New Releases For The Week Of June 28th, 2020–Part 4

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of June 28th, 2020. I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very many of them for the week. Today is the fourth and final day of my list for this week. Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.

Pocket Change by [Debbie Archer]

When Mary Clare Casteel (Mac) discovers her contractor stuffed in the display coffin of Pocket Change, her soon-to-open eclectic business, it puts the skids on secret plans to use her recent Publisher’s Clearing House winnings to assist at-risk businesses in her small town of Pocket, Arkansas.

Enter her quirky family and tantalizing new neighbor, Mick Walker.

Murder, techie mishaps, and a host of Southern traditions accompany Mary Clare as she juggles her fortune while dodging demanding deadbeats. What ensues is an investigation led by a new millionaire, her fun-loving family, and a handsome bait shop owner.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback















Really Truly (A Pumpkin Falls Mystery Book 3) by [Heather Vogel Frederick]The Pumpkin Falls Private Eyes grapple with pirates and mermaids in the third cozy mystery of the Edgar Award–nominated middle grade series from the author of the beloved Mother-Daughter Book Club books.

Truly Lovejoy is excited for the perfect summer in Pumpkin Falls, New Hampshire: swim practice outside, working at the bookstore, one-on-one time with her mom, and best of all, time with the dreamy RJ Calhoun who may just like Truly back. But the idyllic falls apart when she’s sent off to mermaid academy—sparkly tail and all.

Luckily, a mystery is never too far behind the Pumpkin Falls Private Eyes, and synchronized swimming turns into a hunt for a sunken ship and an investigation of the founding of Pumpkin Falls…which may have involved more pirates than originally thought.

And as the Pumpkin Falls Private Eyes get closer to the heart of the mystery and Truly gets closer to her mermaid debut, she may just learn to come out of her shell.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover
















Spilling the Jelly Beans: Beach City Cozy Mysteries: Patsy #1 by [Giselle Lumas]



Patricia Garret and Shirley Martinez are both widowed and retired, and they each have a sweet tooth. One sunny day in Beach City, California, they make a run to the candy store. When they are ready to pay for their candy, they realize no one is at the register. They walk to the back of the store where they discover the body of the store’s owner, Robert Wilkins. He was struck over the head with a jar of jelly beans. They debate whether to call Patricia’s son, Byron Garret, who happens to be a detective, or to call 911. They decide to call 911. Her son is the one who responds to the call along with other police crew.

He warns Patricia and Shirley to stay out of the investigation but knows they will pry as concerned senior citizens of Beach City.  (Amazon)

Editions available:  Kindle
















A Fatal Fiction (Deadly Edits Book 3) by [Kaitlyn Dunnett]Freelance book editor Mikki Lincoln knows the makings of a well-written story. But she’ll need to choose her words wisely when a new assignment introduces a deadly plot twist . . .  
Forgotten on the outskirts of quaint Lenape Hollow, Feldman’s Catskill Resort Hotel has outlasted its heyday as a popular tourist destination and now awaits demolition. But once Mikki is hired to edit a revealing memoir by Sunny Feldman, the last living relative of its original owners, the doomed resort quickly ends up back in the spotlight . . .
Unfortunately, everyone’s attention shifts to Mikki when a body is discovered at the demolition site. Seen arguing with deceptive entrepreneur Greg Onslow right before his shocking death, the editor has no choice but to spell out exactly why she isn’t guilty of murdering him . . .
Mikki’s dash for answers brings Greg’s shady dealings into focus, along with an unsettling list of potential culprits. As false leads and dead ends force her to revise theories on who really did it, can Mikki separate fact from fiction before the investigation reaches a terrifying conclusion?  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Audiobook
















Murderous Day in Mexico: Dog Days Mystery #8, A humorous cozy mystery by [Jamie Blair]

It’s margaritas, Mariachi, and murder in Mexico!

