New Releases For The Week Of March 29th, 2020–Part 3

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of March 29th, 2020. I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very many of them for the week. Today is the third day of my list for this week. Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.



The Clutter Corpse (The Decluttering mysteries Book 1) by [Brett, Simon]


Introducing an engaging new amateur sleuth, declutterer Ellen Curtis, in the first of a brilliant new mystery series.

Ellen Curtis runs her own business helping people who are running out of space. As a declutterer, she is used to encountering all sorts of weird and wonderful objects in the course of her work. What she has never before encountered is a dead body.

When Ellen stumbles across the body of a young woman in an over-cluttered flat, suspicion immediately falls on the deceased homeowner’s son, who has recently absconded from prison. No doubt Nate Ogden is guilty of many things – but is he really the killer? Discovering a link between the victim and her own past, Ellen sets out to uncover the truth. But where has her best friend disappeared to? And is Ellen really prepared for the shocking revelations to follow?  (Amazon)

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A Double Shot of Magic (Perfect Brew Book 2) by [Carson, Jo-Ann]~ a recipe for love ~.
The Perfect Brew Trilogy, book 2
By Jo-Ann Carson

When evil rises, one witch must save the world. Cassie Black is a sorceress struggling with her growing powers and chaotic love life. As the guardian of a portal, she must stop a dark force spreading its influence in her small Pacific Northwest town.
Cassie’s friend Larry is shot twice in an alley. Clenched in his hand is a note, which reads, “BEWARE BLACK WITCH.” The note could mean many things, and none of them are good. As Cassie unravels the mystery of his death, someone tries to murder her.
Being a beautiful enchantress, Cassie attracts interesting men, who complicate her life. The very human detective, Gavin McGregor, suspects Cassie is the cause of all the unusual happenings in his own and watches her every move. Her former boyfriend, Alessandro, the vampire, wants her back in his life, alive or dead. Sanjay Kahn, a wickedly handsome, rogue warlock, vies for her attention and her heart.
A murder to solve, a force of darkness to wrestle with, and a full dance card … what more could a good witch want?
A Double Shot of Magic is the second book in the critically acclaimed Perfect Brew trilogy. It can be read as a stand-alone or as part of the series. If you like magical cozies with strong characters, romance, and humor, you’ll love this novel. It has a happy ending.
Buy A Double Shot of Magic today and enjoy a fun, heart-warming story filled with intrigue and sweet romance.  (Amazon)

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The Further Adventures of Kiki Lowenstein: Collection #2: Short Stories that Accompany the Kiki Lowenstein Mystery Series (The Further Adventures of Kiki Lowenstein, Collection #2) by [Slan, Joanna Campbell]More Quick, Clean Reads That Will Warm Your Heart!

The Further Adventures of Kiki Lowenstein, Collection 2 –

More stories (eight long ones and a novella) featuring your fictional best friend, Kiki. As an amateur sleuth, professional crafter, and loving mom, she’s the girl-next-door (if you lived next door to a detective agency). This is a delightful collection of short stories and a novella (short book). These 544 pages of fun are bound to put a smile on your face. Collection includes 1. The Hand-Lettering – -a reminder of what our loved ones really value 2 The Turtle Hater − an attempt on a turtle’s life pulls Kiki out of her shell 3. With Pleasure – a lost necklace may well ruin a family get-together 4. The Lucky Charm – the theft of a valuable coin endangers a girl’s life 5. The Lilac Festival –a nasty trickster lurks on Mackinaw Island 6. The Purple Passion – a customer begs Kiki to help clear her daughter when she is accused of sex-texting 7. The Pet Pig – a prize porker prompts a preemptive panic 8. Too Much Squash – a misunderstanding results in way too much zucchini 9. The Cupcake Caper – when a friend frets that she’s over the hill, Kiki decides to level the playing field. Note: To avoid spoilers, it’s best to read Ready, Scrap, Shoot: Book #6 in the Kiki Lowenstein Mystery Series first.  (Amazon)

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A Corpse at the Castle: A Scottish Cozy Mystery (The Highland Horse Whisperer Mysteries Book 1) by [Marshall, R.B.]There’s a killer at the royal castle!
When Izzy Paterson takes a job in the Scottish Highlands as horse trainer to the rather eccentric Lady Letham, she doesn’t expect to be rubbing shoulders with the Queen and her household.

But even those in privileged circles have enemies, and when a gruesome murder at Balmoral Castle throws suspicion on her new friend, handsome Craig MacDonald, only Izzy’s investigative skills stand between him and a long sentence at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

As Izzy fights to clear Craig’s name, can she gain acceptance from the suspicious residents of Glengowrie, infiltrate the mysterious Horseman’s Guild and piece together the clues… before the killer strikes again?

