New Releases For The Week Of May 24th, 2020–Part 2

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of May 24th, 2020. I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very many of them for the week. Today is the second day of my list for this week. Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.



The Witch Who Saw a Star (Pixie Point Bay Book 2): A Cozy Witch Mystery by [Emma Belmont]


A magnificent yacht, a famous director, and murder on the high seas.

When the body of the much hated captain of the luxury yacht Copernicus lands on Slick’s fishing boat, he calls his friend Maris Seaver to help him out of trouble. The only problem for the amateur sleuth is that Slick had motive and opportunity.

But with the help of her magic lighthouse and a cat who can hear the spirits, Maris is determined to prove that someone else on the boat is a cold-blooded murderer.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback

















Fair Warning (Jack McEvoy Book 3) by [Michael Connelly]The hero of The Poet and The Scarecrow is back in the new thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author Michael Connelly. Jack McEvoy, the journalist who never backs down, tracks a serial killer who has been operating completely under the radar–until now.

Veteran reporter Jack McEvoy has taken down killers before, but when a woman he had a one-night stand with is murdered in a particularly brutal way, McEvoy realizes he might be facing a criminal mind unlike any he’s ever encountered.
Jack investigates–against the warnings of the police and his own editor–and makes a shocking discovery that connects the crime to other mysterious deaths across the country. Undetected by law enforcement, a vicious killer has been hunting women, using genetic data to select and stalk his targets.

Uncovering the murkiest corners of the dark web, Jack races to find and protect the last source who can lead him to his quarry. But the killer has already chosen his next target, and he’s ready to strike.

Terrifying and unputdownable, Fair Warning shows once again why “Michael Connelly has earned his place in the pantheon of great crime fiction writers” (Chicago Sun-Times).  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback, Audiobook













The Study of Secrets (A Lila Maclean Academic Mystery Book 5) by [Cynthia Kuhn]There could be nowhere more fitting for English professor Lila Maclean to spend her sabbatical than in a proper Victorian mansion. The whimsical Callahan House seems to have materialized from the pages of the mystery novels she is researching, with its enchanting towers, cozy nooks, and charming library. Unfortunately, it also features a body in the study.

Residents of Larkston have long believed that the Callahan family is cursed—the murder on the estate sets the town buzzing. Wild rumors are fueled by a gossipy blogger who delights in speculation, and further crimes only intensify the whispers and suspicions. A newly discovered manuscript, however, appears to expose startling facts beneath the fictions. When Lila steps in to sort the truth from the lies, it may cost her everything, as someone wants to make dead certain that their secrets stay hidden.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

THE STUDY OF SECRETS by Cynthia Kuhn | A Henery Press Mystery. If you like one, you’ll probably like them all.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback












Mydworth Mysteries - Deadly Cargo (A Cosy Historical Mystery Series Book 5) by [Matthew Costello, Neil Richards]From the authors of the best-selling series CHERRINGHAM

Mydworth’s Excelsior Radio Company is world-famous for its expensive radio-phonographs. But suddenly the Excelsior delivery lorries start being hijacked, and the very future of the company is in doubt. Is this just about stolen radios – or is there something more secret and dangerous going on? When Harry and Kat are brought in to help, they decide to go undercover to solve the crimes and soon discover there are many more secrets to this mystery than meets the eye…

Co-authors Neil Richards (based in the UK) and Matthew Costello (based in the US), have been writing together since the mid-90s, creating innovative content and working on major projects for the BBC, Disney Channel, Sony, ABC, Eidos, and Nintendo to name but a few. Their transatlantic collaboration has underpinned scores of TV drama scripts, computer games, radio shows, and the best-selling mystery series Cherringham. Their latest series project is called Mydworth Mysteries.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle














The Templar Detective and the Black Scourge (The Templar Detective Thrillers Book 6) by [J. Robert Kennedy]



Templar Knight Sir Marcus de Rancourt rushes to Paris to determine what happened to young Thomas Durant after he fails to return from a short trip.

As he begins his search, he soon discovers that more is going on than just the disappearance of his young friend. A scourge is sweeping through Paris, affecting all levels of society, from the poor in the slums, to the King’s Court itself, a scourge that has nothing to do with disease, and everything to do with greed.

And the Templars stand accused.

It’s a race against time for Sir Marcus and his men to find their friend, and clear the good name of the Templar Order.

From award winning USA Today and million copy bestselling author J. Robert Kennedy comes another heart-pounding mystery in the hit Templar Detective series, packed with action, intrigue, and humor, guaranteed to keep fans of historical thrillers burning through the pages.

Get your copy today, and discover the horrible truth behind the black scourge sweeping through Paris…  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback












A Double Shot of Ghosts: A Witch & Ghost Cozy Mystery (Welsh Witch Mysteries Book 3) by [Alyn Troy]A duo of deceased demanding justice. A ghost-whispering barista. Can she stop peril from percolating through her picturesque town?

