New Releases For The Week Of June 14th, 2020



Borrowed Time (A Village Library Mystery Book 3) by [Elizabeth Spann Craig]


Sometimes a weekend trip is stressful, especially if you’re on borrowed time. 

Fall is beautiful in the small mountain village of Whitby, North Carolina. The leaves are changing color on the mountainsides, the sky is a bright blue, and the air is crisp. Librarian Ann Beckett’s friend and coworker, Luna, has persuaded her to take a break from the library and attend a house party on the lake with her.

The modest house Ann was expecting is more of a mansion with amazing mountain and lake views and an indoor swimming pool. The other guests initially seem fun, but as time passes, tensions grow. When one of the guests is later found murdered in the pool, Ann works through the puzzle since now someone else is on borrowed time.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback
















Heartbreaks & Half-truths: 22 Stories of Mystery & Suspense (A Superior Shores Anthology Book 2) by [Judy Penz Sheluk, KM Rockwood, Paula Gail Benson, James Blakey, Buzz Dixon, Tracy Falenwolfe, Kate Flora, Peggy Rothschild, Blair Keetch, Edward Lodi]Lovers and losers. 

Whether it’s 1950s Hollywood, a scientific experiment, or a yard sale in suburbia, the twenty-two authors represented in this collection of mystery and suspense interpret the overarching theme of “heartbreaks and half-truths” in their own inimitable style, where only one thing is certain: Behind every broken heart lies a half-truth. 

And behind every half-truth lies a secret.

Featuring stories by Sharon Hart Addy, Paula Gail Benson, James Blakey, Gustavo Bondoni, Susan Daly, Buzz Dixon, Rhonda Eikamp, Christine Eskilson,Tracy Falenwolfe, KateFlora, John M.Floyd, J.A. Henderson, Blair Keetch, Steve Liskow, Edward Lodi, Judy Penz Sheluk, KM Rockwood, Peggy Rothschild, Joseph S.Walker, James Lincoln Warren, Chris Wheatley and Robb T. White.  (Amazon)

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A Sinister Establishment: A Regency Cozy (A Beatrice Hyde-Clare Mystery Book 6) by [Lynn Messina]The former Beatrice Hyde-Clare is having a little trouble adjusting to her new situation. Now installed as the Duchess of Kesgrave in elegant splendor in Berkeley Square, she is confounded by the stately residence’s seemingly endless array of rooms and every time one of the maids addresses her as “your grace,” she flinches. And the butler! Oh, yes, that imposing servant holds her in utter contempt and has no qualms about sharing his opinion with the rest of the staff.

It’s all so wretched.

But just as Bea begins to despair—a bright spot.

A neighboring house has suffered a ghastly tragedy, and although the constable deems it an inadvertent decapitation, she can’t believe anyone could be so careless as to accidentally lose his head. Determined to discover the truth, the new duchess pays her first social call. Because even if she can’t find her way around her palatial home, she certainly knows her way around a murder.  (Amazon)

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Murdered for Millions: A Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery (Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery Series Book 13) by [Dianne Harman]A computer app that was going to bring in millions,
Developed by four young techies.
The founder of the group is murdered,
But was it murder or a burglary gone terribly wrong?

Even though Liz vows not to become involved in the case, when the new chief of police and his assistant both come down with pneumonia, she has no choice, because the killer may get away.

And could the murderer be one of the guests staying at her Red Cedar Lodge & Spa?

Sometimes it’s a very good thing when a big boxer has your back. And it’s not the first time Winston has had to play that role!

Enjoy this page-turner, the 13th book in the Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery Series, by a USA Today Bestselling Author and Amazon All Star. As always, plenty of dogs and recipes.  (Amazon)

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Swords and Fallen Lords: Paranormal Cozy Mystery (Mitzy Moon Mysteries Book 7) by [Trixie Silvertale]A murder in plain sight. A suspect clear as knight. Can this psychic sleuth unhorse the true villain?

Mitzy Moon is no fan of the Renaissance Faire. But her interest is suddenly piqued when a jousting exhibition turns deadly. Following a clue from her magicked mood ring, she’s ready to take up the sword and fight for the realm.

Refusing to heed the handsome sheriff’s warnings, Mitzy dons a wench’s wardrobe and dives into the case. But she’ll need the help of her meddling Ghost-ma and spoiled feline to root out the canker. With doxies, scoundrels, and panderers aplenty, it won’t be easy to ferret out the truth!

Can Mitzy serve up the knave on a pike, or will she find herself on the wrong end of the lance?

Swords and Fallen Lords is the seventh book in the hilarious paranormal cozy mystery series, Mitzy Moon Mysteries. If you like snarky heroines, supernatural intrigue, and a dash of romance, then you’ll love Trixie Silvertale’s twisty caper.

Buy Swords and Fallen Lords to plunder a whodunit today!  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback














































Bakewell Tart Bludgeoning: Albert Smith's Culinary Capers Recipe 2 by [Steve higgs]How Steve Higgs brilliantly comes up with page-turner after page-turner is beyond my understanding, but much to my delight.’ – Amazon customer.

On a culinary tour of the British Isles, retired Detective Superintendent Albert Smith and snarky former police dog Rex Harrison find something quite unexpected waiting for them at their B&B …

… it’s the almost-dead body of their landlady.

Refusing to believe in coincidence, Albert and Rex set out to discover why her ‘accident’ is the second terrible event there in two days. Something is stirring in Bakewell and it’s not the ingredients for a famous tart.