Cameron Cripps Hayman is on vacation in the Yucatan Peninsula, taking a break from life as an amateur sleuth in Metamora, Indiana. With her crew back home busy running their shops in the little canal town, Cameron relaxes by the pool, walks along the beach, and tours Mayan ruins—until her whole trip gets ruined by a murder.
She should’ve known something was up when a little chihuahua started following her around the resort. When Cameron follows the feisty little dog to a secluded area of rocks and palm trees, she discovers her new acquaintance lying dead with her head buried in the sand.

Cam’s police officer husband might be used to her sticking her nose into his cases, but the State Investigation Police in the Yucatan aren’t so welcoming of Cameron’s help. The other American tourists staying at the resort, however, happen to be more than happy to chat about the murder, their theories, and rumors they’ve heard about the victim.
Spending her vacation solving another murder wasn’t on Cameron’s travel agenda, but when a sweet little dog drags her into the case, how can she refuse?  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle














A Design to Die For (A Hamptons Home & Garden Mystery Book 5) by [Kathleen Bridge]

“Discerning cozy mystery fans who delight in well-developed characters, rich detail, and a smart plotline will find that Kathleen Bridge’s A Design to Die For is their cup of tea!” —Ellery Adams, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Montauk’s first annual Designer Showhouse was meant to be a collaborative event, so decorator Meg Barrett can only despair at the group of cutthroat designers scheming to sabotage each other on the project, not to mention the oddball collection of ghost hunters slinking around to investigate a supposedly haunted cottage. But when one of the owners of the showhouse is found murdered on the rocky beach below, Meg suddenly finds herself clashing with local police because of evidence that points to her as a prime suspect.

Desperate to clear her name and track down the real culprit, Meg discovers that many of her fellow designers despised the victim for his unscrupulous business dealings, while others were speculating about his extramarital affairs. And as more secrets emerge about both the deceased and the many outsiders who have come together for the showhouse, Meg realizes she’ll have to decipher a murky pattern of clues to escape the killer’s deadly designs on her . . .

Includes scrumptious recipes and vintage decorating tips!

Praise for the Hamptons Home & Garden Mysteries:

“A delightful sneak peek into life in the Hamptons, with intricate plotting and a likeable, down-to-earth protagonist. A promising start to a promising series.”
Suspense Magazine on Better Homes and Corpses

“An excellent read.”
RT Book Reviews on Hearse and Gardens

Ghostal Living is a marvelously entertaining tale of revenge, murder, quirky characters—and disappearing books! With a clever protagonist, wonderful details of life in the Hamptons, and plot twists on top of plot twists, Kathleen Bridge will have mystery readers clamoring for more.”
—Kate Carlisle, New York Times bestselling author

About the Author

Kathleen Bridge is the national bestselling author of the Hamptons Home & Garden Mystery series and the By the Sea Mystery series. A member of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America, she is also the author and photographer of an antiques reference guide, Lithographed Paper Toys, Books, and Games. Kathleen teaches creative writing in addition to working as an antiques and vintage dealer, and blissfully lives on a barrier island in Florida. Readers can visit her on the web at  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback













The Babysitter by [Nancy Bush]The whispers may scare you . . .
In River Glen, Oregon, rumors are spreading about the Babysitter Stalker. One victim was fatally stabbed. A second fell—or was pushed—from a rooftop deck. High school sophomore Jamie Whelan, scheduled to watch the Ryerson twins tonight, isn’t worried. She’s more interested in the party she’ll go to later, as soon as her sister Emma arrives to take over babysitting duties. But nothing goes according to plan . . .
But the truth . . .
Twenty years after that night’s vicious attack, Emma remains scarred in body and mind. Jamie, back in River Glen after their mother’s death, still feels guilty over trading places that fateful evening. Then suddenly another young babysitter is attacked. Jamie, with a teenage daughter of her own, fears something much more twisted than coincidence.
Is even more terrifying . . .
Is this new nightmare connected with those long-ago crimes? Emma’s fractured memories may contain the answer. But the deeper Jamie digs, the darker the secrets waiting to be uncovered—and avenged . . .  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback















A Volley of Lies: Cozy Mystery (Courtside Cafe Cozy Mysteries Book 2) by [Myrtle  Morse, Ruby Loren]Knobbly knitting and crummy crochet should be a crime.

