle Shop Mystery by [Chien, Vivien]In the fifth in Vivien Chien’s Noodle Shop delectable mystery series, Egg Drop Dead, the Ho-Lee Noodle House takes its business to the next level—only to end up in hot water.

It was supposed to be a fancy, intimate dinner party by the pool. Instead, Lana Lee’s first-ever catering event turns into full-course madness when a domestic worker is found dead. Is the party’s host Donna Feng, the sweet-and-sour owner of the Asia Village shopping plaza where Ho-Lee is situated, somehow to blame? That’s what Lana—whose plate is already plenty full with running the restaurant, pleasing her often-disapproving mother, and fretting over her occasionally-serious boyfriend Detective Adam Trudeau—must find out.

Before the police arrived at the crime scene, Donna had entrusted an odd piece of evidence to Lana: a thumb drive shaped like a terra-cotta soldier. Now it’s up to Lana to lead her own investigation, digitally and in real life, into a world of secrets involving Donna’s earlier life in China, whether the victim had a dark agenda, and if the killer is still out there. . .and plans to strike again.

“Endearing…will appeal to fans of Chris Cavender’s Pizza Lovers mysteries.”—Booklist  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback












Pretty as a Picture: A Novel by [Little, Elizabeth]A CrimeReads Most Anticipated Book of 2020

An egomaniacal movie director, an isolated island, and a decades-old murder–the addictive new novel from the bestselling author of Dear Daughter

Marissa Dahl, a shy but successful film editor, travels to a small island off the coast of Delaware to work with the legendary–and legendarily demanding–director Tony Rees on a feature film with a familiar logline.

Some girl dies.

It’s not much to go on, but the specifics don’t concern Marissa. Whatever the script is, her job is the same. She’ll spend her days in the editing room, doing what she does best: turning pictures into stories.

But she soon discovers that on this set, nothing is as it’s supposed to be–or as it seems. There are rumors of accidents and indiscretions, of burgeoning scandals and perilous schemes. Half the crew has been fired. The other half wants to quit. Even the actors have figured out something is wrong. And no one seems to know what happened to the editor she was hired to replace.

Then she meets the intrepid and incorrigible teenage girls who are determined to solve the real-life murder that is the movie’s central subject, and before long, Marissa is drawn into the investigation herself.

The only problem is, the killer may still be on the loose. And he might not be finished.

A wickedly funny exploration of our cultural addiction to tales of murder and mayhem and a thrilling, behind-the-scenes whodunit, Pretty as a Picture is a captivating page-turner from one of the most distinctive voices in crime fiction.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Audiobook













Embroidering the Truth (A Southern Quilting Mystery Book 12) by [Craig, Elizabeth]


Little white lies can add up to big trouble.

Felton Billows is known around the small town of Dappled Hills as something of a show-off. She’s always dressed-up. She drives a luxurious car.  And she has a quite spectacular diamond ring that she’s fond of waving around.

Felton, unfortunately, has other issues, too. She’s not particularly kind to the people who work in her yard and run errands for her. Aside from that, Felton complacently alludes to the fact that she knows a few secrets.

When Felton is discovered dead, it’s still a shock—this is Dappled Hills, after all.  But it may not be easy to unravel the mystery when quite a few suspects come to light.  Can Beatrice uncover the murderer before he strikes again?  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback














The War Hero's Welcome: A Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery (Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Series Book 18) by [Harman, Dianne]

The war hero returns home
With his dog, Wicked
Both have been injured
Their welcome should be pretty straightforward
But not everyone likes a war hero
Maybe Kelly’s son, Cash, should have stayed in Afghanistan
At least there he knew who the enemy was!

All Kelly and Mike want to do is help Cash recuperate from his injuries

They never planned on becoming involved with a kidnapping

Good to have guard dogs when you need them

This is the 18th book in the bestselling Cedar May Cozy Mystery Series by two-time USA Today Bestselling Author, Dianne Harman.   (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle













Orchestrated Murder (Sweetfern Harbor Mystery Book 17) by [Meadows, Wendy]A secret. A promise. A cold-blooded murder no one could foresee.

The orchestra is coming to town, and Brenda Sheffield’s Victorian mansion will soon play host to some of the world’s most revered musicians. It’s a huge opportunity for the small community of Sweetfern Harbor, and Brenda’s beloved B&B. Every detail must be perfect.