In trouble faster than a souffle can fall, the duo must work fast before anyone else has an accident. But the landlady’s twin sister is hiding a secret, Albert keeps calling it a tart when it’s a pudding, and their taxi driver, Asim, appears to use a language all of his own.

With Rex’s nose working overtime, you can be sure they’ll track down the bad guys responsible. Unfortunately, that might be when the real trouble begins.

Baking. It can get a guy killed.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle






















































Kindred Spirits: A Chocolate Magic Cozy Mystery - Book 6 by [Olivia Swift]Nothing stays buried forever!

Join café owner Magda, her husband Sam and their friends, as the group pool their resources to purchase an old bank building to renovate into an art gallery. Problems arise, especially when they encounter an angry spirit! Meanwhile, Magda’s beautiful psychic cat Crystal, keeps pushing a magazine to the floor – always opening to a page about family ancestry.

Much to their surprise, when Magda and Sam take a trip to Ireland to complete the renovations to the cottage they had purchased from Sam’s aunt while on their honeymoon, the spirit from America suddenly appears again!

Back at home, in a turn of events, Crystal’s attention is drawn to buttons after an old police jacket is found in the bank building. What can her hints possibly mean?

Twists and turns lead the reader on an international journey complete with séances, spirits, friendship and romance! Delightful and appealing characters will make you feel like one of Magda’s friends!

And there’s always a happily-ever-after ending!  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle
















The Witch On Main Street (The Wickeden Inquisitor Mysteries Book 1) by [Jo Hamilton, Marianne Holmes]


The signs were there.
She read them in the rosehips in the bottom of a teacup, and in the steam rising from a nettle infusion. Edie Pepperidge knew the day would come when Mr. Newcombe strolled into her herbal dispensary on Main Street, carrying a large silver envelope. She knew that once she opened this envelope her life would never be the same again.

Three Found Hanging!
was the headline in the Wickeden Gazette and the first assignment for newly enlisted Inquisitor, Edie Pepperidge. But who is capable of killing witches and warlocks without fire, by turning their blood into tar?  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle




























































Enchanted Bones: A Sarah Booth Delaney Short Mystery (A Sarah Booth Delaney Mystery Book 20) by [Carolyn Haines]In Carolyn Haines’s Enchanted Bones, PI Sarah Booth Delaney comes to the rescue in a short mystery set in Zinnia, Mississippi, that will delight fans and new readers alike.

A lost little girl is just about the last thing Private Investigator Sarah Booth Delaney expects to see while horseback riding one evening in the woods, and her concern deepens when she reads the note pinned to the girl’s outfit: it says she is cursed, and has consequently been abandoned.

Filled with concern for the child, Sarah Booth gets to work tracing her origins. The quest takes her and her partner, Tinkie, to a small nomadic community on the Mississippi River, where the answers to their questions lie. Sarah Booth must tread carefully, however, for danger awaits her there as well.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle










Haunted by [Cathy Pegau]Environmental consultant Georgie Del Ducco sees dead people. Well, one dead person–her best friend, journalist Min Goldfelder. Min’s latest visit comes as Georgie flees her own wedding in her cheating ex-fiancé’s car. As much as Georgie appreciates Min’s company, she can’t help but wonder why her friend keeps showing up and hasn’t “crossed over.”

While Georgie’s being held for car theft, Min sees a man she knows is somehow connected to her fatal accident. And her accident is connected to a bear poaching story she was working on when she died. Can Georgie and Min solve the mystery of Min’s death so she can continue her journey to the other side? Better question: Can Georgie face having her BFF gone forever?

Content Warnings: scenes of dealing with grief and loss of a close friend and an adult child; brief rough handling by a former romantic partner; recounting fatal automobile accident and images of injuries.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle































Haunted Nantucket: Lin Coffin Mysteries Books 1-3 (Lin Coffin Mysteries Collection Book 1) by [J A Whiting]This collection includes the first three books in the Lin Coffin Cozy Mystery series.
This is book 1 in the Lin Coffin Mystery series.
After the death of her grandfather, Lin Coffin returns to the island of her birth, Nantucket, Massachusetts, to make a new start in life, but things don’t begin smoothly. After not seeing one for twenty years, a ghost appears in her back yard and her cousin, Viv, becomes a suspect in a murder. Lin and Viv, with the help of several others, work to solve the crime before the killer strikes again.
This story has ghosts and some mild paranormal elements.
This is book 2 in the Lin Coffin Mystery series.
The main mystery is solved in each book but you will enjoy the stories more if they are read in order.
Lin Coffin is enjoying her new life on the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts. One night while helping her cousin and her cousin’s band members load instruments and equipment into a van, she meets a friendly young couple who help her after she falls on the sidewalk. The next day while working in the garden of a new client, Lin sees the girl again but there is something very wrong.
Lin and her cousin, Viv, with the help of several others, work to solve the mystery of the girl’s disappearance.
This story has ghosts and some mild paranormal elements.
This is book 3 in the Lin Coffin series.
Lin Coffin and her new business partner, Leonard, have started a landscaping business on the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts. One evening while reviewing a new project, Lin’s dog digs in a pile of dirt in the new client’s yard and finds a bone. When Lin goes to see what the little creature has found, she sees the ghost of her ancestor watching her and knows that the bone must be human.
Lin and her cousin, Viv, with the help of several others, work to solve the mystery of who the bone belongs to, how it got in the yard, and who put it there.
This story has ghosts and some mild paranormal elements.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle








































































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