But as desperate as Serena Perry is to get rid of the obnoxious craft club, who’ve descended on the Courtside Cafe and seem intent on redecorating with their dreadful tennis-themed designs, she wouldn’t resort to actual murder.

Unfortunately, even DCI Pepper despises the decorations enough to consider them a genuine motive for murder… and Serena is the perfect candidate for the crime.

The real killer has spun the perfect yarn.

Serena must unravel the knot of lies at Fillyfield Tennis Club before the murderer stitches her up.

If you love uplifting cozy mysteries, quirky cats, and snarky humour, you’ll love this series. Pick up this page-turning cozy cafe mystery today!

*Includes recipe for strawberry custard tart!*

All books in this series can be read as standalone mysteries, but they are better enjoyed as a series.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle















Boats, Bunnies and Bodies: A Cozy Murder Mystery (A Molly Brewster Cozy Mystery Book 2) by [Pam Moll]

One Frame Job, Two Dead Bodies, and a Dash of Easter Bunny Assault.

While handing out home-baked samples as the Easter Bunny, a momentary lapse in judgment sends the fist of struggling cafe owner Molly Brewster into a stranger’s face and lands her fluffy tail behind bars. At first, the altercation seemed like a sugary morsel of publicity. But then, the man she punched turns up dead, roasting her backside in even hotter trouble.
To get her name off the suspect list, Molly sheds her bunny costume, grabs her loyal Labrador, and dons her sleuthing cap. But just when she thinks she has everything under control, another murder points to her temperamental business partner, threatening to take her and her business down.
Can Molly figure out the web of deception before the body count multiplies again?

Boats, Bunnies, and Bodies is the second delightful installment in the Holidays Are Murder cozy mystery series. If you like clever female sleuths, small-town drama, and killer recipes, you’ll love Pam Moll’s tasty tale.

Buy Boats, Bunnies, and Bodies to bound into a freshly baked mystery today!  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle












Performance: (A Kate Redman Mystery: Book 13) (The Kate Redman Mysteries) by [Celina Grace]The strangled body of a young woman is discovered in a park in the West Country town of Abbeyford, clad in a leopard skin coat but with no identification, no phone, no handbag. DI Kate Redman and her team take on the case and manage to identify the victim through her role in a local theatre production.

But the questions keep coming: why was the victim estranged from her family? Who was the shadowy boyfriend she was hiding from her friends? And as Kate and her colleagues know, many people could be hiding many, many secrets…

Performance is the thirteenth book in The Kate Redman Mystery series, by USA Today bestselling author Celina Grace.

Praise for the Kate Redman Mysteries, from Amazon and Goodreads reviewers:

“I love the Kate Redman series. At this point, I feel like the characters are old friends and have been through many life changes with them. Celina Grace is a masterful story teller with the ability to set the scenes in such a way that the reader can see them exactly. “

“One of the best I have read this year. I read about a fourth of the book early in the day, then at bedtime, I thought I would read a bit more before sleep. I finished the book at 5:20 AM. Just could not put it down.”

“At last, a mystery that delivers…I found this novel superb because I got all I needed to know and none of what I didn’t.”

“…a gripping detective story but the main character engages you, and as well as wanting to know how the mystery turns out you want to learn more about her too.”

“There are not many authors that I enjoy so much that I want to read every book they’ve written, but I intend to do just that.”

“Am a big fan of the Kate Redman mystery… Love the way Celina Grace mixes it just right not to much personal stuff but enough to keep you up to date with all the main characters lives. Can’t wait for the next book.”  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle














Evil on the High Seas (A Diana Daniels Mystery Book 1) by [Diane Demetre]Murder, Mystery and Dry Martinis

There’s evil on board the luxury expedition ship, the Silver Galapagos, but no one suspects it. Except for Diana Daniels, a successful management consultant whose rare insight into human behavior and highly developed intuition tell her that not all the passengers are seeking a carefree holiday. Though still struggling with the recent loss of her husband and honoring his request to scatter his ashes in the Galapagos Islands, she becomes intrigued by a mysterious woman in white who arrives at the port of departure.

After discovering that the woman in white is Celeste Constanzo, widow of deceased Mafia boss, Joe Constanzo, Diana is warned away from the notorious crime family by fellow traveler Detective John Nash. But because of their shared widowhood, Diana finds herself inexorably drawn to helping Celeste when the mysterious stranger confides her fear of being murdered by her three adult stepchildren.

When Celeste, along with five-million-dollars-worth of jewelry disappear after the Captain’s cocktail party, Diana is certain that her suspicions have been realized. With Detective Nash’s reluctant assistance, she embarks on her own journey to solve what she’s sure is the murder of the woman in white.

But without a body, her theory is impossible to prove. With multiple suspects and only a couple of days until debarkation, will Diana find the jewelry, the body, the author of the anonymous letters, and the murderer who’s still on board?

With no other choice but to step up and forge a new single life for herself, Diana employs her exceptional skills and gritty determination to solve the mystery of evil on the high seas.

PUBLISHER NOTE: A Cozy Murder Mystery of 77,500 words.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle














A Medium's 4th of July: A Cozy Ghost Mystery (Becky Tibbs: A North Carolina Medium's Mystery Series Book 6) by [Chariss K. Walker, Marty Parker]Becky Tibbs has decided to take a vacation.

For the first time in six years.
For the first time since she became a medium with the vocation of helping ghosts with their unfinished business, whatever it may be.
And, for the first time since taking over the ownership of her late parents’ antique store in the River Arts District.
Becky Tibbs is closing the store and taking a much-needed and well-deserved break that has nothing to do with ghosts and everything to do with being in love.

At Patrick’s insistence, the two of them are going on a camping trip in Pisgah National Forest with Bobby and Hillary. There will be bathing in the river, cooking over campfires, sleeping in tents, and hiking the trails.
Neither Patrick nor Becky has considered that ghosts can find her anywhere.
If you’re wondering what kind of ghost trouble Becky can get into, you won’t be disappointed. Find out now!

Scroll up to Reserve your copy now!  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle














Witch Hunt by [Cate Conte]Murder isn’t always crystal-clear . . . especially when the prime suspect discovers she’s a witch.
Violet Mooney owns The Full Moon crystal shop in quaint North Harbor, Connecticut. Still grieving her beloved grandmother’s recent unexpected death, she takes comfort in her fat orange cat Monty and her work. Not everyone in town is thrilled with her business, however. When disagreeable town councilwoman Carla Fernandez picks a fight over Violet’s “voodoo shop,” the two have a very public confrontation. Of course, when Carla turns up dead, Violet gets little sympathy from the police as suspect #1.
But the shock of two policemen showing up at her door pales in comparison to the sudden appearance of her estranged mother Fiona and a surprise sister, Zoe. What Fiona reveals will rock her world and her sense of self—and reawaken her long-dormant mysterious power. Good thing. She’s gonna need it . . .
Visit us at  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback














Murder in Waiting (A Tourist Trap Mystery Book 11) by [Lynn Cahoon]In the latest Tourist Trap mystery from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Lynn Cahoon, bookshop café owner Jill Gardner contends with a best friend-turned-bridezilla while trying to solve a local historian’s untimely date with death . . .
 At Coffee, Books, & More, Jill’s the boss. But as Amy’s maid-of-honor, she can barely keep up with marching orders–and now she’s in charge of organizing an epic bachelorette! Adding to Jill’s party-planning panic, the South Cove Heritage Society just unceremoniously dumped her historic landmark bid. While vying proposals rush in from a loaded land developer and a pushy travel guide company, Jill finds an unexpected ally in Heritage Society expert, Frank Gleason. But their happy union is cut short when Frank is mowed down in a suspicious hit-and-run. With Amy’s big day on the horizon, Jill vows to catch the killer before she has to catch a bouquet.
Praise for Lynn Cahoon
“I love the author’s style, which was warm and friendly . . . [A] wonderfully appealing series.”—Dru’s Book Musings on the Tourist Trap Mysteries
“Well-crafted . . . Cat and crew prove to be engaging characters and Cahoon does a stellar job of keeping them—and the reader—guessing.” —Mystery Scene on A Story to Kill
Visit us at  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook














Nacho Average Murder (A Country Store Mystery Book 7) by [Maddie Day]


Robbie Jordan is temporarily leaving Pans ’N Pancakes, her country store in South Lick, Indiana, to visit Santa Barbara, California—where wildfire smoke tinges the air, but a more immediate danger may lie in wait . . .
While looking forward to her high school reunion back in California, Robbie’s anticipation is complicated by memories of her mother’s untimely death. At first, she has fun hanging out with her old classmates and reuniting with the local flavors—avocados, citrus, fish, and spicy Cali-Mex dishes. But then she gets wind of rumors that her mother, an environmental activist, may not have died of natural causes. With the help of friends, Robbie starts clearing the smoke surrounding the mystery—but what she finds could make it hard to get back to Indiana alive . . .
Includes Recipes for You to Try!  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook















Yorkie Doodle Dandy (Yorkie Doodle Mystery Book 1) by [Belinda White]

A bored Ravenswind witch is a dangerous witch, indeed.

With Amie and Opie away at a bounty hunter seminar, and Arc working crazy long hours at the firm, I’m left to my own devices. And just for the record, I totally should have been going to that event too. Not that I’m bitter about that or anything. Well, not too bitter, anyway.

And wouldn’t you know it, but not just one but both of our bonds agencies were fresh out of work. Or at least, that’s what they told me. Personally, I think Amie had a bit to do with that.

Like I can’t handle chasing down a bond runner on my own or something.

So there I was, with three whole days to myself to fill up, and absolutely nothing to fill them with. Until I found out that my good friend, Mabel Morgan, was being blackmailed.

Now I’m on a case all by my lonesome.

I’ll show them that Ruby Ravenswind is a witch not to be messed with. And one that could handle herself just fine, thank you very much.

I’ll show them all.

Yorkie Doodle Dandy is a short Gemstone Coven Paranormal Cozy Mystery Novella. No murder. Just a light, fun, how to prove they done it kind of mystery, starring none other than Ruby Ravenswind and her faithful familiar, Yorkie Doodle.  (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle
















The Finders: A Mystery (Mace Reid K-9 Mystery Book 1) by [Jeffrey B. Burton]


Jeffrey B. Burton’s The Finders marks the beginning of a fast-paced new mystery series featuring a heroic golden retriever cadaver dog named Vira and her handler, Mason Reid.

Mason “Mace” Reid lives on the outskirts of Chicago and specializes in human remains detection. He trains dogs to hunt for the dead. Reid’s coming off a taxing year—mourning the death of a beloved springer spaniel as well as the dissolution of his marriage. He adopts a rescue dog with a mysterious past—a golden retriever named Vira. And when Reid begins training Vira as a cadaver dog, he comes to realize just how special the newest addition to his family truly is…

Suddenly, Reid and his prize pupil find themselves hurled into a taxing murder case, which will push them to their very limits. Paired with determined Chicago Police Officer Kippy Gimm, Mace must put all his trust in Vira’s abilities to thwart a serial killer who has now set his sights on Mace himself.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Audiobook


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