But for all Brenda’s scrupulous planning, the most dramatic performances occur offstage and away from the bright lights and scrutiny. Romantic intrigues and bitter betrayals plague the group, often revolving around the enigmatic flutist headlining the tour, Charlotte De Grey.

Tensions culminate in an act so foul it leaves the entire community quaking. But if Brenda and her husband Detective Mac Rivers are to restore peace and ensure justice is served, they will have to dig deep into the twisted motives and dangerous secrets of the guests living under their roof.

This cozy mystery is a clean read: no graphic violence, sex, or strong language. It can be read in one to two hours. It is perfect for those moments when you are waiting at an appointment or want to enjoy a quick read.

Read all the Sweetfern Harbor cozy mysteries:

1. Posies and Poison
2. Dead in Bed
3. Captain Dead Man
4. Ghostly Tours
5. Turkey, Pies, and Alibis
6. Mystery, Snow, and Mistletoe
7. Festival Turmoil
8. Scandal at the Gala
9. The Elusive Wampum
10. Chest of Secrets
11. The Bead Seller
12. Fe Fi Fiddle Die
13. Is This Suitcase Taken?
14. Hidden Entity
15. Finishing the Game
16. Panic in the Treats
17. Orchestrated Murder  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback













Cake Pop Casualties (MURDER IN THE MIX Book 22) by [Moore, Addison]A baker who sees the dead. One too many suitors.
And a killer. Living in Honey Hollow can be murder.

*A laugh out loud standalone cozy mystery by New York Times Bestseller Addison Moore* All books in the series can be read individually but are best enjoyed in order.***Includes RECIPE***

My name is Lottie Lemon, and I see dead people. Okay, so I rarely see dead people, mostly I see furry creatures of the dearly departed variety, aka dead pets, who have come back from the other side to warn me of their previous owner’s impending doom.

My best friend, Keelie, is getting married and there are still so many things to do—like procure a dress for the bride. But when a body turns up at the bridal shop, and my best friend is pegged as the killer, the wedding takes a back seat to murder.

Lottie Lemon has a brand new bakery to tend to, a budding romance with perhaps one too many suitors, and she has the supernatural ability to see dead pets—which are always harbingers for ominous things to come. Throw in the occasional ghost of the human variety, a string of murders, and her insatiable thirst for justice, and you’ll have more chaos than you know what to do with.

Living in the small town of Honey Hollow can be murder.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle













Sweet Avengers (A Sweet Cove Mystery Book 18) by [Whiting, J A]


This is book 18 in the Sweet Cove Mystery series by USA TODAY Bestselling Author J. A. Whiting.

It is early June in Sweet Cove and Angie and Jenna Roseland’s babies are growing and delighting the family. Something else is developing as well and will be sorely needed as members of the family and two friends travel to Boston on an important mission. The Roseland sisters lost their mother, Elizabeth, several years ago and they’ve recently suspected that her death was not an accident.

Learning some things about the past as they delve into the incident, will the sisters, Mr. Finch, Orla Abel, and the two fine felines find the person responsible for the murder or are they wading into something too deep and dangerous to escape from?

A cozy mystery with recipes !
This story has some mild paranormal elements.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle













British Murder (A Lucy Stone Mystery) by [Meier, Leslie]

Lucy Stone’s hometown of Tinker’s Cove, Maine, is where her heart is. But traveling to merry old England brings delightful adventure—along with a helping or two or murder—in these beloved mysteries . . .
A trip to England, sponsored by Winchester College, sounds practically perfect to Lucy Stone—until the tour leader suffers a fatal asthma attack mid-flight. Lucy suspects some very unnatural causes, but luckily, she packed her sleuthing skills. Between stops for afternoon tea, visits to historic sites, and catching up with an old flame, she’s ensnared in a daring scheme. But will it lead her to a criminal mastermind—or ensure that she’s the next victim?

Lucy can’t wait to join her friend Sue for a gala hat show at the English country house owned by the Earl of Wickham. But at Moreton Manor, there are secrets—and some unpleasant relatives—lurking among the elaborate chapeausWhen a bludgeoned body is found in a hidden room, Lucy must sift through friends and family foes to find the low-down killer stalking the upper crust, before more blue blood runs red . . .  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback













Death by Chocolate Frosted Doughnut (A Death by Chocolate Mystery Book 3) by [Graves, Sarah]When a pirate festival blows into their small town, bakeshop owners Jacobia “Jake” Tiptree and her best friend Ellie White expect they’ll be busy baking up a storm, but instead they find themselves marooned in a new murder investigation after someone kills a well-known food writer and TV personality . . .

Everything is shipshape at Jake and Ellie’s new waterfront bakery, The Chocolate Moose, especially now that the annual Pirate Festival is dropping anchor in their quaint island village of Eastport, Maine. Jake and Ellie are ready for the bounty of tourists sure to flood their shop. But their plans quickly sink when the body of celebrity foodie, Henry Hadlyme, is discovered in the Moose’s basement.

Jake and Ellie are horrified, but their shock turns to dismay when Jake is pegged for the murder. Now, to clear Jake’s name and save the shop, Jake and Ellie must swashbuckle down and figure out who among Henry’s numerous enemies scuttled him in the cellar. Was it a long-ago jilted sweetheart’s vengeful relative? His long-suffering personal assistant? Or perhaps some bitter-as-dark-chocolate unknown enemy, now aboard the mysterious ship lurking in Eastport’s harbor?

Alas, dead men tell no tales, so Jake and Ellie will have to get to the bottom of the case on their own and find the real killer before anyone else is forced to walk the plank . . .

Includes a Recipe!  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover












Coconut Layer Cake Murder (A Hannah Swensen Mystery Book 25) by [Fluke, Joanne]Bakery owner Hannah Swensen is leaving Lake Eden to help a friend in sunny California. But an unexpected phone call swiftly brings her back to a cold Minnesota winter . . . and murder . . .
When Hannah learns that her sister Michelle’s boyfriend, Detective Lonnie Murphy, is the prime suspect in a murder case, she goes straight from a movie studio sound stage to the Los Angeles airport.

Back in frigid Minnesota, she discovers that proving Lonnie’s innocence will be harder than figuring out what went wrong with a recipe. Lonnie remembers only parts of the night he went out to a local bar and ended up driving a very impaired woman home. He knows he helped her to her bedroom, but he doesn’t recall anything else until he woke up on her couch the following morning. When he went to the bedroom to check on her, he was shocked to discover she was dead.

Hannah doesn’t know what to believe—only that exonerating a suspect who can’t remember is almost impossible, especially since Lonnie’s brother, Detective Rick Murphy, and Lonnie’s partner, Chief Detective Mike Kingston, have been taken off the case. Before everything comes crashing down on Lonnie like a heaping slice of coconut layer cake, it’ll be up to Hannah to rack up enough clues to toast a flaky killer . . .  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover. Audiobook












An Orphan of Hell's Kitchen (A Louise Faulk Mystery Book 3) by [Freeland, Liz]In 1914, Hell’s Kitchen is an apt name for New York City’s grittiest neighborhood, as one of the city’s first policewomen, Louise Faulk, is about to discover when the death of a young prostitute leads her on a grim journey through the district’s darkest corners . . .
Filthy, dangerous, and deadly—Hell’s Kitchen is no place for a lady, but Louise Faulk is no ordinary woman. The amateur investigator turned rookie policewoman is investigating the death of young prostitute, Ruthie, who leaves behind a baby boy. Although detectives are quick to declare it a suicide, Louise is less certain after she discovers clues implying murder while attempting to find a caretaker for Ruthie’s orphaned son.
Uncovering the truth won’t be easy, especially since Louise is struggling to make a name for herself amid the boys’ club of the New York City Police Department. But Ruthie’s case keeps tugging at Louise, luring her beyond the slums’ drawn curtains and tenement doors, into an undercover investigation that often seems to conceal more than it reveals. Louise is convinced Ruthie’s secrets got her killed, but can she prove it before they catch up to her too?  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback












A Formidable Potion (The Happy Blendings Witch Cozy Mystery Series Book 6) by [Barker, Constance]Two Deaths…One is Real, the Other Isn’t

Sam and the gang are back in Goodsprings with new guests, Cassandra and Paula the Parrot. However, strange things are occurring. Phineas is not ordering his usual wheatgrass juice, Chuckles isn’t looking too well, and David has started a new venture. Phineas’ strange friend remains in town as well. But is he more enemy than friend?

A new biker shop has opened up and one of the owners is sweet on Sam. And Tessa has decided glamour spells is just what she needed to spice up her life. But has she bit off more trouble than she can handle? And why are Cassandra and Paula experimenting with Sam’s grandmother’s spells. Are they searching for something?

When a murder occurs, one of the townspeople is accused of murder, but nothing is as it seems.

***Find out what happens in the sixth book in the Happy Blendings Cozy Witch Mystery Series***  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback















Gently Used, Still Works (A Psychic Consignment Mystery Book 2) by [Lynn, JB]Are the Concordia sisters about to get burned?

Running One Woman’s Junk consignment shop, with its constant stream of quirky characters stopping in, is a lot for Winnie and her sisters Bea and Amanda to contend with. So is dealing with each other.

Are their psychic powers a curse or a gift?

Wrestling with the psychic compulsion to sketch people and things she’s never even seen, Winnie goes head-to-head with the fire inspector who wants to shut down the store. And that’s before she stumbles into an arson case and finds herself cozying up to a hot neighbor who leads a secret life of his own.

Will Winnie and her sisters discover who killed their beloved godmother, or will their new life go up in flames?  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle













Farmer in the Dead: A Hog Wild Mystery (A Chelsea Lawson Cozy Mystery Book 2) by [James, CeeCee]



Trouble seems to follow Chelsea like baby ducks follow their mama. This time around, Chelsea’s best friend Tilly has been accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend, Adam. When Adam’s fiancé points the finger at Tilly, the police dig up a secret motivation that make things look really bad for Tilly.. and she has no alibi.

There has to be a way to clear her friend, but Chelsea is running out of ideas.

Meanwhile, Chelsea is chasing her own demons as a mystery surrounding her family comes to light. The more she learns about her past, the less sure she is of the future. Has everything in her life been a lie?  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle















Bite the Dust: A Low Country Dog Walker Mystery (Low Country Dog Walker Mystery Series Book 1) by [Layton, Jackie]

“Andi Grace is adorable, resilient, and has a doggedly curious need to solve a murder. A pleasure to read.” –C. Hope Clark, award winning author of Edisto Tidings

Secrets can be deadly.

One steamy South Carolina morning, Low Country dog walker Andi Grace Scott discovers a client’s dead body. Police quickly decide she’s the prime suspect. Horrified, she knows she’ll have to turn detective if she’s going to convince them they’re barking up the wrong tree.

Proving her innocence could be a tall order. The local police never solved the hit-and-run that killed her parents; Andi Grace isn’t sure they’ll solve this crime either…not when they have a convenient suspect—one caught with the possible murder weapon in her hand. She’ll have to follow every clue and call in every favor, even if that puts her in danger.

If you love strong heroines, coastal small-town life, and dogs, you’ll love Bite the Dust.

Author Bio: Former Kentucky pharmacist JACKIE LAYTON loves her new life in the Low Country. Walks on the beach and collecting shells are a few of her hobbies when she’s not writing.

Bite the Dust is the first book in Jackie’s new Low Country Dog Walker Mystery series. Jackie also enjoys hearing from readers. Be sure to follow her on Facebook.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback













Under the Radar (A Zoe Chambers Mystery Book 9) by [Dashofy, Annette ]

Paramedic and deputy coroner Zoe Chambers responds to a shooting and discovers her longtime friend, Horace Pavelka, has gunned down a man who’d bullied him mercilessly for decades. Ruled self-defense, no charges are filed. When another of his tormentors turns up dead in Horace’s kitchen, Police Chief Pete Adams questions the man’s innocence in both cases…especially after Horace and his girlfriend go into hiding.

While fighting to clear her friend, Zoe is handed the opportunity to finally learn what really happened to her long-lost sibling. What starts out as a quick road trip on a quest for answers leads her to an unfamiliar city in the middle of a November blizzard, where she finds way more trouble than she bargained for.

Pete’s own search for his missing fiancée and a missing murderer ultimately traps him in a web of deception. Face-to-face with one of the most cunning and deadly killers of his law enforcement career, Pete realizes too late that this confrontation may well be his last.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

UNDER THE RADAR by Annette Dashofy | A Henery Press Mystery. If you like one, you’ll probably like them all.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback


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