:: Readers of Molly Fitz, T E Kinsey or H Y Hanna should enjoy this entertaining Scottish story, the first book in the Highland Horse Whisperer cozy mystery series. Grab your copy of A Corpse at the Castle today, and experience Spring in the Scottish Highlands for yourself!  (Amazon)

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The Vermeer Deception: An Art Mystery (Zelda Richardson Mystery Series Book 4) by [Alderson, Jennifer S.]An art historian finds – then loses – a portrait by Johannes Vermeer in this thrilling art mystery set in Munich, Heidelberg, and Amsterdam.

When Zelda Richardson investigates a new lead about a missing portrait by Johannes Vermeer, no one expects her to actually find the painting in a retired art dealer’s home in Munich, Germany. Not her parents visiting from America; her boss, private detective Vincent de Graaf; or the rightful owner of the Nazi-looted artwork.

However, Zelda’s jubilation turns to horror when she arrives to pick up the portrait and finds the art dealer dead and several frames smoldering in his fireplace.

Was the Vermeer a fake and its ‘discovery’ a cruel joke played on a Nazi victim? The Munich police, Zelda’s family, and Vincent certainly think so.

Yet the art dealer’s best friend believes he was murdered and the real Vermeer stolen by an underground network of art looters, one established during World War II and still active today. The problem is, no one believes him – except Zelda.

Zelda soon finds herself in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with immoral art collectors, corrupt dealers, and an all-to-real killer who wants her to stop searching.

Can Zelda uncover the truth about the Vermeer before she is painted out of the picture permanently?

The Vermeer Deception is Book 4 in the Zelda Richardson Mystery Series. The novels in this series can be read in any order.  (Amazon)

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Killer Country Club (The Snoop Group Book 4) by [Rossi, Suzanne]


Anne Jamieson is not immune to death—after all her boyfriend is a police detective. But when she finds a dead woman floating in a pool, suspicion falls on Anne’s friend, Candace Warren. Not only was she recently released from jail, she’s a convicted murderer. And the murder scene is Candace’s former home.
With her friend the only suspect, Anne takes matters into her own hands. She joins the country club where the deceased was a member—to track down the real killer.
After a second body surfaces in the club’s hot tub, Anne becomes the target. Can she and her Snoop Group cronies catch the killer before Anne ends up in her own watery grave?  (Amazon)

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Inspector Ghote Plays a Joker (An Inspector Ghote Mystery) by [Keating, H. R. F.]Inspector Ghote, ‘one of the great creations of detective fiction’ (Alexander McCall Smith), is assigned his most baffling case yet: preventing the murder . . . of a flamingo, in this classic mystery  with a brand-new introduction by bestselling author Vaseem Khan.

Inspector Ganesh Ghote of the Bombay CID is taken aback when his boss, the rage-prone Deputy Superintendent Naik, cheerfully summons him with an unusual order: to stop a murder. But his boss’s good mood turns out to be the least bizarre thing about the situation. For the potential murder victim is an expensive flamingo – a gift from the US Consul – and if Ghote doesn’t prevent it meeting the same tragic end as its three companions, it could result in serious embarrassment for the government.

Saddled with the most incompetent sergeant in the history of policing, Ghote investigates with his usual thoroughness, and soon suspects the flamingo-slaying is linked to a whole series of elaborate, unkind pranks. Who would do such a thing, and why? The hard-working inspector doesn’t get the joke. But when the case takes a darker turn, all thoughts of humour are forgotten . . .  (Amazon)

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Inspector Ghote Goes by Train (An Inspector Ghote Mystery) by [Keating, H. R. F.]Quietly dignified Inspector Ghote, ‘one of the great creations of detective fiction’ (Alexander McCall Smith), finds himself trapped on a train with a fellow passenger who may – or may not – be the legendary confidence trickster he is travelling to collect, in this classic mystery  with a brand-new introduction by bestselling author Vaseem Khan.

When Inspector Ganesh Ghote boards the train to Calcutta, he’s looking forward to spending forty hours detached from his responsibilities, but nevertheless still doing his job. He is on his way to collect legendary swindler A. K. Bhattacharya, who’s defrauded wealthy art-lovers for years, and bring him back to Bombay to stand trial.

But his peace and quiet is immediately disturbed by a chatty fellow traveller, who, Ghote soon realises, talks relentlessly but never gives anything personal away. Who is this man, who never takes off his sunglasses, and whose hair appears freshly dyed? The good inspector’s heart stops when he sees the initials on his companion’s case: A.K.B.

A. K. Bhattacharaya, the master trickster, is in prison in Calcutta, awaiting transfer under Ghote’s custody to Bombay. It would be the wildest fantasy to think he should be sitting on the train with Ghote instead.

Wouldn’t it?  (Amazon)

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A Witch Too Frozen (Crystal Springs Cozy Witch Mystery Book 5) by [Lester, Paula, Harmon, M.E.]Revenge is best served cold…but Frozen?

