New Releases For The Week Of May 31st, 2020–Part 2

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of May 31st, 2020. I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very many of them for the week. Today is the second day of my list for this week. Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.


A Stormy Spell (This Good Witch Mystery Series Book 2) by [Lucy May]

Juliette Good has gotten her groove back. Sort of. She’s back home and settling into her new and old life. Spring has sprung, and the witches and warlocks of Charm Cove are enjoying the nice weather. Until it’s not so nice.

Spells start going awry, and spring rains turn into wild storms that wreak havoc. While the supernatural power brokers in town try to trace the spell problems, Juliette stumbles across a sneaky theft in the accounts of Beauty Bewitched.

Juliette is busy trying to track down the who and the why of the theft, but it’s hard to get anything done when the town’s residents are facing random tornados and electrical storms. Meanwhile, Donovan Wick is busy wooing Juliette, and a stray dog named Sunshine just might help him along the way.

Take a visit to Charm Cove, where Wicked meets Good and where you just might find there’s almost always more than meets the eye.  (Amazon)

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No Feign No Gain (Sonic Sleuths Series Book 2) by [Carrie Ann Knox]Quinn Bailey has absolutely no interest in sleuthing again any time soon. No way, no how.

After her first foray into the dark world of private investigations almost derailed her career, Quinn is intent on staying laser-focused on finally becoming a Doctor of Audiology. With her big-girl job all lined up and graduation mere weeks away, her plan is just about to pay off.

But her best friend, wily, head-strong PI Sloan McKenzie, has other plans. And when a big story breaks, dragging the girls into the spotlight–and imminent danger–she finally gets her wish. They’re going to need to do a little digging.

In all the ensuing chaos, Quinn’s suspicious coworker goes missing, and the girls are quickly blamed. Suddenly she has nothing but time to sort out the real mastermind and clear her name. But when a mysterious package takes on a more sinister meaning, it becomes clear the girls need to find her former frenemy, safe and intact, and quickly . . . before someone else receives a disturbing delivery.

Like it or not, the girls are back on the case. And no matter what happens, this time there might not be an easy route back to life as they know it when they’re done.

No Feign No Gain is book two of the Sonic Sleuths Series, a unique blend of private investigator-meets-cozy mystery featuring “two feisty females.” No graphic violence, sex, or strong language. Just good, clean fun!  (Amazon)

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The Scuba Club (The Gavin Larson Chronicles) by [Rene Fomby]Six friends dove into the water that night.
But only five came out alive.


Was the death of a US Senator’s daughter on a night dive off the coast of Mexico just a tragic accident—or was it something far more sinister? That’s what former FBI Agent Gavin Larson has been sent to find out.

The Mexican Federales in charge of the case have ordered all the suspects to remain onboard their luxury yacht while the investigation proceeds. But when a body turns up, Gavin finds himself stuck on the boat as well. With an unknown killer lurking just around the corner and a Category Five hurricane bearing down on all of them, threatening at any moment to send the tiny yacht and its nine inhabitants to the very bottom of the deep blue sea.
A frollicking modern twist on the classic Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express, The Scuba Club meets up with a band of former high school football stars, now deep in their tenth annual celebration of their greatest lifetime achievement, a Texas state championship in their senior years. This time they’ve brought their wives and girlfriends to tiny Cozumel Island, and with a major tropical storm building have decided to risk one last dive, a night dive in unusually strong currents with a sketchy dive master taking the lead. What could possibly go wrong?  (Amazon)

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Dutch Hex: A Taylor Quinn Quilt Shop Mystery (The Taylor Quinn Quilt Shop Mysteries Book 4) by [Tess Rothery]Two years after the tragic death of her mother, Taylor is living her best life. She’s got a steady boyfriend, stable business, and the coup of hosting a hugely popular quilt expo in her small town.

If that weren’t enough good news, outtakes of her mom’s old YouTube show have exploded online, bringing fame and money to everyone involved.

Things are literally perfect until the quilt expo’s keynote speaker fails to show up for her morning class. It appears the young woman died of a tragic allergic reaction—but looks can be deceiving.

Since murder has a way of killing business, Taylor is willing to do anything to make her town safe. But a tangle of troubled teens, amateur detectives, and haunting clips of her dead mom have her tied up in knots. This might be the murder that makes her pack it all in for good.  (Amazon)

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Sweet Tea and Second Chances: A Heartwarming Romance Mystery (Seasoned Southern Sleuths Cozy Mystery Book 7) by [Kelsey Browning, Nancy Naigle]The Golden Girls meet Dirty Harry…

From USA Today bestselling authors

Sheriff Teague Castro is getting a second chance at love, but his newly rekindled relationship with Jenny Northcutt is making his supporters wonder if he’s too distracted to uphold his commitment to their small town.