Coffee connoisseur April Storm can’t wait to knock the socks off an acclaimed fae food critic. She’s even called in a world-class-barista friend from America to help WOW! the critic. But just as she proudly finishes polishing her Welsh café’s cups, the anxious witch is horrified to find the critic’s archnemesis dead in a nearby alley. She has to hide the magic of her village from her American friend while the deceased demands answers. It’s up to April to filter through her town’s suspects and roast the Killer.

Trouble is also brewing next door at Black Bart’s pirate reunion. The quiet village gets a double shot of murder when a sailor meets his doom. The main suspects are one of April’s new pirate friends, or a long-dead undead pirate returned from Davy Jone’s locker. April prefers it to be neither.

Add in the usual trouble from her over-caffeinated snarky feline, and how the local inspector is eyeing her American friend as a prime suspect in at least one of the murders, April fears her small community’s reputation will end up in the dregs. But when a yet another body stuns the town, this java girl races to scorch the assassin before another deadly déjà-brew.

Can April earn a Michelin star in serving up justice?

A Double Shot of Ghosts is the third book in the charismatic Welsh Witch cozy mystery series. If you like sassy heroines, investigative misfits, and crime served with a perfect crema, then you’ll love Alyn Troy’s cappuccino caper.

Buy A Double Shot of Ghosts for a strong cup of intrigue today!  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle













A Gambit Of Shadows (Amelia Gardner Series Book 2) by [Jessica King]One year later, another game begins…

Amelia Gardner is a new graduate for the police academy and for the past year life has been good. Really good.

However, when Amelia and Charlie begin to receive cards again in the same MO of Shadow they begin to realize the game isn’t quite over yet.

It soon becomes apparent that Shadow intends to finish what he started.

And, if he gets his way, nobody will make it out alive…

Scroll up and order your copy with 1 click!

This is book 2 of Jessica King and TJ Ryan’s thrilling Amelia Gardner Series. It is suggested you start with book 1:  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback













Sinister Sunday: A laugh-out-loud cozy mystery (Becca Baker Series Book Book 2) by [Maxwell Miller]Who kills someone in a church?

That’s what she needed to find out.

There was only one problem…

Everyone was too scared to talk. Without the help of her loquacious friend, Becca must rely on her law enforcement buddy to surreptitiously gather the evidence she needs.

Except she’d burned that bridge, too.

Becca needs to get to the bottom of the murder before the flock disperses. Not least because they always come to grab pastries after their Sunday service. It was someone close to an acquaintance that died in the historic building, and the only way to get the law involved is to prove once and for all that foul play actually occurred.

Everyone knows the truth. But proving it is a different game altogether.

Armed only with her stubbornness, ingenuity, and armloads of beignets, Becca is bound and determined to find who killed her friend and bring them to justice.

Sinister Sunday offers a fun romp through a fictionalized Bend, Oregon as a baker tries to solve a complicated murder mystery in a world full of pious lies.

You’ll love Sinister Sunday because everyone loves a good mystery.

Pre-order now.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle














See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Kill Me: An OWL Investigations Mystery (OWL Investigations Mysteries Book 5) by [Alina Popescu]Clients lying through their teeth, lives on the line, and family misadventures. Just an ordinary day in the life of a professional sleuth.

There’s nothing private investigator Emmett Naoki wouldn’t do for family. So when a distressed woman shows up at his office, desperate to find her twin sister, he can’t help feeling for her. Which makes it even worse when he starts suspecting her touching story is nothing but a ruse. If he only knew what she’s playing at…

Normally, Emmett would consult with his brother, Tate, or David, his boyfriend and partner at OWL Investigations. Sadly, they’ve both been keeping secrets from him, which makes them totally unreliable.

The darker this case turns and the shadier his loved ones act, the more Emmett fights his nagging need to discover the truth. He’d better decide fast if he wants to keep on digging or if it’s high time he changed careers. Again. 

See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Kill Me is the fifth LGBT mystery in the riveting OWL Investigations series. If you like snarky private investigators with enough baggage to last them a lifetime, intricate mysteries that always keep you guessing, and a dash of romance, then you’ll love this fresh installment in the series.

Get your copy of See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Kill Me right now to dive into this complicated puzzle and see who makes it out in one piece.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle













The Fatal Family Affair: A 1920s Mystery Romance (Lola Rose Mysteries Book Six) by [C. Jane Reid]You are cordially invited to the wedding of Lady Deborah Addington Rose to Sir Caldwell Blythe…

At long last, Lola’s mother is getting married. There is only excitement in the air until ghosts from Deborah’s past appear. Her parents, the Marquess and Marchioness of Tolliver, arrive to stand witness. Or are they here to stop the wedding?

Soon, Lola is up to her corkscrew curls in family drama. Desperate to protect her mother’s future happiness, Lola attempts to smooth over the misunderstandings of the past. Adding to the complications, however, is a cousin Lola didn’t know she had becoming far too involved in the local nightlife. When one of those outings leads them to the infamous Blue Door nightclub, Lola and her friends are caught up in a raid that ends in death. Or is it murder?

Check into the Regal Rose Hotel, the posh and elegant hotel catering to the rich, famous, and eccentric in Jazz Age London. Enjoy a cocktail at the Punchbowl, take a walk through the Rooftop Garden, and join Lola Rose and her companions as they indulge in jazz, cocktails, romance, and mysteries.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle














Lord of the Fleas: A Marcia Banks and Buddy Mystery (The Marcia Banks and Buddy Mysteries Book 9) by [Kassandra Lamb]What could be more innocent than a country flea market?

When service dog trainer Marcia Banks takes up temporary residence with her best friend in Williston, Florida, her goals are simple: spoil her toddler godchildren and train her newest dog’s veteran owner, a vendor at a local flea market.

Ha, the universe has other plans. When the owner of the flea market is found dead and her client is a prime suspect, she discovers that nothing is as it seems—from the flea market owner himself, to the ornate dragonhead cane he gave to her client, to the beautiful but not very bright young woman whom her client has a crush on.

The only true innocent in the bunch seems to be her guileless client. But when he shares a confidence that puts her in a double bind with local law enforcement, she’s not sure she can even trust him.

Despite her promises to her new husband, the only way out of her no-win dilemma seems to be to find the real killer. The flea market, however, is hiding more secrets, and at least one of them could be deadly.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle














Pork Pie Pandemonium: Albert Smith's Culinary Capers Recipe 1 by [steve higgs]Baking. It can get a guy killed.

‘When Steve Higgs writes, he hits it out of the park. I find myself laughing out loud and often.’

When a retired detective superintendent chooses to take a culinary tour of the British Isles, he hopes to find tasty treats and delicious bakes …

… what he finds is a clue to a crime in the ingredients for his pork pie.

His dog, Rex Harrison, an ex-police dog fired for having a bad attitude, cannot understand why the humans are struggling to solve the mystery. He can already smell the answer – it’s right before their noses.

He’ll pitch in to help his human and the shop owner’s teenage daughter as the trio set out to save the shop from closure. Is the rival pork pie shop across the street to blame? Or is there something far more sinister going on?

One thing is for sure, what started out as a bit of fun, is getting deadlier by the hour, and they’d better work out what the dog knows soon or it could be curtains for them all.

‘This series has it all; everything I want in a story and series … humour, suspense, and colourful characters. It’s one of my top all-time favourite series.’

This series of books contain no cussing and graphic descriptions of violence or bedroom activities.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle













For Whom the Smell Tolls: A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel (A Nora Black Midlife Psychic Mystery Book 2) by [Renee George]

My name is Nora Black. I’m over fifty and enjoying my life to the fullest. That is, when I’m not worried about graying hair, low back pain, sagging skin, and a psychic gift that sometimes stinks.

After solving a murder with the help of my new scent-induced psychic ability, I’m thrilled to report that everything is finally getting back to normal. Better than normal, actually. My BFFs works with me at my Scents & Scentsability shop, I’m dating a young, hot detective, and the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend promises to bring in lots of happy-to-spend-money tourists to Garden Cove.

There’s not a thing in this world that could spoil my great mood…

Nothing except a suspicious death. When police officer Reese McKay asks me to use my aroma-mojo to look into the “accidental drowning” of her black-sheep cousin, I can’t turn her away. Especially now that she’s become a friend. There are only two problems–allergies have clogged my sinuses and have affected my ability to smell, and my ex, the chief of police, is less than thrilled that I’m sticking my nose into another investigation.

With help from my besties Gilly and Pippa, along with an unofficial assist from Detective Hot Stuff, I’m determined to crack the case of the drowned girl and sniff out the killer before he or she can strike again.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle











Topsail Sundays (Summerhouse Reunion Three Part Story Book 2) by [Kathi Daley]Five victims, four friends, three novels, two romances, and one cold case mystery, combine to bring you the first in a series of three part reunion stories by USA Today Bestselling author Kathi Daley.

In the second installment of the three part story, Kelly, Carrie, and Nora, are joined by Quinn, who together, revisit the past in the hope of finding answers to a twenty five year old mystery. While the details surrounding the mystery seem to have gaps that can’t be explained, things begin to come together after Kelly shares Nora’s story about Cherry with Sam. Determined to find out whether this mystery woman is still alive, or if she was, in fact, victim number four, Sam hunts for answers, only to find, when a girl turns up dead, that perhaps their assumptions were wrong all along.

Meanwhile Kelly is spending her time at The Perfect Tan Surfing Competition, Carrie is busy moving into her condo, Quinn is conflicted as work clashes with her much needed vacation, and Nora struggles with the decision she knows it is well past time to make.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback



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