The Winter Solstice Games are happening in Crystal Springs, and the town’s trouble-prone new fiftyish witch, Cascade Lorne, is smack-dab in the middle of the activities.

That is . . . until the top athletes start to die in the cold-clutches of the Grim Reaper.

This time around, Cas has a new crop of magic-related problems, and the relationship with her hot shifter boyfriend is on the rocks. Yet, when a handsome new friend asks for help, she’s compelled to jump into the chilly waters to track down an ice-cold killer.

But this time, Death is reaching out with bitter, brittle fingers to deliver a blunt blow that’s guaranteed to leave Crystal Springs more than breathless. When this Reaper is done, everyone in town is going to suffer a freeze so deep, they’ll be left dead to the world.

Will Cas survive the homicidal cold snap or be frozen stiff by the arctic blast of a ruthless, stone-hearted slayer? Revenge is best served cold . . . but Frozen?  (Amazon)

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DEAD FLAT: a trilogy featuring Pascal d'Onscon (Bennett Sisters Mysteries Book 13) by [McClendon, Lise]


The full trilogy of DEAD FLAT, a mystery featuring the Bennett Sisters’ favorite Frenchman, Pascal d’Onscon. Pascal is a wine fraud policeman who is called out of the Dordogne to investigate a bottle scam in Champagne as a favor to his boss. Thus begins a whirlwind August for Pascal and Merle, as he must also rescue his sister from a bad domestic situation, investigate the suspicious death of a vintner, and decide if he will accept a desirable promotion that will take him to headquarters in Paris– and away from his life with Merle Bennett. “This trio of releases has come at a good time for me. The dreary winter months have been made a little less so by being allowed to visit France with Merle and Pascal. I love the Bennett Sisters Books, and of course, have a huge crush on Pascal! Keep writing and I will keep reading.”  (Amazon)

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A Persevering Heart (Georgia Peaches Book 1) by [Prysock, Lisa]

When Ms. Pepper Anne Barrington isn’t driving her convertible Aston Martin or writing her bestselling mysteries, she’s busy solving real-life dilemmas happening to her three grown children or the guests visiting her Atlanta bed and breakfast, Edgewater Coventry B & B. It seems to Miss Pepper, there’s always an air of romance, mystery, and perhaps a little adventure and mayhem at the restored 19th century plantation.

When handsome handyman and popular up and coming musician, Bradley Fielding, inherits his grandmother’s Victorian estate in Georgia, he relocates his band from Nashville to Atlanta to oversee the renovations. He decides to stay at the Edgewater Coventry B & B while the Fielding house that has been in his family for generations is being remodeled. All kinds of things begin to go wrong, including the disappearance of his sister and an antique pocket watch.

Patricia Johnston, avid reader and administrative assistant to Miss Pepper, is perhaps the most disturbed of all when she is framed for stealing Brad Fielding’s antique watch. She’s off to the wrong start in her new job—and with one of the country’s most eligible bachelors.

Don’t miss the adventure, romance, and sometimes mystery in “A Persevering Heart,” Book 1 of the new, exciting Christian and inspirational series, ‘Georgia Peaches,’ where each novella ends with a happily ever after in spite of a number of obstacles.  (Amazon)

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Fields' Guide to Pharaohs (The Poppy Fields Adventures Book 5) by [Mulhern, Julie]

Poppy Fields, Hollywood IT girl and super-secret spy, travels to Egypt looking for answers.

But amidst assassination attempts, money launderers, and missing treasure, answers are hard to come by.
Poppy must trust new allies, forgive old wrongs, and find a forgotten pharaoh or the next tomb she enters may be her own.

“How can life or death be so much fun?” ~ Goodreads reviewer  (Amazon)

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Dogcatcher in the Rye (Bought-the-Farm Mystery Book 1) by [Riggs, Ellen]Turning a hobby farm into a quaint country inn is a piece of cake compared to solving a murder.

Ivy Galloway may not know an alpaca from a llama, but nothing’s going to stop her from pursuing her dream of opening a farm-themed inn in her hometown of Clover Grove. Not after what she went through to rescue Keats, her brilliant border collie, and flee the big city.

When Keats finds a body pushing up daisies in her rye field, however, the murder puts a blight on Ivy’s plans to welcome her first official guests in just three weeks. The police chief refuses to rush his investigation. Does he really believe she’s a suspect or is he just holding a grudge over what happened in high school?

To clear her name, Ivy starts digging up clues. The former HR exec is no stranger to interviewing, and Keats is a dog who loves a job. As she juggles sleuthing with getting the inn ready to launch, she almost reaches the end of her tether. With her beloved farm’s very future on the line can she solve the case before the killer comes after her next?

Dogcatcher in the Rye is perfect for animal-lovers, and anyone who likes curling up with a fun, fast-paced cozy mystery.

Delicious recipes included!  (Amazon)

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