When Jenny buys an expensive house Teague could never afford on a sheriff’s salary, gossip runs wild. After all, if he can’t support his own family, he’s surely not fit to protect the public. So until his job is secure, Teague presses pause on his love life. 

But when a little girl is kidnapped, Jenny ends up in the middle of a dangerous situation. With her life on the line, Teague must walk a tightrope between his career and his future family. 

Will he rescue them both, or will Teague’s forever suddenly turn into never?

Recipes included!


(Originally published as Come a Little Closer in the Granny/G Team series)


Although all books are stand alones, if you would like to read the entire series chronologically and follow the character development, the following is the correct order. The novellas are secondary to the main series.

1. In for a Penny

2. Collard Greens and Catfishing

3. Christmas Cookies and a Confession – A Jenny & Teague romantic adventure novella

4. Deviled Eggs and Deception

5. Sweet Tea and Second Chances – A Jenny & Teague romantic adventure novella

6. Fried Pickles and a Funeral

7. Wedding Mints and Witnesses  (Amazon)

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Witch Things Happen at Sea (A Wildes Witches Paranormal Cozy Mystery Book 6) by [Mara Webb]

Nora Wildes is ready to embark on the first vacation she has had in years. When her boyfriend’s rich client invites them to enjoy his luxury yacht with his friends and family, things seem too good to be true. When she stumbles upon the millionaire’s dead body, she realizes she was right.

Trapped at sea with a killer, Nora must battle through the complicated dynamics of the people that stand to inherit the fortune. Has someone murdered for money? Might they kill again? Will greed send them all over the edge?

With one heir to the fortune throwing three sheets to the wind and the other failing to keep her marriage ship shape, it’s all hands on deck to catch a murderer before they reach their final destination. One suspect plans to turn Nora into shark bait, will they succeed?

Witch Things Happen at Sea is the sixth book in the Wildes Witches Mystery series.  (Amazon)

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Peril in High Heels (High Heels Mysteries Book 11) by [Gemma Halliday, Kelly Rey] #1 Amazon, New York Times & USA Today Bestselling series!
Take one fashion designer, one epic fantasy film being shot in the middle of Nowheresville, and a very real dead body, and you have a hilariously action-packed mystery!

Fashion designer Maddie Springer is a huge fan of the Lord of the Throne books by J.R. Ravensberg. So when her best friend, Dana, gets cast as the lead actress in the upcoming movie version, she’s giddy with fandom! Even more so when she’s invited for a girls’ weekend on the set—currently being filmed in the wilds of Moose Haven, Saskatchewan. Between battling Bobbits, Elven Princesses, and Dragon Queens, Maddie is in heaven. But what starts out as a fangirl’s dream quickly turns into something out of a horror movie, when the demanding director of the film shows up dead…stabbed with a prop sword!

It’s no secret Dana had her differences with the difficult director, and the local police have her squarely in their sights as suspect number one. Worse yet, no one is allowed to leave the small Moose-obsessed town, and Maddie’s meddling mom, hot husband, and flamboyant friend Marco are all threatening to descend! With the locals growing hostile and the police zeroing in on her BFF, it’s up to Maddie to figure out who had the director taking his final bow. Problem is, everyone has a motive—from the director’s frigid wife, to the young starlet with a secret, the mysterious actor playing the Evil Prince, the producer with an eye on the bottom line, and even the eccentric author, Ravensberg himself. If Maddie doesn’t watch her step, this may be one movie without a happy Hollywood ending…

The High Heels Mysteries:
#1 Spying in High Heels
#2 Killer in High Heels
#3 Undercover in High Heels
#3.5 Christmas in High Heels (short story)
#4 Alibi in High Heels
#5 Mayhem in High Heels
#5.5 Honeymoon in High Heels (novella)
#5.75 Sweetheart in High Heels (short story)
#6 Fearless in High Heels
#7 Danger in High Heels
#8 Homicide in High Heels
#9 Deadly in High Heels
#10 Suspect in High Heels
#11 Peril in High Heels
#12 Jeopardy in High Heels

What critics are saying:

“Ms. Halliday is the undisputed queen of the genre: she knows how to blend fashion, suspense, laughter, and romance in all the right doses.”
Fresh Fiction

“A saucy combination of romance and suspense that is simply irresistible.”
Chicago Tribune

“Stylish… nonstop action…guaranteed to keep chick lit and mystery fans happy!”
Publishers’ Weekly, *starred review*

“A roller coaster ride full of fun and excitement!”
Romance Reviews Today

Rating: This story does not contain any graphic violence, language, or sexual encounters. Its rating would be similar to PG-13 or what you would find on a Hallmark Channel movie or TV series.  (Amazon)

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Sussex, England. 1929.

Mydworth is a sleepy English market town just 50 miles from London. But even in this idyllic spot, crime is never far away…

Luckily, the young and adventurous Sir Harry Mortimer has returned to Mydworth from his diplomatic post in Cairo with his unconventional American wife, Kat. And between them they are a match for anything – even murder.


Mydworth’s Excelsior Radio Company is world-famous for its expensive radio-phonographs. But suddenly the Excelsior delivery lorries start being hijacked, and the very future of the company is in doubt. Is this just about stolen radios – or is there something more secret and dangerous going on? When Harry and Kat are brought in to help, they decide to go undercover to solve the crimes and soon discover there are many more secrets to this mystery than meets the eye…  (Amazon)

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Lady Rights a Wrong (Manor Cat Mystery Book 2) by [Eliza Casey]As the suffragette movement sweeps England in 1912, Lady Cecilia Bates wants to march but ends up trailing a killer instead in the latest entry to the Manor Cat Mysteries.

Lady Cecilia of Danby Hall feels adrift. She couldn’t be less interested in helping to plan the church’s upcoming bazaar. Instead, what excites her most is the Woman’s Suffrage Union meeting she has just attended.

Inspired by the famous and charismatic leader of the group, Mrs. Amelia Price, Cecilia is eager to join the Union—if she can hide it from her parents, that is. But when Mrs. Price is found dead at the foot of the stairs of her home, her Votes for Women sash torn away, Cecilia knows she must attend to a more urgent matter: finding the killer. With the help of her lady’s maid Jane and intelligent cat Jack, she hopes to play her part in earning women’s equality by stopping the Union’s dangerous foe.  (Amazon)

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Ambush Before Sunrise & Gun-Shy Bride (Harlequin Intrigue) by [B.J. Daniels]B.J. Daniels returns to Cardwell country in Ambush Before Sunrise—plus a bonus story!

Ambush Before Sunrise

Wrangler Angus Savage has come to Wyoming to help Jinx McCallahan get her cattle to high country. He’s signed on for the dangerous drive, eager to reconnect with the woman he knew when they were kids. Now in the wilderness the no-nonsense cowboy and the strong-willed rancher must navigate the trail’s many hazards—like her treacherous ex who wants her back…or dead.

Gun-Shy Bride

The discovery of human bones by the Winchester Ranch rocked the small town and its deputy sheriff, McCall Winchester. The grave held answers to questions that had long haunted her, and nothing would stop her from getting them…not even the return of Luke Crawford.  (Amazon)

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A Double Shot of Ghosts: A Witch & Ghost Cozy Mystery (Welsh Witch Mysteries Book 3) by [Alyn Troy]A duo of deceased demanding justice. A ghost-whispering barista. Can she stop peril from percolating through her picturesque town?

Coffee connoisseur April Storm can’t wait to knock the socks off an acclaimed fae food critic. She’s even called in a world-class-barista friend from America to help WOW! the critic. But just as she proudly finishes polishing her Welsh café’s cups, the anxious witch is horrified to find the critic’s archnemesis dead in a nearby alley. She has to hide the magic of her village from her American friend while the deceased demands answers. It’s up to April to filter through her town’s suspects and roast the Killer.

Trouble is also brewing next door at Black Bart’s pirate reunion. The quiet village gets a double shot of murder when a sailor meets his doom. The main suspects are one of April’s new pirate friends, or a long-dead undead pirate returned from Davy Jone’s locker. April prefers it to be neither.

Add in the usual trouble from her over-caffeinated snarky feline, and how the local inspector is eyeing her American friend as a prime suspect in at least one of the murders, April fears her small community’s reputation will end up in the dregs. But when a yet another body stuns the town, this java girl races to scorch the assassin before another deadly déjà-brew.

Can April earn a Michelin star in serving up justice?

A Double Shot of Ghosts is the third book in the charismatic Welsh Witch cozy mystery series. If you like sassy heroines, investigative misfits, and crime served with a perfect crema, then you’ll love Alyn Troy’s cappuccino caper.

Buy A Double Shot of Ghosts for a strong cup of intrigue today!  (Amazon)

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Murder in Abbot's Folly (Marsh and Daughter Book 8) by [Amy Myers]The final mystery in the Marsh and Daughter series.

Curiosity about a murder that took place in an eighteenth-century folly draws father and daughter team Peter and Georgia Marsh to attend a summer gala in honour of Jane Austen at Stourdens, a fast decaying Georgian mansion in Kent.

But instead of enjoying a literary day out, they are thrust into a tense situation rapidly approaching boiling point. Robert Luckhurst, the murdered former owner of Stourdens, was an avid collector of Jane Austen memorabilia, and his collection is thought to contain thrilling secrets about the novelist’s love life. Whether the Fettises, the new owners of both Stourdens and the collection, should reveal them or not is fiercely debated.

It is a battle in which Peter and Georgia are caught up in their search for the truth about Luckhurst’s death – and a battle which pitches Georgia into danger as murder once again strikes at Stourdens …

Praise for Murder in Abbot’s Folly:

‘Myers presents all the ingredients for an enjoyable read’ – Kirkus Reviews

‘Will appeal to both cosy and historical fiction readers’ – Booklist  (Amazon)

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Muddy Bites (The Raleigh Cheramie Series) by [Jessica Tastet]Life in Barbeaux Bayou has been fairly normal for Raleigh Cheramie. Family gatherings, weekly visits from her dead Aunt, and waiting for the dead to need her help are all part of her not-so-average life. While volunteering at the local high school, Raleigh’s Traiteur-to-the-dead abilities are put to use when students begin summoning her to their watery graves.

Raleigh must untwist the sordid stories of teenagers and uncover the secrets of a cold case to put an end to the untimely demise of Barbeaux’s young. But her own relationship woes with Mike have her distracted. Now she has to balance the will-they or will-they-not over Mike with solving murders and keeping the bodies from piling up. Can she figure out all the answers before it is too late for the young lives they were asked to help?  (Amazon)

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Passing Fancies (A Julia Kydd Novel Book 2) by [Marlowe Benn]Julia Kydd returns in a new mystery set in the beguiling world of the Harlem Renaissance, where reckless revelry leads to devastating crimes.

When stylish young bibliophile Julia Kydd returns to 1920s New York, she’s determined to launch her own private press. Julia’s aspirations take her into the heart of the Harlem Renaissance, a literary movement unlike any she’s known—where notions of race, sexuality, and power are slippery, and identities can be deceptively fluid.

At a risqué soiree, Julia befriends singer Eva Pruitt, whose new book is rumored to reveal lurid details about the Harlem nightlife. But Leonard Timson, a local nightclub owner, is furious when he suspects he’s the inspiration for a violent character in the book. By morning, Timson is dead, and both Eva and her manuscript are missing.

Julia finds herself immersed in a case as troubling as Jazz Age race relations. More questions than answers surface about Eva’s mysterious world, and powerful interests conspire to protect dangerous secrets. Still, no man can stand between Julia and the truth: appalled by violent injustice, she must use her wit and guile to find the killer.  (Amazon)

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Elvis and the Heartbreak Hotel Murders: With Bonus Recipes (A Southern Cousins Mystery) by [Peggy Webb]Elvis is back, and a whole lotta sleuthin’ is goin’ on!

          New parents Callie and Jack, Mooreville’s answer to Mr. and Mrs. 007, head to a much-needed weekend getaway in Memphis. Baby PJ is left behind in the care of Callie’s flamboyant mama and the family’s dog Elvis, who imagines himself the reincarnation of the legendary Rock ‘n’ Roll King. Cousin Lovie and her new hunk’a burnin’ love husband go along for a delayed honeymoon at the Peabody, one of  the Deep South’s grandest old hotels. But somebody with revenge always on his mind turns the romantic tryst into heartbreak hotel.  With the body count rising, the cousins and Elvis go into full sleuth mode. But there are more red herrings than the Peabody has famous ducks. Can the Valentine cousins and a hound dog with a nose for trouble catch the bad guys before everybody’s left crying in the chapel? This laugh-aloud whodunit shows just why reviewers call the Southern Cousins cozies “a bestselling series that is the perfect combination of mystery, romance and just plain fun!” .  (Amazon)

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Peaches and Scream (Apple Orchard Cozy Mystery Book 8) by [Chelsea Thomas]

Life’s a peach. Murder is the pit.

Peaches are back in season at the orchard and everyone’s got that warm, fuzzy feeling.

Miss May throws a “Peach Party” to celebrate. The whole town turns up for the bash. They munch on Peach pie, they drink Peach Sangria. Everything is, well, peachy. Until…

…a dead body turns up in the bakeshop.

The shop is locked from the inside and there are no signs of a struggle. But it’s clear to everyone that this was a murder.

One big problem…

…Chelsea and Miss May are the only people who have keys to the building.

Will Chelsea end up in prison for a crime she didn’t commit?

You’ll love this story because it has a mystery that’s tough to solve, plus a peach pie recipe that’s been in the family for generations.

FREE to read on Kindle Unlimited. Grab it now.  (Amazon)

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Overdue to Die (A Peachtree Point Mystery Book 1) by [J A Whiting, Amanda Diamond]



Heather Redding is the library director in the seaside town of Peachtree Point, New Hampshire. She and her friend and colleague, Sylvie, are helping with the town’s first romance writers conference. The conference organizers wanted a well-known author to be the keynote speaker, but their budget wasn’t big enough for their first choice. Instead, they invite Fiona Fulbright who comes with a pile of baggage and trouble. When someone collapses and dies in front of the conference-goers, will Heather, Sylvie, and Heather’s sister, Joanna, the town’s Sheriff’s Deputy, solve the crime before the culprit gets away with murder?  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback